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And so without further ado, chapter 27 of World Teacher.


This Is The New Castle ――― Rodwell ―――


「Number one hundred fifty-six, Sirius Teacher」(Sirius)

And so I met him.

His appearance is that of an ordinary lad, and no matter how I look at his black hair, uncharacteristic face, he’s just a common young boy.

Looking at him from aside, he appears to be a tense kid staring around restlessly, but I think he’s observing to get some information about us.

「Number one hundred fifty-seven, Alstro Elmeroy! Unlike the commoner there, I’m the second son of the honorable Elmeroy house!」(Alstro)

Aah….Yeah yeah. I’m very familiar with you, Alstro-kun. One of Elysion’s few prominent nobles, nobility of a quite high standing, right? I’ve seen you at several times at the parties, and it would be accurate to say that I’ve known you since you were a child. Oh how arrogant you’ve grown up to be.

Now then, the Sirius-kun in question though, there is one single thing about him worthy of concern. It’s the attribute written on his profile.

Attribute ―― colourless.

The unexpected colourless. Not only are they extremely rare, but are also the target of scorn, so not a single one of them tried to enter the school. I suspect that there was a malfunction in the magic tool, when he checked it in the past.

「Then, we’ll proceed to attribute examination, starting from number one hundred fifty-six, please come forward」(Examiner)

Now then, what is his attribute? I wondered. But the moment his hand was about to touch the tool, the fool started a commotion.

「Step back, plebeian. Don’t touch it before my noble self. Hey, do you have another magic circle? My hands will get dirty otherwise」(Alstro)

「Hmph, can’t be helped. Take a good look at this attribute of mine!」(Alstro)

When Alstro-kun touches it, the crystal shines in red and green in rotation. That means he has two attributes he’s good at, an unusual existence commonly called as Double. The three servants are applauding while saying something like “wonderful”, but from my standpoint, I’m already tired of seeing this.

More than you, I want to see Sirius-kun. Step back quickly, instead of making that smug face, and let him touch it.

「Move! Next is mine, the first servant’s turn. For a commoner being last is enough」(Servant 1)

Haah…..Really, nothing but idiots here.

The person concerned, however, is just looking at them like he doesn’t care, so while I also calmed down while looking at him. That’s right, he won’t run away from here. Let’s relax and wait.

「Then, number one hundred fifty-six, please touch the magic circle」(Examiner)

And so he touched the magic circle.
The crystal’s colour was….colourless.

「Ha, hahahahahaa! How did this happen, there’s an incompetent in a place like this!」(Alstro)

「Good gracious, an incompetent indeed」(Servant 2)
「There is no place for an incompetent nea Alstro-sama」(Servant 3)

Insulting laughs echo through the interview room. The teachers apart from me are looking at Sirius-kun with eyes of pity, but Gregory-sensei started shouting while standing up and pointing his finger at him.

「We don’t need an incompetent at our school! There’s no need to even look at your magic, you can leave immediately!」(Gregory)

「I’ll get dirty just by being near one!」(Servant 1)
「Go back, incompetent!」(Servant 2)


To those too unpleasant laughing voices, I unintentionally included killing intent into my words for stopping them. They got hit by the aftermath of that, and their expressions turned from laughter into faces warped in fear, while their bodies quivered.

But only Sirius-kun was different. Even after receiving my killing intent he was calm, looking at me with deep interest. As I thought he’s not an ordinary person.

「This is not Alstro-kun’s home. In the first place, is being a noble about mocking others without heeding the place? If that is so, then what intolerant nobles you are. If a noble has time to look down on others, he should use that time to further cultivate himself. That’s the kind this place is, you know?」(Rodwell)

Alstro-kun is firmly staring at me, but you do know your knees are shaking? He’s probably thinking of getting me fired, but he’ll probably give up after knowing who I really am.

「I know the abilities of you four very well, so I’ll let you pass even without using magic. We’ll be taking a look at only him, so you can take your leave」(Rodwell)

「Y-Yes」(Servant 1)

The same time that Alstro-kun goes takes his three servants and goes out of the room, Gregory-sensei, who was sitting beside me, also stood up.

「I’ll be also excusing myself. It’s useless to even look at something like magic of an incompetent. I expect a fair judgement, teachers」(Gregory)

After saying that, he quickly left the room, as if going after Alstro-kun.
Most likely he went to scout Alstro-kun into his class. Upper nobility and a Double, exactly a student of his liking.

