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Yale continued speaking with the two siblings explaining details about the life of humans on the continent. The information was just common knowledge, but for those who lived all their lives in the ocean, that explanation was interesting.
"After hearing this, I want to try going there..."
The small mermaid was far too curious and wanted to know more.
"If you want to do that, hurry up and awaken your Sea Race Bloodline to obtain a biped form or you will never be able to do it."
The merman said that without thinking, but Yale's eyes lightened as he finally heard something important.
"What is that Sea Race Bloodline?"
The siblings were initially shocked by the question because that was a secret, but after thinking about it, the big brother had just spoken about it, so it was normal that Yale showed curiosity.
"This is a secret, but you told us so many things that I would feel guilty if I don't reply..."
The merman didn't seem too willing to speak about that, but since he was the one who brought the topic and the other party was still the savior of their lives, he decided to make an exception.
"The Sea Race was an Ancient Race that lived in this ocean, but they are already extinguished. However, some of their bloodlines managed to pass down thanks to the Mermaid Race."
Yale wasn't expecting that the Sea Race already disappeared and only some bloodlines were remaining in another species.
"Being honest... we two are the last ones with the Sea Race Bloodline. The current matriarch of the Mermaid Race is a bloodline supremacist that discriminate against those who aren't pure mermaids or mermen, so she worked in the shadows to slowly kill everyone like us..."
The merman seemed grieved at that moment; he never did anything wrong and had an exemplary behavior, but just because of his origins he had suffered too much.
"They even poisoned my big brother weakening him, without a cure, he would have died in another week. That is the reason why I came here because I heard that there was an antidote, but that seems to be another lie to deal with us..."
The small mermaid also seemed to be in a bad mood speaking about that.
"Usually it would be difficult that so many marine monsters gathered together to attack my sister, it is obviously a scheme of the matriarch or some of her underlings to deal with us because my sister is a true genius and if something happened to her, there would be too many people rebelling against the matriarch. Thus, she needed to force her to leave voluntarily and provoke marine beasts to do the dirty job."
The merman explained that with anger in the voice that was transmitting through Spiritual Sense.
"That matriarch of yours is truly despicable, but I already healed that poison, so don't worry. Although, I admit that I thought that the poison was from one of those sea monsters."
Usually, a member of the Mermaid Race would feel angry when someone spoke like that about the matriarch, but those two siblings agreed with Yale's words.

"I know that you also healed it, you are truly our savior. Continuing with the explanation, we are usually the same as any other member of the Mermaid Race, but when we awake our bloodlines, we can change our forms to battle form and human form, although the latter is more difficult to achieve. As those forms are a biped, it is possible to walk on the ground with them, and that is why I told my sister that she needed to awaken her bloodline. I can use the battle form to walk in the ground, but my sister had yet to awaken her bloodline, so she can't."
Yale finally understood the story behind those two, but he couldn't avoid thinking that it was too much coincidence that he had met the two only members left with a bloodline of the Sea Race.
In fact, Yale knew that it wasn't a coincidence, he ended there by following the quests of the Last Wish System, if he hadn't completed the previous quest in the target time, he wouldn't have been able to save them. The same applied to his current quest without him being alert of the members of the Sea Race under the water; he wouldn't have found them.
"Do you plan to return to your home? As far as you told me there is no reason for you to return. I can consider our meeting as fate, if you two want to travel with me I am going to the other continent in this world."
Yale really felt pity for those two and wanted to help them, but he also thought that if they knew about where the World Sea Pearl was hidden, they would try to get it before departing.
"If they get the pearl and I get them, I think that should count as obtaining the pearl, right?"
Yale wasn't sure if that would work, but it was worth of trying.
If the Sea Race still existed, there was no doubt that the World Sea Pearl would be an heirloom that couldn't be moved outside their tribe, but since those two were the only survivors, Yale believed that it might work.
