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Chapter 567 - The First

"Did you really see two Tian Clan people come here?"

In the depths of Sword Crafting Valley, hundreds of figures once again gathered in one place. A burly Black Costume Brawny Man looked at the blue robed young man with suspicion.

"Absolutely!" The blue-robed man nodded without hesitation.

"We've already searched inside and outside of Sword Crafting Valley for a few days, but we haven't found any traces at all. Could it be that those two Tian Clan people are just passing by?"

Black Costume Brawny Man frowned, feeling even more puzzled.

Compared to the Demon Clan, the relationship between the Human Clan and the Human Clan was much better, but even so, there were very few signs of Tian Clan in the Origin Continent. It was impossible for two Tian Clan people to appear in the sky above the Sword Crafting Valley for no reason, not to mention the two of them were carrying a large number of wooden boxes in a net.

When the news travelled back to the Dragon Spring Town, many of the Martial Warriors s were ready to make their move.

When the people of Tian Clan brought so many wooden boxes to Sword Crafting Valley, it was very likely that they had found some kind of treasure, and it was even a large amount of treasure! So, there were several hundred people gathering around to search this area. They wanted to find out what happened. If there really were treasures, perhaps everyone could get a share.

However, in the past few days, everyone had split into dozens of groups and searched through the entire Sword Crafting Valley, but to no avail.

Not only was there no trace of the two Tian Clan people, there were also no new traces on the ground.

"They shouldn't be passing by. I saw them enter the Sword Crafting Valley with my own eyes." A handsome man in white couldn't help but shake his head.

"That's strange, could it be …"

Black Costume Brawny Man pinched his beard and muttered. However, before he could finish, he was interrupted by a surprised exclamation: "Everyone look, what's that?"

Everyone subconsciously followed the man's gaze and saw a fiery red light suddenly appear above the cliff at the deepest part of Sword Crafting Valley. It shot up to the sky like a pillar of smoke, and immediately after, a terrifying Qi that caused even people's souls to tremble filled the air.

In that instant, everyone was shocked into silence.

In the time it took for a dozen or so breaths, the beam of fiery red light dissipated, and the terrifying aura that filled the air also disappeared. Moments later, the dumbstruck crowd finally awoke from their stupor. Shock was written all over their faces, and the sounds of saliva being swallowed and cold breaths being sucked rang out one after another.

After a long while, the blue-robed man said hesitantly, "Is there some sort of treasure hidden there?"

"It looks like a sword?"

Black Costume Brawny Man shuddered and regained his senses, "Could it be that a treasure sword is about to appear in the cliff?" When he recalled the red glow that had appeared above the cliff just now, he realized that it was clearly a longsword. Furthermore, its design was extremely exquisite.


In the next moment, Black Costume Brawny Man's mind moved, and he shot forward. The other hundreds of people also rushed forward as though they had just awoken from a dream …

… ….

"Flame Dancing Sword... Success? "

Inside Forging God Cave, Feng Ming's voice trembled slightly as her beautiful eyes stared straight ahead.

At this time, Tang Huan was holding a fiery-red long sword in both hands. On the crystal clear sword's body, it was flowing with light and overflowing with color, and countless lines materialized from the Spirit Map were like spiraling flames, agile and agile, like countless small elves, causing this sword to seem to possess a life of its own.

However, the aura emitted from this incomparably agile longsword was as violent and blazing as a raging fire.

"Fortunately, I didn't fail you!"

Tang Huan smiled, raised both of his hands slightly, and threw the newly forged Flame Dancing Sword over.

Feng Ming caught the sword in her hand, and traces of warmth pervaded the air, causing her to feel as if she was placed in a furnace, but she did not feel uncomfortable at all.

As he caressed the sword blade again and again, Feng Ming loved it so much that he did not want to let go.

"Don't you want to try fusing them?"

Tang Huan said with a smile. Even though he was feeling a bit tired, there was an unconcealable joy and excitement between his brows. Before he made his move, Tang Huan was full of confidence, but in his heart, he was worried that his attempt would fail.

Moreover, the entire process of forging the Divine Armament was extremely perfect.

"How do we fuse them?" Feng Ming said in a daze.

"Just use your blood." Tang Huan laughed.


Feng Ming reflexively moved his left hand's index and middle fingers together and pressed them onto the sword body. In the next moment, dark red blood leaked out from the tip of his fingers and seeped into the sword body.

Immediately, Feng Ming's face revealed a look of surprise.

At this moment, she suddenly had a strange feeling, as if the sword in her hand had turned into a hungry infant, desperately trying to suck out her mother's milk. Feng Ming thought for a while, then without any hesitation he continued to instigate the pill, blood started to gush out of his wounds.

The Flame Dancing Sword was like a Taotie, absorbing more and more blood. The originally crystal clear fiery-red sword was gradually enveloped in a layer of blood.

As time passed, the layer of blood became denser, and even rose up, like a ball of mist, completely covering the Flame Dancing Sword.

After a long while, Feng Ming finally discovered that the Flame Dancing Sword was no longer absorbing blood, so he slowly raised his left hand. But at this time, Feng Ming was surprised to find that the ball of blood mist was quickly entering his right palm, but the Flame Dancing Sword did not disappear.

After two or three breaths of time, the blood mist and the Flame Dancing Sword that was wrapped in it had completely disappeared from Feng Ming's palm.

After sensing it for a little while, Feng Ming clapped her hands and laughed excitedly: "It's gone in, it really went in, it's at my Dantian, Tang Huan, look … …"

While speaking, a thought flashed through his mind, and a ball of red light shot out from his right palm. In that moment, the Flame Dancing Sword appeared. Following that, with a slight thought from Feng Ming, the Flame Dancing Sword once again entered his palm, and disappeared without a trace …. In just a short moment, the Flame Dancing Sword had already entered and exited five times.

The current Feng Ming was like a child who had gotten his hands on a beloved toy.

Looking at her cheerful movements, Tang Huan was also infected. With a smile on his face, he said: "This Divine Armament is perfect, the only flaw is that the soul of 'Three Heads Dragon-Wolf' isn't compatible with the 'Flame Dancing Sword', but, this won't matter. After a while, the 'Three Heads Dragon-Wolf' will become completely accustomed to the 'Flame Dancing Sword', and at that time, the sword's power will reach a whole new level."

With regards to the flaw that Tang Huan mentioned, Feng Ming did not care at all. He nodded continuously and smiled: "With the Flame Dancing Sword in my hand, even if it's the Demon Lord Fen Tian, I would still dare to fight with it."


Tang Huan clapped his hands, "This is my first time giving it to you, how do you plan to thank me?"

Feng Ming was startled. She suddenly kept her Flame Dancing Sword and floated in front of Tang Huan, her arms wrapped around his neck and kissed his lips quickly, then her eyes moved and her beautiful face revealed a charming smile: "Tang Huan, how about I give my first time to you?"

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