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Chapter 114
To be Led

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“…Hmm? Aah?” (Fia)

“…Were you awake?” (Sirius)

“Siri-…us? This place is…” (Fia)

“It’s your house. And you’re sleeping in Fia’s bed.” (Sirius)

Fia was in the bed in her own room, and she was happily closed her eyes when I stroked her head after she woke up, but she was about to get up in a panic maybe because she suddenly remembered the situation.

“Wait!? That is–… uhh!” (Fia)

“Do not push yourself. Even if the wounds are healed, you don’t have enough blood.” (Sirius)

She was staggering just by raising her upper body, so I held her shoulder and stopped her.

Fia became calm when looking at my serious look as she obediently lied down on the bed while her cheeks were blushing.

“… I’m sorry. For making you worry.” (Fia)

“I don’t care it that much. Let me tell you this first, your father is safe. Reese is taking care of him now.” (Sirius)

“Is she? That’s great.” (Fia)

After letting out a breath of relieved, she reached out my hand and when I grabbed that hand, she finally put up a smile.

“There are many things I want to say, but first, let me say this. Sirius… thank you.” (Fia)

“Yeah. Tell that to everyone too.” (Sirius)

“Of course. Can you tell me what happened after that?” (Fia)

I explained what happened to her after she got stabbed.

Having separated with the siblings, they pushed two Elders until they were almost unable to fight, and I dealt with another two of them.

“And then, after clearing the second Elder, I looked for the leader for the Elders, but…” (Sirius)

When I got out of the hole made by the [Impact] released, I couldn’t see the shadow or the shape of that Elder.

After that, Hokuto came next to me and pointed at certain direction with his foot. When I turned around, I saw a scene were traces of blood and trees were unnaturally shaking.

“It seemed that they were running away. Besides that, the two Elders who fought Emilia and Reus were also gone.” (Sirius)

One of the Elder seemed to have both of his feet cut, but he was carried by the other Elder and they escaped to the depths of the forest. No wonder Hokuto stopped guarding and came close to me.

I also thought of chasing them, but the depths of the forest was the domain of the Elder Elves. Therefore, I gave up because it was highly likely that they would turned the table around if I poorly followed them. More importantly, I couldn’t leave Fia.

Apparently Reus was going to chase them, but he calmly judged the situation and he was on alert with the surroundings.

“Anyhow, after the battle ended, we carried Fia and your father here and took a rest.” (Sirius)

We asked Asha to lead us to Fia’s house.

After the situation had calmed down for a while, the Elves came out from other houses when I was filling the holes in the square that I made in the battles with Magic Stones.

However, they were not only watching the battle against the Elders, but they also saw me killing two Elders. While looking at us from surroundings, they didn’t come close to our direction because they seemed to be afraid of us.

Because of that, I asked Asha to explain the situation to other Elves.

We were not forced to go out of their village and it might be because of that. Besides, I was glad they didn’t release murderous intent or dangerous signs.

“They heard it from Asha that this was related to saving the Chieftain. It seems that your father is lo

ved by everyone. ” (Sirius)

“Of course. Because he is my father. By the way, how long have I been asleep?” (Fia)

“That’s about half a day. But, don’t worry about them now. Just eat, sleep and restore your stamina even a little.” (Sirius)

It was already dark outside, but the interior of the room was bright with plants that emit light like a lamp.

If the blood was lost, it was the best to take a rest with nutrition. Since I had pre made food for Fia in the kitchen of this house, when I wanted to bring it, Fia grabbed my sleeve to stop me.

“What’s wrong?” (Sirius)

“Uhm, can you bring your face a little closer? (Fia)

“…Alright.” (Sirius)

Looking at that earnest expression, I brought my face close to Fia’s mouth according to her request. And then, she hugged my face with both hands.

“You know… I have been in danger so many times when I was traveling, but this was the first time that I feel so close to death.” (Fia)

“…Were you scared?” (Sirius)

“I was scared, but it wasn’t because of that. I understand that I’ve been in danger because it is my own fault. But… more than anything, I am afraid that I will involve you all… I feel guilty. I’m sorry…. Sirius.” (Fia)

“Don’t worry about it because I decided to come here on my own while understanding the risks. Everyone is also agree with that.” (Sirius)

“Yeah… thanks.” (Fia)

While Fia hugged me, she told me what happened at that time.

