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Book 6 Chapter 27.9 - Seat of Emotions

The sound of layers being smashed through one after the other Lei was expecting never happened. She thought for a bit, and then she passed through the giant hole in the wall Su smashed through, entering the room Su fell into. Through the layers of rising smoke and dust, she discovered that Su's arms and legs were extended outwards, hanging from the corner of the ceiling like a spider, currently coldly watching her.

Lei's sharp eyes swept over the dark biological armor around Su's body. When she found that even though his body was covered in fine cracks, apart from the giant injury from Westwood, there weren't many large gaps that could injure the inside of his body, her eyes couldn't help but contract. Just now, even though more than half of the power of her attack was borrowed from Su, the absolute force shouldn't be any inferior to the full power strike of someone with ten levels of power. It seems like even if Su's defensive strength didn't reach ten levels, it wasn't far off. Apart from eleven levels of perception, the amount of power and speed Su could instantly erupt with was at or or not too far from ten levels; for his comprehensive strength, every additional tenth level ability would exponentially raise his combat prowess. However, this wasn't what made Lei surprised, after all, during Blood Dusk, she had put down more than one tyrannical opponent with her own hands.

With just a single look, Lei could engrave all of Su's physical changes into her mind, not letting go of a single detail. Those criss-crossed great injuries on Su's body, forget about placing them on a human body, even if they were placed on any organism, they would be fatal wounds. At the very least, the tremendous amount of pain brought by one's survival instincts would definitely make that creature's movements change to some degree without exception. However, Su was the only exception Lei had ever seen in her entire life.

"Come down?" Lei's finger gestured, her movement and voice both seemed extremely frivolous.

"Sure." Su's voice was calm to the point of making one's heart turn cold. His arms and legs loosened, and then his body immediately fell on the ground like a lump of lead. He no longer used the powerful yet difficult to control Extreme Assault, instead walking over with large steps. His right leg swept at Lei's waist like an executioner's blade.

Lei's expression became more and more grave. Abandoning the use of powerful abilities wasn't a choice everyone could make, but Su instantly made the decision. Even though she could be considered a great master in the field of close combat, she still wasn't able to fully grasp everything. Lei's hand pressed gently against the leg Su swept over, and then her body fluttered like willow catkin, her elbow already smashing towards Su's face. Su moved his arm out to block this strike. When the two arms met, a muffled sound rang out, his arm immediately becoming somewhat deformed. However, it was as if he didn't sense anything, his left hand already pressed against Lei's arm, and then his fingers crushed down! Before those fingers crushed down, Lei already withdrew her hand, but the silver skintight clothes were still torn off, more than ten bloody streaks added to her skin. This was the first time Lei received external injuries after the battle began.

Su and Lei's bodies were almost tangled together, his body and various portions all becoming weapons, muffled striking sounds continuous and unending. Several seconds later, Su was fiercely swung out once more, this time only stopping after collapsing two walls. Su lowered his head to look at his own ribs, that area having a clear depression. Moreover, there were several pieces of armor that had disappeared without a trace, revealing the bloody and mangled body tissues underneath.

Lei didn't chase after him. At this time, Su already realized that it wasn't that she didn't want to, but rather that she didn't have the ability to. Lei, who looked fine and unhindered on the outside, was already quite heavily injured inside. Those attacks that seriously injured Su long exceeded the limits of her ability, these strikes a skill similar to explosive strikes, each attack bringing her body a heavy burden. After fighting with Su for this long, Lei had long exceeded the limits of what her body could bear. It was to the extent where she already couldn't completely hide the situation inside her body, allowing Su to see the various old injuries all over her body that were now relapsing. Su's body straightened, already bouncing up from the ground, tangling around Lei in battle once more. This was a battle of life and death, Su didn't give her time to recover.

Several seconds later, Su flew out backwards once more, the force at which he flew out with much smaller this time, to the extent where his body didn't even smash through one wall. Su first steadied his body, and then he fixed his head that was tilted backwards unnaturally. Following his movements, two streaks of blood sprayed out from his face, his perfect face also completely destroyed by this heavy strike. His nose was crooked, his nose bones completely fractured, half of his face also swollen. In past battles, Su's handsome face actually brought him quite a bit of convenience, all enemies, regardless of whether they were male or female would inadvertently avoid hitting his face, or at least feel a bit of hesitation. Towards excessively beautiful things, humans would always feel a bit of hesitation before they ruined it. Meanwhile this time, Lei finally overcame her mental barrier, sending a fist viciously into Su's face!

Without needing a mirror, his omnipotent perception strength transmitted his current appearance into Su's consciousness. For some reason, after having this bewitching face ruined, Su instead felt much more at ease. He conveniently wiped off some blood that flowed down from his face, and then he actually laughed, saying to Lei, "Thanks."

He had his face whacked, yet he he said thanks? Lei was quite speechless, but she knew that Su was definitely not a pervert or lunatic. On the contrary, he was terrifyingly cool-headed and intelligent, the most frightening war machine Lei had seen in her entire life.

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