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Having witnessed Chen Xiang giving true effort, Wu Kaiming started to frown. He had long guessed that it would be difficult for Chen Xiang to hide his true strength. At such a critical juncture, of course, he was happy, however, he was also a little worried that Chen Xiang would start ruthlessly and would cripple the middle-aged man, by then it would forge a hatred with the Kings’ Mainland.

A dazzling azure aura appeared around Chen Xiang’s fist as lightning which was as thick as a snake shot out from within, whereupon, dazzling flashes of lightning radiated in every direction before covering the entire martial stage in an azure light.

At this instant, Chen Xiang had unleashed the strongest Azure Dragon True Qi which contained a very overbearing lightning energy that gathered around Chen Xiang’s fists.

The middle-aged man himself was a user of lightning power. He could see that the lightning power unleashed by Chen Xiang was a lot stronger than his. Before he took the stage, Wang Quan had told him that Chen Xiang was just a little devil who had recently stepped into the Extreme State, and there was no need to be afraid of him, he could beat him as he wished without any worry.

However, now, the middle-aged was secretly cursing Wang Quan. Where was Chen Xiang just a little devil, he was simply a devil god! Take the Slaughter Qi released by Chen Xiang for instance, it already made him feel afraid.

The middle-aged man was someone who had entered the Extreme State, he was also not someone who could be trifled with easily. Although he was momentarily afraid, he could only unleash his strongest power and compete with Chen Xiang.

Step by step, Chen Xiang gradually walked over, whereas, the middle-aged man let out a roar as electric aura once again surged out from his giant fists. However, it was far inferior as compared to that of Chen Xiang.

The middle-aged man sent a very fast punch, so fast that it seemed that a lightning was piercing through the air. When the punch with this kind of speed and power suddenly clashed with air, it burst forth with a sonic boom as it rumbled towards Chen Xiang’s nose.

The punch was fast as well as unleashed with a very rich True Qi which gave burst to a tremendously strong power. Chen Xiang was competing with someone who was in Extreme State just like him for the first time, which made him very excited. He admitted that the opponent was very strong, if he had not entered the Extreme State and encountered such a person, perhaps he was doomed to be miserably defeated.

“It’s a bit slow!”

Chen Xiang extended his hand as he grabbed the middle-aged man’s fist before he vigorously squeezed as a peal of thunder reverberated the entire field which was followed by howls of the middle-aged man as Chen Xiang sent a punch while he was wrapped in a thick Lightning True Qi that suddenly transformed into a dragon head and his arm transformed into that of a dragon before that menacing punch struck the middle-aged man’s chin.

In this moment, everyone saw as though a small dragon that had lightning wrapped around its entire body charging towards the middle-aged man. Witnessing this kind of power, Gu Dongchen and the others could not help but shudder. If he was so powerful in the Extreme State, when he would step into the Nirvana Realm, perhaps they would be unable to win against Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had a very rich battle experience. In the sinkhole at the forbidden area, he had to deal with various kinds of attack of Huang Jintian often, whereas, Huang Jintian in his youth had challenged everyone everywhere, moreover, he also had Five Elements True Qi, thereby he could simulate many battle styles according to his memory to fight with Chen Xiang.

When Chen Xiang fought with Huang Jintian, the attack he had to face was a lot, lot faster. Therefore, the middle-aged man’s speed appeared to be a lot slower in his eyes. He was already accustomed to Huang Jintian’s high-speed attack. And although he often had been able to dodge, at the end of the day, he would still be beaten by an even faster attack.

Just a punch from Chen Xiang had made the middle-aged man retreat several steps, while his head was cocked to the other side and blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth!

What made everyone feel odd was that the middle-aged man had azure lightning crackling all over his body. To everyone’s dismay, Chen Xiang’s lightning power was crackling over the middle-aged man's body. It was quite clear that Chen Xiang’s punch was infused with a lot of lightning power, which, in the blink of an eye, was blasted into the middle-aged man’s body.

The middle-aged man had been hit on the head with that kind of power, one could imagine what kind of damage he had suffered!

“You can’t even withstand a punch?” Chen Xiang sneered. Whereas, the middle-aged man was incessantly furious. He struggled to twist his head back, but all he saw was a sudden azure flash approaching.

Once again, Chen Xiang attacked as his dragon head-like punch smashed into the middle-aged man’s mouth. The lightning power released this time was stronger than before, when he punched, it burst out with a dazzling azure light, meanwhile, the entire ground slightly shook.

Shocking Heaven Palm! Although he had used his fist to cast the technique, the subsequent shockwave secretly shocked Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming. They were sure that the middle-aged man already lost.

Sure enough, after Chen Xiang had punched, the middle-aged man was battered out of his wits, and in that very moment, another lightning-fast punch smashed into him. Both his fists alternatively struck the middle-aged man at fast speed. In the blink of an eye, tens of punches ruthlessly greeted the middle-aged man’s face. Each punch burst forth with a dazzling brilliance. If had it been the night, the subsequent azure flashes would have been a spectacular and astonishing sight.