When Asha fought me outside the forest, she heard from the Spirits that her father was about to be killed by the Elders.

“I thought that you guys would come, but I got really confused when Tou-san was in danger, and… when I realized it, I went into the forest by myself.” (Fia)

It might be because she was in panic, she judged that she should earn time until I chased after her. She seemed had given up in case something happened and I couldn’t come. It seemed she didn’t want to get me involved.

It was upright, but… there was nothing I couldn’t bear. She was probably like that because she wasn’t calmed, but it was necessary to remonstrate her on this matter.

“I thought that I could do something because you taught and trained on how to use Spirit Magic… I am really… a fool.” (Fia)

“Yes, you are. So, please never do such a thing again, and stop thinking about giving up.” (Sirius)

“…Yes.” (Fia)

Apparently, Fia hadn’t gained strength yet, but since she kept hugging me as if she didn’t want to let it go, we stayed as it was for a while. She suddenly grabbed my head and she looked into my eyes after we changed position.

“What’s wrong?” (Sirius)

“You see. when I was stabbed with a knife, I remembered the words you said to them. So… I want you to say it once again.” (Fia)

“…You mean that, huh?” (Sirius)

It was something I inadvertently blurted because of anger, but there was no mistake that it was my true feeling, so let’s respond to her request.

“Is it… ‘Get away from my girl’? But with that way of saying, isn’t it unpleasant treatment as if you are my possession?” (Sirius)

“Ehehe, women are sometimes weak against those overbearing words. Especially when it is from you…” (Fia)

After that, we exchanges kisses as if I craved for it, but she immediately got away from me midway when it was getting difficult to breath.

“Haa… I was a bit surprised. I can only do this much, but when I become better… as much as you want…” (Fia)

“I don’t mind if you are that passionate, but just stay put while you are still weakened.” (Sirius)

“That’s impossible. I can’t hold myself when you said that I am your girl.” (Fia)

And again, Fia gave me a kiss, but since it was a lightly touch this time, it seemed that she tried to maintain breathing.

She was unusually fawning, but her heart was probably weakened because she felt that she was almost dying or felt indebted.

I didn’t mind about how she replied earlier, but whether she herself agreed with it, it was something that she must overcome by her own.

I let Fia did as she pleased at the moment, and we finally had our mouth separated, but she still wanted to hug me.

Since I felt like someone was going to come soon, I wanted her to let me–…

“I felt that Onee-sama had awaken! Onee-sama, here’s water for–…” (Asha)

…Of all things, the person that I didn’t want to come here had come.

Somehow, Fia was in daze and she seemed didn’t notice Asha. So, when I tried to push her, she didn’t let me go.

Now, I wondered what would that girl do…

“…More importantly, Onee-sama have safely woken up. Therefore, in order to protect Onee-sama, I will not pull back a step even if my opponent is the Elder Elves-sama.” (Asha)

“…” (Sirius)

“So, I will not fight anymore. It is frustrating, but I guess I have to recognize you.” (Asha)

“…I don’t think your words and actions are completely match, you know?” (Sirius)

I finally got away from Fia, and the first thing I did was charging toward Asha who was holding a bow and trying to shoot an arrow.

Fia, who noticed the existence of Asha there for the first time, was smiling in a state that she didn’t care at all. In a sense… the margin was amazing.

“I’m sorry, Asha. Because of me, I’ve made you worry and bothered.” (Fia)

“I don’t mind anything if Onee-sama is fine! More importantly, are you thirsty? I’m bringing water for you.” (Asha)

“Y-yeah. Can I have it please?” (Fia)

“Sure! Aah, Onee-sama, you don’t have to move, I will let you drink with my hands!” (Asha)

Wedging herself into my position, Asha brought a cup of water close to Fia and made her drink it.

Fia stroked Asha’s head while thanking her, and they looked like a real sibling. Well, if only Asha wasn’t excited and her nose was not rough…

“Sirius-sama, Fia-san is… aah!?” (Emilia)

“Ooh! Fia-san has woken up.” (Reus)

“Fia-san, that’s great…” (Reese)

Subsequently, the siblings and Reese also came into the room. So, Fia immediately apologized for involving them in the matter of the Elders.

