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Fateful meeting

I just thought of something.

Lior became a teacher to bring up an opponent who could fight him on equal footing, but why did I become a teacher in my previous life?

Well, officially, it was because my work became hard in terms of age and I decided to pass the torch to the next generation, but my real motive was a certain girl.

I suppose it was when I dismantled some illegal human trafficking network.
I sneaked in its facilities and crushed it, but there were many unidentified children inside. Thus, the organization I belonged to investigated them and they were either returned to their families or sent to orphanages, but there was a girl who didn’t leave my side. Though I rescued the child right before she got experimented on, I looked like a hero to her at the time and she became abnormally attached to me. She didn’t have any parents either, and since she didn’t want to part from me no matter what, I decided to take care of her.

I couldn’t just take her and go, so I entrusted her to a woman who I could trust and the girl was surprisingly obedient. When I took her, she seemed satisfied. Although we could hardly meet because I was busy with work, the girl was glad.

She wanted to help me with it. She said that she wished to become like the dreamy hero who saved her. My work wasn’t actually such a pretty thing, I was a hitman. Even though I showed her the dirty part of it, the girl’s will didn’t change. At the sight of such a girl, I thought that I should retire and become a teacher since I had reached that age. She had the habit of calling me father sometimes but the girl became my first student.
Though I became a teacher for such a trivial reason, I gradually became happier as I witnessed the growth of the pupil. I grew to like teaching and that seems unchanged regardless of my reincarnation.

My motive for becoming a teacher was something along those lines.

And once again, a similar situation has approached.

It’s been a year since I met Fia and Lior.
I turned six year old.

I finished my morning training, and I’m exploring the Adroad continent today.
Lately, I stopped searching for people from the sky, and my exploration is often done by walking around in the forest. I attack the incoming monsters, making them scatter in order to find edible plants but mainly to train as an adventurer.

【”Oh, found a matsutake~】(Sirius)

It’s not the matsutake of my previous life but rather a mushroom that resembles it. Though it has an official name, I call it a matsutake mushroom since I’m used to that. It’s rare and delicious as it is so I wonder if I should add it in today’s dinner.
As I harvest it with a pleased face, I start feeling hungry, partly from thinking about dinner. It’s almost noon according to the sun. I sit on some random rock, and I take out a lunch box as I fold my hands. (EDN: He’s praying.) Since the other three make lunch at random, I wonder who it was today.

【”So it’s Elena today.”】(Sirius)

With multicolored side dishes inside, it’s also packed with a vegetarian sandwich and meat, which is my favorite food. Since my growth advanced remarkably recently, so did my appetite. Last year, I’d have gotten a full stomach from half of this, but I can now wolf down the whole thing.

【”Mhm, delicious. Oops, I have to call her.”】(Sirius)

I gather a small amount of mana, and I fire it while aiming at Elena in the distance.

【(A-yes…. Canis Major here. There is nothing abnormal in my current lunch. It’s also delicious today. Over)】(Sirius)

That wasn’t a monologue just now.

However, though I say radio waves, there is a high chance of it leaking to other people with a similar wavelength on its way, because it’s still mana after all. Therefore, I call myself by code names and make sure not to say the other party’s name.
Though there seems to be a wind spell that sends out the voice on the wind and fires it in the distance,【(Call)】is still in the testing stage. Even so, I use it regardless of that since receiving my voice gives a sense of security to Elena. I have to experiment it in a place crowded with people sometime and check its maximum range.

I finish my one-way report and resume my lunch. Mhmm, I wonder how can such an exquisite taste be brought out. I couldn’t reproduce the same flavor though I tried copying it several times. It seems my tastes are well known.

With limbs as elegant as a horse’s and an abnormally fat body, it’s a strangely unbalanced beast that has two big, splendid horns. If I remember correctly, I believe it was called a Beonifang.
It appears that I’m his target, he sets in a ferocious body blow while pointing his two horns toward my direction.

【”It’s so dull… Oh?”】

His speed is terrific, but the impressive frontal attack is easy to dodge. I slash at him as we pass each other, but the sword’s cut is shallow, it’s to the degree where it just left a small wound on his face. Because of his hard skin, it seems like it’s impossible to kill him without strengthening my power.
As I think that, the monster returns and approaches once again so I avoid it. Earlier, I evaded horizontally, but I do it upward this time. I’ll try to kill him quickly, before the monster starts struggling, by landing on his back rather than the ground.

