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“Shut your mouths, you lowlives.” (Sirius)

When I suddenly spoke with an arrogant tone, Bardomyl and Karios just as quickly became enraged, their faces alternating between different shades of red.

“Y-you bastard! What kind of attitude is that to have towards your father!?” (Bardomyl)

“Don’t act foolish just because you’re my younger brother, kiss my feet in apology right now! They were custom-ordered with the first sum of money I earned!” (Karios)

It seems like they are going to spit at any time to soon, but I don’t intend to refrain any further. If I had a cigarette, this would resemble a scene of someone provoking a few idiots while smoking.

“You are the ones messing around. Leaving that aside, since when have you acted like my family? I recall severing my relationship with you all five years ago.” (Sirius)

“You are noisy! Even so, that is not the attitude of a commoner towards noble!” (Bardomyl)

“Noble? Who’s a noble here? I can only see lowlives, personally.” (Sirius)

“Father, I can’t forgive his insolent behavior any longer. Should I make him regret at once?” (Karios)

“Yes, please do. Oi, Valio. Instruct the escorts outside to detain the woman and demi-humans who came with him!” (Bardomyl)

“…Certainly.” (Valio)

Valio went out of the room with courtesy, but the disciples won’t have any problems taking care of the escorts, given the disparity between each party’s total ability.

This father-son pair, who couldn’t even see that I wasn’t the least bit anxious, nonetheless turned back to face me with wide grins on their faces.

“Hahaha, you should watch the guys outside getting captured. You’d be biting your nails off in anxiousness as you watch in unfold!” (Karios)

“I’ll enjoy this. Know that this is all your fault, you simply didn’t understand your place as a commoner.” (Bardomyl)

“I don’t understand my place huh… is that so?” (Sirius)

“”!?”” (Bardomyl/Karios)

I decided to test them, and released a little bit of my bloodlust. Immediately, the two who were just laughing arrogantly and haughtily, started to instead choke on the thick air and panic. Surprised at their lack of guts when faced with such little bloodlust, I toned it down to a level they could manage.

Seeming to completely forget about the situation they just experienced, upon seeing me chuckle at their weak constitution, rage once more filled their eyes and they glared daggers at me.

“W-what did you say!? Stop laughing and answer my question!” (Bardomyl)

“I just had an inclination to laugh like you two. I wonder how you two can stare like that at someone who can easily put you in your place.” (Sirius)

“Kuhh… that was just a trick! If you don’t understand what was said, I’ll make you understand with force!” (Karios)

Karios, who restrained his fear, stood up and picked the sword hanging on the wall. Then, he swung it for couple of times and he finally laughing with full of confidence while pointing the tip towards me.

“Well, I suppose I must educate my foolish half-brother. Oh, you don’t have to worry though, I won’t kill you.” (Karios)

“Do it, Karios! Display the superior might of your sword skills to this foolish commoner!” (Bardomyl)

He proceeded to swing his sword in a beautiful fashion, a truly amazing sword dance. I could be seen from his actions that this was simply a glimpse of his talent with the sword.

I was under the impression that he wouldn’t be able to fight given his failure of a father, but it seems he had skill after all. Honestly impressed, I lightly applauded in the face of his display.

“What are you doing? Even if you try to flatter me now, I won’t forgive you, you know? Stand up and receive punishment from this one!” (Karios)

“It’s too troublesome to stand. If you want to complain fine, but if you want to punish me, just come.” (Sirius)

“Even if you are my younger half brother, I’m not going to forgive you!” (Karios)

Karios mercilessly swung his sword towards my neck as I sat on his sofa. Despite saying it was just a punishment, he was clearly intending to take my life with this swing, but I haven’t moved in the slightest.

More accurately, it’s not necessary for me to move.

“A sword that pursues only beauty is of no use in battle.” (Sirius)

What you are doing there is something for rituals, not for fighting. The trajectory of his swing was obvious, so I repelled the blade by hitting it’s body. Under the new trajectory, his sword cut into his sofa and continued to travel straight down until being forcibly stopped halfway to the ground.

The sofa that Karios bought himself was tragically slashed almost in two, and unexpectedly, he started crying.

“Wha-!? My sofa!” (Karios)

“Are you sure you have time to be worried about the sofa?” (Sirius)

Seeing him so full of openings, I extended my hand and gripped his head. Realizing what I was doing, he snapped back to attention and tried to remove my hand, but he became stopped and became timid when I increased the pressure I was using in my grip.

