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Many of the Mysterious Heaven Alliance cultivators in West Sea City could not help but cry out in alarm.

Ever since the appearance of the green-robed cultivator, all of the Heavenly Mystery Alliance cultivators in the Western Sea City knew that an earth-shattering battle was about to occur, and it was going to be a true pinnacle duel. Besides Zhangsun Xiaoru and the others who knew of Wei Suo's true identity, all of the other Heavenly Mystery Alliance cultivators in the Western Sea City were extremely nervous.

And now, with just the waves of the Heaven's Altar striking out, it was hard to imagine the might of a True Immortal. The five azure divine lights seemed to pierce through the void, moving so fast that no one could even react to them.

Furthermore, these five light green divine lights were extremely powerful. The moment they appeared around the green-robed cultivator, they caused the air around them to explode, as if five ancient beasts were attacking the green-robed cultivator at the same time.


As the cultivators of the Heavenly Mystery Alliance in the West Sea City cried out in alarm, they saw a black flame flash around the green-clothed cultivator's body, but it was shattered by the five faint green divine lights. The five faint green divine lights solidly hit the green-clothed scholar.


When they saw this scene, even Heart's Youlan and the others, who knew of Wei Suo's identity, could not help but let out a cry of surprise.

"Haha!" With such a big tone, it turns out that he's also a wax like a silver spear. At most, he's only at the middle stage of the fifth stage of the Divine Profound Realm! " Upon seeing this scene, Zhantai Linglan suddenly let out a loud shout and grabbed with his hand. With a "hualala" sound, a pale white divine light swept out for a thousand miles like a heavenly river. It swept away Wei Suo, who was still dressed as a cultivator with a pale green robe and a yellow face, and the large group of demonic beasts behind him.

"If you want to make me eat, then eat enough!" In the blink of an eye, he covered a distance of a thousand meters and arrived within a thousand feet of Wei Suo. Amidst the wild laughter of Zhantai Ling, he stretched out his hand and pointed out a pale white divine light which overflowed with the aura of a True Immortal.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Within the West Sea City, many of the Heavenly Mystery Alliance cultivators cried out in alarm. They couldn't understand how this green-robed cultivator's words could be so exaggerated. Could it be that he had underestimated the might of a True Immortal?

"Haha, I was just teasing you for a bit, yet you took it seriously."

However, at this time, the dying green-robed cultivator who looked like he was about to be cut into several pieces suddenly laughed. He seemed to have resurrected on the spot and appeared in front of the circular platform.


At this moment, there were quite a few people who were using magic tools to watch this battle. However, it was only at this moment that these people were able to clearly see that although this green-robed cultivator's body was bleeding profusely and his vestment had been torn. It was unknown what kind of demon beast's blood he used, or what methods he used, but not even Zhankai Linglan could tell that he was being cheated.

It had to be known that with the perception of the Zhankai Spiritual Ripple, just the false appearance of being heavily wounded was impossible to fool. If he wanted to deceive the Zhankai Spiritual Ripple, he had to at least control his vital energy and true essence to a weakened state. Not only did he have to have a special secret technique to coordinate with it, he also had to cast it at a speed that was at least above the Zhankai Spiritual Ripple. After all, he had activated a black fiery domain to block the Spiritual Ripple of the Zhankai, and in that instant, he had used a trick to fool the Spiritual Ripple of the Zhankai.

With such a casting speed and power that hit the body without any damage, it was as if he was playing with ZhanTai and Linglan just like that.


Zhantai Ling Lan was already prepared to see the miserable state of this person as he was thrown into that pile of stinky demon beast poop. How could she have imagined that this person would suddenly revive and arrive right in front of her? Moreover, the distance between them was less than three meters. This person was so close that all the hair on his body stood on end.

This is the power of a true Immortal!

At this moment, most of the cultivators of the Heavenly Profound Alliance in the West Sea City were horrified. A sense of helplessness welled up within them. Just the shock from the incoming energy was enough to make them feel as if they were about to be crushed into an invincible abyss.

"Every one of these gourd-shaped balls of divine light is simply like the jurisdiction of a Divine Profound Supreme Elder … With so many different jurisdictions having combined their might, to what extent would the full might of a single blow from a True Immortal reach? " An old man of the fourth level of the Aurous Core stage from the Profound Sky Alliance was completely ice-cold.

The might of a true Immortal was so strong that it seemed as if a single person could transform the might of countless Divine Profound experts into one. No matter what era one was in, a true Immortal was a legend in the world of cultivation!

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However, what made everyone stop breathing for a moment was the endless red and silver divine lights gushing out from Wei Suo's body, one black and one white. When they shattered, one of his fists pierced through the heaven and earth, forcibly piercing through the sky, breaking through the chaotic divine power collision between the two and ruthlessly hitting the tower's spirit.


The robe on Zhantai Linglan's body also cracked instantly. His whole chest had caved in, and he was sent flying backward.

A true Immortal was actually sent flying by a single blow!