「Please forgive us, Sirius-kun. We ended up showing you the ugly side of our school, even before enrollment」(Rodwell)
「I don’t mind, people like that can be found everywhere. Also, you teachers are still here, so the are no problems」(Sirius)

Really, makes you wonder which one is the grown-up. Do you hear that Gregory-sensei? He is a few times more mature than you.

「A lot happened, but can you show us your magic?」(Rodwell)

「I don’t mind. I don’t think of you as just a simple neutral attribute」(Rodwell)

His attribute was indeed colourless. However, unlike the murky lights of the colourless I’ve seen in the past, his light was a lucid colourless.

「Well then, here is one. O Light…..『Light』」(Sirius)

……When did he converge his mana, I wonder? Using magic as if breathing, a small ball of light was born in his hand. He used 『Light』, which hasn’t been researched for abbreviation, almost a the level of a voiceless incantation.
There’s no doubt, he’s that pair’s master.


The 『Light』 he made was an extremely normal ball of light, with no points worth mentioning, but with his command it moved and flew towards us.

I touch it with the tip of my finger to check, but it is without a doubt a 『Light』 that can be used by anyone.

「That is all」(Sirius)

When he lowers his hand, the balls of light disappear. 『Light』 has quite high mana consumption, but he doesn’t seem to be suffering even after using it irregularly. He’s not pretending, this must mean this kind of consumption isn’t even a regular thing for him.
I can’t even see this kid’s true ability. Interesting.

「Hmm, impressive neutral attribute, but, as expected, being unable to use four attributes magic, is going to be severe」(Magna)
「Yes, since it’s needed in classes a lot. It’s fine if it’s just elementary, can you use other attributes?」(Examiner)

I’m fine with giving him a pass already, but the other teachers do have a point. It’s possible to use elementary magic even without the affinity, but he was shaking his head regretfully.

「My compatibility with four attributes magic is the worst, so in truth, I cannot adequately use even elementary level magic」(Sirius)

Information related to colourless is scarce, most scholars say it’s useless to even look, so research is undeveloped. Is colourless really that terrible? It’s regrettable though, if he had affinity for another attribute, he would have probably caused a revolution in the magic world.

「I could use it, if need be, though」(Sirius)

Saying he could use it, while saying he can’t use it adequately? Quite interesting.

「I don’t really get it, but could you show it to us, if you don’t mind?」(Rodwell)
「Very well. I will need a bit of time」(Sirius)

What he took out of his pocket was a small container, and the liquid in it’s insides are faintly glowing in pale blue light, is that magic light water? It’s a valuable that costs a considerable price, so it’s an unusual thing to be carrying around.
He dipped his index finger into that magic light water, and started painting something on the back of his left hand. Don’t tell me…..

「Are you drawing a magic circle?」(Rodwell)
「Yes, I am. It’s elementary level, so it’s simple」(Sirius)

You say that, but it’s a pattern that won’t activate if there’s even a slight distortion, you know? Even if it is a simple one, even I would fail if I didn’t do it carefully while sitting down.

「Sorry for the wait. 『Flame』」(Sirius)

After finishing it in under a minute, he used standard elementary magic. When a small ball of fire floats on his palm, the magic circle drawn on the back of his hand is active, while faintly glowing, so the possibility of him actually being able to use it from the start vanished.
To think he really drew it, is he really an eight-year old?

「It was done impromptu, so the power is on the moderate side, will that be alright?」(Sirius)

「Heaー….if You say so, I have none as well」(Examiner)
「Me neither. I look forward to this lad’s future」(Magna)

Umu, I would’ve had to interview them later, had they objected, so I’m glad it’s an unanimous decision.
Sirius-kun wiped the magic light water off his backhand, and checked if there’s no liquid left. Leaving magic light water on the skin is bad for the body, so his measures in that regard are also flawless.

「Last is my personal question. I heard you educated Emilia-kun and Reus-kun… is that true?」(Rodwell)

「Those two were very outstanding, so when I asked where they learned magic, they proudly answered that it was their master Sirius-kun」(Rodwell)

「Please don’t underestimate me too much. With your magic control and adept magic circle drawing technique, I concluded so, thinking that you have the ability to train those two, so what do you say to that?」(Rodwell)

Mine and Sirius-kun’s gazes clashed and the silent exchange continued on for a bit, but he closed his eyes, relaxed his expression, as if given up.