“Aah, guh! For a mere commoner to act in such a way…” (Karios)

“Weren’t you the one who lashed out first? Did you honestly think I wouldn’t return in kind simply because you were a Noble?” (Sirius)

“S-stop it you bastard! You’re taking Karios’ joke way too seriously!” (Bardomyl)

“I believe he was being entirely genuine just there, shall I ask the person himself for confirmation?” (Sirius)

I poured mana directly into Karios’ body from my grip on his head, and his body began to convulse, culminating in him screaming out from the extreme pain…

“Ga….aa,aarrghhh!?” (Karios)

“Ka-karios!? What’s the matter!?” (Bardomyl)

His screams resounded throughout the entire mansion. The pain he felt was similar to that of being electrocuted, and when I finally released my hand he fell straight to the ground, unable to support his body.

Interestingly, I found there were a variety of effects that could occur if one forcibly inserted mana into another’s body. By altering the amount of mana used, you would see effects ranging from the target’s natural recovery being activated and hastened, to paralyzing their senses almost like a form of anesthesia.

Of course, that was assuming that the body naturally absorbs and adapts to the mana being input. However, if I pour too much mana all at once, there’s a good chance the body would reject the mana being inserted and refuse to merge with it. If this occurs and the mana continues to flow throughout the body, the subject would experience excruciating pain not unlike being electrocuted. This is what happened with Karios.

I stood up while looking down on Karios, simultaneously capturing Bardomyl, whom I saw trying to escape out of the corner of my eye, with [String]. I then lifted Karios up by his head once more.

“Already done? That was just a small test though… I’ll ask again, did you really mean what you said earlier?” (Sirius)

“I… I was joking-… guahhh!?” (Karios)

Since I knew it was a lie, I poured mana into him once again. Even in my previous life I treated greedy people like this. Plus, after all of my experience, I can easily tell if someone is lying.

These guys were so easy to read, I was impressed in a different way. Despite them claiming it was a joke, their stares towards Reese were obviously not well-intentioned, and they looked at the siblings as though they were simply livestock.

“Stop with the obvious lies. Would you like me to continue doing this to you?” (Sirius)

“I-it’s true, I swear! Raising my hand against those t… guhaaaaa!?” (Karios)

Since he still refused to admit it, I poured even more mana. Unlike magic, this technique can’t be used unless I’m in contact with the target. On the other hand, since it attacks them from inside, they can’t defend against it once I’ve started. I believe a suitable name for it would be [Stun Zero].

If I were to overdo it here, there’s a chance this could end like the labyrinth event did, but since I’ve made various improvements to my magic since then, they won’t die even if they want to.

Even should they faint, when mana is poured into them it stimulates and jump-starts their consciousness. It’s a terrifying technique that allows me to inflict pain until I grow bored. It wouldn’t be a mistake to label this as a technique entirely designed for torture.

“I told you to stop lying. Should I make it stronger?” (Sirius)

“Hiii!? Y-you’re right! It wasn’t a joke! Forgive me!” (Karios)

If I stopped here he would admit the truth, but that’s not enough for me.

“What were you planning on doing again? Would you be so kind as to explain it in detail?” (Sirius)

“Haa!? Didn’t I explain it earlier!?” (Karios)

“Would you like to have another go?” (Sirius)

“!? I-I was trying to train that blue-haired girl for my own purposes! I also was planning on taking the demi-humans and selling them to other nobles… gaahhhh!?” (Karios)

I invoked [Stun Zero] as he finished. He glared at me for hurting him again despite him agreeing to my demands, but I just ignored him.

“I’ve told you the truth, now…” (Karios)

“Did you think I would forgive a lowlife who said he wanted to hurt my disciples?” (Sirius)

“You bastard! You told me to say it!” (Karios)

“Wrong, I told you not to tell a lie. This is just punishment for a liar, don’t you think?” (Sirius)

“Don’t try to fool with me! Whatever I chose to do, you’d still do the same thing to me!?” (Karios)

“Yeah, the result would still be the same. Pain if you lie, pain if you tell the truth. I believe this is checkmate, don’t you agree?” (Sirius)

“Ah…Aah, that… can’t be.” (Karios)

There’s no way for him to escape this fate. Karios, who understood that he would suffer regardless of his choices, looked desperately at his father for help.

“Well then, shall we move on to the next question? What were you trying to do with the white wolf that you saw outside?” (Sirius)

“Since looked so cool, I wanted to make it my own… guhaaa!” (Karios)

“I heard some inconsistencies with that statement and your earlier one. Do you take me to be a fool?” (Sirius)

“Ah…I-I was trying to sell it! I thought it could be sold at a high price since it was a rare beast… aaarrghhh!” (Karios)

“Not only trying to snatch someone’s partner, you even tried to sell it as you please. I’ll have you face punishment now.” (Sirius)

“St-stop it, please! I-I was the bad one…. hiiiarrghhh!” (Karios)

It may seem to be a harsh punishment, but this is how I train true animals.

