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Chapter 931: Taking the money straight away

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Lin Fan didn’t know what to say.

“Did you reject them or did they not even bring it up?” asked Lin Fan.

On the other end of the call, Zhao Ming Qing was slightly taken aback. “Teacher, I just treated him until he was pretty much fine and left. They just sent me to the airport and went back.”

“I’m going to hang up. What the heck is that? What are they treating you as? Does he think that it’s an honor for you to treat his illness? I’m going to avenge you.” Lin Fan was very displeased with this Health Department. Now that he had the opportunity, he had to flame them.

“Teacher, why don’t we just forget about it?” Zhao Ming Qing didn’t have any opinions about this but he had no idea what his teacher was thinking at that moment.

“Just wait for my update.” Lin Fan then hung up immediately. He felt the opposition was being impudent. How could someone be so arrogant?

He made a call.

Zheng Zhong Shan answered the call and smiled widely. “Master Lin, your student is the real deal. His medical abilities are amazing.”

Lin Fan didn’t respond with kind words. “That’s enough. You guys are bullying him here.”

“Why would you say that?” Zheng Zhong Shan was startled and he couldn’t understand it. He didn’t know what had happened.

Lin Fan said, “Why else would I say that? My student is already so old and he traveled all the way to Beijing to treat that guy. After that, he just came back empty-handed. Do you think that it’s an honor for my student to treat your friend? Or does he think that by helping me resolve that issue, he has already helped me greatly?”

“Elder Zheng, what kind of friends do you have?”

Zheng Zhong Shan was stunned. He didn’t want to take responsibility for this. “Elder Lin, I really didn’t know about this. Why is that Elder Ma’s brain becoming more and more blur? I already told him, why didn’t he listen? I’m hanging up now. I’ll go and ask him about it.”

To Elder Zheng, Elder Lin would definitely say to just forget it and since things were already like that, there was nothing to ask about. However, what Lin Fan actually said was unexpected.

“Alright, hurry up and ask him. My student can’t lose out on this,” said Lin Fan.

“Sigh…” Zheng Zhong Shan sighed helplessly. He really didn’t approve of what Elder Ma had done. When interacting with others, one had to reciprocate kindness. Moreover, Elder Ma wasn’t familiar with Master Lin. For Master Lin to send his student to treat his illness and now that his illness had been treated, how could he let Master Lin’s student return empty-handed?

Hence, reasonably, Zheng Zhong Shan stood on Elder Lin’s side on this matter.

They hung up.

Elder Zheng immediately made a call to Elder Ma. Once the call was answered, he immediately spoke, “Ma Jun Guo, what the heck are you doing? Let me ask you, what the heck are you trying to do? Master Lin’s student painstakingly came from Shanghai to treat your illness, how could you let him go back empty-handed? Do you think you’re very close to him…?”

Ma Jun Guo had been in a pretty good mood. His leg could move and it had regained feeling. But when he received the call, he became anxious. “Elder Zheng, what are you talking about? You can’t falsely accuse me. I took out ten million dollars for him to support his Chinese medicine education. How can you say that I didn’t give him anything?”

“Then what’s going on now? Elder Lin just called me asking me what kind of friends I have. I don’t know the situation on your side but on his side, his student returned empty-handed. Can you think in my shoes and don’t make me lose face?”

“If I had known that you would handle things like this, I wouldn’t have given a d*mn about you.”

Zheng Zhong Shan scolded him at every chance mercilessly. Back then, in the military, he would scold Ma Jun Guo just like this until Ma Jun Guo wouldn’t dare to say a word.

Now that they were old, he would still scold him like this in private.

“Elder Zheng, I’ll definitely give you an explanation. I have an idea of what happened now.” Ma Jun Guo understood now. He remembered a certain thing.

“Alright, settle this on your own. It’s fine if you embarrass yourself but don’t embarrass me. I’m the one who spoke on your behalf. Wouldn’t Elder Lin think that I’m the one bullying his student?” said Zheng Zhong Shan. Then, he hung up.

Beijing. In a certain study room.

Ma Jun Guo’s expression was quite unpleasant, thinking about that troublesome grandson of his. This matter had been handed to grandson to handle.

At the club.

Ma Jun Guo’s grandson, Ma Xiao Long, was hanging around with his gang of scoundrels. Although it was in the day, on these fun-filled days of theirs, day or night didn’t matter.

“Xiao Long, why did you call us to come out and play this time? Isn’t your family supervising you strictly?” asked a big fatty.

“Hey, even though they’re strict, I still have the time to come out and play around. Let’s not talk about this. Brothers, let’s have a drink. This time, I’m treating.” Ma Xiao Long felt very comfortable.

But regarding his grandfather’s matter, he was a little upset. Giving a f*cking doctor ten million dollars? F*ck! What kind of doctor is he? Is he embedded with diamonds?

His grandfather had given him a card containing ten million dollars and told him to send the doctor to the airport, then give the card to the doctor.

Back then, on the way to the airport, he had already decided that he would definitely not give the money to the doctor. He would keep it for himself.

All these had been done for a reason. Although his grandfather had retired, he still had his status and his family members were still carrying out commercial business. Meanwhile, the opposite party was just a normal doctor. For him to have had the chance to come into contact with their family, it was already an honor.

In the end, he kept the money for himself and came out with these buddies of his to play around.

Just as he was thinking about all this, the doors were pushed open and a group of young ladies entered.

“Ah, Young Master Ma is in high spirits today. It’s still in broad daylight but you’re already visiting.” The well-dressed brothel keeper was all smiles as he gestured for the ladies by the door to come over. “What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and come in.”

Then, he said with a smile, “Take a good look. These are all fresh graduates from top universities. If Young Master Shao has any particular interests, I can contact some of Beijing’s celebrities…”

Of course, the celebrities that the brothel keeper was talking about were only second or third-tier celebrities. After all, superstars wouldn’t have any interest in these kids. Perhaps if their fathers came, the superstars might consider it.

When they played at a higher level, the money they would have to spend would definitely increase very much.

However, he had enough money on him right now. He wasn’t hesitant at all. Just as he was about to open his mouth, his phone rang.

“Wait a moment. My grandfather is calling. Everyone, quieten down,” said Ma Xiao Long.

When everyone heard this, they fell silent. Although his grandfather had already retired, his status still remained. Hence, everyone was obedient and no one spoke.

“Grandpa,” Ma Xiao Long greeted politely upon answering the call.

Although he was the only grandson in the family and Ma Jun Guo loved him, Ma Jun Guo had always been strict with him. However, he had a good mother. Whatever his grandfather taught him would fly away once he was with his mother.

“Did you do what I told you to do?” Ma Jun Guo’s tone was stern as he asked this.

Ma Xiao Long was startled. His heart felt a little weak. But he gritted his teeth and said, “Grandpa, what you instructed me to do, I’ve done it…”

But what received him was a series of scoldings.

“Get yourself back here right now! See if I’ll break your legs…”

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