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Chapter 602

Du Hai was dumbstruck. He could immediately tell that Chen Xiang's attack method was extremely special, because that kind of power was not something that Chen Xiang could unleash. He could tell that Chen Xiang had used some profound method to fuse the immortal energy around him into a powerful force that he could control, and then change his nature to attack!

Under normal circumstances, people would usually use the Qi in their own body or the strength of their flesh, and through ingenious changes in power, increase their strength. However, in Chen Xiang's situation, he was able to gather the strength of the outside world in a very short amount of time, and use some methods to increase the strength.

He could tell that Chen Xiang had many secrets in his body, such as that Four Symbols Divine Weapons. But now, he could not see what methods Chen Xiang had used, and he had never heard of such a method before.

It was no wonder why Chen Xiang used the divine ability of the Imperial Dragon Race s. Only those who were extremely knowledgeable about the divine ability would know of it, and the majority of them did not know the existence of the divine way.

The gigantic Dragon corpse fell onto the ground. Holding onto the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, Chen Xiang cut open a hole in it according to the location that Long Xueyi specified and took out a white bead.

"Such a big fellow, and the dragon pearl is actually so small!" Chen Xiang looked at the white pearl in his palm. Although this dragon pearl was not as big as he had imagined, the energy it contained made him excited.

"The smaller the dragon pearl, the better it is. Isn't the True Origin Strength in your body better as well? Some dragons can even compress a dragon pearl to become dust. They can release the dragon pearl and attack us with it, but think about how powerful it would be if you could make a True Origin Strength out of it. " Long Xueyi said.

Du Hai had already recovered quite a bit of his strength. He walked over, looked at the cut Chen Xiang made, and said with a face full of suspicion: "Even I don't know where the dragon pearl is, but you actually found it with a single slash. Even I have never slayed a dragon! "

Chen Xiang kept the dragon pearl properly and laughed: "This corpse is yours. Also, what about the Longevity fruit?"

Du Hai threw a black fruit to Chen Xiang. Su Meiyao could tell at a glance that this was a Longevity fruit with just one glance, and immediately placed it into the storage ring after he received it.

"There is something even more important in this dragon. It took me many years to find it!" That year, I spent a long time searching for the remnants of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable through some clues. After entering, I coincidentally met this guy, and he swallowed the treasure box in one bite. Du Hai lamented.

It took him many years to find the thing left behind by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, but Chen Xiang found it very easily.

Du Hai took out a golden blade. This blade looked like a pig slaughtering knife, but it was a very powerful one. With a light slash, it could cut a deep gash on a Dragon corpse.

"Take out your mirror and find out where the box is! Young people these days are so lazy, and actually let an old man do such a thing! " Du Hai curled his lips and said. When Chen Xiang took the dragon pearl, he took the initiative, but now he was given the hard work.

Chen Xiang took out the Devil-suppressing mirror, and laughed at the same time: "Senior, you have been played by this fellow for so long, I will definitely cut open your stomach for you. This will help you vent your anger!"

"I wasn't fooled by him. It can be said that this beast's strength is stronger than mine, so it's only natural!" Du Hai snorted softly as he looked at the mirror in Chen Xiang's hand, searching for the location of the box.

The dragon's body was very long and thick, but Chen Xiang quickly found the exact location. He kicked the place and said: "It's here."

Not long after, Du Hai took out a big box from the bloody dragon's body. It looked like a coffin made of gold.

"This dragon is not a pure-blooded dragon. Furthermore, it was obtained through a Forbidden Devil Arts. This pile of flesh and blood is far from being worth as much as that dragon pearl. I've suffered a huge loss!" Du Hai sighed helplessly. He initially wanted to use this Dragon corpse as a ingredient to concoct immortal pills, but now that he had appraised the quality of the meat, he was very disappointed.

Chen Xiang shrugged and laughed: "Back then, it was you who told me to choose."

Du Hai put away the Dragon corpse and said: "Don't worry, I will keep my promise."

Right now, the two of them were looking at the golden chest lying on the ground. They flipped the chest over and checked it thoroughly, but didn't find any cracks. They didn't know how to open it.

"What would be in such a big box?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"It looks like a special coffin. Judging from its size, it's very suitable for you. Do you have a way to open it?" Du Hai said while rubbing his chin.

Chen Xiang tried to use the Devil-suppressing qi, but there was no reaction.

"Let's see with the Devil-suppressing mirror!" Su Meiyao said: "The Devil-suppressing mirror has guided you to search for this thing, it might very well be the key!"

It was just that he did not know what to do. It was because there was no groove or socket that was suitable to place the Devil-suppressing mirror into the box.

Seeing Chen Xiang using his mirror to knock on the chest, Du Hai also felt that this mirror should be able to open the chest, "Kid, other than this mirror being able to find this chest, what else can I do?"

"It can also release a kind of light that has a strong killing power against demons. This mirror is called the Devil-suppressing mirror!" Chen Xiang said truthfully.

After Du Hai heard this, he exclaimed in shock, "I'm starting to suspect that you are the descendant of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable. Not only did they learn his martial arts, they even got hold of such a powerful thing.

Chen Xiang didn't know why, but he wasn't really on guard against Du Hai. With Du Hai's current strength, he could easily take care of him, and then take what was on his body. Moreover, no one would know anything about it, but Du Hai didn't do so, so Chen Xiang trusted him even more.

After Chen Xiang poured the mirror into the Devil-suppressing qi, it shot out a ray of golden light which shone onto the chest.

"There's a reaction!" Du Hai cried out in alarm, as he stared fixedly at the trembling box.

Chen Xiang's face suddenly changed, he screamed out, his face became extremely white and looked extremely weak. Just now, the True Qi in his body had been sucked out by more than half, and all of it turned into Devil-suppressing qi, shooting out of the mirror and shining on the chest.

"I'm fine!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath, put away the mirror and looked at the box that had a gold light shining on it.

The box released a golden light, and the surrounding poisonous fog suddenly dispersed, as if it was very afraid of this golden light.

"It's open!" Du Hai shouted. He was excited too, more excited than when he first refined the Immortal Pill.

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