Say something stupid again, or try to get revenge, and I’ll make sure to inflict such incredible trauma on you, you won’t be able to think of me in the future.

The torture continued for a while after that. [Stun Zero] was invoked every time he looked down on people and demi humans, or tried to maintain his useless pride.

I guess I should end this soon, since various fluids have started to appear from his body…

“That should be enough. Do you swear to refrain from involving us in any of your stupid motives again?” (Sirius)

“I… swear…” (Karios)

“Repeat it!” (Sirius)

“From now on, not only will I never get involved with you again, I won’t even look down on beastkin! So, please forgive me already!” (Karios)

“Good enough. Here, have your reward.” (Sirius)

“Gaahh!? Aa…aaaa-…” (Karios)

I used once last [Stun Zero] on him, altering it a bit to knock him out instead of inflicting pain.

Despite being unconscious, it almost looked as though he was happy to be released from the pain. It’s unfortunate that he landed on the sofa instead of the floor when I dropped him, it probably won’t be usable anymore.

“Well then… next is your turn, I believe.” (Sirius)

“Hiiiii–!?” (Bardomyl)

Bardomyl was restricted by a [String], and his eyes met mine as he tried to roll away from me. Seemingly terrified by what I did to Karios, he’s already wet himself. Well, not that I mind.

“It seems that my mothers have been hurt by you in various ways, shall we start with that?” (Sirius)

“W-wait! I am your father! You wouldn’t have been born without me!” (Bardomyl)

“So?” (Sirius)

“Wha? I-I mean, you wouldn’t be here without me. Shouldn’t you respect me more?” (Bardomyl)

“How can I respect someone who disrespected those I love, and wouldn’t even show his face after I was born?” (Sirius)

It was Aria-kaasan who gave birth to me, and Erina-kaasan who raised me. This trash hasn’t ever acted as my father, as far as I’m concerned.

Smiling as I placed my hands on Bardomyl’s stomach, I continued talking.

“Besides, you destroyed the Eldorand House, Aria-kaasan’s home. You didn’t even care when Aria-kaasan or Erina-kaasan died. From my point of view, rather than respect, you’re a detestable bastard who deserves nothing at all.” (Sirius)

“T-that… actions like those are common among nobles…gyaaahhh!?” (Bardomyl)

“You mean it’s natural for nobles to destroy a household, just to get a woman they desire? Moreover, I already paid the amount of money you desired to sever our relationship, yet you came back demanding ever more from me?” (Sirius)

“Aah…guuhhh… where are Valio and my escorts!? What are they doing when I, their master, is being attacked?” (Bardomyl)

“You shouldn’t worry about them, instead I’d recommend that you pay attention to me.” (Sirius)

“Hiii!? I-I will listen! Please stop this already! I’ll listen to you…. Arrghhhh!” (Bardomyl)

Let’s carve mental trauma into him, just like Karios.

According to [Search] the escorts who accompanied Bardomyl here were successfully neutralized by the disciples, who haven’t moved an inch.

Interestingly, Valio hasn’t moved from the entrance of the mansion, even as the disciples incapacitated the escorts. It would seem that he is content with observing things as they play out.

“Oh… that’s right. Your situation is different compared to Karios. You’re the enemy of both Aria-kaasan and Erina-kaasan. I suppose there’s a good chance that I’ll mess up somehow and you’ll die as a result…” (Sirius)

“S-stop it. Stop it please…” (Bardomyl)

Of course that was a bluff, but it seems to have worked as intended.

Well then, I’ll make you taste hell for harassing Aria-kaasan and Erina-kaasan, and for making the disciples and Reese uncomfortable.

“First, would you mind elaborating on why you destroyed Aria-kaasan’s household? Oh, and I have plenty of mana still in reserve, so please don’t worry about me.” (Sirius)

“W-why are you doing this, you bastard!? There’s no point in bringing up the past!” (Bardomyl)

“I bring it up because punishing you for it will help me out. Purely selfish reasons, I assure you.” (Sirius)

“Uhh!? T-that reasoning… just for that?!” (Bardomyl)

“Are you complaining that it’s unreasonable? Didn’t you yourself say that you made Kaa-san’s life worse? Besides, from here on out isn’t about revenge or matters of the past.” (Sirius)

“Then, why?” (Bardomyl)

“Consider this torture to be an example. You’ll do well to remember this day if we ever cross paths again, or even if you just hear our names.” (Sirius)

In the first place, this wouldn’t have happened if they had just left us alone. I truly despise people like him, so enraptured by greed that they can’t see what’s in front of them.

Let’s thoroughly engrave fear into his heart.