「Indeed, I have trained those two. However, they came this far due to results of their talent and effort. I only helped a little」(Sirius)

「Thank you very much. I’m happy to be told that by a genuine educator」(Sirius)

「…….According to the mother that raised me, there was someone I could call a shishou」(Sirius) 「1」

「Seems like this person called shishou, forcefully taught various knowledge to me, before I was even aware of my surroundings. I cannot remember anything from that time apart that knowledge, and my mother already passed away, so information about shishou is obscure」(Sirius)

「I’ve already come to terms with it, so do not worry about it. And so, after continuing to train, while remembering fragments of that knowledge, is how I reached where I am」(Sirius)

It’s an outlandish story, but he himself is already beyond common sense.

What’s important, is the fact that this fascinating boy is here.

「It’s a bit hard to believe, but I you say so, I shall. Well then, Sirius Teacher, I permit you enrollment into my Elysion academy」(Rodwell)

Indeed, there are a lot of mysteries about him, but he’ll be enrolling into my school. There will be time for it.

And he’ll probably become a wind of new development, that will sweep through this school.



――― Sirius ―――


Fuu….I managed to pass somehow.

But, was that person really a teacher?

That’s not something a youngster in his twenties or thirties could release. Loosely estimating he should be over a hundred….over a hundred?

I felt a weird sense of disorder from him after entering the room, so that was the effect of the disguise. Umu, that connects a lot of dots.

What worries me is that the point that I caught his interest. Since he asked me the secret of my strength, I spun out a random lie, but I wonder how much of it stuck. He’s the kind that gets angry at the noble’s insults, so he doesn’t seem like a bad person but…. I hope I won’t get involved into something weird after getting found out by the school’s top.
Well, when Emilia and Reus get famous eventually, it’ll be exposed naturally, though.


The siblings rush to me right after I leave the interview room. They’re looking at me with a sort of nervous look with their tails straight up, but when I gave a thumbs up with a smile, it changed into full-blown smiles.

「We also passed!」(Emilia)
「We did it, now we can be together with aniki!」(Reus)

Reus is running around me while being glad, but that behaviour is just like a dog’s. The people around are looking with cold eyes, so stop that.

「I guess for the time being let’s return the pendants and go back to the inn. Next assembly is after three days, was it?」(Sirius)

「Student dorms huuh. I think big bro Zack said it’ll be two or three persons per room」(Reus)

「He said knowing various information is basics of a merchant」(Reus)

Certainly, it’s something necessary for a merchant dealing in commerce. But to think that he needs to gather even this kind of trivial information, he has it tough.

We returned the pendants, and after returning to the inn, when we reported to it’s landlady, Rona, she was glad, as if it happened to her.

「Not bad, you guys. I’ll treat you to a feast today」(Rona)

Reus, who was lately getting hungry a lot lately, was the happy about it the most.

After that, we continued on to stroll around the city.
Finding new spices and increasing our cooking repertory, having Emilia help out with work at the inn and getting seriously scouted by the landlady, looking for a new and durable sword for Reus.

While just walking around in the big city and making a mental map of it, the period of three days went by in a blink of an eye.

And at the appointed day for the student dorms, we were lowering our heads to the landlady.

「It was a short time, but thank you for taking care of us」(Sirius)

「I am sorry, I cannot leave Sirius-sama’s side」(Emilia)

「That is so. I will come again to eat some Jaora Snake」(Sirius)

We checked-out out of Spring Breeze’s Perch, and aimed towards our new dwelling place, the students dorm. Well, well, looks like we’ll be sharing rooms at the dorms, so I wonder what kind of a guy will become a roommate. I pray it’s not an idiotic noble.

There were even more people at the school than the last time we came. Enrollment examination took place through the span of a few days, so the examinations took place the day after we took it. Now that part adds in as well, so I guess it’s a given that the amount increased.

「So much people. Look aniki. For some reason there are a lot of adults wearing sparkly clothes, are they also new students?」(Reus)
「As if. It’s the parents of the enrolling kids. It’ll be annoying if they pick a quarrel with us, so make sure to not go near」(Sirius)

Roughly estimating, there’s over two hundred. A great number of nobles with their guardians can be seen, it’s a sight that makes you understand very well, that there’s a lot to the nobles’ attire. It’s just my opinion, but I think that nobles with a lot of decorations are troublesome to deal with, so I gave the two a strict order not to go near those kinds of fellows.

「Well then, I wonder where are the room assignment for the student dorms?」(Sirius)
「Sirius-sama, papers were being distributed over there, so I got one」(Emilia)

You’re fast at your work, Emilia-san. Looks like there’s also a big signboard, but before it is a big crowd, so to calmly look for it, the paper at hand is the best after all.
Huh? If I look around closely, only the noble looking ones are holding papers. That means the commoners are before the signboard…..