【”How’s this!”】

I stab the middle of his forehead near the brain with the mithril knife I got when I met Fia. As expected of mithril, the knife sinks with hardly any resistance, the monster trembles only for an instant and his gigantic body crumbles to the ground.

【”This guy’s legs are unusually splendid but are they tasty? Well, it should be alright to just roast them this time, right?”】

This monster has a hard skin that can repel edged tools, it seems that he could face a group of intermediate adventurers as his opponents thanks to his strong body blows, but one can manage just fine by attacking his weak point with a sharp blade. In Lior’s case, I think he would cut him right in half from the front and be done with it.

Avoiding the branches, or using them to rebound, I keep sprinting to soar through the forest. I proceed uneventfully without losing any speed at all, and I finally catch sight of the presences.

Right beside a tree broken by the monster’s body blow, there are two fallen and exhausted children. Aiming at those childre, the Beonifang pushes his foot off the ground right before rushing forward.
There is only one thing to do.


I dive with a stable strength, and I hammer down with both feet on the side of the monster’s face using a kick that would put a pro wrestler to shame. Since【(Boost)】adds to it, the monster is blown away horizontally and mows down several trees as he goes rolling. I think that wasn’t enough to defeat him, so I keep chase.


I accurately deliver the decisive blow by shooting the bullet in the rolling monster’s head. Although the head exploded, from what I see, It appears to have been exploded by the kick… or so I think. But, what’s with this? Did the power of the gun magic grow stronger? I feel like it’s stronger than the main family. (TLN:A japanese expression, he’s basically saying it’s overpowered)(EDN: Too powerful, and naturally isn’t allowed.)

The two children who collapsed are beastkins, a boy and a girl.

However, the pair’s attire is bad. They have a piece of cloth that only hides the essential parts of their thinned skinny bodies which are full of scars and bruises. The most worrying things are the rustic metallic collars around their necks. Their size is way too big and it’s not the kind of accessory that a child would put on at all.
The boy is unconscious, but the girl opens her eyes and faces this way with a blank look of surprise. As I suspect that her gaze is directed to me, the girl pulls herself together while glaring and protecting the boy with her hand.

【”- I… pro-… er-!”】

Has her throat been damaged? Her voice is cracked and I can’t hear it properly.

However, this girl is different. She’s in a situation where she’s worn-out and can’t fully move her body yet despite that, her eyes show a strong determination.

I…… protect…… little brother.

That was the voice that I managed to pick up from the girl by strengthening my hearing.

Even so… her eyes aren’t dead.
I bend a little to match her line of sight and I put my hand on the girl’s head while talking slowly.

【”It’s alright. I am not your enemy.”】

I tell her the same words I told the girl from my past who started it all.
Right now, the girl is in a state where she sees enemies everywhere, so I first have to relieve her by making her understand that I won’t harm her at all.

【”You’re protecting your younger brother, aren’t you? You did your best. I’ll help you so please take it easy now.”】

I pat her ruffled hair affectionately. With the girl from my past, I messed it up by doing it in a rough manner, but this time, I try to do it in the same way Elena does it for me. I think it worked, the girl’s vigilance fades away and she simultaneously falls unconscious, shedding a trickle of tears.

Good grief, I still don’t know these children’s true colors but this turn of events is weird.

However, I said that I’d help, they have dog ears but I can’t pretend having picked them up like pets, can I? What would Elena say about that?

As I worry, the surrounding presences increase, being lured by the blood. There is no more time so it can’t be helped.

【”For the time being… hold!”】

Tying the two with【(String)】 and carrying them, I fly away from the place.

【”… And so, I came to borrow you wisdom, old-man. Please do something.”】

I changed location to Lior’s home.
Lior gave me a puzzled look when I came over carrying the two, but he didn’t say anything in particular and prepared a bed. I layed the two on the prepared bed and Immediately got to explaining the circumstances. I consulted him while I was at it since he is an elder.

【”What’s with that? So irresponsible. Even if you ask me to do something, you’re the one who picked them up.”】

Figured as much~. Well, I’ve already decided what to do about it anyway.