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“Good work.” (Valio)

“…Aah.” (Sirius)

Valio stood by the entrance quietly, commenting on my handiwork politely. I dragged behind me the unconscious bodies of Bardomyl and Karios, both of whom were foaming at the mouth. Of course, I made sure to not leave any external injuries to prevent any repercussions from another source.

Despite seeing his master in such a position, he simply chuckled quietly as he looked away.

“I’ve assaulted your master and knocked him unconscious, are you not going to say anything to me?” (Sirius)

“I’m well aware that I couldn’t go against you if I wanted to. Besides, I believe this experience will be good medicine for these two.” (Valio)

“… Then I take it to mean you won’t resist or retaliate further?” (Sirius)

“Indeed, though I’d like to correct something you said there. My master is not Bardomyl-sama, but rather his father.” (Valio)

After that, I listened to his story for a while. It seems Valio was an attendant of my grandfather. That person has already passed away, but he was a capable man and Valio trusted him deeply.

However, after his master died, Bardomyl succeeded the Dorianus House. At that time, the dignity of the nobles started to plummet. With regards to Bardomyl, if saw a woman he liked, he would get them indiscriminately. It seems that the Eldorand House wasn’t the only one destroyed in this way.

Valio desperately supported the Dorianus household because of his loyalty towards his master, but Bardomyl wouldn’t listen to any of his advice. Finally, Valio gave up on him entirely when he heard that Bardomyl had abandoned a child, even if it was illegitimate. I think that child was probably me.

After that, he decided to distance himself from Bardomyl and take care of the mansion for the rest of his life. Once in awhile though, Bardomyl would come to the mansion for holiday.

“I am the property manager of the Dorianus household. And for that reason, I thought this mansion would collapse if I didn’t manage it.” (Valio)

He maintained any property owned by these lowlives all this time? Valio is truly the exception among these scum. Additionally, there was a point in time in which Valio thought the Dorianus House would disappear, but…

“However, whether this was fortunate or not, Karios invented a tool and rebuilt the household a bit. Even though it was only a temporary solution, their arrogance has grown to this amount as a result. Good grief, I fear my master would roll in his grave if he knew the state of the household today.” (Valio)

Valio looked down at the tattered Bardomyl and Karios with cold eyes, but he had a gentle smile when he raised his face.

“Nevertheless, you are kind. I thought they would have lost their lives, but instead they are just unconscious and have no exterior injuries.” (Valio)

“Yeah, though it isn’t over yet. I have to head outside first, towards the carriage.” (Sirius)

“I see. If you don’t mind, may I see it?” (Valio)

“Feel free to do so.” (Sirius)

Valio bowed, and then he opened the front door.

When Valio and I stepped outside, the disciples immediately noticed me and ran to where I am.

“Aniki-!” (Reus)

“Sirius-sama! Are you alright?” (Emilia)

“Aah, there is no problem. Anyway, how about you guys?” (Sirius)

“Yes, we were waiting for a while since Sirius-sama still hadn’t returned, but those adventurers suddenly attacked us.” (Emilia)

“Yeah, Aniki. Why did they suddenly attack Nee-chan, Hokuto and I?” (Reus)

I turned my eyes towards the carriage and saw the adventurers unconscious on the ground, tied with a rope. Additionally, the carriage driver that came with them seems to have participated, and so he was unconscious and tied up with then.

A decent adventurer wouldn’t want to be hired by such lowlives, so it makes sense that they’d attract some unsavory characters.

Also by the carriage, I saw Reese brushing Hokuto. However, she was visibly furious, pouting while she looked at the bound adventurers. It was rare to see her this worked up.

“They demanded we surrender so they could tie up Hokuto, Reus, and Emilia and sell them for a large amount of money. No matter what excuse they may have, I can’t bring myself to forgive them.” (Reese)

“That said, they were probably looking down on us because of our age. Hokuto and Reus finished them off quickly, so we suffered no injuries. Leaving that aside, what happened inside the mansion, Sirius-sama?” (Emilia)

“We heard screams from out here, could they have been from those two behind you, Aniki?” (Reus)

“Aah, to tell you the truth…” (Sirius)

I explained to the disciples the situation inside the mansion.

At first, I was pitying them due to the financial situation they were in, but when I heard their plans for everyone here, I stopped seeing them as anything other than bugs.

“Even though Reese and I are ‘owned’ by Sirius-sama, to claim that you would try to snatch us away… Of course this would be the result.” (Emilia)

“I-I am Sirius-san’s? M-maybe… However, they are truly bad characters, ignoring the feelings of the involved parties just for the sake of money.” (Reese)

“What are you going to do with them, Aniki? Bury them alive?” (Reus)

“To start with, I think I will teach them the reality of the world, rather than doing away with them entirely.” (Sirius)

I released my hold on the father-son duo, and Reese hit them with water magic, waking them up. Groaning, they both sat up in time.

