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he Opening of Labyrinth


Volume Six starts!



Two years have passed (after) entering school, I will soon become 11 years old.

Reese has become my disciple since two years ago, and the school life also was smooth sailing.


The height grew, childish appearance fade away considerably, and not to mention, impressiveness came…it feels like that.


By obtaining new knowledge at school, my magic formation technique is getting more skillful. If I work little harder, I can draw an intermediate level (magic formation).


The training also gets more severe, and every day was passed with busy coupled with fun at school.


And then, my disciples are….

“Good morning, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

In the morning, I am woken up by Emilia in my room at Diamond cottage.


I (usually) wake up by myself in the morning but she wakes up earlier than me and she began to come to wake me up. The morning sun can’t be seen yet or not at the time zone, and to think that it takes several minute from dormitory to here; that is a result of waking up early.

Two years ago, the sibling refused living in student dormitory, it was a good reason with the exception of us being acquaintance if possible, together with a friend called Reese also becomes our companion and she has good relationship with classmates nowadays.

“Good morning Emilia. I wonder if there is something planned for today?” (Sirius)


“The plan is to go to Galgan company after school.” (Emilia)


After two years have passed, not to mention that her femininity was becoming even more but also she became beautiful. Her chest seems also growing well,

Her ambience also becomes grown-up, and sometimes I’m surprised with her gesture. My body begins to be aware of woman, presumably (because of) how charming she has became, she measured (chest) together with Reese the other day, their joyful voice during that time could be heard by me who was next of the room,

Such girl also behaves like a secretary these days. I seem to be corrupted but she wants to do it and since she begs for it, I let her do whatever she likes. She’s becoming more and more like a servant.


Emilia was making sure that I was fully awake and she left the room after preparing changing clothes.

“Well, let’s go (out) cheerfully today also?” (Sirius)

Shaking of the sleepiness, I go towards kitchen after I finished changing the clothes and Emilia had already start preparing the breakfast.


“How is Reese? Although she ran until she couldn’t stand with her legs yesterday, was she alright this morning?” (Sirius)


“Thanks to Sirius-sama’s treatment, she was walking without any problem. She will come any time now…(there) she came.


When Emilia turned her eyes to the door with an upright ear, the door opened slowly and Reese made an appearance.


“Good morning, Sirius-san. Aa, I made it this time, today. I am also prepared.” (Reese)

Reese also has grown up without losing to Emilia, lined up in the kitchen with the blue hair drifting when lumped together. Because the kitchen is small, if three people lined up, it will become cramped as expected.


“Just leave it to us here, Sirius-sama, please take a rest.” (Emilia)


“That’s right. Please wash your face at outside’s well.” (Reese)

The back (of my body) was pushed, and I alone was thrown out from kitchen. This pattern happens a lot these days; the end result is all of my works are snatched away when they are both together.

I went towards the well with a feeling of a father that goes on holiday, and a bipedal big wolf was covered with water.

“Aa, morning, Aniki!” (Reus)


“Is it Reus? Why are you transforming?” (Sirius)


“I have to train on transforming occasionally to get used to it.” (Reus)

Such body immediately shrinks, and Reus becomes a bit more masculine appearance than two years ago. His height has surpassed mine, only small amount of childishness faded, but the behavior and nature don’t change too much. His sword skill increase further to certain extent and I had a hunch that it seems he gradually reaches half of Lior’s true strength.

“How much have you run today?” (Sirius)


“One round of that mountain, I think? After all, my body becomes lighter and comfortable by transforming.” (Reus)

The mountain which Reus pointed is 3 km in the distance of a straight line, it is evidence that he run at least 10 km to run around (the mountain). Reus’ transform state is really strong since he performed it for short time in the early morning.


“Don’t be too overconfident. Because such thing will lead to negligence.” (Sirius)


“Since I can’t still win against Aniki even when I transform myself, I cannot be careless.” (Reus)

Reus reminded himself while washing his face, and then Emilia called out for breakfast.

Taking a little rest after finishing breakfast, then the morning training starts.

Today, Emilia and Reese practice magic and it’s mock battle day for Reus and I. Now, the mainstream of performing the training is by substituting disciples to meet each other respectively every other day.

