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World Defying Dan God - C486 - You're Still Too Young

Chen Xiang discovered that there was a very strong force coming from the ice and a barrier was slowly forming.

"Quite a number of humans have entered this Profound Realm. They are all top-notch martial practitioners in the Mortal Martial Realm. I do not wish to lure them over." White Tiger said.

Chen Xiang was also worried that too many people would come and clash with the White Tiger Battle Tribe. It would be a huge loss to the mortal world if so many Nirvana Realm experts died in one go.

"I won't turn into a beast form and fight with you. That way, you won't be able to beat me! It could add your chance to win as I fight you in my human form." White Tiger smiled faintly.

Chen Xiang silently cursed in his heart. His opponent is a reincarnated divine beast with such terrifying strength. Even though it suppressed it cultivation, it still stood in an advantageous position against him.

Liu Menger knew that Chen Xiang was very strong, but she was secretly worried. After all, the White Tiger held a huge advantage. Indeed, it was a divine beast. Whatever it had experienced or learned, it would be out of comparison for a mortal like Chen Xiang.

This White Tiger Divine Weapon was the last item Chen Xiang came for, but it was so difficult to obtain it.

"Don't be afraid of this big mixed color cat. Although he has a huge advantage, you practice the Divine Arts and your magic power is also very powerful. Moreover, you can use those devilish arts recklessly. Just call them over on him!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang's magic power was indeed not weak. However, up until now, he could only use his Heavenly Dragon Seal to execute an offensive ability, and it took his time to perform it.

"Are you ready? Let's start when you are! I'll let you attack first." White Tiger said.

Chen Xiang's expression was serious as he shook his head, "Wait a little longer!"

The White Tiger didn't say anything. Chen Xiang couldn't use the Azure Dragon Devil Slayer or the Black Tortoise Armament Armor, nor could he borrow Long Xueyi's power. This way, he would lose a lot of his strength.

"Xueyi, do your Royal Dragon Clan have any ways to deal with this kind of big white cat?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The White Tiger is just like a dragon. There are many of them in the Heavenly Realm, and they all need to evolve from weak to strong. As for Black Tortoise and Vermillion Bird, they are few in number, so they are very difficult to evolve! Our Dragon Clan and the White Tiger Clan had a period of conflict in the Heavenly Realm. At that time, the Royal Dragon Clan had been searching for the White Tiger's weakness."

Upon hearing Long Xueyi's words, Chen Xiang was overjoyed.

"The weakness is the gold attribute True Qi of the White Tiger. And your strongest power right now is fire, the Heaven and Earth Fire could destroy his gold attribute True Qi, but only if the quality of his gold True Qi is not that much stronger than your Heaven and Earth Fire, or you would be not able to defeat it."

The five elements countered each other, while fire countered gold! Chen Xiang had just obtained the Heaven and Earth Fire Soul, allowing him to possess a Heaven and Earth Fire that was several times stronger than the Heaven Fire!

Because it was the Heaven and Earth Flame, it was hidden very deeply within Chen Xiang's body. Even if the White Tiger discovered Long Xueyi, the little dragon, was attaching to Chen Xiang's body, it would still be unable for it to discover the Fire Soul within his body.

"I'm ready!" Chen Xiang lightly smiled. It was an extremely confident smile.

"Then come!" You possess the Yin Yang Divine Veins, so you should be cultivating the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Technique, right? I want to try your dragon power. I really miss that force." White Tiger said.

Chen Xiang laughed, "I might disappoint you. Although I can use my dragon power, I don't feel like there's a need to fight you with it. Furthermore, that would be a huge waste for me."

"Young man sure is arrogant." The White Tiger laughed loudly.

Chen Xiang did not plan to use his dragon power, which made Liu Menger slightly frown. At this critical moment, Chen Xiang was still underestimating his opponent.

The Heaven and Earth True Qi was the best oil. If it was poured onto the Heaven and Earth Fire, it would make the Fire even more powerful. Right now, Chen Xiang was starting to circulate the Heaven and Earth True Qi to fuse it with the Fire Soul within his body to create the most powerful Heaven and Earth Fire!

Chen Xiang suddenly shouted in a deep voice. The clothes on his upper body had been torn apart. His muscular body were slightly red and a scorching heat rose up from within him, causing the originally frozen icy ground to heat up, making people feel as if they were being roasted by the blazing sun.

Thankfully, there was a powerful barrier on the icy ground. Otherwise, the surrounding ice would have been melted by the heat released by Chen Xiang.

Not far away, Liu Menger also discovered that the heat released by Chen Xiang was extremely terrifying. If it was a flame, then it would be even stronger!

A raging fire suddenly appeared on Chen Xiang's fist. Seeing the crazily dancing flames, the White Tiger's pupils abruptly contracted. This kind of fire caused it to feel shocked. It could not imagine that a mortal would possess a flame of this level.


Chen Xiang suddenly leaped, his speed was as fast as a ray of lightning, leaving only afterimages. This was the fastest speed he had ever displayed, and he charged towards the shocked White Tiger in it.

The White Tiger was astonished by the speed. Although he knew that Chen Xiang was coming towards him, he did not react in time and was unable to dodge. Chen Xiang's fist that was spewing out intense flames was like a meteorite that was burning with flames as it smashed towards the White Tiger's face. It even exploded into a ball of flame that rumbled loudly.

Chen Xiang didn't stop with just one punch. The other fist followed closely behind. He wanted to seize this opportunity to use this crazy fire fist to strike the White Tiger!

Liu Menger was stunned when she saw the continuous explosions of flame fists. She couldn't understand how the flames could have increased so much, especially since she and Chen Xiang had only been separated for two months.

Chen Xiang's punches were very fast and looked as if he had several arms. He was able to punch out dozens of times in a split-second, and each punch contained the same amount of power. It even had a suction force, trapping the enemy, making it impossible for them to escape from this storm of punches.

The White Tiger suddenly roared and an overbearing killing intent surged out. The icy ground trembled and a tyrannical aura exploded from his body, causing Chen Xiang to be knocked flying.

Chen Xiang's fist was smoking and his entire body was emitting hot air. His eyes were burning with fury. He was preparing to use his hand as a blade to execute the Furious Dragon Slash!

The White Tiger had never imagined that it would be beaten to such a sorry state. Chen Xiang had just landed hundreds of blows on its head, and they were all accompanied by extremely intense and terrifying flames that caused the White Tiger's hair to hurt.

"This guy even sealed its own divine sense so that it could only be in the early stage of the Spirit Martial Realm!" Long Xueyi said. It would definitely be discovered if its divine sense was very powerful.

"That's for the best!" Chen Xiang rejoiced in his heart. He clenched his fist and once again ignited the violent flames.

The White Tiger was certain that Chen Xiang possessed a fire soul, but it couldn't figure out what kind of fire soul Chen Xiang had. It was actually so powerful that even caused it to be afraid!

Killing intent enveloped the icy ground, causing Chen Xiang to feel slightly uncomfortable. However, he was not a green hand. He had also cultivated the White Tiger Divine Technique before and the killing intent he gathered was also very strong.

The killing intent released by the White Tiger ignited its killing intent and made it to immediately feel full of power. It clenched its fists and fiercely stomped its feet, shaking the icy ground as it flew towards Chen Xiang.

"You're still too young!" Chen Xiang shouted loudly. Two fire vines suddenly leapt out from under the icy ground and very accurately wrapped around the rapidly moving White Tiger, then completely dissipating the imposing aura that the White Tiger had just gathered.

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