Then, their eyes met mine…

“Hii…hyaaarghhh!” (Bardomyl)

“Hahiii!? Hi-hiiii!?” (Karios)

Their knees couldn’t support them when they tried to stand up, so instead they chose to crawl away on their hands and knees. I must say, the results of the training are splendid.

“…Sirius-san, what’s wrong with those guys?” (Reese)

“I taught them a small lesson earlier. They were aiming at you, so I think it was reasonable.” (Sirius)

“As expected of Sirius-sama. What splendid skill.” (Emilia)

“If it’s Aniki who teaches them, anyone would quickly become obedient.” (Reus)

Reese was confused by their sudden change in demeanor, but the siblings nodded with pride. As usual, the siblings aren’t phased by anything I do.

With such a bitter smile on the disciples, the father and son shouted when they looked at me as if trying to overcome their fear.

“Y-you… monster! You bastard, don’t ever consider yourself my child, you who treats a parent like this!” (Bardomyl)

“Don’t come closer, you monster! You’re a devil in human skin!” (Karios)

“…Reus. Do you know what to do with these people…?” (Emilia)

“Of course, Nee-chan. These guys are talking bad about Aniki…” (Reus)

“Yeah, yeah, calm down you two.” (Sirius)

The siblings started to release a violent bloodlust, I patted their heads to calm them down a bit.

This time won’t be like earlier in the mansion, though. I’ll teach this lowlife who deems himself a parent a true lesson. For this purpose, I step closer to him while bring the siblings with me.

“Even if we are related by blood, you aren’t worthy of the title of my family. My family are those by my side, not you, scum.” (Sirius)

“Sirius-sama…” (Emilia)

“Aniki…” (Rues)

“Of course, Reese and Hokuto are included in that too. My friends, disciples, they are all my real family. So, recognize that even if you call me a monster, it has no effect on me at all.” (Sirius)

“Sirius-san…” (Reese)

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

I smiled at Reese and Hokuto, who both proceeded to come forward. Reese stopped at my side, while Hokuto rubbed his face into my back.

The father and son were overwhelmed by my words and the actions of the group beside me. Panicking, they started looking for a way out, and noticed Valio standing off to the side.

“Va-valio! What are you doing there! Hurry up… quickly, do something about him!” (Bardomyl)

“Get rid of this guy, somehow! If you do that, later…” (Karios)

“Please calm down, Bardomyl-sama. Young master, please understand the difference in power between myself and Sirius-sama.” (Valio)

“F-for the sake of getting rid of him, I grant you permission to use the power of my household!” (Bardomyl)

(Editor: Boi. What power?)

“Make up your mind! If you don’t quickly, we will be really killed this time! As for you father, he hasn’t finished talking. If you don’t let him finish, he’ll only get more terrible!” (Karios)

Bardomyl nodded obediently when he heard his son’s words, and Karios turned here with a resolute gaze while grinding his teeth.

As it currently stood, Valio seemed to be their last hope. Whether or not he truly believed in his son’s words, Bardomyl still quieted down and faced me. Thanking Valio in my head for bringing me to this point, I decided it was time to wrap this up.

“Emilia.” (Sirius)

“Yes!” (Emilia)

When I called out to Emilia, she went to the carriage and returned with the mantle I received from Princess Liefell. I put it on, and when Valio and Karios saw the emblem of Elysion on my back, they froze in place, mouths wide open in shock. Bardomyl, on the other hand, didn’t recognize the significance of the mantle, and was just confused.

“I-is that!? How can a commoner have such a thing?” (Karios)

“What is with the national emblem of Elysion!? If I wanted to, I could go to Elysion myself and…” (Bardomyl)

“That’s incorrect, Bardomyl-sama! In Elysion, one can’t sew the national emblem on anything without permission. In other words, that mantle was given to him directly by the crown!” (Valio)

“Wha!? Th-that’s a lie! He’s not a noble, so how could he have received such a thing?! So in the end, you dare to use my name arbitrarily!…” (Bardomyl)

“I’m sorry to say, Bardomyl-sama, but Elysion wouldn’t act on the name of rural nobility like the Dorianus House. In short, he must have received this because of his ability. Furthermore, only someone with a high position can give such a thing, meaning he received the favor of a very important person.” (Valio)

“Fa-father. I heard from merchants who had recently returned from Elysion that there was a commoner who accomplished great deeds in the name of the crown, and received the Imperial Mantle as a result. In other words, that person was…” (Karios)

That saved me from having to explain. Still, the story has spread already to rural areas? Were my actions that interesting?