“What is it, Reus? Your speed has dropped down.”(Sirius)


“Haa…haa…damn it!” (Reus)

Although Reus continuously swinging wooden sword and delivering dozens of swings since some time ago, but I warded all and not a single hit got me.

“Come on, I won’t move my feet.” (Sirius)


“Uwaa!? Now you’ve done it!” (Reus)

When I sweep his feet while evading his diagonal swing from shoulder, Reus’ body is thrown out in the air but he is swinging his wooden sword forcibly with that posture as it is. I admit his quick wit but an attack beyond desperation is weak. That attack was stopped easily and Reus crashed his face regrettably onto ground.

“Hoi, it’s over.” (Sirius)


“Haa…is it no use today too?” (Reus)

Reus who’s lied down on the ground was pulled upright and point out his failure this time. It is best to teach in the sense in case of him, so I explained to him in details since he won’t study and think by himself.


Hmmm, it’s been over slightly early. Let’s try to confirm Reese’ condition?

“Good job, Sirius-sama, here’s a towel. Here’s for you too Reus.” (Emilia)


“Thanks, Nee-chan.” (Reus)


“Thank you. By the way, how’s Reese?”


“She’s practicing over there.” (Emilia)

Looking at Emilia’s previous line of sight while wiping the sweat with passed towel, there was a figure of Reese who’s concentrating with closed eyes.

Since she specializes in magic unlike Reus, the physical stamina needed is minimum and the ratio of magic training is numerous. However, with Reus and Emilia’s encouragement, because of the willpower and determination of the person herself, she has splendidly grown to adulthood now.

When I went and approached to see her condition, she opened her eyes and was smiling.

“How’s your condition, Reese?” (Sirius)


“I’m doing well. Please take a look. Please…[Aqua Mist].” (Reese)

She invokes the magic and the fogs engulf Diamond Cottage entirely, the visibility is remarkably restricted. The house that was seen short while ago is no longer visible, on the contrary, since Reese’ standing figure only starts to get hazy before my eyes, it is expected that this is considerably heavy fog.

“Wh-what is this? Aniki! Nee-chan! Where are you?” (Reus)


“Calm down, Reus. Stop moving pointlessly.” (Emilia?)

While hearing such exchange from the back, I continuously observed this fog. It seems my [Search] still effective; after all, it’s a magic that only obstruct field of vision. Nevertheless, if it’s not use for wrong purpose, I think it would be helpful during emergency. But it still needs improvement.

“…This is failure isn’t it? The fog is too dense and everyone will be in danger.” (Reese)


“Can Reese see all of us?” (Sirius)


“Eh? Aa, yes. As someone who invoked this (fog), I can see everyone clearly.” (Reese)


“If that’s the case, try to include ‘image’ of us. If you convey it to spirit, your expectation will surely met.” (Sirius)


“Yes!” (Reese)

Reese closes her eyes while muttering the image that I pointed out. When speaking about ordinary person, such thing is impossible and would be laughed, but she has understood clearly about the importance of ‘image’ in two years. Watching over that figure, since there was a feeling of my clothes getting pulled from the back, I turned around and Emilia stood there and smiling.

“Sirius-sama, I found you.” (Emilia)


“Was it well understood within this fog? Did you remember the position where I stand?” (Sirius)


“No, it’s (because) Sirius-sama’s scent.” (Emilia)

In the case of my scent, she is bragging about chasing (after me) even if I’m on the other side of the mountain, she is proud to pursue. Putting aside that special skill of Emilia, this fog won’t inhibit scent and it’s easy to blow it (the fog) away with wind magic. I’ll say this later so that she won’t be too overconfidence.


“’Image’…please!” (Reese)

Reese let out a big voice and the white world disappeared suddenly from our surrounding. Reese’ figure of sitting down can be clearly seen, but enough to not realize that we’re really inside the dense fog.


“That’s good, Reese. I can clearly see your face.” (Sirius)


“I can see too.” (Emilia)


“Alright! Thank you, spirit-san.” (Reese)


She’s looking at a place where there would be a spirit, saying thanks while putting off the magic.

As I expect when using spirit for magic, the spirit magic is powerful. When it comes to generating dense fog to this extent, I think (if it invoked) by ordinary magic user, their mana will be drying up for certain but she’s only at the degree of sweating on the forehead.

