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Chapter 106
My Own Will

— Reus —

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That monster had six arms.

There were four feet, and two tails, but… there was only one head. It made me think that it was a weird demon.

“Reus! What the heck is–… wahh!?” (Albert)

“What is it? You mean this?” (Reus)

Al and Marina also were caught by surprise. As a matter of fact, there were no other ordinary monsters in the surrounding area.

I had also seen various monsters together with Aniki, but this was my first time to see such a weird monster.

That monster was acting violently while brandishing logs on each of its six arms. (TLN: The raw said Mamono and Bakemono which can both mean monsters.)

While thinking how to attack it, Wayne-san, Pamela-san’s brother, came in front of us.

“You’re safe Albert! Marina and… who the heck are you!?” (Wayne)

“Wayne-san also are safe. This is Reus. Both of them came to help me. By the way, what do you mean with ‘the heck’?” (Albert)

“Ah, aah… I am concerned in various ways, but I will leave it for now. Even so, I don’t know well about that monster. It suddenly appeared here and it was rampaging.” (Wayne)

After rearranging stuff from the monster’s right flank, he was moving and helping others like us.

And when I got into the center, I got into the area to lend help because the monster was rampaging before my eyes, but…

“As you can see, I can’t get close because it swing its arm totally like an ogre.  In addition to arrows, Intermediate Magic also doesn’t work well.” (Wayne)

“How about Advanced Magic? Can anyone use it?” (Albert)

“Since it was running around without getting tired, those people were attacked while chanting. They are safe, but they are staying at the rear.” (Wayne)

“The speed of its arms are faster than Ogre. I can handle if it has one arm, but six arms are…” (Albert)

“Besides, the monster doesn’t only attacked us. It randomly attacked even its own ally.  I just don’t understand about the monster at all.” (Wayne)

When I came to this place, It seemed that the monster was the reason why monsters flew toward Al.

“Although I can’t say this as a fortunate matter, the monster is too busy defeating people in the surroundings, so it is slow in getting close to the town, but…” (Wayne)

“Yes. We are not only able to accept its assault, so let’s try to prevent it from getting into the town. We have to stop it somehow.” (Albert)

If that monster stepped into the town, I wasn’t sure how much sacrifice it would be.

For that reason, people at the surrounding made walls with Earth Spells and made holes on the ground to make it drop inside, but the walls were crushed with logs and it easily climbed the holes.

“Right now, we are luring the remaining monsters at the surrounding, and we are trying to hold the damage by not carelessly approaching the monster. This is close to a deadlock.” (Wayne)

“Nevertheless, it still head to the town–… Reus?” (Albert)

While the two people confirmed the situation, I kept observing solely on the monster before me.

I was convinced when they said Ogre, but I noticed that the upper half and the lower half of the monster were completely different.

The upper body part was of Ogre that I had been slicing them so many times. It was just that it had six arms.

The lower body part was a horse-like monster with four strong legs.

I wasn’t sure about the tails, but I had a feeling that a serpent-

like monster was forcibly attached on the butt.

Whatever it was, since I came here to rescue Al, I only needed to kill all these monsters.

“I don’t really want to say this, but… it has a outrageous outward appearance. That monster is somehow look pathetic, as if other monsters are forcibly put on it.” (Marina)

Just as Marina mentioned, I thought that was the easiest way to describe that monster.

The smell I felt from it was mixed which made me difficult to understand, but I noticed the smell of the original monster even though it was a little.

The monster seemed having a tremendous power from the way it easily blew away other monsters, but its movements were obviously strange.

Even though the arms were bent in unlikely directions, it wielded logs as if it had no troubles at all.

Besides, I didn’t see the light in its eyes, and I couldn’t feel that it was alive. It was as if a moving corpse.

If it was Aniki, he would be able to judge in detail, but my observation on that area was limited.

“I don’t really understand that enemy, but… that doesn’t change the fact of me killing it!” (Reus)

“Reus!?” (Albert)

Its assault was fast, but somehow I could grasp it. Let’s confirm after directly hitting it.

