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Chapter 518

The power of the three moon sects was very mysterious. Some said they were sects that were like immortal sects, while others were like the Five Great Star Sects.

In short, these three Moon Sect full of female disciples and the five immortal sects never provoke them.

If Demon Moon Island were to help with the bounty offer and had a certain guarantee, the Spirit Desolate people would believe them.

In the afternoon, the woman from the Demon Moon Island came. She was actually Martial Monarch in the Xuan realm.

She wore a veil, wore a snow-white dress and revealed a long snow-white tail at her waist. She was a fox spirit.

Although the Martial Monarch from the Demon Moon Island was covered by a veil, she had a pair of extremely charming and beautiful fox eyes.

"Young Master Qin, I'm an elder of Demon Moon Island, the Hu Jingxian!"

"Shall we talk alone? Even though I am a fox spirit, I have never eaten human flesh, so you don't have to be afraid of me!"

The voice of Hu Jingxian was gentle, beautiful and sweet with a trace of a smile.


Qin Yun gestured for her to enter before bringing her into his room. They entered the secret chamber.

When she entered, she said with a chuckle, "Qin Yun, I didn't expect that you would still be forging when you came here!"

"You know about me?" Qin Yun's expression darkened as he asked.

"It would be hard for us not to know about what you did in the Martial Desolate Realm!" Hu Jingxian laughed lightly: "Don't worry! Although the big powers know about it, they do not have the time to care about you. They have more important things to do!"

"In their eyes, you are but a weak little demon. As long as you are not a Martial King, they do not put you in their hearts at all!"

"My Heavenly Lion Bloodline, Heavenly Lion Totem and Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron? Are they not worried at all?" Qin Yun said in disbelief.

"I don't know about that! In short, they are busy with other matters, so they hid the matter of you in the Martial Desolate. They planned to deal with you after they were done with that matter!"

Hu Jingxian smiled gracefully and coquettishly, she sat down on a chair.

"Qin Yun, why don't you come to our Demon Moon Island? We can make an exception and let you, a man, enter the island!"

She looked at Qin Yun and wiped the smile off her face and said sternly.

"My goal is to enter one of the five great Immortal Sects!" This was also what Xie Qirou had asked him to do.

As for why, Xie Qirou didn't say anything and he couldn't contact her during this period of time.

"Our Demon Moon Island is together with the Demon Immortal Cave. After you join our Demon Moon Island, when the time is ripe, we will recommend you to go to the Demon Immortal Cave!"

Hu Jingxian knew that Qin Yun's potential was terrifying. If not, Demon Moon Island would not have made an exception to accept a male disciple.

"I don't want to go yet. I'll contact you after I think it through!"

Although Qin Yun wanted to go, he still wanted to study at Saber Sword Villa for a period of time.

The speed at which he stepped into the ninth stage of the Martial Dao was extremely fast and he did not manage to consolidate his cultivation during that period of time.(TL NOTE : that old bag of chestnut "consolidating cultivation base"....)

"In short, our Demon Moon Island welcomes you at any time!"

She took off her veil, revealing her soft and beautiful white face.

"Qin Yun, Xiao Yuelan is your wife. She being in the Nether Moon Palace is a bit of a waste of talent! If you see her, you better persuade her to come to our Demon Moon Island. We will give her treatment and guarantee better than the Nether Moon Palace!"

"Although our Demon Moon Island has a lot of demons, human women are here too! As long as it's a girl that you have recommended to our Demon Moon Island, we will accept all of them."

Qin Yun stared at the gentle, jade-like face of Hu Jingxian and asked with doubt, "Why do you trust me so much?"

"Because of your potential! Your bloodline of the Heavenly Lion, is one of the bloodlines from ancient times! Even though there are the Phoenix bloodline, the Dragon bloodline and the Qilin bloodline in Spirit Desolat, various ancient powerful beast bloodlines exist but the only thing that does not exist is the bloodline of a Heavenly Lion!"

"We also want to discover some secrets!"

Qin Yun did not believe her words. He took out his purple card and said, "I want the heads of the Long and Yang families leaders. As long as I obtain their heads, you can obtain two Dao artifacts!"

"I don't want the purple coins, I will help you release the wanted order!"

With that soft and delicate hand that seemed boneless, she shook Qin Yun's hand.

Qin Yun cursed the fox spirit in his heart as he knew that she had done it on purpose.

This fox spirit could not help but unknowingly hook onto a man's soul.

"Oh right, what are those great powers busy with?" Qin Yun asked politely.

"I won't tell you!" Hu Jingxian smiled mischievously.

After saying that, she hurriedly left the secret room.

Qin Yun followed her out. He wanted to ask her some more questions but she hurriedly left the yard.

His face was at a loss as he thought about what Hu Jingxian had said.

"Little Brother Yun, what are you thinking about? Did you do that beautiful Fox Sis?" Yue Wulan's face was filled with jealousy as she patted Qin Yun on the shoulder.

"Of course not!" Qin Yun shook his head.

The attitude that Demon Moon Island had towards him was simply too great!

He still hadn't figured out the situation, so he didn't plan on joining Demon Moon Island.

"How did the conversation go?" Tian Ruoleng asked.

"It's a success!" Qin Yun nodded and looked at Dao Fan. "Thank you, Old Fan!"

"Oh right, Elder Fan, I need to entrust you with something else! Announce that in the Saber Sword attack and defense competition, as long as it is a descendant of the Long or Yang Family that is crippled, I will reward the person one Xuan artifact!"

Qin Yun's words stunned Dao Fan.