As expected, no one cared about such a thing. They were only pleased with Fia’s safety.

“I think your father will wake up by tomorrow because his breathing is stable now.” (Reese)

“Yes, thank you, Reese. I can’t really return the favor to all of you.” (Fia)

“Don’t worry about it, Fia-ane.” (Reus)

“That’s right. It’s not necessary to hold things back especially with us.” (Emilia)

“Hehe… thanks. But, this is my distinction. Someday, I will absolutely return the favor.” (Fia)

Having said that, when Fia extended her hands, the siblings and Reese were smiling at each other after grasping her hands. They were really close.

Then, after preparing the soup made for Fia, I decided to talk over this matter.

I was sorry for doing this when Fia was recuperating, but I couldn’t say that we were in a good situation. Therefore, I wanted to confirm the situation and quickly get through it.

“Are you concern about the Elder Elves movement?” (Fia)

“Yeah. Although there is no response so far, the possibility of coming to retaliate is high.” (Sirius)

Currently, Hokuto was sitting outside the house and continued being on guard. So, we probably wouldn’t receive surprise attack.

I wasn’t sure whether the Elders came to retaliate tomorrow morning or few days later, but I should rest my body for the time being while having the others to keep watching.

To tell the truth, Fia and her father were safe, so there was no reason for us to fight with those who had already retaliated.

However, instead of cutting the arms and legs of the Elders, we also got rid of them. There was no way for them to forgive us for doing that.

As for me, I didn’t have other choice but to kill them. More importantly, they were the opponent who could instantaneously recover stamina and mana, so it wasn’t easy to adjust when fighting with them.

Well… it was unavoidable even if I cared about it at this late hour.

“Anyhow, let’s prepare for tomorrow. There are several possible assumptions, and…” (Sirius)

The most possible assumptions would be the part where they returned to retaliate with their comrades.

If there were ten, Hokuto and I could attack without worrying about damaging the surrounding. Although we could manage somehow, we were still in disadvantage situation because we didn’t know the scale of the enemies or their numbers.

“For the time being, our plan is to escape immediately if there are at least ten of them. The packing of the luggage has been completed, right?” (Sirius)

“Yes. I put it at the front door so that I can carry it anytime.” (Emilia)

Since we hurried into the forest, we kept several camping tools out of the forest. For that reason, Hokuto and the siblings went to collect it with the guidance of Asha.

“I guess the problem is with Fia-san’s Otou-san and the Elves in the village, right?” (Emilia)

Yes, that was the biggest problem.

We were the only ones targeted, so the quickest way was to escape with Fia. I had a feeling that they wouldn’t chase after us once we got out of the forest.

However, there was a possibility that other Elevs living in this village would fall victim, just like how Fia’s father went through.

Since it was very bad if it happened like that, we were staying here.

“Asha. How was the talk?” (Sirius)

“Yes, I’ve told them. It seems that there is no other way, so everyone was convinced.” (Asha)

We had to tell through Asha that if we ran away, they might attack the Elves in the village.

We were in this house because the Elves felt threatened, so we had to get the stories straight. It was convincing because we had defeated the Elder Elves.

In other words, by treating us as enemies, if we knew that the Elves of the village who were friendly to the Elders, they would probably not going to make a move. Depending on the situation, I intended to… bring Fia’s father away even if it was impossible.

“It is because of us that the situation became like this. To be honest, I want to do it amicably…” (Sirius)

“It’s inevitable, Aniki. They wanted to take Fia-ane as they pleased, and since she is Aniki’s woman, you will kill them, right? I will absolutely not allow them to do so!” (Reus)

“They are distinguished existences compared to the Elves, but they are completely like children.” (Emilia)

“Yeah. They talked about punishing the criminal, but I felt like it was nothing but selfishness.” (Reese)

“Anyone who aims at Onee-sama is my enemy!” (Asha)

We agreed that it all depended on the response of the Elders.

Because of that, we came out with several possible assumptions, and we discussed the countermeasures until late night.

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Early in the morning of the next day…

I was sleeping wrapped in a blanket in the living room of Fia’s house and I woke up a bit earlier than usual.