【”Even without me having to tell you, didn’t you already make your decision? What the heck are you hesitating about?”】

【”Hahahahaha! The strong man who took me down is frightened by one of his attendants”】
【”Shut up, Elena is scary.”】

It’s a fear that only relatives know. My old self didn’t know it, but that retired old-man wouldn’t know it either. (TLN: I guess parents are scary in their own way, sometimes)
I suppose it’s clear from the flow of the chat, but I made the decision to go back home with these two. I might end up even quarreling with Elena, but I have no alternative to that other than abandoning these fellows.

【”Though It didn’t really bother me, why did you bring them to my place? You simply could have gone directly to your home.”】
【”I sincerely just wanted to borrow your wisdom. But first I want to ask you, are these two slaves?”】

They’re ragged all over and they have those strange collars too. Although I’m almost sure that they’re slaves, I want to hear the opinion of Lior who traveled the world.

【”They’re slaves, no doubt about it. That collar is the most conclusive evidence.”】

【”It’s a tool called【(Subjugation collar)】, when a contractor equips it to someone, he takes hold of his life. If the contractor so wishes, It can cause that someone’s body an acute pain, and even if he runs away, the collar keeps emitting mana to transmit his position. To make things worse, that emitted mana comes from the equipped person. As the mana lessen, the person gets gradually exhausted until she eventually dies.”】

【”That’s the thing, it seems like it can’t be removed without the contractor’s key. Moreover, breaking it physically can harm the equipped person which is troublesome in various ways.”】 (EDN: It says 道漬け, literally “forcefully take along on a road”, basically, if the collar is harmed, so is the slave.) (TLN:But he stays vague about how it harms the wearer)

Looking properly, I see a keyhole on a part of the collar. It’s nothing complex, just a typical lock made to simply insert a key, however, the mana of the collar is pouring out from there. Is this location being transmitted to the contractor right now?

【”From what I heard, there is a complex magic formation drawn inside the keyhole, this seems to be an intermediate rank collar. Since it takes a lot of time and effort to make, it’s quite expensive.”】(Lior)

【”Mhm, maybe I can take the risk and try to slice it off with my sword?”】(Lior)

【”Oho? I wonder what you’re gonna pull off this time.”】(Lior)

Setting aside the excited old-man standing behind me, should I try with the boy first?

I hold my hand on top of the collar and activate【(Scan)】, a new spell.

The drawback is that it can’t depict it in detail if it’s not at a hand’s distance. I experimented it with magic tools and found that it’s harmless, I also confirmed its safety toward humans by asking Dee to cooperate with his permission.(TLN: So you could have just forced him otherwise, huh?)(EDN: Dee’s his slave *cough* I mean servant.)

Grasping the internal structure of the collar, I redirect the【(Scan)】to focus it on the magical formation. This modified【(Scan)】doesn’t show the internal structure of the object but only shows the inner structure of the mana. Though I don’t understand the meaning of the effects drawn on the magic formation, I can see the source of the mana. If it’s as Lior said, then this collar should have four abilities.

As expected, looking at the mana formation, four cores are reflected. Among those, two are turned on, I guess that’s the mana absorption and emission. If I somehow deal with the other two, I might be good to go.
I extend two thin【(String)】from my left hand, I intrude them from the keyhole and direct them toward the magic formation. Holding the mana, I whirle it around all over to cover the circumference of the two problematic cores. Confirming that the two are enclosed without a gap, I grip my mithril knife in my right hand and draw it close to the collar.

【”Please forgive me if I fail.”】(Sirius)

I converge the【(String)】to constrict the cores and crush them, at the same time, I slice the collar with the knife. The collar makes a thick *cling* sound and slowly rolls to my feet. As Lior tenses up, I put my hand on the boy’s face.

【”….Breathing confirmed. He’s alive.”】(Sirius)
【”Few…… thank goodness~”】(Lior)

Though it was almost gambling, it seems to have succeeded.

【”You’re amazing as usual. The fellows who broke their collars before ended up bleeding from their whole bodies and dying.”】(Lior)

【”I thought that maybe I could slice it while aiming at the magic formation, hahahaha!”】(Lior)

Lior started laughing out loud without any hint of shame. I understand his reasoning but his attitude is pissing me off, however, there are wounded people before me so I don’t voice my thoughts.
I follow by breaking the girl’s collar and examining it, but it’s just junk that doesn’t emit anything now since it’s not absorbing its target’s mana. Knowing its magic formation in detail might be useful for something, I wonder if I should take it home.