「Emilia, this paper, isn’t it exclusively for nobles?」(Sirius)
「Seems like it. However, I just bowed while standing before the receptionist, I didn’t even ask for it. They just gave it to me on their own」(Emilia)

Emilia’s elegance won out, huh. Well whatever, denying her hard work (not that that I know if it was) wouldn’t be nice, and it’s not something that needs to be returned, so I’ll just use it.

「I wonder where I aaaaam~…..」(Reus)
「I am….there it is」(Emilia)

We three look into the room assignments that I’m holding, searching for our names.
Dorms are roughly split into boys’ and girls’, after that each is named after the four elements. If you add those up, there are eight dorms total, so even that is a big place. By the way, one’s element aptitude and the dorms’ names are unrelated.

Reus is at the Fire boys’ dorm, room number thirty-eight.
Emilia is at the Water girls’ dorm, room number twenty-five.

And I am…..

「…….Not here」(Emilia)
「Aniki’s not listed!」(Reus)

Yes, my name can’t be found. We three checked a few times, also looked if it’s written somewhere in the corner, but there’s not even a letter of my name written.

「Maybe an error in writing down? Looking at it, there are some free rooms left」(Emilia)

「Don’t say that even as a joke. Anyway, let’s try the going to the reception for confirmation」(Sirius)

While taking along the pair, I went over to the reception where Emilia got the room assignments from.
At the reception there was not a teacher, but a man, who looks like school janitor, was sitting with a tired face. While I was thinking that it was a person with no aspirations, Emilia whispered to me that it’s a different person from before. Anyway, I’ll just try asking him.

「Excuse me, I have a question about room assignments」(Sirius)

「I’m telling you, it’s about room assignments. My name is not listed, maybe you know something about that?」(Sirius)

「Number hundred fifty-six」(Sirius)

The man looked into the paper under the desk while whispering my number. Differently than the one I have, which is like a map, his looks like a list version. His glance went from the top and after stopping at the bottom, he put away the paper.

「Are you a child named Sirius?」(Janitor)

「Then you’re not here. I’ll lead you so follow me」(Janitor)

Leaving us, with question marks over our heads, the janitor man started leading us, after talking to another person.
We go past between the lined up student dorms, and continue on to the road overgrown with weeds, through something like a valley among the mountains. 「2」Five minutes of continuous walking. Probably close to a kilometer away from the student dorms, at this place was a building.

「Looks like this is your dorm」(Janitor)

「What the…. This is aniki’s dwelling? Don’t joke around!」(Reus)

Roof with numerous holes, and with other parts looking like they’ll rot off.

Not even a shadow left out the garden area that was probably used to grow crops, just a weed field left, there was the same weed party around the well as well.
No matter how I look at it, rather than a dorm it’s….

「This….isn’t this just some ruins!」(Reus)

Reus was getting angry while pointing at the ruin turned house. But the man calmly responds while checking the paper he was holding.

「It’s written on this paper 『An incompetent has no qualifications to enter the dorms which have their traditions. As such, a dwelling that was used for night watch in the past shall be loaned』. It’s Gregory-sensei’s orders, so nothing can be done」(Janitor)

「Well, it doesn’t really concern me, so why don’t you think that it can’t be helped and give up? Also… isn’t this fitting of an incompetent?」(Janitor)


I hurriedly grabbed the pairs by the scruffs. Because if I didn’t, they would have definitely attacked this man. Even if they are kids, their killing intent when angry is the real deal, and the man who got hit by it scurried away as if escaping.

「Aniki! Why are you stopping us. That guy….to you….to aniki!」(Reus)

「But… even so… this kind of treatment is awful」(Emilia)
「There, there. Thanks, for getting angry in my place」(Sirius)

The two were gritting their teeth as if trying to withstand the anger and were shedding tears. Getting this angry even though it wasn’t done to you, aren’t you cute, really.
After I pet them for a while, they started wagging their tails, so it looks like they calmed down.

「Sirius-sama is not incompetent. He himself is incompetent for failing to notice Sirius-sama’s charm」(Emilia)

「Got it. But aniki, will you really be living here?」(Reus)
「Well, only after seeing the inside, though. Also I’ll be the only one living here. Being able to spend time without minding other people is a big plus」(Sirius)

I did various research and experiments with cooking and magic, using knowledge that doesn’t exist in this world. The house where I was born was in a place away from other people, so I did whatever I wanted, but that’s not possible within a city.

