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If not for Long Fei, the Roar of Sky Touching would have swept through the entire Area A's examination grounds.

It could be said that Long Fei had saved them.

Now that Long Fei was in a difficult situation, being surrounded, many of the hot-blooded youths could no longer stand.

Repay kindness.

To any of the examinees in the Area A, this was a great opportunity given to them by Long Fei.

The chance to live again.

If they could only watch as Long Fei died in front of them, then what was this?

A young disciple stood up.

His cultivation was not high, and was only at god's elephant state, but he dared to step out.

Because he knew how to be merciful!

"You want to die?"

"Wait until I kill him, you'll be next!" A Disciples of Magic Sect stared at Fan Yishan, his eyes filled with killing intent.

However …

At this moment.

Another young disciple stepped forward, "If you dare to kill him, I won't let you off either!"

"Me too!"

"Me too!"

"Count me in!"

"He saved all of us. It's one thing if you don't know how to thank him, but you still want to kill him? Are you even worthy of being a person?"

"Count me in!"

… ….

Voices rose and fell one after another, from the scattered sounds from before to when a group of people stood out, directly surrounding the dozens of Disciples of Magic Sect.

At this moment.

The Disciples of Magic Sect s revealed expressions of fear.

A Disciples of Magic Sect said solemnly: "Do you know who we are? If you provoke us, you will not have a good ending. If you know what's good for you, then scram to the side. "

While they were talking …

The Disciples of Magic Sect pulled on his clothes, revealing his Disciples of Magic Sect clothing. A bloody blade appeared on his chest.

"Devil Sect!"

"People of the Devil Sect!"

The surrounding people were slightly startled.

The disciple coldly laughed: "It's good that you know this. When it comes to handling matters in the Devil Sect, scram. Otherwise, don't blame us for being impolite."

He wanted to use the name of the Devil Sect to scare these people.

It was because he knew that the dozens of them were definitely not a match for the several thousand people here and the several tens of thousands of people here.

Many people's faces changed.

However …

No one stepped back.

Long Fei said coldly: "Disciples of Magic Sect has appeared in fatry sect. If we get rid of you guys, will we receive fatry sect's rewards?"

"Fighting evil and defending the way is what every one of us who is righteous should do."

As soon as he finished speaking.

The surrounding people stepped forward, their eyes burning with passion.

"He's right."

"Killing the devil and defending the way is what every righteous person like us should do. Kill him!"

"Let's attack together!"


Long Fei's words played a role in their hearts.

As the vanguard in the path of evil, if the fatry sect was able to kill the Disciples of Magic Sect in this assessment, would there be a special reward? Would he directly make it so that they did not have to take the examination to enter the fatry sect?

All this is possible.

Thinking of all these … He felt even more excited.

Long Fei's mouth hooked up as he said coldly: "You want to play with me? I won't be able to play with you! "

The Zhenshoulong sword moved.

He was the first to kill a Disciples of Magic Sect.

It was also at this time.

The battle was about to begin.

The dozens of Disciples of Magic Sect s were all killed in a matter of seconds, like chickens and dogs. They did not struggle at all.

Facing the siege of thousands of people, without an advantage in cultivation, how could he possibly have a chance to resist?

Long Fei let out a heavy sigh. The Disciples of Magic Sect had been annihilated, he did not lower his guard at all. There might even be Zang Tianfeng's people among these people.

Could it be that there is a disciple that is hiding in the Devil Sect?

He had to be careful.

At the same time.

He was also worried about tan dapao and the others. If they also encountered this Ancient Giant Beast, the consequences would be unimaginable!

A few minutes later.

The Disciples of Magic Sect was caught dead or alive.

Now they just waited for the door of spacetime to activate.

The Area A's examination grounds were originally the harshest, place, but facing an ancient being like the Roar of Sky Touching s, they would definitely be burnt to ashes, an existence that had lost all light of death.

But now …

Area A became the most comfortable exam grounds.

They all sat there, elated, waiting for the end of the exam.

… ….


The thick clouds in the sky suddenly moved, and a wild beast like aura swept over.


Without waiting for the elders to react, they were instantly crushed.

Especially Zang Tianfeng, he was so frightened that he immediately fell from his chair, and his eyes darkened. In the entire fatry sect, there was only one person who could release such a wild beast's aura.

of the beast hill.

Wild Beast Crazy Wolf!

A person who grew up within a pack of wolves, a terrifying fellow whose beastmastery defied the heavens.


He was also a monster that was a genius of the martial arts training.

In the entire fatry sect, he was the only person who was proficient in two types of cultivation.

Zang Tianfeng rolled on the ground and immediately crawled back up. He tidied up his clothes and kneeled on the ground, kowtowing heavily: "Greetings beast hill!"

In front of Yuan Tianwang, he could display his might, and be on top of it.

However …

In front of the Peak Owner, he could only kneel.

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The Crazy Wolf landed on the ground and directly stood in front of Zang Tianfeng. It grabbed his collar like it was grabbing a chick, and bellowed angrily: "Who asked you to release my Roar of Sky Touching?"

"Who allowed it?"

"Who gave you the right?"

Zang Tianfeng was so scared that her entire body was trembling, her lips turned white, and she said repeatedly: "I'm sorry Peak Owner, I, I, I, I …"

He couldn't even speak.

The Crazy Wolf glanced at Zang Tianfeng, and instantly flung him backwards fiercely.


A hundred meters away, Zang Tianfeng was smashed into a pulp, his entire face was covered in mud and he looked extremely miserable. However, the moment he stood up, he immediately kneeled on the ground, not daring to be disrespectful in the slightest.

The Crazy Wolf didn't even spare him a glance as it stared coldly at the Area A's door of spacetime.

The surrounding elders froze.

Their gazes could not help but look towards the distant Zang Tianfeng.

He was the head examiner.

Only he could activate the door of spacetime and let the other examinees out.

The Crazy Wolf glanced at him, then looked at the Crazy Wolf in the distance: "Didn't you hear what I said?"

Zang Tianfeng quickly knelt down and said: "Lord Peak Owner, the examination time is not over yet, if you open it now, I'm afraid it will be … …"

Before he could finish.

The Crazy Wolf shouted: "Exam? You clearly know that it's an exam but you still let the Roar of Sky Touching in. Do you want all the people inside to die? You call this an examination? "

"Do you want to cut off the roots of fatry sect?"

Zang Tianfeng was so frightened that he started to tremble, and kept on kowtowing: "Disciple does not dare, disciple does not dare."

The Crazy Wolf bellowed, "Open the door!"

Zang Tianfeng was still a little hesitant. After all, this was a rule, and he knew that the Crazy Wolf would not kill him.

The Crazy Wolf shouted loudly, "The Area A's assessment is already over."

"Don't you know that the Roar of Sky Touching was beaten away?"

"Open the door!"

Zang Tianfeng was confused.

The Roar of Sky Touching was beaten away?

This … How is this possible?


Zang Tianfeng rolled his eyes, "Could it be that brat?" If it was him … No, even if it wasn't him, it was still him. Brat, you have hurt the precious thing that is the beast hill, today you are dead for sure! "

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