Reus was next to me and he was wrapped in blanket like me. Reese and Emilia were sleeping on the sofa, but they didn’t wake up as they were in deep sleep.

Yesterday, it was a continuous tension due to the battles with formidable enemies. Since I wanted them to have more rest even a little, I quietly left the living room and went outside the house.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto was lying down outside while watching the surroundings. As soon as he noticed me, he approached me while swaying the tail.

“Good morning, Hokuto. Apparently, there  was no enemy attack.” (Sirius)

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

“Aah, sorry for asking you to guard. Come, I’ll brush you.” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

And then, I was drowning in a nostalgic feeling while brushing Hokuto who was lying down before me.

Even though we might end everything here if the Elders attacked with huge numbers… my heart were calm.

I might die tomorrow… I guessed it was because I tasted such a life and death experience in my previous life.

“I always brushed you in the morning before heading out to the battlefield.” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Aah… I understand that. No matter what happen, we will absolutely survive. Because of that… I trained until I wanted to vomit.” (Sirius)

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

I was taught various things from Shishou, but what was most trained was the survival instinct to stay alive no matter what.

Right… Hokuto and I survived well in that hell.

“There, there. I understand your feeling but you are not the old you. There is no need to be scared.” (Sirius)

“…Woof!” (Hokuto)

I stroked Hokuto’s head sInce he became a bit scared. It might be because he remembered that time…

“Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

When I turned to the voice, Emilia, who had woken up, was about to come out from the house. It seemed that a long time had passed when I noticed.

I hadn’t feel any reaction yet, so as I was thinking about preparing for breakfast soon, I was a bit surprised when Fia came out from the house.

“Fia? Are you alright?” (Sirius)

“Yes, I’m fine if it is just walking. I haven’t thanked Hokuto yet.” (Fia)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“It’s a bit vague, but I remembered being protected by you. Thank you.” (Fia)

When Fia was stroking the approaching Hokuto, Reus murmured while turning his eyes to the depth of the forest.

“Those guys… I wonder when they will come.” (Reus)

“Since the time space between us and the Elves is a bit different, it seemed that they will come in a few days.” (Emilia)

“Yeah… it is good to take a rest, but I don’t want to spend so much time.” (Sirius)

Since I couldn’t completely sense when the other side would come, I had accumulated mental fatigue.

It would be alright if Hokuto and I could get used to it, but it would be difficult for the siblings and Reese if the situation was prolonged.

“Anyhow, shall we prepare breakfast? We will not be able to think calmly if we’re hungry.” (Sirius)

“Yes. Fia-san, can you let me use the ingredients in the house?” (Emilia)

“Please do not hesitate to use it. Tou-san’s treasured sake is there. If you want it, you can drink it.” (Fia)

“No, drinking sake in the morning is a bit too much. By the way, don’t tell about the treasured sake first.” (Sirius)

Could it be that Fia wanted to drink?

For the time being, I left the sake aside, and I used the Elves’ unique ingredients to make breakfast.

Incidentally, Fia’s mother died when she was a child, so Fia and her father were the only ones who lived in this house.

“Tou-san… hasn’t woke up yet. I’m glad that he is safe, but I want him to wake up soon.” (Fia)

“Aah, at least he knows about the Elder Elves better than us.” (Sirius)

That way, the basis for decisions would likely to increase.

Anyway, when I finished eating breakfast while thinking about the information I wanted to know…

“Awoooo—-!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto’s howl echoed from the outside.

We instantly picked up weapons and headed out in order not to let the house destroyed due to a surprise attack.

And I used [Search] while I was heading out, but the result was surprising.

“Aniki! I will go forward and become a shield, from behind–…” (Reus)

“No, it’s alright, Reus. Everyone, please go behind me at once.” (Sirius)

There was… somehow only one response.

Moreover, neither hostility and bloodlust could be felt, and the response grandly appeared from the depths of the forest.

“A person… is it?” (Emilia)

“Yeah? But it’s not the people from yesterday?” (Reus)

“Besides, the atmosphere is completely different.” (Reese)

Since the intention to fight wasn’t felt, I went a bit forward in front of the disciples and waited for the other side to come.