Not bad, feels like having my own castle.

「It’s how you think about it. Well then, I wonder what’s going on inside」(Sirius)

The fittings are a bit damaged, but looks like the front door can be used adequately. When I open it and go inside, it was just so dusty, to the point of not being able to breathe properly. I wonder for how many years was it left like this. Leaving the siblings outside, I popped open only the intact windows, and immediately ran out.

「That’s a lot of dust! Aniki are you okay?」(Reus)


『Wind』 is an elementary level magic which just whips up some wind, but released a bit on the strong side, it’s ideal magic for blowing out dust. The wind that enters through the front door runs through the house, and blows out through the open windows and gaps while taking dust with it. At first there was so much dust that even the colour of the wind changed, but after continuing for a bit, it was gone, so I have her stop.
Light things apart from dust also flew out, but I don’t care. It’s their fault for leaving them at a place like this.

「Well then, let’s split the roles. Emilia will go inside with me for looking around and cleaning. Reus, cut down the weeds outside and make it look good」(Sirius)

「It’s fine to just roughly do it? I’ll do the vines on the walls too」(Reus)
「I leave it to you. If there’s anything suspicious avoid it, and call me afterwards」(Sirius)

The two received servant training from kaa-san, so something like cleaning is one of their specialties. Reus also learned about gardening from Dee, so leaving outside to him shouldn’t be a problem.
When I enter inside with Emilia, most of the dust was gone, but the trash accumulated over years and dust were still left. Using some cloth for masks, for the time being we tried looking around the house.

「Five room in total, huh. Dining kitchen, two bedrooms and two free rooms. It’s quite spacious」(Sirius)
「There’s no second floor, but it’s as big as the house we lived in」(Emilia)

The young man that took us here said it was used for night watch. Probably a few people did it in shifts, did it become obsolete because of an inconvenient location and moving of the school’s facilities?
The furniture and tables are still here, looks like they could be used after cleaning off the dirt. Leaving the kitchen to Emilia, I concentrated on separating useful things from useless. Using 『Boost』together with a trained body , no matter how heavy the thing, moving is a piece of cake, so when I go outside with a half-destroyed cabinet, I can see Reus cutting down weeds by swinging around a sword.

「Fuhn! Concentrate on every swing….fuhn!」(Reus)

Reus was quick with his work, the grass around the house was almost all cut down. Looks like it’ll be over sooner than expected, so let’s give him the next task.

「Reus, it’s alright to roughly about this area. Next make a wide space, make some of those bigger trees into logs and stack them there」(Sirius)
「Those things we made when making a storehouse? Leave it to me!」(Reus)

Good to see that experience from adding a storehouse two years ago will be put to use. I went inside once again and walked over to see how Emilia was doing.

「Sirius-sama, I am almost done here. Drawing a magic circle for the stove, and getting some utensils afterwards should be enough」(Emilia)

She was also fast with her work. A kitchen that dirty was clean beyond recognition, to the point that cooking was possible after getting some utensils. It’s quite an amazing thing, this Erina-style servant training.

「There are not a lot of things, also this is natural for a servant. However….」(Emilia)

This house was only abandoned, so there’s not a lot of things here. Taking out broken things and cleaning the dirt is enough to make it habitable, but that’s just limited to the inside.

「The roof, huh. That’s in the worst state here」(Sirius)

I knew this looking from the outside, but the roof is in a decayed state with holes in various places. As I thought, the whole roof needs to be changed.

As went on doing tasks like that, the sound of a bell signifying the midday could be heard. When I was at our house, it couldn’t be heard, because it’s away from the city, but when it is early morning, noon and evening, the echoing sound of the bell tells the time.

「Sirius-sama, what shall we do for lunch?」(Emilia)

「Yes. I’ll give my best making it!」(Emilia)

There’s an image of me always doing it, but the two disciples also can cook. Especially Emilia wants me to say it’s tasty, so she gets extraordinarily fired up when cooking.

「Aah….There is not enough ingredients and tools! If it comes to this, I will go to town to buy….」(Emilia)
「It’s fine, doing as always is fine!」(Sirius)

Her getting too fired up is a bit of a drawback, though.
Leaving her, who is starting preparations for cooking, and looking at Reus, he was already putting down sixth log. Even if he’s using 『Boost』, seeing an eight year old child effortlessly carrying a log several times bigger than him is truly surreal.

