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Chapter 826 - Triple Yuan Realm

The 'Ceaseless Domain Boundary' no longer existed, so Qian Yu and the rest of the Rankers immediately joined in. The pressure on the eight of them decreased greatly. Although Yun Su, Ying Feichen and the other Cloud Desolate City Rankers had the upper hand, the situation of the peaks had undergone a tremendous change.

In front of the Tiger Divine Palace,, Hu Kai and other Tiger Clan s of the True Spirit Level had already gathered together. They were divided into several small teams, and each team had at least several tens of people, yet they were all as one.

"Soul Gathering Great Image?"

Tang Huan had already quietly retreated to the front of the hall. Seeing the actions of Hu Ben and the others, a thought immediately flashed through his mind. Those "Dark Wind Demonic Wolf" deep in the Firing Dragon Mountain Range, under training, were able to unleash a method like "Soul Gathering Great Image".

"Roar!" "Roar …"

Amidst earth-shaking roars, a giant tiger with an incomparably large build rose up one after another. Hu Ben and the others had actually all merged into the giant tiger, and pounced towards the summit of Tiger Vigour Summit.

This was the true "Soul Gathering Great Image"!

Tang Huan's heart moved. Compared to Hu Ben and the others' methods, the "Dark Wind Demonic Wolf" they were using was a weaker version of the "Soul Gathering Great Image."

If it was a one on one fight, Hu Ben and the others would be fighting to their deaths, but after dozens of people fought together using the "Soul Gathering Great Image", each of the Great Image's explosive strength was no weaker than that of the Clan Guardian Commander. Although it could not threaten strong people like Yun Su and Yun Su, it had the effect of restraining them.

After they joined, the two sides were almost evenly matched.

The battle became more and more intense, spreading out from the peak of the mountain. The numerous Tiger Clan cultivators gathered in front of the Tiger Divine Palace also spread out, in order to avoid being caught in the crossfire.


With an ear-piercing sound of air being torn apart, Yun Su swung his long blade. The black blade light was like a gigantic waterfall, howling towards the giant golden tiger that had fallen into the Tiger Divine Palace.

Wherever the blade's light passed, the incomparably sharp Strength Qi suddenly raged, as though it had cut open the void. Under the glint of the blade, a long and narrow crack immediately poured down from the peak of the mountain, as if it was as dry as rotten weeds. In a split-second, the front part of the crack arrived behind Tiger Divine Palace.


The roar pierced through the gold rock and shook the night sky, the golden tiger stepped forward and rushed into the sky with its fangs bared and claws brandishing, inside its mouth, Hu Lie's unusually muscular body shot out, the gigantic sword in his hand slashed down onto the black blade beam, the Sword Qi was like a tide, its power and might was overflowing.

Behind the huge tiger, the Tiger Divine Palace collapsed with a loud bang. Smoke and dust billowed up, filling the air.

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The blade beams and sword qi instantly shattered, the Strength Qi stirred crazily, following that, the gigantic sword in Hu Lie's hand and Yun Su's long blade fiercely clashed.

Amidst the sounds that even his eardrums seemed to have been pierced, Hu Lie's body retreated backwards, and once again fused with the Great Image, causing the huge golden tiger to fall onto the floor of the hall, which was already empty. Countless dust and sand surged up from all directions, and a gigantic pit appeared.

Yun Su pounced towards Hu Lie once again, but right when he moved his body, a gigantic fiery red snake appeared at his side, its tail sweeping out horizontally, which was precisely the Great Image that Qian Yu had transformed into.

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An instant later, another explosive sound resounded through the sky.

Tang Huan, who was watching the battle from several hundred meters away, as well as and the others around him, were all extremely shocked in their hearts.

At the summit, the warriors from both sides were fighting and killing each other. In the dozen or so battles, especially the battle between Yun Su, Hu Lie and Qian Yu, the situation was the most intense. The Lord of Cloud Desolate City was truly worthy of being the strongest person here. Only Hu Lie and Qian Yu, the two Lord's working together, could withstand his attack.

"Above the True Spirit, there are three realms. The three realms are the Essence Condensation, the Sky Origin, and the Earth Essence realms." Tang Huan thought for a while, "Lord Hu Lie, Lord Qian Yu and Ying Feichen should have reached the peak of the Essence Condensation Realm, and Yun Su's cultivation should have already reached the Sky Origin Stage. However, he just broke through not too long ago, if not, even if Hu Lie and Qian Yu, the two Lord s, joined hands, they might not be able to hold on …"

"Yun Su, since you are here today, don't leave, save your life in Tiger Vigour Summit!" Hu Lie's wild laughter resounded throughout the world. That enormous tiger pounced down from dozens of meters in the air, and it was actually like a huge mountain had collapsed. Pang Shuo's body was swept up into a terrifying golden storm.


Above the messy Tiger Divine Palace ruins, the giant fiery red snake suddenly pounced forward. With its mouth wide open, it seemed to be able to swallow the entire area in front of it.

Seeing this scene, many of the Tiger Clan cultivators felt their hearts tremble.

"Hu Lie, Qian Yu, just the two of you?" The blade seemed to have been split into two as two gigantic black streaks whizzed out like a flood towards the giant golden tiger and the giant fiery snake respectively. Within a radius of dozens of meters, the streaks of light appeared to have been completely split by the sucking.

"What if you add this old man as well?"

Right at this moment, a vigorous voice suddenly resounded in the night sky, and a figure rushed down the stairs. In an instant, dozens of meters away, there was an old man dressed in a gold robe, his brows were white and his hair was white, and two sarcomas protruded from his forehead.

A few hundred meters behind the golden-robed elder, more than ten figures were leaping up.

"Long Xinquan?"

Yun Su's face changed, and immediately, a word came out of his mouth, "Retreat!" The note was like a thunderbolt, and at the instant it exploded, the entire Tiger Vigour Summit seemed to tremble violently.

As soon as the voice fell, within a circumference of a few hundred metres, giant eagles soared into the sky, almost every giant eagle brought along a Cloud Desolate City cultivator, while Yun Su also retreated quickly.

Dense black aura roared out from his body, and like a tornado, it coiled around his body. This bizarre method actually allowed Yun Su's speed to reach an extremely inconceivable level. When the giant golden tiger and giant fiery red snake shattered the two black beams of light and chased after them, Yun Su was already a hundred meters away.

"Tang Huan, be careful!"

In the next moment, the giant golden tiger seemed to have sensed something. At the same time that Hu Lie's roars sounded, a tall and sturdy figure appeared, his expression extremely ugly as his eyes filled with anxiety and anger. He suddenly realised, Yun Su was running towards the direction he was going.

"This is bad!"

On top of a huge boulder, Tang Huan's chest was thumping loudly, his heart was alarmed and he was already more than 100 meters away from the boulder. On the other side, Yun Su was dragging his blade backwards, the savage look in his eyes revealing itself, as if he was a ferocious beast from the ancient times that had escaped from its cage.

Ever since he had used the "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire" to break Yun Su's "Ceaseless Domain Boundary", from the way he looked at him from time to time, Tang Huan knew, in the heart of this Cloud Desolate City's City Lord, the hatred he had towards him probably surpassed even towards Hu Lie, Qian Yu and the rest. After all, if not for him, Hu Lie and the other experts from Tiger Clan would have all been killed. Even Qian Yu and the other experts from Snake Clan would probably have suffered heavy casualties.

Yet his interference in the plan had completely foiled the plans of Cloud Desolate City and his son!

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