“How about this, Sirius-san?” (Reese)


“Aa, it was very good. However, be careful since the magic has many flaws. For example…” (Sirius)

I remind her in order to prevent from being overconfidence by explaining the problems mentioned earlier, and she understood it well with a nod.


“She’s finally obtained the secret of ‘image’. I just pointed that out and if circumstances allow, she can put it in practical use, just a little bit more I think.” (Sirius)


“Really!?” (Reese)


“Aa, it’s natural since you’ve been working hard until now. Thinking about the image, if it includes restorative function at this fog, what is the extent of the restorative and can it be done?” (Sirius)


“I see! It is a very good idea.” (Reese)


“However, you’ll be most likely to be extremely exhausted.” (Sirius)


“No, if something like that can be done, it can heal many people. As expected of Sirius-san.” (Reese)

As for two years ago, it’s impossible since fog is fog…that’s what I would say but it’s a matter of growing up. Nowadays, stating like just now in order to challenge proactively as well as spending everyday to overturn the common sense of magic.


Just like this, it takes nearly two years to break her common sense but it will be proper study from here.


The above mentioned is the outcome of disciples in two years.

So as not to lose to the disciples who continue to grow well, if I don’t aim for high place even more, I won’t achieve my target.

After that, we took care of our body and then we headed to school.




“Good morning, Emilia, Reese.” (??)


“Good morning, Aniki!” (??)


“Hey Reese, I don’t understand a certain part of yesterday’s subject, so will you teach me?” (Reese)


“Morning, Aniki!” (??)


“Emilia is coming! Did she really turn down Meir-sama invitation!?” (??)


“Be safe and happy today too, Aniki!” (??)

When entering the class, people are gathering around the siblings and Reese. This is custom event of the morning, why no one gathers at my surrounding? Based on Rou’s information, who is Reus’ number one underling….

“It’s pointless to greet Oya-bun unless it is passed through Aniki and Anego (old sister/female boss), it seems widespread with that kind of rumor, And then, since you are be able to command a strong person like Aniki as an ally, I think people are afraid of you..” (Rou)


Come to think of it, I was giving instruction to Reus during the [Trade] with Alstore. It was seen by these underlings where there is an absolute hierarchical relationship between me and Reus and they seems to practically understand by seeing that.


But that’s alright, there is someone who can speak just fine with me.

“Good morning Sirius-kun. As usual, the servants are very popular, isn’t it?” (Mark)

Today too, while good looking men scatters, Mark makes his entrance. Despite of waving silky red hair, he arrived in front of me while greeting with elegance.

“Good morning, Mark. Their popularity is a good thing you know.” (Sirius)


“You’re still same as usual. Generally, it is something to be jealous of.” (Mark)

“Although I am their master for certain, popularity is something gained by an individual. Besides, it’s miserable for non-nobles for things like envying.” (Sirius)


“That’s for certain. Oh yeah, the cake that I received yesterday…it was very delicious.” (Mark)

As a matter of fact, it was Mark’s birthday yesterday. Since, commoner can’t join the party; I thought I prepared at least a cake for his present.


Mark directs his eyesight to outside window, squinting his eyes in order to reflect upon happiness.

“I was shocked. To think about cakes that I have been eating until now, what on earth is the taste of the cake? You are really great. I have said something about inviting Emilia before, if it’s good with you, won’t you serve my household? Of course, I promise a proper position.” (Mark)


“I’m grateful with your offer but I have to refuse.” (Sirius)


“Is that so? Understood but it’s really a shame. However, since the limit of my servant will be removed, I want you to say it anytime if you change your mind.” (Mark)


“I’m sorry.” (Sirius)


“Don’t mind it. By the way, will you make that cake again? I want it too but my younger brother and sister wants to eat it too for certain.” (Mark)

Cake addicts have increased by one person again. After all, I seem to have a hunch that this will increase by one after another.

While I discussed about cakes to Mark, and then another cake addict who stand out among cake addicts, Magna-sensei entered the class. While we were engross with the topic, it’s about time for the morning class to start.