【”Well then, now that I removed their collars, what’s gonna happen to these two?”】(Sirius)

【”How does one become a slave to in the first place? I could understand if they were criminals, but these two are too young to be criminals.”】(Sirius)

【”Rare huh, do you know it?”】(Sirius)
【”This silvery hair and wolf tail…. they’re probably from the silver-wolf tribe.”】(Lior)

The silver-wolf tribe.
They have a silver wolf’s ears and tail and they are one of the numerous beastkin tribes. Their total population is small, and their combat efficiency is generally high, it’s a unique tribe that lives deep in the forest. Though they also have a lot of rough and short-tempered people among them, It seems to be a race that thinks about its companions and cherishes the bond between the tribe and the family.

And that’s it, the source is the all-purpose Alberto’s travel diary.

【”It doesn’t matter if they are rare or whatnot. These two aside, I’m the one with a problem here.”】(Sirius)

What should I tell Elena?
【(I want to keep it, I want to keep it! I want to keep this slave~! )】 Should I throw a childish tantrum? No, not gonna happen.

【”At worst I can take care of them.”】(Lior)
【”Though I appreciate the sentiment, this is my issue.”】(Sirius)

I personally decided to pick up these fellows. That’s enough, I need to steel myself.
I trigger【(Call)】and aim at Elena, thinking about what I should say.

【(Hmmm….. North Star here. I’m coming back now because I picked up two children due to certain circumstances. Please prepare a bed in the guest room, over.)”】(Sirius)

I report what I have to say and take a deep breath. Since I can’t see the other party’s response, this one-way phone calling is scary. I want to improve it somehow.

【”Well then, maybe I should hurry back home. Old-man, do you have big bags or something like that?”】(Sirius)

【”I want to put the pair there. It’s a wild movement prevention and it will block some of the wind pressure too.”】(Sirius)

【”Thank you. I’ll do this in return”】(Sirius)

I push what little remains of the lunch box into the old-man’s mouth. It’s a very rude move, but this delicious dish is justice. The fact is that the stuffed by force old-man is smiling.(TLN: Light Yagami got replaced by a sandwich)

【”You’re so lucky to have an attendant whose cooking is this delicious. Well, you make delicious meals as well. Won’t you make me some next time?”】(Lior)

Since I’ve been in his care here several times, I occasionally cook a meal so that we can eat it together.

【”I’m not your attendant old-man, but I’ll do it if I feel like it.”】(Sirius)

Holding a bag, in which the two are wrapped up, under each arm, I rush home thinking that I look like a kidnapper.

――― Noel ―――

My name is Noel.
I’m one of the lovely attendants who serve master Sirius-sama. Because Sirius-sama is still a six-years-old child, we support him-…… is what I want to say, but Sirius-sama is so amazing that he doesn’t really need support.

Using magic at merely three years old, he now keeps developing new spells and has the ability to have a match with Dee who’s an adventurer and win. Furthermore, he holds knowledge far beyond ours and he makes the best use of it everyday just for our sake, he’s a man of great ability.
On top of that, he’s a great cook. He created various dishes never seen before and we’re delighted whenever he introduces one. Especially so for the hmm..mayonnez and pouding which were revolutions. The first time I tasted it I was stunned for a while wondering how can such a delicious dish be. I feel happy whenever I recall it…… oops! I’m digressing.

However, that Sirius-sama’s attribute is colorless. The attribute of the misfortune which is ridiculed as useless by the world. Though I don’t know who came up with that idea, I think that person was mistaken because it’s definitely not useless. On the contrary, we were shown that we’re the more incompetent ones.

He’s such a flawless person, but right now, he’s scratching the back of his head with a very nervous face. It’s my first time seeing Sirius-sama this flustered. It’s so cute~ unlike his usual manliness.
This is the guest room and there are two beastkins laid on the bed. How did it turn out like this? Well, it was this afternoon.

When I finished eating my lunch, I was asked to clean the guest room by Elena-san. I quickly finished cleaning and Sirius-sama came back home looking for Elena-san in order to report to her.
I headed to the entry hall while thinking that he had come back early today, he had been holding two big bags as well. At the time, I had thought that maybe the contents of the bags were some new ingredients. I tried asking about the contents of the bags while a little excited, but he avoided the question and didn’t answer. When Elena-san and Dee-san came toward the guest room, Sirius-sama made up his mind and took out the contents of the bags.

