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Chapter 798: Please Remove Your Filthy Hand!

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In an endless, pitch-black darkness, tides of emptiness and coldness wafted through Xu Que’s body. Xu Que trembled slightly, then snapped his eyes open.

Jiang Hongyan was no longer in his arms. Engulfed by a great pull, all he could see and reach was a vast and borderless nothingness. Xu Que realized right away that he was still being transported to the Xuanzhen Continent.

He had lost consciousness right after he pulled Jiang Hongyan to his chest and lunged into the doors of the Immortal Hall. The same had most likely happened to Jiang Hongyan, and they had been separated. But if there was one thing he could feel relieved about, it was that he could still feel Jiang Hongyan’s aura nearby.

Although, this nothingness that had consumed him was just too mysterious. With only his eyes, he could not see Jiang Hongyan’s whereabouts.

“Hongyan!” he hollered.

His voice was immediately swallowed by the vast nothingness, causing not even a single ripple. Still, he had to find Hongyan. Xu Que tried to move his body. However, no matter how much he tried, he could not break away from this strong pull holding him firmly in place.

“Crap! It seems like if I could only….” He started to mumble. Before he could finish, a bright light suddenly appeared before him.


A massive crash, and, as if someone had violently torn into the pitch-black nothingness from the outside, an enormous wall of white, blinding light rays pierced him like a thousand arrows.


Xu Que immediately initiated the True Core Strength within his body. He even used the Tough-Acting Fist, but he still could not stop the force from pulling him into the light. Amid the chaos, he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure. It was Jiang Hongyan!

The two of them stared at each other, mouths slightly agape, but the white light had once again devoured them both before they could say anything.

At the same time, the Xuanzhen Continent appeared, atop a massive plain, where countless cultivators fought to the death. Like a thousand armies, they trampled the whole battlefield.


Battle drums!

Resounding between heaven and earth!

“Kill! We from the Heaven Orc Tribe will never be slaves!” A large orc growled. He stood at least two meters tall and had a massive ax in his hand. “Kill!” Behind him, countless towering, strong soldiers immediately exploded into loud howls as they swarmed the battlefield.

At the same time, the army of human cultivator troops on the opposite side too raised their long spears. They yelled, “Protect our home! Kill the Orcs!”


The Orcs and the human troops crashed into each other, and an immeasurable amount of colorful and powerful spells lit up the sky. It was as if they had covered the sun with their constant bombardments. Right at the point where the explosions were the most powerful, the skies tore, forming a Void Crack. Nobody thought much of it. It was normal for Void Cracks to form atop a battlefield.

Therefore, no one noticed that two figures had fallen out of the crack and hurled straight toward a mountain peak nearby. The peak, situated right at the border of this battlefield, was currently occupied by a small Orc Tribe.

A pretty dark-skinned woman led a team of strong and well-built orcs in preparation to withdraw via mountain routes.

“Hmm? Wait, I caught the whiff of humans. Living humans!” The woman waved her army to an abrupt halt.

Following the Soul Strength detected, everyone’s gaze quickly fell onto the two figures lying in the middle of the mountain road.

“A male and female human in Void Training Stage! Heh, that’s interesting. Tie them up and throw them into prison! I will interrogate them myself!” The dark-skinned female Orc smiled cruelly.

Xu Que found himself in a dark and humid cell when he regained consciousness. A stinging and repulsive smell of blood filled the air. What was more shocking was that the ground surrounding him was dotted with dried blood patches and littered with what seemed like minced flesh and severed limbs. It was hell on earth.

“Oh crap, where the hell is this? Is this what the Xuanzhen Continent is like?” Aghast, Xu Que subconsciously scanned his surroundings. He soon realized that he was locked in a horrible cage. His captor had bound him using a unique method, and all of his limbs were tied up with an iron chain. Wasn’t that overkill?

Xu Que snorted and exerted the strength of his arms, attempting to break out of the chains. The smile on his face immediately faltered. He had, after all, practiced the Hell King’s Prison Suppression Style. His body was multiple times stronger than an ordinary cultivator. Logically speaking, even with his cultivation sealed, he should be able to break a mere iron chain quite easily.

“System, what the hell is with this chain!” Xu Que checked with the System.

After a short while, the System replied, Ding! “After analyzing the chain, we have identified this metal as the Immortal Suppression Steel, an alloy made from a special metal and Tao Aura. You could not break it with brute force alone unless your body has become a Saint. Would you like to spend 5,000 Acting Tough points to break it with the Tao Aura? Estimated dismantle time: one hour.”


Did they use Tao Aura to forge a chain used to lock people up? Wasn’t that too extravagant? Taken aback, Xu Que thought half-heartedly that the Xuanzhen Continent was indeed rich and powerful. But…no matter how powerful they are, the System beats them all!

“Break it!” Xu Que smiled and ordered the System to dismantle the chains. In the meantime, he released his Soul Strength and tried to detect Jiang Hongyan’s aura. However, he found nothing after combing the whole cell, as if he was the only person in here.


The doors of the metal cage moved and made a deep sound. Xu Que lifted his head. He saw a dark-skinned, sexy woman enter the prison, with several tall orcs behind her.

“Ha,ha, humans are surely weak! To think that you would pass out for so long!” She looked at Xu Que, as she smiled disdainfully.

Xu Que frowned instantly. This woman and the giants behind her seemed not to be human. Instead, they carried a faint scent of Demonic Beasts.

“Why have you brought me here?” Xu Que asked guardedly.

Xu Que was calm. He just had to wait for the System to break the Immortal Suppression Steel Chain. Once he was free, he was sure that he could defeat them all. The cultivation of those tall Orcs was just at the peak of the Form Synthesis Stage. Xu Que could settle them with a punch of the Tough-Acting Fist.

As for that woman, she had the strength of a Crossing Calamity Stage cultivator. Although he shouldn’t belittle her, winning was still a possibility.

“Ha,ha, humans are such hypocrites! You have fought with us, the Heaven Orc Tribe, for years! And now you’re still pretending to be a fool, demanding to know why I had captured you?”

Xu Que twitched at her words. Seems like she had taken him as her prisoner. Crap, that’s some bad luck right there! It was so humiliating for the great Act-Tough Saint to be imprisoned right after he reached the Xuanzhen Continent!

“But then again, a young boy with your looks is considered top-notch even within the human race. White and clean, you’re a rare find!” To his surprise, the woman approached Xu Que and caressed his cheeks. Xu Que was stunned!

What the heck?

What was she thinking, and why did he feel like an innocent girl teased by a playboy?

“Yours truly has played with many human men, but I have never tried someone as weak and as fair-skinned as you!” The woman continued talking,her eyes filled with greed. She rested her palm on his cheeks, which then slid down against his skin, all the way to his chest.

Angered by this apparent molestation, Xu Que stopped her. “Stop! What are you doing? Real men prefer death to humiliation. I will never succumb!”

“Ha ha ha, never succumb? No man in the world could resist me!” The woman chuckled loudly as if she heard something hilarious. In her eyes, Xu Que was already her plaything.

Xu Que snorted coldly, his face filled with disdain, “I’m sorry, someone like you doesn’t excite me at all! My ‘little brother’ is on leave today and doesn’t react at all. I think he might even want to laugh! Please remove your filthy hand!” Xu Que slapped her hand away directly to stop her violation.

She, on the other hand, stood stunned and confused as she looked at the two arms bound tightly by the Immortal Suppression Steel Chain.

He…what did he use to slap my hand away?

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