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Chapter 575

Chen Xiang looked at Hua Xiangyue, and jokingly scolded: "You actually seduced me in front of your madame, you are too presumptuous." As he said that, he pinched Hua Xiangyue's full bouncy butt, causing Hua Xiangyue to let out a soft moan.

Liu Meng'er snorted lightly, then asked seriously: "Little scoundrel, why didn't you let Xianxian and Youlan stay in Devil-subduing College!"

Chen Xiang had already asked Long Xueyi to send a message to Gu Dongchen, asking him to think of a way to tell her to stop the two girls from returning to Devil-subduing College once again.

"It's not safe in the Devil-subduing College for them. I'll tell you all the details again in the future. It's very complicated." Chen Xiang's face became extremely serious. He didn't want to worry Liu Meng'er right now, so he didn't tell them the details.

Even so, Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue were still worried.

"Don't worry about me. Don't you know what I'm capable of?" Chen Xiang laughed and took out a box. He tossed it over to Liu Meng'er, and this was the box he got from Zheng Chu.

Chen Xiang didn't have the ability to undo the array now, so he didn't care about messing around, as he was afraid that the box would be destroyed.

Liu Meng'er took the box and looked at it. Her expression changed slightly, and then looked at the box very seriously.

Hua Xiangyue wrinkled her nose, it was obvious that she smelt a very faint fragrance of medicinal pills. Based on her understanding of medicinal pills, she could immediately tell that there was a Heaven level Pill inside the box.

She tugged on Chen Xiang's finger and asked softly: "Where did you get this box?

"Not telling." Chen Xiang laughed mischievously, he could not help but reach out and caress Hua Xiangyue's enchanting face.

"Hmph, I think you stole it. In the Mortal Wu Realm, there aren't many people who can refine Heaven level Pills." Hua Xiangyue pouted and said.

Liu Meng'er said: "The formations above are things that I have never seen before, they should come from other worlds, but it's not difficult for me to break them. These formations seem to be strict, but to me, they are nothing!"

As she said that, a holy white light suddenly appeared on her hands, she snorted, and then a gust of wind blew out from the jade box, accompanied by a burst of energy. Obviously the array formations were broken by Liu Meng'er just now.

Chen Xiang was suddenly extremely excited. She walked over, kissed Liu Meng'er on the cheek and then opened the box.

When the box was opened, a burst of golden white light suddenly burst out, causing Chen Xiang and the two girls to be dumbstruck.

In their shock, the three of them focused their attention on the five pills in the box. These five pills emitted a strong golden-white light as they closed the door. The golden white light intertwined, as dazzling as the sun.

Chen Xiang closed the lid and took a few deep breaths before calming down.

"What pill is this?" Chen Xiang looked at the shocked Hua Xiangyue and asked.

"Eternal Dan, middle Heaven level, high quality." Hua Xiangyue immediately replied with a face full of shock: "Eternal Dan s' medicine can only be found on top of Heaven Realm s, because one of the herbs cannot grow in Mortal Realm, where the hell did you get this box from!"

"I killed a guy who came down from the Heaven Realm. I plundered it from him." Chen Xiang said casually, his face was full of excitement. This was a middle grade Heaven level pill, a priceless treasure.

Su Meiyao said: It is indeed a Eternal Dan, this is a type of pellet that has healing and recovery of True Qi at the same time, especially during tribulation time, if you are heavily injured, eating this Eternal Dan, the True Qi in your body will become endless, and it will be hard to exhaust all of it, and your injured body will be able to recover in a short period of time, if you are injured again, your body will continue to recover, and continue to recover until the medicinal power ends!

"Even in the Heaven Realm, this type of pill is extremely expensive. One pellet is hard to find, but I never thought that Zheng Chu would actually have five in one go!"

Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er were both preparing to go through tribulation, so Chen Xiang didn't wish for these two charming beauties to die from the loss of their Nirvana Doom. Thus, he very generously gave each of them one pellet.

"We will try our best not to use it. This is an extremely rare pill." said. She and Hua Xiangyue still had a lot of Manifestation pills and Relive Dan's medicinal ingredients, although those were also very precious, they were not even close to this Eternal Dan.

"I really didn't recognize the wrong master, this is the first time I've seen this Eternal Dan in my life." Hua Xiangyue smiled sweetly as she looked at Chen Xiang with her charming eyes. Then, she giggled: "Do you want me to leave and let Madam and Master have a good time?"

"No need." Liu Meng'er blushed and said quickly.

Chen Xiang was a little disappointed, but he still smiled mischievously and took out three thick books, placing it on the table: "These are the most powerful Demon Fighting Techniques, but they are quite profound, you guys should slowly learn them!"

"Devil-suppressing qi array." Liu Meng'er was immediately captivated by this martial art and quickly flipped through it. After that, she fell deeply into it, especially when she looked at the arrays. Chen Xiang felt that even if he took off her clothes now, she would probably ignore him.

"Little Flower Demon, arrange a place for me, I want to adjust my state of mind well as well. After three days, beat up that fellow from Sacred Dan Realm until everything is gone." Chen Xiang laughed, it was an ambiguous laugh.

Hua Xiangyue scoffed, held Chen Xiang's arm, and shuttled back and forth inside the cave, finally arriving at a very elegant stone room. This was Hua Xiangyue's room, and Chen Xiang could even smell the scent of her and Liu Meng'er's bodies inside, which Liu Meng'er also lived in with her.

Hua Xiangyue brought Chen Xiang here, and just as she was about to leave, Chen Xiang held her in his arms, and without saying a word, he directly moved his lips over to her and forcefully kissed Hua Xiangyue.

"Little Scoundrel …" "Ugh …" Hua Xiangyue struggled to scold her a few times, but only let Chen Xiang's tongue get into her mouth. As matters stood, she did not resist, as she knew very well that Chen Xiang had treated her well, giving this little scoundrel a taste was something unimportant, not to mention that she was Chen Xiang's servant.

Hua Xiangyue was a little unfamiliar with kissing, but under Chen Xiang's guidance, she quickly became proficient, the sweet tongue crazily entangled with Chen Xiang's body, sucking on it, a strange and comfortable feeling flowed through her body, causing her to feel an indescribably wonderful and comfortable feeling, which made her unable to stop herself from hugging onto Chen Xiang's tiger body.

Unknowingly, Chen Xiang rolled the spirit Hua Xiangyue onto the bed and passionately kissed. Both of their clothes were in complete disorder, and Hua Xiangyue had even revealed her beautiful shoulders and her exquisite collarbone.

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