The discussion went quickly at that point. It was no longer possible for them, mere rural nobles, to act against me, who will become an Imperial Guard.

Bardomyl laughed weakly at the bleak reality that a child he abandoned as useless had become greater than him.

“Hu, huhaha…. this is… a dream. There can’t be a child more important than the great me…” (Bardomly)

“False, by many measures. If you say that you cannot believe it, then I’ll show you the power that earned me this mantle.” (Sirius)

I flipped my mantle, and extended my hand towards the town of Almest. It seems that they tried to create a direct route to the town a long time ago, but gave up due to the thick forest in the way. I heard from mother that the current road was possible because it was a detour.

“I heard you complain that the road was too narrow, right? Is that so… then I suppose I’ll make a new road.” (Sirius)

The spell I’m about to fire is [Anti-Material], the same one that I used against Rodwell’s [Mountain Pressure].

Through practice I was able to improve the Image of the spell in my mind, and the magic bullet was more powerful as a result. Additionally, I was able to improve the accuracy without sacrificing any power by firing the spell from my hand. I released the spell, and a thunderous roar resounded through the air as the forest was mowed down rapidly.

By the time the region was quiet once more… a road now connected the mansion to the town, in a perfectly straight line. It will be rough to travel by on foot, but now there will be more room, even for much larger carriages.

Of course, I confirmed beforehand with [Search] that nobody would be in the way, and I limited the range of [Anti-Material] to go no further than the edge of the forest.

Bardomyl and Karios were petrified as they stared at the destruction in front of them, and when our eyes met, they began to tremble hideously and desperately clung onto Valio.

“Help us! Help us, Valio! You’ll say something to stop that monster, won’t you!?” (Karios)

“Nooo! I don’t want to die! Why… why was such a child born from that woman!?” (Bardomyl)

“…Understood. I’ll do my best to negotiate with him. However, since it is dangerous I must ask that you please let me go, both of you.” (Valio)

They nodded their heads fervently, in agreement with Valio’s words, and then proceeded to obediently release their grip and retreat behind a nearby tree. Valio walked towards me with a bitter smile on his face. He stopped just short of me, before bowing and speaking in a loud voice;

“Somehow, please forgive their impoliteness Sirius-sama! Instead, if you must remain angry, I offer my life in exchange.” (Valio)

I wondered why he would say such things to protect them, but I quickly caught onto his intentions. I think I’ll go along with his farce, so I’ll make sure to speak loud enough for the two cowards to hear.

Instructing the disciples to stand to either side of me, I stuck my chest out proudly and pointed at Valio arrogantly.

“Hou, you wouldn’t mind dying for them, is that right?” (Sirius)

“I don’t have much time left myself, but I truly desire this, for the sake of the future of the Dorianus household. Therefore, I ask that you please have compassion and forgive them.” (Valio)

“…Fine. I’ll forgive them, because of your loyalty.” (Sirius)

“I’m grateful for your kindness.” (Valio)

This person is considerably sly. From the father and son’s perspective, they would believe that Valio is an extremely loyal servant, willing to give his life to become their shield. Beyond just earning favor, he would be able to use this as a ‘loan’ over them. I heard him murmuring to himself about getting the ownership of this mansion, after this racket was settled down a bit.

Valio bowed again and thanked me as we watched the father-son pair tearfully hug each other, glad to be forgiven.

“Thank you very much, for going along with my farce.” (Valio)

“Yeah. It seems things will settle down now.” (Sirius)

“Yes, I believe they understand well enough now, and I’ll be sure to warn them against any actions in revenge. Well, they may decide against acting anyway. They have not the money, power or authority to hurt you.” (Valio)

“Haha, that’s for certain.” (Sirius)

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I heard later on that Valio knew Erina-kaasan when she and Aria-kaasan both resided in the Dorianus’ main residence.

However, since Erina-kaasan hated the Dorianus household, they never got in contact personally. Instead, a bond between them seemed to have formed due to the mutual respect for each other’s attendant ability.

The reason he wishes to spend the rest of his life in this mansion was because Erina-kaasan went through many hardships here, and he felt it proper to take care of it as long as he was alive to do so.

It would seem that his words were trustworthy, given the earnesty in the way he spoke, so I told him about Erina-kaasan’s grave up on the mountain. He promised to go there regularly ensure it would be maintained. I made sure to properly inform him that he’s under no obligation to do so, but in truth I feel great relief from his promise.

Though it was just tending to leftover garbage, this family ‘crisis’ has been resolved thusly.