「How’s it going Reus? Still have mana left?」(Sirius)

「I see, get about four more. Lunch should be ready by then」(Sirius)
「This is also a part of training, is it. Uooo!」(Reus)

The act itself is absurd, but seeing him heading to the forest that happy, makes me think he really is a child.

A just cut down tree has a lot of moisture in it, so it can’t be used as construction material. Which means there’s a need to remove the moisture, but by natural drying it would take at least half a year, so there’s no way it would be in time.

I draw a fire magic circle with adjusted power, forcefully raising the temperature of the tree itself, making the moisture evaporate. It’ll be gone in around an hour, but because of that, absurd amount of water vapor gushes out, so it might get mistaken for a fire, but if I scatter it with a wind magic circle, it should be fine.

All that’s left is taking off the old shingles and nailing on the new ones. Roof aside, it’s still sturdy, so it should hold until the time I graduate from school.

When evening came, the roof was finally finished.
It’s a simple build, but with the power of magic there was no need for heavy machinery or things like ladder, so it was finished in under half a day. Normally, it wouldn’t be weird for this kind of operation to take from a few days to a few weeks, but that’s magic for you.

「We did it aniki! Now it looks like a house one can live in」(Reus)
「However, Sirius-sama, the roof is done, but the interior is not fit for living」(Emilia)

Dust and dirt were taken care of for the most part, but the furniture isn’t whole there, especially the bed. Even if there’s a frame, the mattress part is lacking. For now it’s only good for keeping out rain and wind.

「That’ll have to be tomorrow. It’ll be a bit hard to show my face, but I’ll stay at Rona-san’s tonight. On the occasion, I want to ask if she has any mattresses to spare」(Sirius)

「Then let’s get going. I’m hungry」(Reus)
「I am too. Besides the mattress weー…Sirius-sama?」(Emilia)

The two are fully in the mood to tag along, but it has to be said here.

「Only I’m going to Rona-san’s inn. You have your student dorms, don’t you?」(Sirius)

「Yeah, I also like it best beside aniki」(Reus)

「Live here, of course」(Reus)
「I am here to serve Sirius-sama. I have to be near」(Emilia)

Looks like being together too much has become a bad influence. Until now we were inside a closed world, so it was natural, but this already the outside world. There are rules that have to be followed. If they aren’t unreasonable, even more so.
Time to push them away has come.

「Listen well, you two got enrolled into a school and were given student dorms. As such, you have to live there」(Sirius)

「I’m here, right? I can’t be seen, but I’m still close by. See, it’s something like when I was going to Lior’s place」(Sirius)

「That makes me really happy. But, I want you to not just fixate on me, but also to get to know and talk to various people. Look, you even get a roommate to talk with, so how about trying to get along with them」(Sirius)

「At that time you can send them flying without holding back. As you are now, you can tell good and bad people apart, and are strong enough to not lose to something like bad guys. To the point that you’ll be fine even if I’m not standing behind you」(Sirius)

The siblings were making teary eyes, but soon, Emilia nodded, even if slowly. Yeah, as an older sister you have to set an example to the younger brother.

「You won’t go off somewhere by your own?」(Emilia)

「We can stay close by as long as it does not hinder the school’s schedule?」(Emilia)

「Understood. We’ll go to the student dorms」(Emilia)

「Any more selfishness would only be troubling. Also, we have to become strong enough to be fine even if Sirius-sama is not there」(Emilia)

Looks like Emilia understood my intentions. The child who was always walking behind me, putting me before anything else, took a step forward, even if a little. This needs my blessing.

「…..Got it. I’ll also become strong enough to be fine even without aniki」(Reus)
「I see, that’s admirable, you two」(Sirius)

I have a lot experience of my shishou throwing me into the middle of a battlefield while laughing and saying “Make your child go on a journey to make him stronger”, so even if I’m strict with training, at these things I get over-protective.
Lastly, I pat the two’s heads, and we start walking towards the student dorms.

「Well… Going to the inn isn’t possible, but we can at least go get a meal somewhere」(Sirius)

Good grief….I’m really am soft.


Two days until school entrance ceremony.

We stumbled right after coming to school, but we’re not weak enough to fall from something like this.

I don’t know how much of an obstacle my colourlessness will be, but well, I’ll come through somehow.

I’m not that fixed on the school anyway, so in the worst case, quitting is not a problem.

There are a lot of ways to live your life, if you just look for it, so it’s fine to just lead a school life without being afraid of anything.

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