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Chapter 1788 - All of You Must Die

Someone wanted to kill him?

Is it because of outer door great presbyter Ma Fenglei?

Was it because of Fang Tianhan?

No matter what, Long Fei wanted to understand everything.

Because …

Maybe hiding this super BOSS behind the scenes was Long Fei's goal!

However …

Long Fei's first thought should not be that of the god rare sect's master, Zhang Sanqian. If he really wanted him to die, there would definitely be no one else in the god rare sect who would keep him alive.

Long Fei wanted to know who it was!

He only needed to take a look to know who this person was.

"The Boss cannot be hidden."

It was because of the light emitted from his body!

Long Fei rushed towards the Main Hall of the inner sect at full speed. The four disciples behind him were frowning.

"A mere 9-star cultivator dares to act so impudently in front of us?"

"Brat, don't get caught by me. Otherwise, I will make you die an incomparably miserable death."

"Quickly chase!"

"The main hall is up ahead."

The four of them were in a hurry.

Long Fei muttered in his heart: "I have to hurry up and activate the Blasting fist's Level Increase. The Hurricane Burst Boxing is too damned.

"Level three Blasting fist should be a bit stronger, right?"


When Long Fei thought about the first level up of the 'Blasting fist', he felt that it had instantly stopped cooling. The current Hurricane Burst Boxing was just a bit away from levelling up.


If he were to fuse the 'Thunder Pulse', the Hurricane Burst Boxing would also level up. At the same time, it would end its cooldown.


"No rush!" Long Fei thought in his heart.

His cultivation method was completely not enough for the Blasting fist to devour. Right now, there was only Lei Zhen left, if he ate it again, then there would really be nothing left.

"Today you made me look so miserable. Don't give me a chance, or else it will be your end." Long Fei felt unwell in his heart.

At the same time, he saw the great hall.

Long Fei immediately shouted, "Help, someone is chasing after me!"

Before he could finish his words.

Right in front of the palace, two elders stood there.

There was a cold smile on his face.

Seeing that, Long Fei's heart sank: Damn, is this an inner sect or a BOSS nest?

The two elders in front of the hall were glowing with a golden light.

The name on top of his head was also blood-red. This was clearly a Boss that would take the initiative to attack!

The fact that there were two BOSSes in the first place made Long Fei secretly excited. These two BOSSes did not look like they were the strongest BOSSes, but rather, they were smaller, and there would definitely be a stronger and more powerful super BOSS behind them.

The four disciples quickly chased after him.

The two Elders also launched a pincer attack.

Long Fei's heart sank, "He's trying to force my Enlargement Stroke."

The idea moved.

He held onto the Thunder Pulse Art tightly.

Ready to merge at any time.


A buzzing sound could be heard from not far away, "The grand master is here!"

As soon as he finished.

The six of them were shocked, the four disciples looked at the two elders' eyes and quickly moved away. The two elders did not stop, but shouted loudly, "Outer disciples actually dare to trespass into the inner sect, they are courting death!"

Even though they knew that the grand master was about to arrive, they did not stop.

It was to kill!


With an explosive sound, a figure stood in front of Long Fei before his voice fell, and the aura on his body fiercely bounced away.

A powerful force charged forward.

The two Elders were forcefully knocked away!

The afterimages of Zhang Sanqian seemed to be illusions, overlapping at different levels, as though there were tens of thousands of them. This speed, and this power, made people gasp in shock.

The Desperate Man in the dark was also slightly shocked.

Zhang Sanqian said slightly: "Elder Qin, what happened to Elder You?"

He forcefully stabilized himself and said, "Sect Master, this person barged into the inner sect. When Elder You and I saw him, we wanted him to stop, but who would have known that not only would this thief not stop, he even attacked us?"


"Why did you come to the inner court?"

"Who the hell are you?"

The two elders shouted.

Long Fei laughed and said: "The older I am, the more formidable my mouth is. I always thought that my eloquence was unrivalled, I never thought that there would be someone stronger."

Zhang Sanqian turned around to look at Long Fei, and asked: "What are you doing here?"

Long Fei looked around and said, "Sect Master, if I told you that I want to take a look at the inner sect, would you believe me?"

At this moment.

An elder who was leading his four disciples from a moment ago ran up and said while pretending to be out of breath: "Kid, let's see where you can run to now."

"Capture him."

The four disciples immediately smiled sinisterly and rushed forward.

Long Fei's heart trembled.

The Clan Elder replied, "Reporting to Sect Leader, this child killed the outer sect room of martial arts training's important disciple, Guo Ling, and then escaped. The outer sect law enforcement disciples chased him all the way to the inner sect, and were later taken over by us, I never expected that he would actually escape to the main hall."

"Guo Ling?"

"Didn't he train the disciples that are participating in the ten sects exchange this year?"

"He, he, he was actually killed?"

"How preposterous!"

"Brat, tell me, exactly what sect's spy are you, and I heard that you were captured by the people of the Xiao Yao palace, then you ran away, with just your strength alone, you can escape from the hands of the Xiao Yao palace?"

"I think you're someone from the Xiao Yao palace!"

All of a sudden, right and wrong was reversed, and black and white changed.


Long Fei was a little confused. He felt that he was just a little naive, this world was too evil.

Zhang Sanqian stared at Long Fei, and said with a heavy voice. "Long Fei, was it what they said?"

"Sect Master, how could our words be false?"

"Yeah, I saw it with my own eyes."

"It looks like this kid has come from a bad place. Now that the god rare sect is in a mess and he killed the outer door presbyter the moment he arrived, this kind of disciple must not be allowed to live."

… ….

Long Fei looked at Zhang Sanqian. In his heart, he already somewhat understood that this sect master's power wasn't very great.

If he was the leader of the god rare sect, who would dare to talk to him like that?

These elders did not place him in their eyes at all.

Long Fei shook his head, "Sect Leader, do you believe that I am innocent?"


"Kid, are you unable to justify your crimes?"

"A mere nominal disciple trespassing into the inner court is a capital offense."

"Why are you wasting your breath on him, just take him down!"

Several disciples stepped forward again.

The few elders sneered coldly.

Long Fei stood in place without moving an inch. Instead, he looked at Zhang Sanqian and said faintly, "Sect Master, I didn't do anything, but … "If someone were to touch me …"

He did not continue.

It was not that Long Fei did not want to defend himself, but under such circumstances, his excuse would be useless.

However …

He was not a lamb, and not anyone could step on him.


"What if I touch you?"


"Do you want to backhand? "Then, you should consider your own strength."

"You dog, try to overestimate your capabilities!"

… ….

Long Fei's gaze swept across the entire competition grounds, and said softly: All of you will die!

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