We bid farewell to Valio as we left the mansion, and before long arrived back at Almest. From there, we headed to the Galgan Company to meet with Gadd again. However, since matters at the mansion took a long time, it was now almost night. We decided to leave important matters until tomorrow, and instead headed towards lodging that Gadd recommended to us.

The lodging Gadd referred us to was competing for the number one spot in all of Almest, so it was definitely of high quality. Furthermore, thanks to Gadd, Hokuto would be able to stay inside with us. By the way, though Gadd was surprised by Hokuto’s appearance at first, he swiftly laughed it off, claiming that it was a suitable beast companion for me. A former adventurer who lives in the world of business… I can’t help but to admire his strength and courage.

“You are valued customer of the Galgan Company, so we will of course prepare the best room for you. There are private rooms and a big room where everyone can enter, which would you prefer?” (Gadd)

“Private room…” (Sirius)

“””The big room!”””” (Emilia/Reus/Reese)

… Majority rules, we’ll be staying in the big room it would seem.

The chosen room was a splendidly large room with expensive carpets covering the floor, and fully equipped with a bathroom. There were four large beds too, so it appears as though we can all relax here.

As I relaxed while lying on the bed, I remembered buying a brush for Hokuto while out in the town earlier. I grabbed it out and started walking towards him.

As I grabbed the brush out, the siblings both noticed quickly and perked up excitedly… followed by depression as they realized I was heading towards Hokuto instead of them. Seeing them act in such a way, I promised that I would brush them afterwards, and they immediately regained their normal appearances. I returned to face Hokuto and crouched down.

Calling out to Hokuto, he approached while wagging his tail. I laid him on the carpet and started brushing.

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

“Do you feel good? That’s good, this should relax you a bit.” (Sirius)

It’s hard to brush Hokuto because of his huge body, but I don’t mind it since I get to enjoy his soft fur. Furthermore, since my mind is still a little tense following the encounter with the garbage earlier, I can use this to calm down. Animal therapy truly is exceptionally effective, it would seem.

That said, Hokuto’s fur is truly a wonder. The brush doesn’t get stuck at all, and almost no fur falls out as a result. Even more, the fur has retained it’s shiny white luster, completely free of dirt and blood. It might be a good idea to gather the little bit of fur that does fall out to eventually make a pillow or cushion out of it.

As I continued brushing, I started to think about my conversation with Gadd earlier in the day.



While I did ask for lodging after arriving at Galgan Company, I also asked Gadd for two additional items.

First, I asked about the mysterious magic tool Karios invented.

Apparently it was a magic tool that used magic power to supply cold wind. The closest comparison would probably be an electric fan, though Karios’ tool has no blades. Instead it directly converts magic power into cold wind.

In any case, it was a large tool that would apply wind with moisture when mana was inserted into a magic formation. Coincidentally, Karios sold it to a rival of Galgan Company. It sold well because it was put on the market during the hot season.

There are some major flaws of the tool, such as it being heavy and hard to transport, and it draining mana quickly due to the inefficiency of the two magic formations. Despite these, Gadd estimated that even more units would sell come next hot season.

So, I casually suggested a real fan using my knowledge from my previous life.

Instead of using a motor, a single magic formation would be used. I gave him the overview of the device, and while it was challenging to explain the impeller in detail, eventually I was able to show him the use of a magic formation that would decrease mana consumption. Thus, my demonstration was complete.

After I handed it over to Gadd, his eyes sparkled and he grasped my hands with the happiest look in his eyes.

“What an amazing invention, Master! It is more compact that that magic tool, it consumes less mana and the cost is also cheap. This is definitely going to be popular!” (Gadd)

“Sell this, and Karios’ magic tool will be outdated. Retaliate indirectly.” (Sirius)

“Leave it to me!” (Gadd)

The Galgan Company also doesn’t like the Dorianus household, and that’s why he was so excited at my suggestion. If this sells well and replaces Karios’ tool, the finances of the Dorianus household will decrease further. If I’m going to do this, I should do it thoroughly.

The second thing that I requested from him was to send a letter to Elysion.

The content is of course about today’s matter. It is the content of a high-handed noble who uses their authority to crush rival houses if they find a woman they like. I detailed it similar to a report from my previous life.

I also didn’t forget to write that the eldest son of the noble declared that he wanted to train Reese…

I’m not sure if the authority of Elysion reaches here, but I decided to take advantage of that King and Princess who dote on Reese to deal out punishment in secret. It would probably will be alright with just removing their court rank for an official reason, but if this is handed poorly, I have a feeling they might even send an assassin.

In addition to the economic blow, the Dorianus family will be somehow punished by the royal family. A few months from now, not even I know what will happen to that household.

