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#School Headline News: Lu Meng 1 Starts to Bring Down Poor Students Whenever Displeased#


The sky seemed to be split by lightning; the purple rays glowed in the darkness. Illuminated by the glimmering flash, the old teaching building looked haunted.

A girl in uniform lay on the floor of a classroom. She was like a corpse, still and soundless.

A raindrop as large as a bean fell heavily on the glass window, giving out a loud sound.

The girl moved and sat up gradually, looking at the unfamiliar scene around her blankly.

Pain in the head…

Pain in the chest…

Pain everywhere…

Ming Shu took deep breaths and felt uncomfortable, as if her chest was pressed upon by a huge stone.

After resting for a while, she felt better.

Ming Shu stood from the ground with great effort and sat on the seat beside her. As soon as she sat down, the chair suddenly released a sound.

This seemed to be a classroom that was no longer in use. The desks and chairs were old and there was some rubbish on the ground.

Where the hell was this?

This was a fictional world with the setting of a school campus.

The fake protagonist was called Jin Yuqi, who came to this world through a book. In this book, Jin Yuqi played an evil female supporting role. Because she competed with the female protagonist to win the heart of a man, she ended with a broken family.

The new Jin Yuqi who came to this world through that book was determined to change her ending. So she started to compete with the female protagonist to win the heart of the male protagonist. Originally, things were over when she succeeded in winning the heart of the male protagonist. But Jin Yuqi was not satisfied and began to tempt other male supporting roles.

In the end, Jin Yuqi successfully lived a happy life with several men.

That was right!

It was polygamy.

The Host was called Lu Meng, a straight-A student who always ranked first on the school's grade list. Her appearance was lovely, in accordance with her name.

She was famous at school. Originally, Lu Meng had no relation with Jin Yuqi, but…

Among Jin Yuqi's lovers, one was the Host's childhood sweetheart. The Host liked him and he seemed to like her too. Before the new Jin Yuqi appeared, the Host and her childhood sweetheart were in a dubious relationship.

However, from the moment the new Jin Yuqi arrived in this fictional world, the childhood sweetheart paid no attention to the Host any longer and said that he always regarded her as a sister.

In order to keep her childhood sweetheart, the Host compromised and begged him. But the childhood sweetheart firmly determined to leave her.

In order to win the Host's childhood sweetheart, Jin Yuqi showed affection in the presence of the Host. Because the Host still badgered them, Jin Yuqi invited the Host to the old teaching building in the childhood sweetheart's name and locked her in a classroom.

The Host stayed in a dark classroom alone while it thundered and rained outside. When the Host was discovered the next day, she was already in a coma.

After being sent to the hospital, the Host started raving, becoming delirious. The doctor said the delirium was caused by fear.

Soon the Host committed suicide by jumping from the building, taking advantage of the nurses' inattention.

At the Host's death, her childhood sweetheart only felt grieved for several days, then he was passionately in love with Jin Yuqi. Under Jin Yuqi's persuasion, he even accepted the fact that Jin Yuqi had other lovers!

So now the plot was that the Host was tricked into visiting the old teaching building and locked in a classroom.

In the Host's memory, she had seen several silhouettes resembling ghosts outside the classroom and heard strange noises too.

The Host's heart was not very strong, so she couldn't stand to be frightened. Therefore, she was frightened into a coma in the dark classroom.

Then in the hospital, she still couldn't forget that scene and was driven to delirium in the end.

"Alas." Ming Shu sighed after she learned the whole story. Poor girl , she thought.

If it were not for that Jin Yuqi appeared and changed the plot, the Host wouldn't have been frightened to delirium and died.

Emmmm… Where is the food? I'm so hungry!

Since classes came to an end yesterday afternoon, this girl had been locked in here… Maybe it was early in the morning. No matter who went without eating for such a long time, they must feel hungry.

Ming Shu turned her head to look around, finding that there was nothing to eat. She stood up to shake out her hands and feet and walked to the door, trying to open it.

Huala huala—

The door was locked from the outside and couldn't be opened from the inside.

Ming Shu looked at the window beside the door. The window of the old teaching building was not high, but it was barred with steel. Unless she could change into a smaller being, she couldn't go out through the window.

Ming Shu looked at the wall on the other side whose window wasn't barred. But the classroom was on the third floor; she would be seriously injured if she jumped down.

I'm doomed to die here!

"Harmony, haven't you said there's a store? Are there any tools for me to use?" Ming Shu leaned against the desk, asking without energy.

[Sorry, your Hatred Points are not enough to open the store. No tool can be provided for you.]

"… How many Hatred Points do I need to open the store?" Is there such a condition? Why don't I know? Ming Shu was confused.

[One billion.]

"…" You are such a liar , Ming Shu cried her in mind.

I may have been cheated, what to do?

Before, you said there were tools in the store for me to use. But now I'm told I need one billion Hatred Points to open the store. I only have three thousand Hatred Points now, when will I open that store? By the time I get one billion Hatred Points, things may have been solved already.

Which fool invented this damn system?

I'll complain.

[Guest, if you want to complain, please write down the complaint. It can't be less than ten thousand words. I'll hand it in for you.]

"…" What the fuck kind of system—

Ten thousand words, why don't you go die?

Do you know how much one word of mine is worth?

It's priceless!

Priceless, do you know!

I don't want your tool!

Rolling up her sleeves, Ming Shu walked to the window and was ready to climb down. Ming Shu had learned Kung Fu well, so even though the Host was extremely weak, climbing down… might not be a big problem for her.

Even if she died here, she at most experienced one less world.

Besides, the people who might die were not Ming Shu, so she was fearless.

Ming Shu found a gutter outside the window. She pulled out the window, the cold, rainy wind blowing into her immediately and drenching her; her thin clothes became wet at once.

Wiping her face, Ming Shu stood on the windowsill, then gripped the gutter carefully. It was raining now, so the gutter was smooth. Besides that, thunder boomed from above from time to time. Ming Shu's heart beat so fast it almost burst from her chest.

Ming Shu reached the ground in the end with great effort. She covered her chest, calming down her hammering heart.

Intermittently illuminated by the lightning, Ming Shu's face was both bright and dim, making her look like a smiling ghost.

I didn't die.

Exposed to the rain, Ming Shu walked out along the road of the old teaching building. Ming Shu's sight was hampered by the rain that grew heavier and heavier, and she couldn't see clearly in front of her.

She was so hungry that she staggered.


A boy darted from the side suddenly and collided with Ming Shu.

Ming Shu fell toward the ground and the boy seemed to want to catch her. However, he couldn't steady himself and fell toward Ming Shu because of the smooth road, which was covered in moss as people seldom came here.

Ming Shu's pupils widened slightly in astonishment. She quickly caught the tree beside she and successfully avoided falling down.

Unfortunately, the boy fell to the ground and moaned painfully.

Leaning against the tree, Ming Shu gasped, her heart that had only just calmed down now pounding again.

Oh my god!

You want to frighten me to death in order to inherit my snacks?

In Chinese, Lu Meng's last name is 萌 which means lovely, adorable.

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