I couldn’t feel hostility even a fragment from a tall man with white hair who wore a butler-like attire. I thought that he was an Elder Elf from the appearance, but the atmosphere apparently was different from those who we fought yesterday.

The siblings and Reese were confused since the man was approaching without any sense of vigilant and having no weapon, but… I was somehow having a strange feeling. Whether Hokuto who stood next to me was also in the same mood, we were increasing vigilance even if there was no hostility.

And then, the Elder, who walked toward us, politely bowed after putting his left hand on the chest.

He was expressionless, but he was an Elder which reminded me of competent attendant like Emilia from the appearance.

“…Excuse me.  Allow me to ask a question. Are you the human and the beastkin who fought our brethren?” (??)

“If so… what will you do?” (Sirius)

“If that’s the case, I would like you to follow me.  Our founder, Seiki-sama would like to invite you to the village of Elder Elves.” (??) (TLN: Seiki is the Holy Tree. I decided to use the word Seiki instead.)

He wanted to invite us who hurt their brethren?

I felt that this was lame if it was a trap.

“If I refuse?” (Sirius)

“Nothing will happen. Since I was told not to force you, I will just return to the bottom of the Seiki-sama.” (??)

“…Then, can I ask you a question?” (Sirius)

“I don’t mind. I am allowed to tell information to a certain extent.” (??)

He was like a robot, but if he could answer it, it would be good. Let’s gather as much information as possible.

“What happened to those who attack this village yesterday?” (Sirius)

“…Seiki-sama seems wanting to answer in full detail, so I’ll make it short. Those guys will never touch you again.” (??)

“Were they being disposed off?” (Sirius)

“It is so. I think that I can’t believe it easily, but when the Holy Tree-sama said so, I was also convinced. We are not monolithic.” (??)

The truth was that those five Elders were missing from the group, and this incident was due to their recklessness.

In addition to the rule and discussion, it was their side who broke the law, and they were already disposed of by the higher hand about this time.

…I had thought of such an optimistic assumption, but I wonder if it was close to that?

“I killed your brethren, so… what do you think about it?” (Sirius)

“Nothing. My brethren were fools… that’s just it.” (??)

Apparently, he had no hostile intention to us.

It was suspicious in various ways, but I was unusually concerned about what they called the Seiki-sama. I didn’t know why but I thought that I would like to meet it.

I might be invited, but if I went there, my disciples would definitely follow me. I had to leave Fia because she was still recuperating. Moreover, it was difficult to bring her along.

The Elder seemed to understand that I was hesitating, so he lightly shook his head without showing any expression.

“Since you are hesitating, let’s hear your answer later. I have other purpose as well.” (??)

“What is that purpose? If you put your hands on Aniki, I will cut you!” (Reus)

“No, it’s not about you guys. We have to bring the Elf named Shimifia of this village back to Seiki-sama.” (??)

“….Why Fia?” (Sirius)

“There is something Seiki-sama wants to give to her…” (??)

What did he mean?

It was fine with the guys from yesterday, but why the Elders wanted to invite Fia?

Was it because she could see Spirits… but she didn’t show it, so what on earth was… No, it didn’t matter. Fia was my girlfriend. Hence, it was only a matter of protecting her if it was dangerous.

We quietly put ourselves on guard if he tried to force us, and instinctively got into a formation to protect Fia when the door of the house was opened and she appeared together with Asha.

“…It’s alright. I think that person is a different Elder Elf from yesterday. Besides, I also want to ask him something.” (Fia)

“Got it. But if something happens, we will escape even if I have to carry you.” (Sirius)

“Yes, I depend on you if it happens. Elder Elf-sama, will it be fine if I ask questions?” (Fia)

“It’s fine.” (??)

“I am a criminal who broke the law of the Elves. Even with that, will you still want to invite me?” (Fia)

“It doesn’t matter. Seiki-sama doesn’t mind such trivial things.” (??)

“Then, what will happen to the people in this village if Onee-sama goes there?” (Asha)

“Nothing will happen. The Elves are the gatekeepers who protect Seiki-sama, so there is no reason to thoughtlessly hurt them.” (??)

“Then… that so called punishment, what is not your general consensus to injure not only me but also my father?” (Fia)

Fia and Asha looked calm, but it seemed that they were quite angry on the inside.

