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Chapter 480 The Profound Realm Opened

Lan Shan felt that it was a very enjoyable show, but since Chen Xiang did him a favor before and he had a good relationship with Gu Dongchen, he also came to mediate the situation, "this is only a matter for the younger generation. It's not good for senior generations to make a huge ruckus due to matters of younger generation. Hall Master of Fire God Shrine, didn't you just say that?"

Wang Quan, Xiao Ziliang, and Qin Zeyun were all eager for them to fight to the death, especially Qin Zejun from the Holy Light Sect. His Sect had conquered the East Sea, while Chenwu Continent was the only land they had not conquered. Now there came a formidable Fire God Shrine that wished to rule the entire Mortal Martial Realm. It would be advantageous for him if they started fighting.

No matter what, Liu Menger always supported Chen Xiang, since Chen Xiang was her love.

As the Hall Master of the Fire God Shrine looked at the rotten flesh that was stuck together with the mud, he shouted out a furious roar and released a ball of fire that burnt Tie Langhao's body to ashes.

A young man with a Fire Soul died just like that. This caused many strong practitioners to feel pity!

All the magnets of the Mortal Martial Realm had their own forces. In their territory, they were the emperors. But now the Fire God Shrine suddenly appeared and asked them to follow its order. They would not like to do it at all, and they would definite join the resistance if someone came to lead. The more people there were, the stronger the force.

The Hall Master of the Fire God Shrine felt secret hatred. He furiously glared at Chen Xiang, then returned to those middle-aged men of Fire God Shrine. They knew exactly what the magnets of the Mortal Martial Realm were thinking at this moment. If they pushed too hard, Gu Dongchen might initiate a resistance, while other magnets would definitely join him. If that happened, the folks of Fire God Shrine would be wiped out right there.

Now that the Great War of the Three Realms was about to begin, it was impossible to summon the Fire God Shrine in other worlds. Those Fire God Shrines in other world had successfully deployed their forces. They were all controlling huge amounts of resources, and it would be a tremendous loss if they retreat out of those places.

Chen Xiang took out a piece of clothes and put it on. He wiped his face and said, "Back then, my master was so powerful that he didn't even think of exaggerating the power of the Extreme Martial Sect to all the continents. He definitely has the power to do it. Right now, a foreign Fire God Shrine that has made no contribution to the entire Mortal Martial Realm wants to take over all the resources here. It is just a dream!"

What Chen Xiang said was what those magnets were thinking. All continents in the Mortal Martial Realm had developed so well, why should they give it away to others?

"If anyone wants to do this, we, the Extreme Martial Sect, will fight them at all costs!" Gu Dongchen said loudly. At the same time, he looked towards Qin Zejun, whose Holy Light Sect had ruled the entire East Sea. He decided to annihilate such a risk before he ascended to the heaven.

The Hall Master of Fire God Shrine snorted coldly, "We only want to help you fight against the fiendish demons and make you come together!"

Liu Menger sneered: "we have already united, so we do not need your help. Moreover, you only have a few thousand apprentices. Are you really willing to use them? It seems to me that you want to take over the entire world as we are heavily injured in the Great War of the Three Realms!"

"It seems like the you guys from the Fire God Shrine is really dangerous. We can't sleep after all this trouble." Lian Yingxiao said with a smile.

The people of the Fire God Shrine were expressionless because Liu Menger and Ying Xiao were right. They had never thought that the people of the Mortal Martial World would be so united.

The reason they were so united now was mostly because of Huang Jintian. Huang Jintian was still here, and he would definitely came out ff the Mortal Martial World was in an extreme chaos!

Huang Jintian traveled everywhere in the past and challenged those magnets everywhere. He had never lost, so those magnets were all very afraid of him.

At present, even though the people of the Fire God Shrine were receiving disgusting looks, they still stayed here. They knew and they were waiting for the White Tiger's Profound Realm to open. Since they were already here, they must go in and take a look!

Chen Xiang stood beside Gu Dongchen and quietly waited with the crowd. The whirlpool also devoured the violent and tyrannical Spirit Qi, which would disappear into thin air after being absorbed in.

Soon, everyone felt that the space was moving abnormally. A place in the island was slowly splitting up, and a huge crack appeared. Endless death energy and fearful killing intent gushed out from it, causing all the people to feel extreme fear with their backs turning cold.

The White Tiger was the God of Slaughter. After millions of years of killing, it had accumulated an extremely terrifying killing intent. While the environment in the White Tiger Profound Realm was clearly built according to the White Tiger Divine Beast.

Chen Xiang couldn't help but wonder, did someone build this White Tiger Profound Realm?

"Qin Zejun, have you guys entered it yet?" Lan Shan asked. He was worried that there might be some powerful guys inside as he felt such an intense killing intent.

"Not really. We only sent people to guard this place and wait for a proper time to go in and investigate. We sent more than ten people in to investigate, and only one came out, and that one was even a Hundred Cultivation Realm!" Qin Zejun said.

At this time, Xiao Ziliang also said, "I feel that even we old fellows could not cope with the danger concealed within it. Nevertheless, since we have so many people here, let's go in and check it up."

Lian Yingxiao asked, "Didn't you just say that one person came out alive? Did he say anything about what was going on inside? "

"The one who came out alive has gone crazy, and he lost all his cultivation." Qin Zejun let out a heavy sigh.

Gu Dongchen looked at Chen Xiang and said, "junior master, you better not go in. If anything happens to you, your master, this old lunatic, will definitely kill me!"

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said, "I am the one who released the news so you could come here. I'm not afraid of anything inside!"

Liu Menger was not worried as well. She knew that Chen Xiang was destined to be the master of the Four Symbols Divine Weapon. Even though one of these Divine Weapons belonged to her right now, that was only because the Divine Weapon had followed her for many years that it recognized her place, and it did not entirely fuse with her until Chen Xiang gave a hand.

Remembering how she fused with the Vermillion Bird String, Liu Menger couldn't help but to grunt in her heart.

"Let's go!" Lan Shan said. He was a Nirvana Realm martial artist, so he wasn't afraid by nature.

Gu Dongchen had no choice but to have Chen Xiang follow closely behind him and followed the group towards the crack.

"Little bustard, were you attacked by the people who were lying in ambush here?" Liu Menger used her Spiritual Sense to inquire. Although she knew that Chen Xiang was fine right now, she still blamed herself, since she promised come with Chen Xiang together.

"Yeah, but I still managed to escape and hide in a place to recuperate. I'm fine now!" Chen Xiang replied.

"Is it all right that you call so many people over? What if the White Tiger Divine Weapon is taken away? " Liu Menger was worried.

"Don't worry. That White Tiger Divine Weapon is definitely mine." Chen Xiang was extremely confident.

The interior of the White Tiger Profound Realm was very beautiful. There were mountains, waters, birdsong, and the fragrance of flowers. It was full of vitality, but an invisible aura of killing intent and death shrouded the skies.

Now that Chen Xiang encountered a problem, he had no idea where the White Tiger Divine Weapon was located! ~

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