I don’t feel bad though, they acted arrogantly, and deserve this. It’s best that I forget this matter, since they’ll be too busy to care about me anymore.

(Thank you for reading at


A short while later I was still brushing Hokuto, who was relaxed and content. I was about 80% done when I noticed three figures staring expectantly at us, and I stopped brushing for a moment.

Hokuto turned to me with complaint in his eyes when he felt the brush stop, but relaxed when he saw my reason for stopping.

“…Can I help you three?” (Sirius)

“We’re waiting for our turn.”(Emilia)

Emilia immediately moved next to me when I called out, smile on her face. Reus and Reese lined up right behind her, each with a comb in hand.

“Sirius-sama’s brushing is the best. Perfect happiness reaching to the heavens, that’s the best way I can describe it… Anyhow, it makes me happy!” (Emilia)

“Though I may lose to Hokuto-san in a lot of ways, my tail is no rougher than his fur, Aniki!” (Reus)

“Umm… I feel a desire to join in… we are a family, so this much is okay, right?” (Reese)

Hokuto made a small bark, as if he understood the disciples desires. He got up slowly and stepped slightly away before plopping back down. Hokuto… though you are a wolf, you are the most adult one here.

Emilia immediately sat right in front of me, and handed me her brush while wagging her tail excitedly.

“Here you go, Sirius-sama! Please thoroughly enjoy my tail!” (Emilia)

“I got it, so please stop wagging your tail, and let me brush it.” (Sirius)

While calming Emilia down, I started brushing each disciple in turn. Thinking on it, Reese is a human, and she doesn’t have a tail. So, is it alright to comb her hair like I do with the disciples?

“Aah… so happy…” (Emilia)

“Ooo… that’s it! Aniki’s brushing is the best after all!” (Reus)

“Ehehe… It’s the first time I’ve had someone other than Ane-sama or Senia comb my hair, but it feels good.” (Reese)

Looking at their glossy hair, it seems there is nothing wrong with the disciples’ health.

Emilia’s tail was fluffy as ever and it felt really good. As for Reus, he has this habit of wagging his tail up and down when happy, but I don’t mind it.

Reese’s hair is slightly curled on the tips, but it’s completely smooth under the blades of the comb, and doesn’t get stuck at all. It’s a different feel to that of Hokuto’s fur, but not bad.



After I finished brushing the disciples, I sat on the sofa in the room and drank tea.

This tea was not prepared in the room, or from room service. Instead, Emilia borrowed a kitchen in the hotel and prepared the tea there.

Emilia immersed herself in serving the tea, listening to the sound of the brush. Reus fell asleep quickly after I brushed him, and was spread out on the bed. Reese continued brushing Hokuto.

“Haa.. I am satisfied. I think I’m ready to fall asleep today…” (Emilia)

“Anyukii…” (Reus)

“I am not as good as Sirius-san, does it feel comfortable, Hokuto?” (Reese)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Bardomyl and I are indeed connected by blood, but I don’t consider him family any longer. My new family are those around me right now.

Though we are not blood related, we are master and disciples, attendants and master.

For me, these guys have become an indispensable existence. I’ll protect them for as long as I’m alive.

I can spend the rest of my time taking care of my disciples as I please… no, they’re no longer my disciples. They’re my family.



Extra/Bonus 1


“Even if we are related by blood, you aren’t worthy of the title of my family. My family are those by my side, not you scum.” (Sirius)

“Sirius-sama…” (Emilia)

Emilia’s favorable impression of Sirius has increased!

Emilia’s favorable impression value has maxed out!

It breaks through the limit!

It stopped after breaking through the tenth limit!

Emilia has classed up to an [Attendant of Absolute Love]!


Extra/Bonus 2


Several days after Sirius reunited with Bardomyl.

In the Elysion castle, in Princess Liefell’s private room.


“Lifell-sama, why the serious face? What are you reading?” (Senia)

“Read this too, Senia. You have the right to know.” (Lifell)

“Please excuse me. …Lifell-sama, I’m sorry, but I would like to take few days off…” (Senia)

“You can’t.” (Lifell)

“Is…that so? But, this is…” (Senia)

“We will send an investigation party, and go with them. Though it may seem irresponsible, if we were to lose men in the process, it would be bad. We’ll lead the party to pressure them into inaction.” (Lifell)

“Please leave it to me.” (Senia)

“And, don’t tell Otou-san. I fear that in his anger he’ll try to sneak out of the castle and settle things himself.” (Lifell)

“Understood. Let’s keep the letter inside a safe.” (Senia)


Later on, it would seem that Cardeas found about it somehow, and even tried to get into the investigation party, but Princess Lifell managed to stop him with paralyzing poison.

A few days later, the Dorianus household was…

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