Which remind me, this was my first time seeing Fia angry.

“That’s right. Since I have nothing to say in regard of this, Seiki-sama will take over the matter.” (??)

The Elder accepted the girls’ anger. He, then, took out a small branch while gently nodded.

It looked like a simple branch that could be found from nearby trees, but… I felt an unusual mana that I couldn’t put into words. Therefore, it couldn’t be helped to feel worried.

As I expected, Hokuto was also the same. As we both raised the vigilance, Fia and Asha were fascinated when seeing the branch and forgot about the anger.

“What’s wrong, Fia-ane? It is certainly a mysterious branch, but is it that surprising?” (Reus)

“…I don’t know. Somehow, I can’t take my eyes from that branch…” (Fia)

“M-me too!” (Asha)

“This is a part of the Holy Tree-sama. It is said to shave itself as signs of apology and friendship to the Elves in the village.” (??)

“Is that… a part of the Holy Tree-sama?” (Fia)

Unlike us, there must be something that could be felt only by the Elves on that branch.

Fia stared the branch for a while and then, she slowly looked at me.

The look that contained with such a determination… it seemed that she was serious.

“…Do you want to go there?” (Sirius)

“Yes. Somehow, it feels like a very powerful being, so I have a feeling that… I must go.” (Fia)

“If that’s the case, we will also go.” (Sirius)

“Understood. I will get ready.” (Fia)

“I will also help.” (Sirius)

“I will check Otou-san once, alright.” (Fia)

It was somewhat suspicious, but if Fia said that she wanted to go, we would also go there.

And then, while the disciples returned to the home to do their tasks, I asked questions while giving a sharp look.

“Won’t the bunch from yesterday attack us while on the way? And I wonder if that Seiki-sama or something will not harm Fia?” (Sirius)

“That is the life of the Seiki-sama. Besides, my brethren who went against it were already been disposed of. Your safety will be guaranteed unless you hurt the Seiki-sama’s mood.

“…Understood. Please guide us.” (Sirius)

“Leave it to me.” (??)

Either way, if I didn’t get a clear picture about this matter, I wouldn’t be able to leave this place without worrying, and I couldn’t continue my journey.

After that, when I was getting readied, I remembered that Fia’s father hadn’t woken up yet.

Although the treatment was given and the critical moment had passed, I couldn’t leave him alone. When I was worried to whom I should entrust her father, Asha decided to do the job.

“I will not be able to enter the Elder Elves’ village because I am not related. So Onee-sama, you can leave this to me.” (Asha)

“…Thanks Asha. Please take care of Tou-san.” (Fia)

“Yes! I’ll be waiting for Onee-sama to come back!” (Asha)

She probably wanted to go, but I guessed that she noticed she would be a burden if anything happen.

The branch of the Holy Tree-sama was placed in Fia’s house. While being sent off by the teary-eyed Asha, we broke through the forest and left for the Elder village.



The leading Elder said that Seiki-sama’s village was a half day on foot.

For that reason, Fia who was still recuperating was put on Hokuto’s back. We followed the Elder and kept on going through the dim forest.

“It is appropriate to call this forest as a sea of trees. It seems that we will lost if we poorly enter the forest.” (Sirius)

“There are plants that I have never seen before. Have people like us ever visited the village?” (Emilia)

“According to the story of the Holy Tree-sama, it seems that it happened once in the distant past. Since it is dangerous if you get lost, please don’t stray from me.” (??)

I noticed the presence of monsters, but they ran away after confirming the appearance of the Elder. It seemed that the Elder Elves was at the top of existences who reigned over the forest.

We proceed through a trackless path, and when we went through a tunnel which naturally made by a huge tree root, we came in front of a cliff that high enough to look straight up.

“It’s… tall!? Is it that way!?” (Reus)

“That’s right. But, there is no need to go beyond the wall.” (??)

The cliff-like wall seemed to extend to clouds depending on places. I would have hard time to go over it even with [Air Step].

Following the Elder, when we walked along such a wall for a while, we arrived at a place where a huge tree root was breaking through it.

“This root… is something wrong with it?” (Reese)

“Well. Looking at the size of the root, I think that the size of the tree must be quite large.” (Emilia)

“This is the root of Seiki-sama. And this is the entrance to the village.” (??)

