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Chapter 503 The Majesty of Xianxian

Chen Xiang stayed with Xue Xianxian for more than an hour. Her face was flushed red from Chen Xiang's actions, and her clothes were disheveled. In particular, her "snow rabbits" suffered the most and were pinched by Chen Xiang for a long time.

"Darling Xiang, you're getting worse. No wonder master always calls you little scoundrel!" Xue Xianxian tidied up her clothes and spat in a low voice.

If it wasn't for Leng Youlan outside, Chen Xiang would have already stripped this beautiful and mature fairy. He was worried that Leng Youlan would suddenly rush in just as he was doing something with Xue Xianxian.

Chen Xiang only grinned evilly as he tightly hugged Xue Xian and gently stroked her hair.

"My dear Xiang, tell me honestly, have you done anything bad to master?" Xue Xianxian asked in a low voice. Her sound was clearly a little serious.

Chen Xiang was shocked. This was something he had been worried about the entire time. He didn't answer because he didn't want to lie to Xue Xianxian.

"Every time master mentions you, her expression is always a little strange. It's very different from how she usually is. She seems to hate you, but also very care about you. Sometimes she even blushes when she talks about you." Xue Xianxian gently pinched Chen Xiang's chestjust at his nipple, causing him to let out a weird cry.

Chen Xiang never thought that Liu Menger couldn't hide her feelings for him in front of Xue Xianxian and the others.

"Xianxian, I'm sorry!" Chen Xiang sighed. After a cautious consideration, he decided to tell the truth to Xue Xianxian. He felt that he owed her for always hiding this matter from her, even though it was very normal for a man to have more than one wives and concubines, especially a man with high strength and noble status.

Xue Xian snorted and pinched Chen Xiang's chest. She spoke with a dense jealousy, "I know it. I really don't understand what you did to Master Bai to make her hook up with you."

After putting forward the words, Xue Xianxian let out a long sigh. Liu Menger was her master. If she didn't hear Chen Xiang's answer, she wouldn't have believed that her lofty and aloof female emperor master would fall in love with Chen Xiang.

"I'm sorry. To be honest, she has been taking good care of me over the years and helped me a lot. It is true that I encountered some unhappy things with her, but later we just have the feelings unconsciously. It is difficult even for me to control the feelings." Xue Xianxian's reaction was not that intense, which made Chen Xiang alleviate.

Xue Xianxian said with hidden bitterness, "tell me honestly, how long have you been hiding this from me? I want to know how you got my master!"

She was Chen Xiang's wife and Liu Menger's disciple, but no matter how she thought about it, she couldn't understand how the female emperor Liu Menger fell in love with a weak kid. It was hard for her to believe.

"It started from the Profound realm. At that time, she saw me entering the realm by myself, then she followed in. That was the moment that we entered the Profound Realm in advance."

Chen Xiang paused for a moment before continuing, "there are some things that cannot be leaked out, you have to remember that!"

"Got it, just say it quickly!" At this moment, XueXianxian seemed very curious. She only wanted to know how her master fell in love with her husband.

Chen Xiang had no choice but to tell Xue Xianxian some things, like how he helped Liu Menger obtain the Vermillion Bird Divine Weapon, how he aimed her toobtain the Fire Soul, and that he kissed Liu Menger to ease her pain … then the story that he gave Liu Menger the gradients of Life Retrieving Dan to help her successfully survive the tribulation, finally, what happened inside the White Tiger Profound Realm that he helped Liu Menger to improve her strength greatly.

Of course, Chen Xiang did not mention those intimatethings in case Xue Xianxian was provoked.

After knowing about these things, Xue Xianxian couldn't help but sigh in admiration, "no wonder master told me many things not a long ago, which seemed to be just like her last words. I did not know that she was going to undergo a Nirvana Tribulation. She did not look good at that period."

"Xianxian, don't blame her. I was the one who pestered her." Chen Xiang was worried that Xue Xianxian would hate Liu Menger, which would be very troublesome.

Xue Xianxian jumped down from his arms and said with a snort, "other than my master, do you have any other women? You must tell everything to me. As your firstwife. I need to know these things."

"Well, Xianxian, so you're saying that you agree to the matter between sister Menger and I? " Chen Xiang asked in a low voice.

"Do I have another choice? One is my master, and the other is you the rascal. Besides, you rascal must pay a lot of efforts to get my master. Do you think I am that cruelto tear you apart?" Xue Xianxian also knew that it was very difficult to pursue an outstanding woman like Liu Menger. Chen Xiang must be very capable to get her.

Chen Xiang, who had been trembling with fear the entire time, finally revealed a smile …

"Remember, you must keep the matter between you and master a secret. It won't be good for you or her to speak of it now." Xue Xianxian enjoined Chen Xiang. She lightly punched him, and when she saw the smile on his face, she coquettishly snorted a few times.

"Quickly tell me, which women are you also hooking on behind me?"

Chen Xiang scratched his head and said, "Xianxian, why did you think me that bad?"

"A man with a little skill can't bear to get involved with other women! You even dare to touch my master; what else do you not dare to do? Be quick, say it out." Xue Xianxian expresses a stern gaze as she asked.

Chen Xiang spread out his hands and bitterly smiled, "thank god, no more. Does it count if I furtively get a maid?"

"A Maid? What kind of maid?" Xue Xianxian was instantly filled with jealousy in her face as she angrily asked.

"Don't worry. If you don't like, I will just send her away."Chen Xiang hurriedly brought Xue Xianxian into his arms to comfort her.

"Quickly tell me, what kind of maid she is? What kind of relationship has she been with you? I don't believe that she's a simple maid, just like … just like you and Youlan;I don't believe that you two are siblings." Xue Xianxianstrongly pinched Chen Xiang's waist, "I won't let go until you confess out."

Chen Xiang smiled bitterly, "do you know Hua Xiangyue? She begged to be my maid. Be gentle, I didn't lie to you. Sister Menger can testify to that. She even made a master-servant contract with me."

The dignified headmaster of Dan Xiang Taoyuan, a famous Dan refiner in the Mortal Martial World, actually went to be Chen Xiang's maid. Xue Xianxian would never believe that, but after she heard about the master-servantcontract, she also felt that something was off. She knew that Chen Xiang wouldn't lie to her.

"What the hell is going on? Hua Xiangyue is even stronger than the master. How could she was willing to be your maid! Darling Xiang, could it be that you know some sort of evil technique?" Xue Xianxian frowned as she thought about this. She knew that Hua Xiangyue would not simply be Chen Xiang's maid.

"I also asked her before, but she did not tell me! The master-servant contract is very formidable. She can't disobey my orders, and she must follow me if I die. I also know that no one would believe this kind of thing. I will bring you to see her after she survived the Nirvana Tribulation. I am sure that she will not dare to challenge my words. "

Xue Xian was even more puzzled. She looked at Chen Xiang with a strange expression. She began to suspect that there was something on him that could attract the two goddesses—Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue—in Chen-Wu Continent!

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