I had a plan to chase after Aniki, so I need to quickly kill the monster and end the battle

I broke off from Al’s restraint, and while gathering the eyes of the surroundings adventurers, I jumped out before the monster and swung my partner.

“Here I come!” (Reus)

The logs held by the monster were probably sturdy trees, but I could slash it without problem if it was with my partner.

However, since I swung my arms again without any concern, the log changed to a fist. In addition, the other arms were also swung at the same time. I had expected that I couldn’t fully deal with it, so I leaped backwards to avoid it.

I could use [Shattering] to swing six times at the same time if I wanted to do it, but I judged that I would lose because the blow would be weakened.

“In other words, I better use a single blow, huh?” (Reus)

I knew it from exchanging blow once. As I expected, the monster was swinging the logs with full might.

I felt like its assault that tried to blow me down resembled ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’, and it was troubling to accept the assault without any technique and intention in it.

If that was the case, it was not difficult to ward off its assault.

As I prepared my partner to strike its body next, the monster suddenly gave a huge roar.

“What?” (Wayne)

“Wayne-san! The monster is suddenly getting stronger–…” (Albert)

“Damn, these monsters got frenzied again!” (??)

It was a roar that instinctively made me close my ears, but it wasn’t a big deal compared to Hokuto-san.

However, somehow I felt something unpleasant by its roar. When I thought so, the monsters scattered around were howling all at once.

“Is this monster the source of disturbance? What it is going to do?” (Reus?)

“It must be something that leads these monsters. If we can’t throw it down, same thing will happen again.” (Albert?)

The roar had the effect of turning monsters ferocious.

There was no time to hesitate anymore. I charged and hit the monster again.

I remembered Aniki’s and Al’s movements. ‘Avoid its attack with minimum power and no wasteful movement!’

“Wh-what is with that guy!? He avoiding them all!” (??)

“Reus… how far are you…” (Albert)

‘Calm down’… when compared it to Lior Jii-chan’s attacks, it was far slower and it also didn’t feint like Aniki.

If it was just about diverting the trajectory of log swung, it would be enough with half of its assault power.

“Haa… Damn!” (Reus)

Although I managed to divert everything, that was my limit.

Besides, since I was swinging without the time to breath in, there was no other time to take a breath.

“Haa… haa… just a bit more… what…” (Reus)

Diverting its assault was tiring because I wasn’t used to it.

On the other hand, the monster didn’t seem tired, and it attacked with full power all the time. The prolonged battle would make me disadvantageous.

But, just a little bit more. Just a bit more… it would arrive.

“Not yet…!” (Reus)

I needed to bring it down before I got tired and couldn’t move–..

“Let me in this too!” (Albert)

“Al!?” (Reus)

“It’s troubling, but… the current me can handle one of its arm. I will surely stop one of its left arms! Trust me!” (Albert)

Aah… even if he didn’t say it, I believed in him!

“I leave it to you!” (Reus)

“Leave it to me!” (Albert)

And then, while Al and I leaped before the monster, Wayne-san made a turn to its rear.

“Why are you guys doing nothing! While these two are holding it down, quickly defeat the surrounding monsters!” (Wayne)

“““O-ouu!””” (??)

As he shouted while facing the tails that turned like a serpent, he raised the morale of adventurers who were fighting the surrounding monsters.

Al and I faced the monster, and I remembered something while handling its blows unleashed.

“It’s not about doing my own things, but remember the mock battles against Shishou.” (Albert)

“It was weak unlike Aniki!” (Reus)

“Yes, we have a chance to win! Let’s attack it at once!” (Albert)

“Ouu!” (Reus)

Anyhow, I was swinging my sword like in the mock battles with Aniki.

I didn’t see its arms as I entrusted it to Al, and I didn’t care.

Due to its slight margin, my partner finally reached its body and I hurt it by slashing part of its waist.