This was… the root of Seiki-sama?

As Emilia and Reese were talking about this, if this was a root, the Holy Tree would be tremendously huge.

When the Elder murmured a word to the root while we were still surprised about unrelated matter, the root started to move slowly and made a hole in the wall.

“Since our village is surrounded by this huge wall, it is not possible to enter unless we ask Seiki-sama to make way.” (??)

“That’s amazing! But, in regards of cutting the root, can people enter by burning it?” (Reus)

“It is impossible to burn or cut the root of Seiki-sama. Besides, if such things happen, you will be instantly killed by our hands. Whether it is a joke or not, never say such things in the village.” (??)

“O, ou! I won’t say it!” (Reus)

Some people might not be able to accept it as a joke. With the Elder’s sharp glint in the eye, Reus was nodding while scratching cold sweat.

In the first place, it would be difficult to burn a tree that full of vitality, and it was impossible to cut unless he was at the level of Lior-Jiisan.

This impregnable fortress was made by the nature.

“Our village is beyond this cave and this is where Seiki-sama resides.” (??)

“At last…” (Fia)

“Aah, now you can relax, right?” (Sirius)

Although I said that it would be fine with this Elder, I couldn’t afford to be careless.

After going through a long and dim cavern, what came into our eyes was… a huge tree.

There was a considerable distance to the root, and when I looked up like at the cliff earlier, it was enough not to be able to see the branches covered by the leaves.

“Seiki-sama is waiting at the root there.” (??)

The sunlight was blocked but the Holy Tree, but the village of the Elders was as bright as daytime and a warm and fantastical world spread before us. It might because of the overflowing mana from the Holy Tree. If I wasn’t in such a situation, I would want to take a nap.

Several houses could be seen on the way to the root, and the other Elders were also could be seen.

However… the number seems not that a lot. Since [Search] could be used here, I tried to release it in wide area, but there were only about one hundred Elder-like responses.

I was surprised with that small number, but what was more surprising was the enormous mana that I could felt from the root of the Holy Tree.

I didn’t sense bloodlust, but there seemed be to a ridiculous monster over there.

“…What is that?” (Reus)

“When I noticed, the tails seems to stand upright.” (Emilia)

“But, the Water Spirits don’t make racket, you know?” (Reese)

“The Wind Spirits are also the same.” (Fia)

“…Woof.” (Hokuto)

Hokuto was walking beside me together with the siblings, and then he stopped. It might because he noticed the presence of that monster.

On the other hand, Reese and Fia didn’t seem to understand well yet because the Spirits didn’t make noises.

“Either way, let’s go there since we are already here.” (Sirius)

“Yeah… you are right. I will follow no matter where you go, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“Yup! I will also follow you, Aniki!” (Reus)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

We started walking, and we finally arrived at the root of the Holy Tree.

There were several Elders quietly stood around that and there were three Elders who attacked and ran away from us among them.

But… there was no need to pull out weapons.

“Ah, Aah….” (??)

“Uhh…” (??)

“Why… like this…” (??)

The whole body of the three Elders were covered in roots that came out from the ground, and there was nothing could be seen other than their faces. It seemed that the Elder who brought us here was saying the truth.

And then, the Elder who finished guiding, left us. He knelt as he approached the root of the Holy Tree.

“Seiki-sama… I brought them.” (??)

<…Good job.> (Seiki)

At that time, my body instinctively became tense the moment when the voice reverberated to the surrounding… and something inside me meshed.

At the same time, light overflowed from the root of the Holy Tree. It was gathering in front of us and trying to make a shape of a person.

“Ku…kuwooonnn…” (Hokuto)

“Wait, what’s wrong, Hokuto?” (Sirius)

It seemed that Hokuto, who had brought down Fia, also noticed it. He rub against my body while hiding behind my back.

And when the light got subsided… there was a female Elder Elf with fluttering and shining blonde hair.

“…Waah.” (Reese)

“Oo…ooh…” (Reus)

“I don’t plan to compete, but… it is unlikely my win.” (Fia)

“For me, Sirius-sama is more amazing.” (Emilia)

That beauty spontaneously made the disciples fascinated.