"Thank you for your offer, but we can't accept. That matriarch has the heirloom of the Sea Race in her possession although she doesn't have any relationship with the Sea Race at all. Leaving without recovering it would be like betraying our ancestors."
The merman replied to Yale with difficulty as Yale's offer was really a temptation of forgetting everything and start a new life. As for the mermaid, she would have accepted if her brother hadn't spoken, she didn't even think in that heirloom.
"An heirloom?"
Yale already guessed what it was, but he didn't want the siblings to notice about that.
"Yes, it is called the World Sea Pearl and have the effects of make the understanding of the Water Law easier. The legend says that it was created by the Sea God of the original world of the Sea Race."
Yale couldn't avoid changing his expression when he heard about the thing which he needed to obtain. Of course, the other two noticed it, but they felt that it was normal that Yale was excited by something that could make it easier to understand a Law.
"How powerful is that matriarch of yours? I can try to help you to recover that if I can do it. As for what you two want to do afterward, it is your decision; you can follow me or leave on your own."
The siblings knew that Yale was enticed by the World Sea Pearl, but the fact that he wasn't asking them to use it in exchange for his help was a proof that he wasn't helping due to greed.
"The matriarch advanced recently to the 1-star Sage Rank."
Yale already guessed that the matriarch would be strong. Moreover, being a 1-star Sage Rank expert wasn't the worst possibility that Yale had considered.
"With that power, it won't be easy, but it isn't impossible. If we make a good plan, recovering the World Sea Pearl and fleeing is possible, but I can't ensure that the matriarch will die."
Yale was careful with his words because he didn't want to make impossible promises. With his current power, there was no way he could kill a Sage Rank expert in a frontal battle, but defeating the other party was still possible.
The worst problem was that the ocean was the natural environment of mermaids, so the matriarch would be able to battle at full strength while Yale could only use perfectly some of his skills and the time of Water Control was still limited.
"Are you sure?"
The mermaid couldn't believe Yale's words.
"Yes, I am far more powerful than I seem and killing me is pretty difficult even for your matriarch. Moreover, I am not alone in this travel; it is just that I am the only one who can breathe naturally under the water, so the others didn't dive with me."
Yale didn't know if someone else had that capability or not, but it wasn't too normal having it.
"Breathe naturally under the water? Do you have some type of bloodline related to the ocean?"
It was possible for experts to not breathe for a while traveling under the water but being able to breathe naturally was at another level.
"I have a bloodline related to the Water Law, but it hasn't any relationship with the ocean. Moreover, I also have some understanding of the Water Law, so I feel pretty comfortable even being here."
The Mermaid Race and the Sea Race had affinities towards the Water Law, and it was something pretty normal among those living under the water, but the degree of affinity was different, and the Sea Race was at the top when speaking about affinity to Water Law.
Of course, that was only when comparing it with other underwater species, it wasn't better than the Time Freezing Wolf Bloodline.
"Water Law?"
They already guessed that Yale was pretty skilled with water when he froze those marine monsters but having some understanding of the Water Law was something that surpassed their expectations.
"Yes, don't need to be that shocked, I already told that I am more powerful than I seem."
The siblings didn't know how to react while Yale treated his understanding of the Water Law as if it wasn't something shocking.
"Alright, I will teleport both of you to a special dimension where my friends are hiding right now. We can make plans there; here there is a risk that some servant of that matriarch would come to check the results of the marine monsters attack."
After Yale said those words, the three of them disappeared from their positions. Fortunately, the Storage Space still had enough space for them to enter, although it was already full after they had entered.
A minute after they disappeared a mermaid swam near the place where they had been hiding with a wide smile on her face.
"It seems that not even the bones were left. Those two deserved it for their dirty bloodlines."
The mermaid continued swimming back to her tribe without noticing anything about the truth. After all, Yale had secretly stored the corpses of those marine monsters after hearing that the ambush was a plan of the Mermaid Race.

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