“Good morning. Today, the morning lesson will be shortened a little since there is a matter we would like to inform to everyone, so it’s time for explanation.” (Magna)

The morning lesson is expected to be a practical lesson but it seems there is something important to be said. Since gentle Magna-sensei is making serious face, there was tense atmosphere in the classroom.

“Everyone enters Elysion’s school and two years have passed quickly. Starting from next week, while the morning lesson still will be done here, you will learn in a specialized field of classroom based on everyone’s preference in the afternoon. Let’s try to understand about those circumstances.” (Magna)


My preference on specialty and the disciple’s are as follows.

I’ll go for magic engineering department, Reus is swordsmanship department, Emilia is Wind magic department and Reese is Water magic department.

However, since we have talked about this matter last week, this is not a story to explain until shortening the time for morning lesson. Is there something else?


“Hereout is the main issue; at the same time when the specialized lesson begin…a labyrinth will be opened.” (Magna)

When listening about the opening of labyrinth, the tension among classmates rises up. While looking at next of each other, they exchange eye contacts to for a party.

“Although there seems to be people who knows about the labyrinth, the explanation will include the confirmation of the risk too. First, the labyrinth refers to the cave in the northwest of this school.” (Magna)

Despite the time of arena too, I think the school is great during the time that I learned that there is a labyrinth.

School labyrinth is similar to cave labyrinth that has until tenth floor underground, there is no demon but it’s full of traps inside it.

There are various traps set in large quantities such as flying arrows and the eruption of fire pillars, so if going unprepared, it may cause a serious injuries. This is trap that uses magic formation made by past great man, the trap will disappear is once it got caught but it seems that the traps will rematerialize again after short while. It is strange phenomenon but I guess maybe the labyrinth itself is not one magic formation.


Past great man…I have a hunch this involves the headmaster who is eating cake happily.


Whether to say why there is such facility in the school, so I’m thinking that training location enforce the feeling of getting pressured.

There are various mazes in outside world, although there are numerous treasures hid by people in the past which haven’t been discovered, the dangers that follows it fits. It is essential to have physical strength, willpower, and knowledge when exploring labyrinth, and if there is mistake, it is very severe because it can lead to swift death.

One’s mistake jeopardizes another person even if the person himself is a noble or commoner, and I know I have to be cautious by watching out the traps…it seems that this labyrinth is made for the sake of gaining personal experience.

As a matter of fact, in the case of graduation, it is alright not to pass through the labyrinth but of course there is a merit when clearing the tenth basement. The merit is the priority right of using facility where this will prohibit other parties with the exception of authorized people, and there are other benefits too.

The labyrinth can be challenged with a party of four people, the first rookie party that clear the labyrinth since opening, and it is said that the students long for prestigious mantle that will be conferred by the school.

The nobles especially are participating actively with that aim. This will become a prestige for house name if mantle is conferred, and it stands out above all. (The labyrinth) will become full with nobles for several days after the opening, and that is an established custom for every year.

By the way, one must apply in advance in order to enter the labyrinth, the morning and afternoon class will be exempted if permitted and it seems that the flow of (labyrinth) attempt.

“—That is the explanation on labyrinth. If there is a question, since I will accept it anytime, please come to my office. Well then, although it’s late, let’s go out and start with practical lesson.” (Magna)

The classmates stand up by Magna-sensei speech and head towards the training ground. I though they wanted to invite the siblings or Reese but the surroundings become quiet.


It became clear later but during the time I wasn’t there, it is somehow affirmed that the siblings and Reese don’t want to join other group except with me. I have never yet spoken whether I want to go or not to labyrinth, but I wonder what will happen if I say that I don’t want to go.


While on the way to training ground, the talks about labyrinth became lively here and there. Naturally, the subject of our talk is also related to labyrinth.

“Aniki, are we going to challenge the labyrinth?” (Reus)


“We will go of course. This will become a training too.” (Sirius)


“What kind of feeling it will be? Since one party consists of 4 persons, ours have been decided already.” (Reus)


“You’re right. There will be no problem in our case.” (Emilia)


“Me too, in order not to drag your feet, I will work hard.” (Reese)

We’re also have the intention to challenge (the labyrinth), but I think we shouldn’t go immediately after it is opened. Since the first opening day of the labyrinth will be filled with nobles, it is a matter of nobles because some fool might pick up a fight with us.