Without falling behind compared to Emilia’s and Fia’s breast size… such an outstanding proportion beautiful woman looked at us, and while faintly smiling… she muttered.



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— Emilia —




A woman who appeared from a tree called the Holy Tree, and she said such words to us.

It was too sudden. Our bodies solidified with the words released together with intimidating feeling. I was stunned and forgot to understand the meaning of such words.

But, only one person was excluded…

“House!” (Sirius)

That person was Sirius-sama. He ordered us to wait while charging alone.

I didn’t feel anger from Sirius-sama’s back, but the atmosphere was similar when Fia-san and us were attacked. In other words… it was a proof that woman was a formidable enemy.

If that was the case, I didn’t think that I couldn’t let Sirius-sama’s fought alone even he already gave the order, but… my legs couldn’t move at all.

Due to the intimidation unleashed by that woman, we were completely frightened and our legs were frozen.

“Sirius-sama…” (Emilia)

“Aniki… damn it! Why…” (Reus)

“Wh-why…?” (Reese)

“Haa… it seems difficult to breath…” (Fia)

Reus, who was supposed to get used to Sirius-sama’s bloodlust and intimidation, was without exception…

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

Even Hokuto-san was also frightened.

Although Hokuto-san bravely faced no matter what kind of enemy, he was completely afraid of just a the woman in front of us.

During the time when we desperately endured… the battle between Sirius-sama and that woman was extremely severe.

Sirius-sama swung the knife with the mind to kill. That woman also fought with wooden knife which she had grasped beforehand. However, the sounds of clashing like steel being struck were reverberating to the surrounding many times.

Moreover, Sirius-sama didn’t hold back when using [Air Step] which he rarely used when fighting people.

Kicking the air, the raging offensive in mid air was increasing… I could probably hold up for few minutes, but surprisingly, that woman avoided not only paper margin, she made counter attacks against Sirius-sama.

And then, she grasped Sirius-sama’s arm and tried to throw him to the ground, but he forcibly kicked the air and shake her off. During the gap, he unleashed [Magnum] while taking a little distance.

Moreover, it was five shots at the same time… he didn’t really go easy on her.


“There is no meaning if that doesn’t hit!” (Sirius)

The magic that was seriously shot could easily penetrate steel, but… that woman swung the knife and knocked it without problem.

Aah, she obviously at different level compared to us.

What on earth was that woman…


“Well, you too. You are unreasonable as ever! Shishou!” (Sirius)

Eh… she was Sirius-sama’s… Shishou?



Presenting Hokuto

This is the ‘Presenting Hokuto’, but since he is in an abnormal [Terrorized] condition, the story will take a rest.





The Strongest Sword’s Consultation Room


…Uhm, I should read this script right?

Ahmm… Hello everyone. Are you swinging your sword today as well?

My name is Reese, and I will act as the moderator in this corner.

This is the corner that let the one who is called the Strongest Sword, Lior-sama. He will answer questions from you.

Since it is pointless to measure, let’s call Lior-sama immediately… there he is.

“Uhmm, you called me, huh. By the way, what the heck is this?” (Lior)


That script is…?

“What is this? It was a bunch of paper that could easily be made as pillow, and…” (Lior

…I got it.

I will ask you questions from now, so it’s good enough if you can answer.

“Got it.” (Lior)

Well, the first one is the consultation that came from a postcard.

The pen name is… Reus?

I wonder if that boy misunderstood about pen name?

Anyway, it is consultation from Reus.

“Hmm… Should you just slash her?” (Lior)

Excuse me… it is just a question, but that answer is a bit…

“What’s wrong with it? This adviser know nothing, but you can win if you slice her, right?” (Lior)

But, as she became the sister of the boy, slicing Emilia is…

“She is that Emilia!? That mean… it is from that youngster! Where did he go!?” (Lior)

Uhm, uhm… Lior-san?

Where are you going…?

“Boy! You can’t slash her!” (Lior)

“What are you talking Jii-chan!? Slashing Nee-chan is… Aah—!?” (Reus)

…As Lior-sama became absent, this corner is ended at once.

Everyone, have a nice weekend.

I wonder… if I am a good moderator?

The Strongest Sword’s Consultation Room… is amended. Now it is Lior’s Acting Recklessly Consultation Room… The End.

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