“That’s good, one more time!” (Reus)

I charged in with same momentum and continued to slash one of its left arms.

And then, Wayne-san jumped up by kicking the monster’s back after cutting the serpent-like tails.

“Aim at the neck! Together!” (Wayne)

“Now, Reus!” (Albert)

“Dorashaaaa–!” (Reus)

While Al held down the two remaining left arms for only a moment, I gathered its right arms and cut it and Wayne-san sliced its neck from behind.

“Yes! We took it down!” (Wayne)

“Next is the rest of the monsters!” (Albert)

As Wayne-san and Al turned their backs to inform the victory… the remaining arms of the monsters started to move.

“W-what!?” (Albert)

“Ugh..!” (Wayne)

I didn’t think a living thing would be alive after its neck cut, but it was about to be alive.


“That’s it–!” (Reus)

As I moved while thinking, I stabbed my partner faster than the two.

I felt something wrong from its chest all the time, and I discovered the reason when I was close before it. It wasn’t just a pattern but a magic formation or something like that.

And when I instinctively stuck my partner in the chest of the monster, its body greatly bounced, and its movement stopped at the same time.

But, carelessness was forbidden.

I lifted the monster with the sword stabbed into it, and I shouted after throwing it to a place where no one was there.

“Burn it, Marina!” (Reus)

“Y-yes!” (Marina)

Even though I shouted so, Since marina unleashed Flame spell at the same time, the rest were starting to cast their magic.

The body of the monster was engulfed in a big flame, and by the time the flame dispersed, it was completely burned out and only a small black mass remained.

“…Is it over?” (Albert)

“Yeah…” (Reus)

While rearranging my breathing, all I could do was nodding when Al said so.

But now… it was hard for me to even stand up.

When I thought about it, I had never transformed this long. It might be because of that, the tremendous fatigue rushed in at the same time as the transformation gradually undone.

Was this a recoil… because I was excitedly moving without thinking?

But, there were few remaining monsters as well. It would be fine even if I didn’t fight anymore.

“Phew… we’re saved, Reus. You were really reckless.” (Wayne)

“You have saved my life again… Reus? What’s wrong?” (Albert)

“Wait a sec, are you alright!?” (Marina)

Somehow… I felt that everyone’s voice went far away.

No, I… but now…

“If I don’t… chase… after Aniki…” (Reus)

“What are you saying with that condition!? Get a hold of yourself!” (Marina)

“Are you hurt anywhere!? Dang, I don’t know with those blood on him. I’ll wash it away with Water Spell at once.” (Wayne)

“Call someone who can use Healing Spell! Quickly!” (Albert)

It’s alright. This was probably the usual thing… I was just tired and couldn’t move.

Even though I wanted to tell that, I couldn’t even made a voice anymore and my consciousness was fleeting away.

Aniki… I would soon… catch up…

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“Uu..aah…” (Reus)

“Uh!? You’re awake!” (Marina)

“…Is that you, Marina?” (Reus)

When I woke up, I was laid on a bed in a certain room.

The outside was already dark, and the room was lighted.

When I turned toward the voice heard, Marina was looking at me and smiling in relief.

“Eh… Am I…?” (Reus)

“Don’t you remember? You collapsed after defeating that monster.” (Marina)

When I raised up the upper part of my body while feeling blurry, I noticed my transformation was undone and I returned to my original form.

“The monster… ahh, yes. Uhmm… what happened after that?” (Reus)

“When that monster was no more, the rest were starting to get confused and it was easy to get rid of them. Now that everything was defeated, Romanio was protected, so you can be relieved.” (Marina)

Although I thought that everything was alright, I only let out a breath of relief after listening to Marina’s explanation.

And then, I grasped my hand and checked my body. I didn’t feel any out of ordinary other than the remaining feeling of tiredness.

“Yes, can you drink?” (Marina)

“Aah, sorry.” (Reus)

When I received and drank a glass with water given by Marina, the door of the room was opened and Al appeared.