When I think about when is the time to challenge it, the classmates who heard our conversation talked to us.


“Hey, you guys challenge it too, right? Are you aiming…for the first ‘clear’ mantle?” (??) (TLN: any party who clear the labyrinth will get mantle)


“I know right. It’s definitely possible since there are Reus-kun and Emilia.” (??)


“I have to listen to Sirius-sama about that…so what would you do?” (Emilia)


“I’ll pass because it’s troublesome.” (Sirius)

To be frank, something like receiving that mantle is likely buying the animosity of nobles, and there’s almost no merit for us. If I can savor the mood of labyrinth, it is fine to come over leisurely later.


“I wonder if there is no undue importance.” (??)


“It can’t be helped. Such thing like Iron class guys is likely to be terribly annoying.” (??)


“That’s true. Well, what should we do?” (??)


“We will challenge it of course. But first, we need to find member, isn’t it?” (??)

The noisy two are leaving the classroom while the looking for other (party) members. When we’re about to leave the classroom too, I was beckoned by Magna-sensei. I’ve been taken care of in various ways by him, and I meet halfway to Magna-sensei’s location.


“Is there something?” (Sirius)


“Are you going to participate on labyrinth (challenge)?” (Magna)


“Yes, that’s the plan but is that bad?” (Sirius)


“No no, this is not that kind of talk. In the case of you participate, I will hand this over to you and it’s from headmaster.” (Magna)

What was handed over is a medal that is drawn with school badge.


“There’s a gatekeeper standing by at the front of labyrinth’s entrance, and you can pass through if you show this.” (Magna)


“Although I understand how to use this, but why there is such thing?” (Sirius)


“Because I believe Sirius-kun is not employing adventurer. In particular, since you guys are young, this is to save time for gatekeeper from worrying.” (Magna)

A party of four students can challenge the labyrinth but to tell the truth, in the case of adding up to two people, it seems that adventurer who registered to adventurer guild can be employed. It takes time to prepare but it can be seen as showing active service ability as by prioritizing safety and there’s no problem to clear the labyrinth (if they go) with the assistant of adventurers. This is, an observing eye is choosing excellent adventurer and because to include a clear objective.


“I see, thank you very much. It’s impossible to challenge on the day of opening but we’ll challenge it soon.” (Sirius)


“Yes, in the case of Sirius-kun, I think the ‘clear’ mantle will be conferred quickly to you.” (Magna)


“That will not do. Nobles will clear it earlier before I enter you know.” (Sirius)


“Is that so, the headmaster has increased the difficulty level this time, much less than conspicuous mean to clear (the labyrinth)…Oops, anymore than that is prohibited.” (Magna)

This person is absolutely leaking it on purpose.

Although it’s understood that the headmaster is performing the adjustment of labyrinth content, to complete it maliciously is not because I will be there right? If that’s such case of abusing his authority, should I stop supplying cakes to him? Let’s investigate Magna-sensei for the time being.

“I do not understand (grin smile).” (Magna) (TLN: the bracket this time is in raw)


“Magna-sensei, this time is a sampling food of Apu Fruit Cake…” (Sirius)


“That’s right. Everything is judged by principal (clearly!).” (Magna)

A power is meaningless in front of cake.


I have a pledge of supplying cake (must do and troublesome) several times in a month but I made up my mind that the headmaster need to take one time rest (from getting cakes).

It seems that the headmaster laments very much once he knew it but that is not my concern. Nevertheless, since the labyrinth’s level of difficulty is not changed, it seems that the headmaster’s obstinacy is stick through.

We head to Galgan company, Elysion branch right after school.

It is remarkably a large building and ground compared to other stores, there is no stop of people coming, and it displays the properity.

We, who overly familiar, make a grand entrance from the back door. Of course, the guard is there but since our faces are known, he had return with light nod.

We enters the office from back entrance, there are several people in front of desks glaring at register and stock list in the center, a single person notices our appearances stand up and came in by half running.


“Have you come, Danna! Come now, this is not the place, so please come inside!” (Zack)

The one that came to greet us was Zack who brought us to Elysion. During that time, he was delivery personnel to the Elysion but he was appointed as manager of this branch one year ago.


One year ago…it became considerably uproar during that time.