【”What the…”】(Noel)

Dee-san and I froze still. Why ragged children? And they were two as well. Only Elena-san was unfazed, when she confirmed the children’s state, she hurled instructions at us.

【”Dee, bring some medicines and hot water. Noel, bring a change of clothes for two people.”】(Elena)


【”I understand.”】(Sirius)

And like that, each one of use filed his role and the basic medical treatment of the two soon came to an end.

However, these children’s attire, I’m familiar with it.

【”Apparently, these two people are slaves.”】(Sirius)

Its only natural that I’m familiar with it. Because even I was a slave.
Though I was saved before the worst happened, these children might have been made to experience worse things than me. However, what’s going on? Doesn’t it require a collar to be a slave?

【”I broke their collars, but I thought that I should treat them because their injuries were too severe and so I brought them along.”】(Sirius)
【”【”【”You broke the collars?!”】”】”】(Elena & Noel & Dee)

What does that mean?! Breaking that collar should be lethal. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. Since we’re too surprised, he tells us the destruction method.
Yes, we learned how absolutely impossible it is for us to do it.

【”I understand your motives. At any rate, we’ll let them sleep until they wake up.”】(Elena)

【”Noel, can I rely on you to wait-and-see, please? Because they’ll be less vigilant if they see you, a beastkin, when they wake up.”】(Elena)

【”Sirius-sama, let me help you.”】(Dee)

【”I understand.”】(Dee)

When Sirius-sama and Elena-san leave the room, it suddenly becomes quiet. Dee-san is not a talkative person, and I don’t feel like telling a useless story. I put a chair besides the bed and I seat in a position from which I can see the faces of both of the two. Is Dee restraining himself? He’s sitting at a slightly distant position.

I keep silently looking at the faces of the two for a while.

Though my dignity as a woman wasn’t scathed to avoid reducing my selling price, it still was a terrible time. If I hadn’t been saved by Aria-sama that time, how would I have ended up?
Scary… I’m very happy now, so why am I trembling so much despite that?


Dee comes and taps my shoulder. Though he has his usual expressionless face, I can see that he’s worried for me. Since he knows my past, I’m sure he wants to tell me to not think too much about it.

【”I’m all right.”】(Noel)
【”… okay.”】(Dee)

That’s right, I’m different now. My wounds and bruises have already disappeared, and I’m happy from being surrounded by everyone, aren’t I? Let’s think about these children for now. Well then, what should I tell them when then wake up?

It’s all right, you’re safe now… that’s too common, right?

You guys are lucky… but I can’t just suddenly say that.

However, I really do think that these children are lucky. Their becoming slaves surely was unfortunate, but they were saved by Sirius-sama. If it’s them, they can spend their life smiling much like I am now.

We observe attentively the state of the two While having Dee-san make tea. I notice that it’s time to prepare for dinner, but I don’t see any changes in the two. I think that it’s alright since they’re breathing and I suspect that they might wake up soon.
As I wonder if I should report to Sirius-sama, someone knock at the door.

【”Hey, It’s me. Open.”】(Sirius)

Sirius-sama came just at the right time. When Dee-san opens the door, a delicious smell fills the room. In addition, Sirius-sama’s hand is holding a pan, the smell seems to come from there. Aaah, it’s mouth-watering~.

【”… Want to taste it?”】(Sirius)

【”I made a little too much so it’s alright. However, it’s made for the weakened ones therefore I thinned out the flavor.”】(Sirius)
【”Then, I’ll accept your kind offer.”】(Noel)

Sirius-sama saw right through me. I take thin light-brown soup without any ingredients inside and pour it in a cup. Yes…. the taste certainly is light~. However, the non persistent rich smell pleases the nose and above all, the flavor is gentle. It slowly spreads in the stomach and pleases the spirit…… something like that.

【”Sirius-sama, please teach me the recipe”】(Dee)

Cooking also runs in Dee-san’s blood so there is no way he wouldn’t clamour. This certainly is the best for a weakened person. I’ll have him teach me too afterwards.

【”…… aaa…… uuu”】(Girl child)

While we’re complimenting the soup, the girl wakes up. Was she lured by the smell?

Calm down, don’t panic, you only have to say the words you thought of a little while ago. Easy as pie.

【”Hmmm… You alright? You’re really lucky, aren’t you? You scum!”】(Noel)

Huh? Did I mix it up?

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