“Reus!” (Albert)

“Ouh, Al. You’re safe.” (Reus)

“That is thanks to you. How is your condition?” (Albert)

“Aah, I checked if there was any problem–…” (Reus)


I felt like I had something to do…

Since Al was safe, returning to Parade was–…

“!? How long did I collapsed?” (Reus)

“Calm down. You were like this and it was only half a day pass by.” (Albert)

“How can I calm down! Let me have a ship to go to Parade! I need to chase Aniki soon!” (Reus)

I jumped out of the bed and got close to Al.

Half a day… Given the time of battle and travel time of the ship, there would be a difference of over one day with Aniki.

I wanted to chase Aniki even with a little trace left, but Al was trying to calm me down by lightly tapping my shoulder.

“I’m sorry. It’s already night. So, I can’t get you a ship. Besides, is it necessary for you to chase–..” (Albert)

“So, you have woken up, Reus.” (??)

When I thought that I should go back alone if I could borrowed a small boat, I instinctively stopped moving because of a familiar voice.

“Dear me. You are way too much for going against Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“Now, now. That already gave impact on Reus. Besides, it is just fatigue, and it’s good that there is no after-effects.” (Reese)

The door was opened again and the ones who appeared were Nee-chan and Reese-ane.

Eh… why were they here?

“Heh, I wonder if the Hero-san has woken up.” (Fia)

Fia-ane… too?

What was with… Hero…

“It seems you have woken up, Reus.” (Sirius)


“Why…?” (Reus)

“How’s the condition of your body?” (Sirius)

There were somehow marks struck on the cheek and bitten mark on the neck, but that smell and gentle smile… he was definitely Aniki.

“Yes… I’m good. More importantly, Aniki should have gone to Fia-ane’s hometown…” (Reus)

“Aah, regarding that matter…” (Sirius)

And then, Aniki scratched his head as if he was thinking how to answer my question…

“The matter about Fia’s hometown being attacked is… a lie.” (Sirius)

Yup, that was what he said.

In the beginning, I was stunned without knowing the meaning, but I was a little relieved to hear that it was a lie.

“Well, is Fia-ane’s hometown is safe?” (Reus)

“Since one needs to go through deep forest to reach my hometown, it is rarely attacked. Besides, my hometown is far away and I can’t know the situation even with the wind.” (Fia)

“Re-really? So, why…” (Reus)

Such things like… abandoning Al, lying, and making me break the Oath of Silver Moon…

“The Oath of Silver Moon is… not something simple, Aniki!” (Reus)

“I know. But, it is not necessary for you to worry about your Oath to me. I want you to be able to choose the best choice according to the situation.” (Sirius)

“I… what kind of thought I have… I still think I have broken the Oath!” (Reus)

Let alone of saving me, Aniki was a benefactor who raised me. I thought that Aniki’s order was absolute.

That was why I pledged the Oath of Silver Moon with Nee-chan as if I would live for Aniki, but… why did he do this!

And I decided to break it…

“Don’t decide things when it comes to Al’s life!” (Reus)

When I noticed… I was swinging my fist at Aniki.

“Guh!” (Sirius)

And then, Aniki was blown after receiving my fist on the face, and was crashing against the wall behind.

“…Eh?” (Reus)

“Sirius-sama!”” (Emilia)


Why… why didn’t you avoid that, Aniki?

“Uh…I’m fine. You didn’t go easy on me, huh.” (Sirius)

“So-sorry… I just wanted to punch Aniki…” (Reus)

This was not a training. For me to punch Aniki…

“I’m sorry!” (Reus)

Since I couldn’t bare the fact, I jumped out of the window and ran away.

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I was actually sleeping in the mansion of Pamela-san’s father… the mansion of Romanio’s ruler.

I jumped out of the mansion and run around the town with the same momentum. Now, I was sitting at the port of the harbor and vaguely looking at the lake.