(It was at) Diamond Cottage which rarely visited by people, Zack and his boss, Gadd suddenly came and prostrating.

“Long times now see. However, let me first apologize before greeting you.” (Gadd)

I wonder what kind of matters and when I listen to their talks, such things like getting attacked by robbers while promising of safe travel, although I discovered the company’s problem of fraud evidence, they didn’t say anything for one year and it seems they wanted to apologize on that.


Well then, what were they doing for this one year? Somehow or rather, the surroundings companies were united in hands using weapons against problematic companies who found with fraud evidence, and it seems they have succeeded in crushing without leaving a trance few days ago.

“We’re merely get rid the robbers and investigate them. Since that problem has been settled, let’s stop with this formal talk.” (Sirius)


“Danna…aa, that’s it. However, if I don’t apologize properly, that guy, Dee is going to hit me.” (Gadd)

After that, they raised up their face finally, they laughed heartily while scratching their head. Then, it’s a talk about Dee being escorted safely, the reverse game that I handed over, and it became the talk about the new portable food, dry noodle.

“Is it really alright to put that into market through our company? Honestly, this will create revolution and I have a feeling that the amount of sales is likely to be outrageous?” (Gadd)


“I’m not a saint and I’m not worthy to hold it (the dry noodle recipe) by myself only, don’t you agree? Besides, it’s not necessary to think hard about it. As for this, I want money since I sold the information, no more than that.” (Sirius)

The information that I sold were Reversi game and original portable soup for dry noodles.


“Understood. To say that even if so much earnings of materials, there is no honest judgment, you know.” (Gadd)


“If that’s the case, how about giving some of the monthly sales to me? For the deadline, I leave it to you (as long as) it is in a proper range.” (Sirius)


“Hmmm…not bad. Well then, the amount will depend on situation but it is roughly 20 percent of sales shares for Danna, and how about the deadline is one year?” (Gadd)


“Although the deadline is good, I have something to say about the share. Since we are good with 10 percent, I want you to give the remaining 10 percent to Dee.” (Sirius)

In the letter that arrived few days ago, it was written that Dee has successfully opened a cafeteria. Since the delivery of special ingredients and seasonings is depended on Galgan company, I want to turn that 10 percent of sales as for compensation.


“…is that fine? It will be considerable amount of money even with just 10 percent, you know?” (Gadd)


“I don’t need that much money now and I don’t have hard time because I enter school. Besides, it is hard to compare to Dee and I want to do something even a little as his master.” (Sirius)


“What a generous person. Understood, let’s make a contract like that. This guy will bring the agreement next time, thank you in advance.” (Gadd)

Zack was pushed to the front and I was greeted again. Nevertheless, Zack is laughing strangely, why is that?

“From now on, this guy, Zack of Galgan company will be appointed as the manager for Elysion branch, so please say to this guy if you need anything necessary.” (Gadd)


“ I will work hard, so please take care of me, Danna!” (Zack)


Aa, why he’s so effeminate?


The agreement with them was concluded after that, soon I handed over letter and luggage for Dee (and Noel) and we disbanded.

There is such matter; it becomes the relationship between Zack and I for one year.

When I am sometimes called, I’ll be receiving the yield, chatting, giving an advice by my knowledge, and building up good relationship with Zack. Maybe I am called today to be given money.

We were invited into president office that is not only spacious but also a little extravagance. We listen to Zack’s talk while relaxing.

“This is this month’s yield. Although one year has passed since the release, the sales haven’t fall down and there is no sign of it at all. Well, I can’t stop laughing.” (Zack)


“It’s obvious since Aniki thought about it!” (Reus)

I am told by Zack to hold and count the money contains in the handed over pouch.


I am not that particular with the money to that extent and I don’t think I will be cheated since he is reliable companion but since this is an important exchange between merchants, it is a courtesy to count properly.

“This yield is certainly the last one right? It’s been quite some time, thank you.” (Sirius) (TLN: I think Sirius get 10% of monthly sales since one year ago and now is the last time to get the share based on one year agreement.)


“No no, it is such agreement and we have earned enough. If there is something later, please take care of me.” (Zack)

The business talk was over and then it became a small talk. Even though Zack is older, he doesn’t get tired with talking because he is friendly and since I know a lot about market, it becomes precious source of information for merchants.

