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Chapter 490 Counterattack

Bai Youyou had warned Chen Xiang many times that he absolutely could not use the Demon Devouring Technique on people who were much stronger than him. Chen Xiang was only at the early Spirit Martial Realm, and he still needed to consolidate his cultivation, not to improve it quickly in a short period of time, but now he was attempting to devour a martial artist who survived the eight Nirvana Tribulations!

This a frantic action left Chen Xiang confused, but he knew that Bai Youyou definitely wouldn't harm him. Bai Youyou must have other purposes to let him act in this way.

Right now, Chen Xiang couldn't consider too much. He would rather die himself than leave Liu Menger behind.

Seeing Chen Xiang rushing over, Liu Menger closed her eyes as two streams of tears rolled down her face. She knew that Chen Xiang would rush over. She had some hopes for that, but most of all, she hoped that Chen Xiang would just leave.

Chen Xiang placed one hand on the ice and released his magic power into the frozen middle-aged man's body. After feeling the thick True Qi in his Dantian, he started to circulate the Demon Devouring Technique. It had been a long time since he last used it.

"Haha, what an idiot boy …" The middle-aged man laughed crazily. It would be very troublesome for him in the future ff Chen Xiang left away. But now, he could notice that Liu Menger, the female emperor of a generation, had an unfathomable relationship with this brat, Chen Xiang.

"Haha …" The middle-aged man let out waves of frantic laugh even if he was frozen in a block of ice. He knew that Liu Menger wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. As long as he could wait for Liu Menger to use up her energy, he would be readily able to kill Chen Xiang and Liu Menger in one go!

Suddenly, the middle-aged man's laughter came to a halt as he felt the True Qi within his body was rapidly dissipating. The speed at which the True Qi was being drained made him extremely terrified. He suddenly looked towards Chen Xiang, only to see his body swelling up!

The middle-aged man realized that Chen Xiang was using an unknown martial art to devour his power!

"Hurry up and transfer your devoured power to Liu Menger, otherwise, your body will explode and you will die!" Bai Youyou hurriedly shouted.

After hearing the words, Chen Xiang was ecstatic. He quickly pressed his hand on Liu Menger's abdomen, allowing the middle-aged man's True Qi to flow through him and infuse into Liu Menger's body.

"Sister Menger, be quick, circulate your power and refine it!" Chen Xiang shouted in a hurry.

When Liu Menger felt the steady stream of True Qi from Chen Xiang's palm, her heart skipped a beat. She quickly understood what had happened. The previously despairing her secretly let out a sigh of relief.

"Demon …Chen Xiang you evil demon, stop it now!" For the middle-aged man, it was the most terrifying thing that his power was devoured. He would be no different from a mortal once his own power was devoured up. That middle-aged man was extremely shocked.

This kind of martial arts that could devour other people's martial arts was indeed a demonic art. Of course, it was also a martial arts that many people dreamed of, because it allowed them to obtain power without taking any effort.

Liu Menger was also astonished as she heard that Chen Xiang had such a demonic art. She was originally happy, but her expression suddenly changed because of Chen Xiang's abnormally ugly expression. She could see that Chen Xiang's face was covered in wounds!

Chen Xiang's body was currently expanding. He let out a muffled cry as his clothes suddenly shattered. His valiant body expanded to a terrifying size, as if it was going to split open. Streaks of blood appeared as blood seeped out from his pores. It was extremely terrifying.

Liu Menger could know without thinking that it was because of the endless supply of True Qi that caused Chen Xiang to act like this. After all, it was the True Qi of a man who had survived the eight Nirvana Tribulations. The quality was pretty fine. Although Chen Xiang had a strong flesh body, it was hard for him to withstand it.

"Little rascal …" Liu Menger bit her red lips. Her face was full of worry and her eyes were filled with tears. Seeing Chen Xiang in such pain, her heart felt as if it was being cut by a knife.

"I'm fine, don't worry!" Chen Xiang didn't want Liu Menger to be too worried, so he forced a smile. Seeing the forced smile on his face, Liu Menger's heart broke and tears fell from her eyes.

Chen Xiang immediately circulated the Black Tortoise Body Strengthening Technique to conduct cultivation using this pain. This way, no matter how much pain he suffered, his body would not be destroyed with the help of the Black Tortoise Body Strengthening Technique. This was the magic part of this technique.

In the blink of an eye, an hour had passed. The middle-aged man whose power was swallowed by Chen Xiang was extremely anxious. Originally, he did not expect that Chen Xiang would be able to hold on much longer before his body exploded. However, now he saw the streaks of blood on Chen Xiang's body slowly recovered, which meant that Chen Xiang had adapted to it in a short period of time. This brat was so formidable.

The beneficiary of it was Liu Menger. The power that passed through Chen Xiang's body was refined by his Heaven and Earth Fire Soul and became purer, so that Liu Menger could easily refine it into her own True Qi and store it in her Dantian after she received such purified power.

"Hehe, you also have a fire soul on you, right!? And it's a Purple Fire Soul, haha …" Chen Xiang suddenly laughed. Still, his laughter was extremely ugly because he was suffering from the pain just like being stabbed by needles all over his body.

The middle-aged man was like being whipped on his face. He originally planed to kill them and take Liu Menger's fire soul, but now, not only was his strength devoured by Chen Xiang, his prided Purple Fire Soul might also be taken from him.

"Demon…you evil creatures, you will all die a horrible way." The middle-aged man roared crazily, whereas his voice was completely covered by the thick layer of ice. Then Chen Xiang penetrated his hands through the layer of ice and pressed down on the middle-aged man's stomach, crazily devouring everything of him!

To this point, Liu Menger had no choice but to refine the power that Chen Xiang gave her. This was an exchange for Chen Xiang's incomparable pain, so she treasured it even more. She knew that she was in debt to Chen Xiang once again, and she didn't know how to repay him in the future.

The power of those who survived the eight Nirvana Tribulations was extremely profound. Chen Xiang had devoured ten days in a row. That middle-aged man only had a haggard expression on his face, while no one came during these ten days!

Liu Menger would rather have someone come here to help her than to acquire those power. She cared more about Chen Xiang. The pain he had endured for the past ten days was clear in her eyes and her soul.

"I'm fine!" Chen Xiang forced a smile as he saw Liu Menger's eyes filling with tears. Her eyes had cried to red for the past ten days.

Only now did Chen Xiang know why women were made of water, but the awkward thing was that he was completely naked, because his body would occasionally swell and explode with a burst of energy. Even if he wore clothes, it would shatter, while to release the Black Tortoise Armament Armor would block his meridians and impact him on transferring power into Liu Menger.

Therefore, Liu Menger had watched every part of Chen Xiang's body for the ten days. Although she was very shy, she could not help but look at it because she was worried that an accident would happen to Chen Xiang at any time. Of course, it was the first time she saw a man who was completely naked. At the beginning it made her very shy, but later on she felt that a man without any clothes was actually that attractive, especially a man she loved.

If it weren't for the pain all over his body, Chen Xiang would definitely tease Liu Menger with some words, but the pain prevented him from assuming that idea.

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