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Chapter 765 - Final Phase

Linnuo's little friend slept late, but he woke up not too late.

Seeing his own mother using a knife to hold her neck, the little guy's young heart was still more or less injured and cast a shadow.

During the few hours of sleep, the little guy had fainted several times.

As soon as he woke up, the little guy checked on Mommy Xueluo by his side, and carefully hugged her neck, and lightly smacked Xueluo's cheek.

"Nuonuo? Why are you awake? "

The sleepy and hazy Xueluo felt her son kissing her and gently asked the little fellow that had woken up earlier.

"Mommy, in a while, Nuonuo will go to school by himself. Sleep a little longer. "

The little guy didn't want to go to school, he just didn't want to make Mummy unhappy. In order to please Mommy, the little guy became exceptionally obedient.

When it came to school, Xueluo immediately sat up by reflex, but after thinking of something, he laid back down.

"Nuonuo, can you not go to school today? Mommy wants you to stay with her! "

Xueluo gently hugged onto his son's sturdy little body, and asked while acting cute.

"Great!" It just so happened that Nuonuo wanted to stay behind to accompany Mommy! " The little guy wished for nothing more.

Gently stroking the cut that Mommy Xueluo made last night, the little fellow's clear eyes were filled with pain.

"Mommy, is it still painful? Promise your son that no matter what happens in the future, you won't do anything to hurt yourself, okay? "

His son's words caused Xueluo's eyes to fill up with tears.

Xueluo felt guilty towards his son.

At the time, she had been so flustered that she had ignored her five-year-old son's feelings.

"I'm sorry, Nuonuo … Mommy won't do that anymore! "

The mother and son held each other, feeling each other's need.

If she, Lin Xueluo, was destined to live together with her son in this life, she felt that it would be pretty good. At least he wouldn't shed tears over those men, or even do something that would hurt him and his son.

"Mommy, are you hungry? Nuonuo will bring something out for you to eat. "

Maybe it was because it lacked fatherly love since it was young, so the little guy especially cherished Xueluo's mother's love.

Xueluo originally did not have much appetite, but she knew that her son was growing up and needed more nourishment than she did. Thus, she nodded her head.

"Yeah, remember to get more."


After receiving the order, the little guy quickly climbed down from the bed.

On the huge breakfast table, a sumptuous breakfast was already laid out.

Hetun woke up rather early as well. When he saw his own grandson, Xing Nuo, he couldn't help but smile.

To be honest, Hetun's smiling appearance was even more unacceptable than his fierce expression. It was a smile that did not reach his eyes.

"Fifteen, you're hungry, right? The cook made a pile of food you liked. Wash up first … Forget it, let's just eat first.

Xing Shi'er who was at the side could not help but exclaim: It is more and more unprincipled for foster father Hetun to spoil his own grandson!

But the little guy didn't buy it from the Hetun!

Who asked him to be so fierce towards his own mother last night?

Bad guys!

The little fellow only glanced at Hetun, not even bothering to call him 'foster father', before climbing onto the table and starting to choose the food he wanted to eat with his mother.

The little guy tried to hold it in both hands. However, he felt that the amount of food he could take with his hands was too little. Thus, he quickly took out a food tray from the kitchen.

Just as he rushed out of the kitchen, the little guy ran back and yelled at the chef who was baking the pastries:

"You have to take care of your sabers in the future! "If you let my mommy get it, I'll let my foster father throw you into the sea and feed you to the sharks!"

"..." The chef nodded in an aggrieved manner.

"Fifteen, call your mommy out for breakfast." Hetun was really distressed and tired of this little thing.

"No way! My mum will not be able to eat while she watches you! "

With a snort, the little fellow struggled to carry the plate full of food back to the room.


The little guy was proud of his pettiness … It had risen to yet another new height!

He had clearly 'lied' to the foster father Hetun's' might ', but he refused to give the Hetun face even though he had crossed the river!

It was as if the little fellow also felt that the foster father Hetun was becoming easier to deal with!

Feng Xinglang immediately swapped to an unremarkable black Passat that night.

She stayed at the entrance of Linnuo's kindergarten until nine in the morning, but she did not see her son come to school.

It was not hard to guess, it should be because that woman, Lin Xueluo, did not allow her son to attend school!

There was no doubt that the woman was playing with him again. Careful!

How much did he hate his child's father?

Feng Xinglang recalled what the woman said to him last night:

[I'm not asking you to abandon your brother, who once saved your life! I'm not a heartless woman! I can't force you to be a heartless little brother! What your brother needs is something healthier! Do you want your brother to spend another fifty years to fight for something that will never belong to him?]

The man thought back to what the woman had said and dissected what the woman had said.

There were some reasoning, perhaps it was not that he did not understand, but …

However, there were too many people in the secular world who were unable to control themselves!

Not everything is going in the direction you expect it to go.

After confirming that his son Linnuo did not come to school, Feng Xinglang left.

There were still some troublesome matters that needed to be dealt with by him!

As the night fell, Feng Xinglang quietly stared at the entrance of Feng Family's villa as he went in and out of the house to carry all the stuff.

Twenty minutes later, Feng Lixin carried his daughter, Feng Tuantuan, and walked out.

Behind him was Lan Youyou, dressed in a treasure blue cheongsam.

"Papa, we are all gone …" What if the Uncle thinks too much about it? "

The cute little girl half laid on Feng Lixin's shoulder, and said while holding back her tears in a depressed tone.

"Your Uncle can give us a call!" Feng Lixin comforted her.

"Then can you guys give Uncle a call now to say goodbye?"

The cute's words made people feel that Feng Xinglang did not love the little thing for nothing all these years.

Feng Lixin hesitated for a moment before nodding, "Alright."

The phone on the dashboard vibrated a few times before Feng Xinglang managed to connect it back to the phone.

"Uncle... They were leaving … To go to a place far, far away. Can Uncle send you off? "

Feng Xinglang's heart tightened, "Uncle is busy, I have no time! When they reach Vancouver, the Uncle will give them a call, okay? Uncle has to go back to work, I'm hanging up! "

Without waiting for the little thing to open its mouth to plead again, Feng Xinglang immediately hung up.

"Uncle... Uncle... "

When Feng Tuantuan heard the sound of someone hanging up from the phone, she sniffed and finally cried.

"Papa …" Uncle hung up the phone one after another. Uncle doesn't like to group! "

"Oh, so much Papa love! "Papa will forever love you!" "… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …"

Feng Lixin comforted his daughter and affectionately kissed the little thing's tear-stained face.

Feng Xinglang could see it, but he did not get off the car.

Five minutes later, two business vehicles drove out of the courtyard and headed towards the airport.

Feng Xinglang's Passat followed closely behind the MPV.

Feng Xinglang understood clearly: He must send her off on this last journey!

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