"Ahhhh!" All of the Cultivators in the West Sea City were completely dumbfounded, unable to make a sound.

They saw that Wei Suo's body was also sent flying by the immense power, but there was still not a single wound on his body. The might of a True Immortal was actually unable to cause him any harm at all.

Even more terrifying was that in that instant, an even more terrifying aura began to emanate out from Wei Suo. This aura resembled that of a true Immortal, but was even more shocking than that of a true Immortal!

"How is this possible!"

Zhantai Linglan was completely struck dumb.

The full power of a blow from a True Immortal … no one knew how powerful it was. Could it be that he, who had already reached the level of a True Immortal, didn't know?

From Jindan to Mysterious God, the most important thing was the transformation of the body into the Mysterious God avatar. But from the Mysterious God to the True Immortal, the greatest change was actually a change in the power of true essence.

True Immortal primeval essence, as the ancient saying goes, "immortal elemental energy". The difference between Divine Xuan primeval essence and true Immortal primeval essence was like the difference between water and molten divine iron. The might of this technique and the might of this jurisdiction were completely multiplied by several times!

This was also the reason why a mighty warrior of the fifth level of the Divine Profound Realm would find it difficult to deal with several fourth level Divine Profound experts. However, a bunch of ordinary third or fourth level Divine Profound experts were simply unable to deal with the Ancient Emperor's corpse.

This was because there were several fourth level Divine Profound experts who could join hands and were able to resist the might of the five major powers. However, it was very difficult for them to withstand a single blow from a True Immortal.

Even if it was a body refined from several divine metals, they would still be smashed into pulp by his full force attack. However, his full force attack had not caused any damage to his opponent's body at all. How was this possible!

Unless it was the bastard who had relied on his fleshly body to withstand the Heavenly Tribulation over two hundred years ago!

When he thought of Wei Suo, Zhantai Linglan couldn't help but shiver.


A transparent crack in space appeared and twisted towards Wei Suo.

"Little Lan Lan, you still want to stubbornly resist?" However, Wei Suo already knew that this transparent spatial crack was coming. With a slight gust of wind, he dodged this attack and arrived in front of Zhantai Linglan in the blink of an eye.


Zhantai Linglan looked at the smiling Wei Suo who had suddenly appeared in front of her, and his hair stood on end.

"Great Void Brahma realm!"

A transparent oval-shaped magic mirror appeared around Zhantai Linglan's body.

Vyeso was frozen in the air.

Rather than saying he was stuck in the air, it would be more accurate to say that Wei Suo was constantly passing through the many transparent oval magic mirrors. However, every time he passed through a mirror, he would stay where he was. It felt like he was running in the fog, but after running for a while, he returned to his original place.

"Shua shua shua shua shua!"

Zhantai Linglan's body seemed to have suddenly turned into dozens of springs as various types of origin energy laws rippling with terrifying auras manifested around his body.

It was as if dozens of divine blades of light were constantly being slashed down by the frozen Wei Suo in the air.

From the looks of it, Wei Suo was in an extremely miserable state. He looked like a pitiful little mouse that was being tied up and about to be chopped into pieces.

However, at the same time, despite having the upper hand and desperately trying to trigger all sorts of might to slay Wei Suo, Zhankai Linglan broke out in a cold sweat.

He fought to his heart's content, but no matter what methods he used, no matter what kind of power he used, he was unable to hit Wei Suo. Wei Suo's body didn't even have a single obvious wound or wound! On the contrary, the supreme secret technique of the Void Great Brahma was shattered by him.

"So cool! So cool!" While twisting his body, Wei Suo actually said something like this.


Seeing that Wei Suo was able to escape, Zhantai Linglan was so frightened that he started to shout loudly. At the same time, he also wanted to stimulate the Great Brahma Realm to at least trap Wei Suo for a bit. But at this moment, he saw Wei Suo shake his head towards him. He muttered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Don't waste your strength. Even heavenly tribulation can't cut me down, can you still kill me?"

"You are …!" This voice sounded somewhat familiar. Moreover, this tone and words caused Zhantai Linglan's body to convulse violently. A person's figure appeared in his mind and his spell was immediately stopped.


However, Wei Suo did not stop at all. With a chuckle and an explosive sound, his fist once again struck the ZhanTai Spiritual Ripple.

"You are …" The Zhankai Spirit Wave flew out once again, letting out an extremely shocked and shrill cry.

"What is it? I see that you're tired even after spraying so many things all day. Eat something first!" However, Wei Suo's movements were extremely consistent, as if he was already prepared. As soon as the Zenith Spirit Wave sound was released, a ray of light swept out, and the large pile of demon beast feces was condensed into a ball the size of a goose egg by Wei Suo. It looked as if he was going to explain how strong it was, just like a piece of fine gold, and Wei Suo immediately threw it into the mouth of the Zenith Spirit Wave.

"Ugh." At this moment, Zhantai Ling Lan immediately couldn't tell who Wei Suo was, and even the blood and essence coming out of his mouth was forcibly blocked.

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