“…I’m the worst.” (Reus)

I didn’t only break the Oath, I also hit Aniki.

Nee-chan would probably scold me, but I couldn’t forgive myself more than anything.

I took out my hand on a person who took care of me even though it wasn’t a training.

But… Aniki was cruel, wasn’t it?

Although he knew Al was in danger… he didn’t have to lie in that situation just for the sake of me growing up.

If you ordered me to save Al in the first place, such a thing like disappointing Marina who relied on us would not happened.

I didn’t have to choose such a decision. Wasn’t it good if he could just send me and Hokuto-san there?

“But… he did it for my sake…” (Reus)

Aniki wouldn’t do it if it was meaningless.

This was probably necessary for me.

I wished that I could complain at least after I listened to the detailed explanation, but… I was too ashamed to see Aniki right now.

“Why… did I hit Aniki?” (Reus)

“…Was it because of me?” (Albert)

“Al?” (Reus)

While holding my head, Al was standing next to me.

That was dangerous. I didn’t noticed until he approached me this far… it was really bad.

As I unintentionally made a bitter smile, Al watched the lake while continued talking.

“You were risking yourself because of my life, and you even took out your hand. If that wasn’t pretentious, you were really thinking of me, right?” (Albert)

“…Aah. I was thinking about your life, and when I noticed…” (Reus)

“Thank you. It was true that that wasn’t nice of him. I might take out my hand too if I was in Reus’ position. However, there are slight differences.” (Albert)

While saying so, Al was facing the battlefield with a smile.

“Shishou explained to me while you were sleeping, and I was… No, he was concerned about your body.” (Albert)

“…Really?” (Reus)

“While we were fighting the monsters, Hokuto-san seemed to watch us over the hill without going back to Shishou. It was Shisou’s order.

“…” (Reus)

“In addition, there were monsters that suddenly died with a hole in their heads, and several reported that they were saved because of that.  I’m not sure about the truth, but I think that was Shishou.” (Albert)

Aah… yes.

It was easy for Aniki to use magic and shoot enemies from far away.

Plus, if there was Aniki and Spirit Magic from Nee-chans, they would be able to clear up monsters on the Parade side.

After I ran away, Aniki probably chased me and watched over us.

I… to Aniki…

“Damn… It’s getting harder to face him.” (Reus)

“Although this is just a temporary relief of mind, Shishou wasn’t angry, you know. Besides, if it is Shishou, he could avoid that much of punch, but he purposely accepted it.” (Albert)

“I don’t understand. Why he didn’t avoid it…” (Reus)

“Ask that question to the person himself. Say, Reus. I think that this is unfair if I say it in this situation, but there is something I want to tell you.” (Albert)

Al was somehow looked sorry. Therefore, I quietly nodded and listened.

“If you feel obliged to Shishou… how about staying here? If this is good with you, you can be engaged with Marina. We can become a family and protect the town together. It’s not bad, right?” (Albert)

I wasn’t sure about the engagement with Marina, but… I imagined myself protecting this town together with Al for just a moment.

I guessed… that it wasn’t too bad.

But, as I expected…

“… I’m sorry. I will follow Aniki.” (Reus)

“Is that so? Was it a pointless to ask you that? But, I will feel bad if I don’t say it. Sorry.” (Albert)

“You don’t need to apologize. I did various things, but I want to be able to protect Aniki’s back after all. This fact… will never change.” (Reus)

“Haha, that’s exactly who you are, Reus.” (Albert)

Al turned his back as he was laughing in satisfaction. After walking for a while, he turned his face around.

“I will tell Emilia-san and others that you are fine. Since you just got up, don’t collapse and  come back home.” (Albert)

“…Ouu.” (Reus)

And then, he slowly walked and went away.

I was left behind and looked at the lake again. I, then, struck my cheeks to liven up the mood.

“…It can’t be help to feel depressed. What I did will not changed, so let’s quickly apologize and ask for his forgiveness.” (Reus)

Besides, I was getting hungry and I wanted to eat something.

