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Chapter 322: 322、Entering the Capital for Progress Report (Part 3)

Liu Weidong thought to himself, Just a student. Even if you have almighty powers, you still have to abide by the rules right?In this village, he, Liu Weidong, is the rule!

As for the follow-up lines to say, Liu Weidong had already thought them through. No matter what, 800 dollars a mu!

800 yuan? How can you just raise the price like that?Lu Shu was unhappy.

Ka! Lu Shu crushed the mug. “So sorry, held it to hard. I heard that other contracted lands are 600 yuan a mu?”

“From Liu Weidong’s distress, +399!”

Lu Shu had done his research before coming. Why would he come before doing proper research? How dishonest of this guy!

Liu Weidong looked sorely as Lu Shu crushed the porcelain mug into powder. Alright, alright, 600 it shall be… Liu Weidong realised that with his prowess, it would not be a problem for him to come back at midnight to destroy his house…

Liu Weidong sighed deeply, “Yes, the land can be contracted out…but can you put down the spear first?”

“30 years. 600 a year, a total of 18000 yuan. Let’s sign the contract,” Lu Shu was also highly efficient. He wanted to complete everything fast and begin the gathering of magical power.

Both Big Kitty and Naughty Pig had arrived, and there was no space at home for them. He could only find Li Yixiao to help keep them in the Beimang remains camp.

Xi Fei was already furiously hurrying him to lead them away multiple times. Big Kitty was better, as long as there was meat to eat, it would not make a fuss. But Naughty Pig was different, this clumsy oaf had already upturned a few tents!

Naughty Pig did not mean any harm, it only wanted to find out what was in the tents…

To Naughty Pig, this activity was similar to opening treasure chests. Upturn a tent, oh there are ten people inside. Upturn the other tent, oh there’s nine in this one. Interesting, interesting…

Xi Fei and the rest really felt like slaughtering Naughty Pig. But this was Lu Shu’s, and they honestly did not want to do such a thing.

The students of Daoyuan Class were a little ostracising towards Lu Shu, but those in the inner circle of the Heavenly Network were actually pretty close to him. This was because they respect all who are powerful. This was a habit long since cultivated.

Is Lu Shu powerful enough?To Xi Fei and the others, Yes, absolutely.

Lu Shu had brought Lu Xiaoyu to the Beimang remains yesterday specially to reassure Naughty Pig and tell it not to cause any trouble. Everyone discovered that this clumsy pig only listens to Lu Xiaoyu.

Lu Shu’s plan was to get the land as soon as possible. Coalescence of souls still required twenty odd days. Cultivation of land was not an urgent task, but they must at least have a place for Naughty Pig to roam.

With Lu Xiaoyu’s restrictions, it dared not go around rooting soil from lands belonging to others, and since it could play happily in its own piece of land.

As a Daoyuan Class student, Lu Shu coming to buy land would surely raise some suspicions. However, it was just an ordinary piece of land. Before Lu Shu utilise the Seal of Lands, he was sure Liu Weidong would not discover anything.

As for how this place would be transformed in the future, Lu Shu did not care too much. Now that magical energy rejuvenation was ongoing, there were many places that were once not blessed lands but later became one after there was a rise in magical energy.

When that happen, Lu Shu had to at most admit that he was a sensory type. What was the big deal?

After signing the contract, if Liu Weidong were to go back on his words or anything, legal measures aside, Lu Shu could also revert the land back into an ordinary farmland any time.

With his Seal of Land, wherever Lu Shu goes, the place will become a blessed land…

Everybody was highly efficient. In three days, everything was settled. The items belonging to the original tenant was not removed and were all given to Lu Shu.

In the courtyard, there were also grape vines. They heard that in summer, the grapes here were especially nice. Lu Xiaoyu’s mouth watered just thinking about it. Lu Shu thought that with magical energy, the grapes would probably be even nicer…

In the afternoon three days later, Lu Shu rode on the over two meters tall Naughty Pig while Lu Xiaoyu rode on Big Kitty, also almost two meters tall, as they went down the mountain together… this was indeed a bizarre scene.

When the two arrived at the village, Liu Weidong, who was enjoying a cigarette while chatting with others at the entrance, was stunned. What the heck! What’s happening!

A few villagers retreated unconsciously. Big Kitty and Naughty Pig seemed really ferocious!

Liu Weidong stared at Naughty Pig. Never in his life had he saw this type of wild boar. The old village head’s mouth trembled, “Look out for your livestock, don’t let them be taken…”

He summoned up his courage to ask from afar, “Lu Shu, this is…?!”

“Oh, just to guard the place. No need to worry, everybody…”

As Lu Shu was saying that, Naughty Pig upturned a stone seat at the village entrance that must have weighed a few hundred kilograms…

“From Liu Weidong’s distress, +499…”


Lu Shu saw no need for politeness towards Liu Weidong. Honest or not, he had no plan to interact with the village head anymore. It was imperative that they both mind only their own business. He would surely not let Naughty Pig and Big Kitty harm the villagers, but if the one mu of land were to really become a blessed land, he would also not want them to have any ideas.

Under usual circumstances, Liu Weidong, as the lord of his village, would try to prevail over others from the first encounters, In the end, he was badly frightened by a wild boar…

It was as if, they were indeed not on the same level in this world.

“You must restrain them well, cannot harm people. They must not cause damage in the village, nor the farmland of others. Let them play in the mountains in the day and return to sleep at night.” Lu Shu told Lu Xiaoyu.

Lu Xiaoyu nodded.

Now that Anthony’s soul had not coalesce, Lu Shu had no plan to tire himself out working the land. He would just settle Naughty Pig and Big Kitty there.

Just at that moment, he received a call by Li Yixiao: Get ready to go to the capital for progress report.

This meant that Nie Ting had returned to the capital.

Li Yixiao said just now that 82 fighters with Tier A aptitude would be there to report their progress. With Lu Shu included, it would be 83. He better not embarrass Yuzhou.

There are really few people with Tier A aptitude. According to the Population Census, the population now stands at 1.3 billion, but isn’t it already 1.4 billion?Lu Shu did not know the actual figures, Population Census was itself a difficult task.

Among 1.4 billion people, only 82 Tier A aptitude geniuses emerged. What was the proportion? It was frightening to just think about it.

However, Lu Shu had the impression that the two Tier A geniuses in Qingzhou were still far from Class D peak ability. In other places without remains, the level should be similar. Why do they all need to go to the capital for progress report?

Lu Shu had a hunch that this time round, the progress report would not be that easy. Unexpected things may happen.

However, he was not the least worried. To walk with the geniuses across the country was definitely a good thing.

Compared to meeting Nie Ting alone, Lu Shu would rather go with many people. Just have to go with the flow.

One more point. Li Yixiao said not to be the disgrace of Yuzhou. Could it be…that the Heavenly Network wanted to let pit the geniuses against one another?

After all, in the first state, the first batch of chosen geniuses had all risen. The batches following that would surely require grooming. Lu Shu was not sure what would Nie Ting be up to this time. Just take it one step at a time.

Setting off tomorrow. He would be taking the train to the capital with Cao Qingci. He heard that Northbound geniuses in the Beijing-Guangzhou route would all be taking this train. Maybe he could meet some interesting characters.

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