Tian Ruoleng and Yue Wulan did not find it strange because they knew that Qin Yun was a Royal Grade Inscription Spirit Master.

As long as one stepped into the Spirit realm, they could refine Xuan Artifacts.

Back when Qin Yun was in the ancient city of martial arts, he had killed a lot of cultivators and harvested a lot of Xuan Artifacts.

"Alright!" After a moment of surprise, Dao Fan said with a smile, "The Long and Yang families are offering a bounty on you and you guys are offering a bounty on them too!"

The Saber Academy that Dao Fan led only had three disciples, yet they were being hunted by the Long and Yang families. Naturally, Dao Fan was furious but he had no other choice.

Currently, Qin Yun was using a Xuan Artifact to reward the disciples to hunt Yang and Long Families' disciples.

Saber Sword attack and defense competition and the appearance of the bounty order tomorrow had caused many disciples of the Saber Hall and the Sword Hall to become excited!

First, it was the Long and Yang families announcing the bounty orders to cripple Qin Yun, Tian Ruoleng and Yue Wulan.

Those who participated would receive twenty million purple coins.

Following that was the bounty that Qin Yun issued.

As long as a member of the Long or Yang families was crippled, the reward would be a Xuan weapon!

If there were more than ten disciples in a large courtyard who had got the Xuan artifact and then sold it, they might even be able to receive tens of millions of purple crystal coins.

The night after Qin Yun issued his bounty, the members of the Long and Yang families temporarily did not participate in battles to defend themselves.

This was also because the two families had an elder in the Hall of Elders, so they could just casually withdraw.

If it was anyone else, it would be impossible to escape.

It was obvious that the Long family and Yang family couldn't afford it.

Qin Yun's bounty was too provocative. It was enough for some people to be willing to take the risk.

"Motherfucker, how can the disciples of the Yang and Long Families withdraw?" Dao Fan cursed in a low voice in a small hall.

"Old Fan, the effect that I want has already been achieved!"

"I want to let the Long and Yang families know that we are not that easily bullied!"

Qin Yun poured tea for Dao Fan and said with a smile.

Dao Fan also nodded his head, "All along, they had always felt that only they would bully others, while others wouldn't retaliate against them! Now, your retaliation is very powerful and frightens them!"

"It's a pity," said Tian Ruoleng coldly. "Otherwise, we would have been able to kill them ourselves if we had encountered them during the offensive and defensive battles."

"Old Fan, it's not fair for others when only they can withdraw from this competition. How can the Saber Sword Villa not have principles? To be able to make a disciple withdraw so casually?"

"This is a compulsory competition. If they withdraw, wouldn't they be avoiding mining?"

Yue Wulan was extremely vexed. She was thinking of attacking and defending and using Willow Moon Saber to kill off the disciples of the Long and Yang families.

"There will definitely be many disciples complaining about this matter!" Qin Yun said, "Usually, the elders can turn a blind eye to such a huge matter. I don't believe that the elders from the Long and Yang families can suppress this matter!"

Dao Fan said, "We'll see about it tomorrow! Tonight, we shall first decide on a name for our Saber Academy. I will then go and get a signboard to hang on the gates of the courtyard."

"Let's call it 'Fan Dao Academy'. We are all training in the common saber technique!" Qin Yun said hurriedly.

"I agree!" Yue Wulan said.

Tian Ruoleng also nodded.

"Alright!" Dao Fan was also somewhat happy. Smiling, he said, "Go rest. We'll begin our offensive and defensive battles tomorrow!"

The next morning, Qin Yun, Tian Ruoleng and Yue Wulan dressed in black, stood in the yard at the Spirit Formation arena. They were waiting for someone to attack.

Dao Fan stood outside of the martial field and said, "When you are attacking or defending, you can also use your weapons to defend! However, weapons can only be below Xuan Artifacts."

"If the weapons you use have the power of the Xuan Runes, the barrier can detect them!"

Dao Fan was also somewhat worried about his three students. The number of students was too small and there were many large courtyards with more than ten people.

A group of white clothed people suddenly walked in through the entrance to the courtyard!

The disciples of the training hall were all dressed in white!

After this group of white clothed people walked in, a black-clothed young man with a powerful aura also walked in.

Xiong Dao also came!

Other than them, there were also a few elders in golden robes from the Hall of Elders who had also entered the Mortal Saber Garden.

"Azure Thunder Sword Academy, you guys are the Refining Department. You have quite the face to actually attack our Inferior Grade Saber Academy. Aren't you afraid of being laughed at?"

When Dao Fan saw the group of white clothed people, he coldly laughed.

Indeed, Qin Yun and company's first battle was the attack from the Elite Courtyard!

Although the disciples of the Courtyard were all at the ninth level of the martial dao, they were all disciples who had been in the academy for a long time, accumulating rich resources.

There was also a distribution of Xuan pills every month that allowed one to train in various training rooms and they were all candidates at the peak of the ninth level of the martial dao.

The majority of the members of the Azure Thunder Sword Academy were aged and only two of them were young.

The Azure Thunder Sword Academy's teacher was a hunchbacked old man. He smiled sinisterly and said, "We spent thirteen million purple coins to get the first choice of attack, so of course we have to take it back!"

The multiple Sword Academies on the attacking side would decide the order by drawing lots.

If he drew the number one sword academy, he would be able to choose first.

If you want to become the first one to attack, you can also buy it with Purple Crystal Coins!

Thus, in order to gain the first choice of attack.

The sword academies in the training hall had held intense auctions before!

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