“Stop!” Wang Quan shouted. However, in just the short moment when he shouted “stop”, Chen Xiang had already punched hundreds of times. Chen Xiang had unleashed the strongest might of Azure Dragon True Qi for his each and every punch, moreover, he had cast the Shocking Heaven Palm along with the punch.

Chen Xiang obediently stopped. Meanwhile, the middle-aged man still stood at his place. Whenever Chen Xiang battered his face, he would release a kind of suction, therefore, no matter how strong his punches were, the middle-aged man would not fly away. Which made the middle-aged man’s head glued to his fists, allowing Chen Xiang to frantically bombard his face. The subsequent damage he had suffered was most terrifying.

“You have passed the test!” Wang Quan was somewhat furious because Chen Xiang was clearly displaying his dominance. And of course, he knew that Chen Xiang had already shown mercy, if he had fused the Five Elements True Qi into the Universe True Qi, the middle-aged man would have long been crippled.

The middle-aged man was after all an Extreme State martial artist. Under this kind of maddening bombardment, he had not fainted at all, but his head had already been seriously injured. When the others came to help him, the middle-aged man coughed a bit as he spewed out many broken teeth.

When Wang Quan saw the middle-aged man spew teeth along with the blood, he tightly clenched his fist, for he recalled the time when Huang Jintian had knocked out his entire teeth and then bragged about it everywhere, which made him lose face.

Chen Xiang wasn’t too much concerned regarding the martial artists of Kings’ Mainland, as long as no one died, everything was fine; he could torture them as he wished because the martial artists of Kings’ Mainland had done the same to the martial artists of other mainlands.

As early as half a year ago, Chen Xiang’s had heard that the martial artists of Kings’ Mainland started viciously; many people had been crippled and rendered unable to practice martial arts ever again, for which he was also furious. And now, he wanted to give them the dose of their own medicine; let those proud and arrogant martial artists of Kings’ Mainland experience how being beaten to a cripple felt like.

Chen Xiang just calmly swept a glance at the several proud young men standing behind Wang Quan and asked, “Who’s next? Let me tell you in advance, kicks and punches have no eyes, if you get crippled during the fight, then don't put the blame on me! Previously, you, martial artists of Kings’ Mainland had done the same, so I’ll not show any mercy to you. If you are afraid, it’s better for you to throw in the towel at the start of the fight!”

“And also, I don’t like anyone stopping me when I am happily beating people up! The fight is between him and me, not with others, others don’t have the qualifications to stop the fight, this seems to be a rule a long time ago.”

Chen Xiang had his fist clenched, his voice carried anger. Had it not for Wang Quan shouting to stop, the man definitely would have been crippled by him a moment ago.

Hearing Chen Xiang say this, the people standing behind Wang Quan were furious. Just as they were thinking of criticizing Chen Xiang, Wang Quan raised his hand to stop them.

“You are just like your teacher! Indeed, it was my mistake. In the future, no one is going to stop someone during the competition!” Wang Quang actually restrained his anger. Although he was a bit angry in his heart, he still held back.

“Chen Xiang, don’t think that just because your teacher is Huang Jintian, you can not show respect to your elders!” A luxuriously dressed young man who was standing behind Wang Quang angrily said.

Chen Xiang sneered: “What about it, not to mention my teacher, even my Great Senior Brother is a lot stronger than Senior Wang, and forget even my Great Senior Brother who had ascended, my eldest martial nephew standing beside me is also as strong as Senior Wang!”

Chen Xiang’s words made Wang Quan furious.

“Chen Xiang, you… did Huang Jintian made you speak as such?” Wang Quan’s entire face was laced with anger, while Gu Dongchen also pulled Chen Xiang a bit.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “He indeed spoke to me as such, he also said that you are not his match in this life, that’s why he is holding some bullshit Kings’ Martial Arts Meet to show off his power.”

“Master, let me teach him a lesson,” another young man standing behind Wang Quan loudly said.

“Teach me a lesson? Little Bald, someone wants to fight me, what do you think I should do?” Chen Xiang laughed and said.

Wu Kaiming sighed: “Let him give it a try, then he will understand.”

Gu Dongchen laughed and said, “Old Wang, Young Martial Uncle’s character is just like this, however, you should still control you apprentice a bit, don’t ever let him arbitrarily teach a lesson to this Little Madman! Otherwise, his death is not related to us in any way.”

Having heard Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming’s statements, the youth who was clamoring to teach Chen Xiang a lesson had an ugly look covered his face. Gu Dongchen’s strength was unfathomable, although he didn’t cultivate the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, he was the Dean of Extreme Martial Sect after all; he was definitely extraordinary.

Wu Kaiming was worried that Chen Xiang would continue to stir up trouble, so he pulled Chen Xiang to another place to prepare him to participate in the next round.

“To tell you honestly, this Little Madman’s alchemy skills are not taught by our Junior Sister! As for whom he learned from, I am also not clear. In short, he is a very powerful guy. It’s quite possible that it was the same guy who had saved him last time on the Heroes Mountain!” After Chen Xiang and Wu Kaiming were far away, Gu Dongchen spoke in a low voice.