I stroked my grumbling and empty belly as I got up. When I looked around because of delicious smell…

“…Do you want to eat?” (Sirius)

“Aniki…” (Reus)

And Aniki was standing with meal box.



— Sirius —


Reus, who hit me, couldn’t resist the guilty feeling and he jumped out of the mansion.

I would like to chase after him immediately, but I should stay here for a while and talked after he became calm.

Because of that, I told everyone to leave me for a while making simple meals, but Albert was the only who shook his head.

[Shishou. Is it fine if you leave him to me? I will try to calm him down. I also want to talk to him in person.] (Albert)

Yeah. Albert was probably the right candidate.

Therefore, I would entrust Reus to Albert and I would look for him after making meals.

When I found them, the conversation was over. It seemed that it was mostly settled when looking at Reus’ expression.

Reus was somewhat awkward nodded when I talked to him with a meal box in hand after seeing Albert went away.

“…Aniki’s meals are delicious after all.” (Reus)

“Really? You don’t have to mind me. You can just eat it.” (Sirius)

Thereupon, we sat at the pier together, and Reus was eating the meal to replenish the lost stamina.

He hadn’t eaten anything since he woke up, so he would have to eat more later.

“Here, it’s your tea.” (Sirius)

“Yeah, thanks.” (Reus)

The meal box was for two people, but Reus finished eating it in no time.

After drinking the prepared tea… Reus came to me and deeply bowed.

“Aniki… I am sorry for hitting you.” (Reus)

“…You don’t have to apologize. I deserved it.” (Sirius)

When Reus ran away due to the fear of transformation in the past, I didn’t treat the injured wound as a retribution because I was lying.

That was why I also…

“It is a fact that I lied to you. I will wait for this pain to be healed naturally.” (Sirius)

“Well, your cheek and neck…” (Reus)

“Yeah. It was from Emilia and Reese.” (Sirius)

At that time, I told Emilia and Reese the truth after Reus broke the Oath and went away, and I got the punishment from them.

[I understand the reason, but you are not only lie to Reus. You also lied to us–… Pang!] (Reese)

[That’s right! Please properly explain to us!] (Emilia)

Emilia bit my neck while saying so. She gradually strengthened the biting and didn’t leave for a while. I also felt like she was being spoiled in midway.

And I received a slap on my cheek from Reese. Although it didn’t hurt so much, it really pierced my heart.

And then, I explained this matter to Fia in advanced and asked her help to deceived them. Due to the punishment from Emilia and Reese, she was prohibited from drinking for about two days.

“Hei, Aniki. Why… did you do this?” (Reus)

“I explained it earlier. It is to make you choose best decision without bounded by the Oath.” (Sirius)

“Yes… I understand that part. So, can you tell me a bit more in detail?” (Reus)

Hmm… should I answer since he asked this far?

“When Marina told us that Albert was in danger, you had decided to help him. However, Fia also had her own situation, but when I told you that Albert would be fine… do you remember what you said?” (Sirius)

“…I thought Al would be fine because Aniki said so. But…” (Reus)

“Yes, and it was alright because you eventually went to save Albert. The problem was when I said Albert would be fine, you would decided the similar.” (Sirius)

Regardless of training, Albert’s training period was less than half a month.

I could clearly say that Reus would be fine since he had been training until now, but in the case of Albert, I judged that he was certainly in danger because of the overlapping situations and conspiracy.

And then, if Fia’s hometown was really attacked, Fia and I would fly in the sky and headed towards her hometown, Emilia and Reese would defend Parade and Reus and Marina went to Romanio on Hokuto.

I would like him to be able to make such an optimal decision soon, and… that would be one of the reasons.

“I want you to stop from being easily following the flow because I said so.” (Sirius)

I might make mistakes, so there would be times when I gave answer which couldn’t be accepted by Reus, like what had happened today.

Therefore, I wanted him to be able to decide on his own even if he would regret it later… and that was another reason.