“Aa, the year to enter labyrinth has finally come. If it’s you, it’s obvious that you’ll get mantle.” (Zack)


“I don’t really need the mantle but is it even popular among merchant?” (Sirius)


“It is for nobles if I say exactly. The raw material used to make it is same with school robe’s, famous magic engineer is drawing magic formation personally and the practically surpassed (the school robe?), you’ll be famous just by having it. This is talks between nobles; it seems even adults use the mantle.” (Zack)


“Heh, it seems nobles are flocking (the labyrinth) in order to procure it?” (Sirius)


“Sirius-sama, the labyrinth seems to be considerably difficult according to the story of the upper classman students.” (Emilia)


“I heard it too. It seems there was also a time that no one clears it after half year passed of the (labyrinth’s) opening.” (Zack)


“This is a story of Rou; I heard that there was a commoner who clear it quickly, Aniki.” (Reus)

The opinions of my disciples are somewhat differ but maybe the cause is due to adjustment error of the headmaster I think.


The difficulty must be increased when it took six months to clear it, and I think the difficulty was lowered down when someone cleared it easily. It is a labyrinth with many irregularities, but the difficulty has been increased maliciously this time. I wonder what’s in store.

After that, we were invited to dinner by Zack, and then we headed to [Perch of Spring Breeze]


Reus’ tension goes up when eating Jyaora Snake after long time and it’s soothing to see that despite of different races, Emilia and Reese are close like a family.


I was walking a little bit behind while looking at such warming scene, and Zack is suddenly whispering to me in a low voice.


“Danna…I have a bit anxious matter so I’m going to tell you.” (Zack)

While maintaining a distance so that it won’t be doubted by those three who walk in the front, Zack and I continued our conversation in low voice that won’t be heard by anyone.

“Listen.” (Zack)


“Recently, there is a strange talk. A large amount of magic tools were bought with unknown money source, and suspicious people were often seen. The word that those guys often said is…revolution.” (Zack)

As a merchant, Zack knows a lot about underworld. If there is a thing to be worried about such as behind scenes or anything, I can request and Zack will tell.

I was hesitated at the beginning but I approve on the talks about investigating deeper on certain characteristics.


It seems like an extremely suspicious story this time, Zack’s face looks amazed from beginning to end.

“However, the balance between the market and underworld are both taken by king’s ability and the reason to raise a revolution is not found. I don’t understand why they want to raise a revolution but there are few who approve it and such thing like capturing castle where king’s live is impossible to begin with. It’s impossible unless to the extent where half of residents of Elysion are being a supporter.” (Zack)


“I don’t understand it. King’s close aide and son are planning on something possibly.” (Sirius)


“I see. If we think about it, there is no end. However, I will tell if it is not revolution, or that suspicious behavior is the aspect of the nobles.” (Zack)


“Nobles? There are many foolish people for some reason. To say such things like revolution is trivial reason.” (Sirius)


“I also agree. Since there’s a matter of contest between Danna and nobles, so I’d say you might possibly marked? If there is anything, please be careful not to get involved.” (Zack)


“Thank you for your advice. If there is anything, I’ll rely on you.” (Sirius)


“Alright. In the case of Danna, our Galgan company can shelters you anytime, please come without reservation even in the nighttime.” (Zack)


“I will be careful not to be in such situation.” (Sirius)

When I look at Zack beats his chest as being reliable, the disciples were coming back once they realized the distance between us (and them).

“Aniki! Don’t walk leisurely, let’s go quickly!” (Reus)


“Hey, Reus. Calm down a bit. Come now, Sirius-sama, since I assist you, let’s go.” (Emilia)


“Jyaora Snake is delicious, right? I want to eat fast.” (Reus)

My right hand is pulled by Reus, my left hand is pulled unreservedly by Reese and I am pushed forward by Emilia from the back.

“You’re so popular, Danna.” (Zack)


“Haha, really.” (Sirius)

The most change in these two years is our family of three has become a family of four.

Although I didn’t touch Reese in particular, my hand is pulled just like this nowadays, I’ll allow it to such extent.

While smiling wryly to the three disciples who influenced by an appetite, I was made to walk to the [Perch of Spring Breeze] forcibly.

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