Wang Quan frowned: “Isn’t taught by Elder Dan? Are you sure?”

Gu Dongchen nodded: “I’m sure. Even before he had joined the Extreme Martial Sect, his alchemy skills were already superb, furthermore, he had also mastered a few extremely powerful martial exercises, like the True Qi fire wings, some other Dragon Martial Techniques, and many others. You can investigate these things. There is obviously some powerful figure behind him!”

Wang Quan had a solemn look on his face, he indeed had heard of the happenings of the Heroes Mountain. The sudden disappearance and appearance of Chen Xiang in front of many people was indeed not the work of Huang Jintian. Furthermore, Chen Xiang had also shared a map which pointed to a mysterious realm that had many martial arts and mysterious records from the ancient period.

And when Chen Xiang had said that it was given to him by someone, Gu Dongchen could verify that he was not lying.

“Therefore, you really have to control your apprentice better, and it will not be us who are going to take any action but rather the figure that is standing beside him!” Gu Dongchen stared at those young men, whereas, those young men were drenched in sweat.

“Of course, if you can injure him in a competition in a fair and square manner, then there won’t be anything. Although you and I are powerhouses of a mainland, we are both clear that we are not the strongest in this vast Mortal Martial World.”

Gu Dongchen said this to tell Wang Quang that he should not turn his enmity with Huang Jintian at Chen Xiang, or else, he would come to regret it.

“Don’t worry, I’m not so stupid! If I hated that Old Madman, I would have long gone to your Extreme Martial Sect and fight it out with him.” Wang Quan faintly smiled.

Gu Dongchen smiled and left towards the fading figure of Wu Kaiming and Chen Xiang and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Young Martial Uncle, we don’t have much time! We just have three days, in these three days you have to enter the top fifty, or else you will be unable to proceed to the next round,” said Wu Kaiming.

Chen Xiang and Wu Kaiming were presently sitting in a stone building. Chen Xiang, while watching through the window at the passersby, yawned: “How many rounds are actually there?”

“I am not sure about this, I only know that you have to enter the top fifty within the next three days, or else, you won’t be able to proceed to the final round!” Wu Kaiming said while shaking his head.

“Alright, tell me about the rules!” Chen Xiang lazily said. He just wanted to fight those King’s Vein martial artists as early as possible.

Taking out a sheet, Wu Kaiming spread it on the table and gestured Chen Xiang to come closer.

“In the top fifty, not all of the participants are King’s Vein martial artists, some of them are just a bit talented and are extremely strong. However, in the final round, only four will have the chance to compete in front of many people!”

Chen Xiang noticed that the sheet was jam packed with dense characters.

“Next, you are going to challenge the participants who are under fifty for their points. And as long as your points are more than that of the participants who are in top fifty, you no longer need to challenge anyone.”

Chen Xiang took a glance at the sheet and discovered that the top fifty had a large number of points, especially the first who actually had more than 10,000 points, while the one on the fiftieth position also had as much as 3,000 points.

“Don’t underestimate 3,000 points. If you win, you will get a point, if you lose, a point will be deducted, and when you have zero points, you will be eliminated. At the beginning, every participant will be rewarded with a point!” Wu Kaiming said.

Chen Xiang said with a surprise, “You mean to say, that the guy in the first place had won more than 10,000 matches? How long did it take for him to fight?”

“Of course not, if your opponent has 1,000 points and you happen to win, then you will win his 1,000 points, then he would once again start with 1 point and continue to fight.”

Chen Xiang now understood: “So to say, the top fifty can not be challenged.”

“That’s right! At first, when many participants who had a lot of points were defeated, came to worry that all of their points will be lost, so the rules were modified and the participants who have entered the top fifty were no longer allowed to fight; fewer points does not mean that they are any weaker.”

“So I now have to find participants who had a lot of points as well and are ranked under fifty and challenge them, right!?” Chen Xiang said.

“Yes, and the deadline is after three days, after which the ranking will be finalized. That’s why you have to enter top fifty within three days! And those participants are going to have to accept the challenges, whereas challenging those who have a lot of points is also riskier, for they are relatively stronger.”

Chen Xiang pointed at a name and said, “I am going to challenge him, he has 2,000 points!”

“He…He seems to be an Extreme State King’s Vein martial artist, before, he used to be in the first position but he was defeated, so he is very strong. However, he seems to have suffered injuries, but it’s difficult to say.”

Chen Xiang smiled: “Little Bald, you are not confident in my strength?”

“Of course not, only this guy has some strange powers, I think that it would be more appropriate to challenge these guys, they have 1,400 and 1,500 points respectively. These three are the strongest under the top fifty, furthermore, they don't challenge each other, and also received fewer challenges from others. Most of the time, it's them who challenge others.”

Upon taking a glance at their points, Chen Xiang’s was enlivened: “Alright, I will first fight with the guys with 1,400 points and 1,500 points, and then fight with the guy with 2,000 points, so that I can rank a bit higher!”

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