My Shishou said similar thing when I got used to war in the previous life.

“Don’t mind killing people to survive, but never kill for others. It has nothing to do with circumstances or motives. It is a courtesy to kill with your own will. That way, nobody will blame you like it is someone’s fault.” (Sirius)

…Well, that was an extreme example.

“However, this was also an act of trampling the resolution you decided when you were young. I was forcing this on you even though I was aware that it was cruel. If you have complaints, I have no problem. You can say all you want.” (Sirius)

“I have none. Now I am convinced. After all, I thought that Aniki was thinking ahead…” (Reus)

“Aren’t you aiming my back? That’s why I pulled such an act, and that’s why I want you to grow to be a man who can calmly judge as a whole.” (Sirius)

“…Got it, I will try my best! I will definitely catch up with Aniki!” (Reus)

“Yes, I’ll be waiting. Although today it made you feel unpleasant, your decision wasn’t wrong.” (Sirius)

He probably lose his way in many ways, but there was no mistake that he wanted to help Albert.

No matter what happened to use, he wouldn’t become a good person if he didn’t care about his friend.

I thought that he would send my flying if I told him to follow me, but that thinking was ended in vain.

It was somewhat painful in the face and neck, but the result was satisfying.

“When I think about it, it was my first time to be beaten by you. That was a good punch back then.” (Sirius)

“Uu… Nee-chan is going to get angry. An-anyway, it won’t be in such a situation. I will do it in a mock battle, so wait for it, Aniki!” (Reus)

“Hahaha, I’m looking forward to it.” (Sirius)

When I gave a stroke on Reus’ head, he was smiling his usual smile.

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Until now, I had also seen various monsters together with Aniki, but this was my first time to see such a weird monster.


[Hahaha! You can’t handle it, boy? Anyway, I’m going to do this!] (Lior)


“…Is this the second time for me watching such a weird monster?” (Reus)

“Eh… have you ever seen something like this?” (Marina)

“Yeah. That person is at different level compared to this one…” (Reus)



Hokuto’s Trauma


[After sending Reus, please hide and watch over him. I leave it to you.] (Sirius) ※1

As ordered by the Master, Hokuto sent Reus to the battlefield. After that, he was watching Reus on a small hill in a distant away.

He was told not to defeat monsters as much as possible or it wouldn’t become an ordeal to Reus and others, but what was stood before him after sending Reus was not a demon, but a wall.

Because of that, he blew the wall away and on the occasion, the monsters were decreased by more than 30%, but he didn’t go against the order. It was because of that wall.


Now, let’s return to the main subject.


After that, he watched Reus while hiding his presence for a while, and it seemed Reus-kun continued fighting without problems.

It seemed there was one formidable enemy, but since it would take some time to defeat it, Hokuto-kun didn’t need to protrude.

So, he shifted the line of sight a little and looking around the battlefield.

“…Woof.” (Hokuto)

The atmosphere… felt nostalgic.

Hokuto-kun remembered when he ran through the battlefield with the Master in the previous life.

The memories of bullets flying and unstopping gunshots sound…

He remembered that he was saved by the Master, and sensing traps.

And the Master was sent into a battlefield by one who called Shishou… ※2

“…Woof.” (Hokuto)

The moment Hokuto-kun remembered that, his body suddenly began to tremble.

He wasn’t a dog like at that time.

Even so… why did he think that he couldn’t win?

He couldn’t remember the face, but he remembered the figure with a knife in hand while having a delicious looking smile…

“Ku…kuwooonnn…” (Hokuto)


“Phew… I made you wait, Hokuto. Reus’ condition is…” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Owaa!? What’s wrong, Hokuto? Why you suddenly jump?” (Sirius)


Hokuto-kun stayed on Master’s chest for a while.


※1 – Please play song [The First Errand] in your mind.


※2 – Please play the song [Ride of the Valkyries] in your brain. The part when military helicopters appear.

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