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Chapter 92.2: Hades' Canyon

And as such a young little girl, she had actually dared to go running by all by herself to scout out such a dangerous place!

That kind of bravery made Qin Fang unable to help himself but sigh aloud, truly an example of newborn calves aren't afraid of tigers.

Besides her, Qing Bei could only glance at her helplessly. No wonder he had not seen her around a couple of days back. So she had gone off on her own to scout the place.

The few of them continued to chat and three quarters of an hour passed without them knowing. The sound of a flurry of hurried footsteps then reached their ears from inside the Eternal Peace Duke Manor before the figure of Yan Xi Wu appeared first as Yan Xi Ruo came from behind looking rather dispirited, almost as if she had not fully awakened from sleep.

Although Qin Fang was feeling slightly displeased, he did not say anything. The third quarter of the Mao hour might have passed but they were not really very late.

They were afterall spoilt and pampered Young Misses used to fine clothes and food, and they had probably never had to wake up so early ever before. Compared to Qing Yu and Qing Bei, Qin Fang was rather displeased with the pair of sisters. Though they lived in same manor of the Duke, the characters of the two pairs of siblings differed very greatly.

The Hades' Canyon was in the western side of the Green Wave Kingdom and it would take them less than an hour to reach there from the Imperial Capital on horseback, and the sky wouldn't have brightened by much at that time.

After Qin Fang brought them to the destination, he would not be moving together with them after that, but went on to give each of them a transmission jade token. If they came to encounter danger or they are unable to remain in there any longer, they would just have to crush the jade token and they would be able to come out. But once the jade token was crushed, it would mean that they had failed the wilderness training.

The environment inside Hades' Canyon was rather unusual. It was almost always pitch dark inside and there were only about four hours of daylight in there everyday, with the entire place plunged in darkness the rest of the time. If one remained in there for too long, they would easily lose track of the time and date.

Hence, Qin Fang had set the time for their wilderness training at ten days.

He would come back here to receive them after ten days.

When the few of them reached the Hades' Canyon, a large part of the sky had lit up, gradually turning brighter.

The entrance into the Hades' Canyon showed itself fleetingly before them under a veil of white misty fog. It was a hole formed from strangely bent trees that was the height of several men.

"I will only be escorting all of you up to here. All of you can go your own way inside now!" Qin Fang said indifferently. "The mission I am giving you for this training is for each of you to collect at least five spirit beast cores that is of the third level or higher."

"Yes Elder." The few of them answered.

Under Qin Fang's watchful gaze, they all went into the thick blurry fog and walked through the entryway. In almost the same instant that they came into the fog, it seemed as if the fog had suddenly become a lot thicker, and was emanating a faint almost unnoticeable fragrance.

Qin Fang quickly retreated back by a few steps and covered his nose and mouth. The miasma was as dangerous as he had thought, and he wondered if all of them would be able to pull through.

The entrance that was formed by the misshapen trees was now fully hidden and not a sign of its existence could be seen anymore.

But not long after Qin Fang left, the enormous trees under the miasma suddenly quivered like humans and after a few rounds of transformation, the hole formed by the trees suddenly disappeared completely, turning to become a row of tall trees in a forest that could not look any more ordinary.

"The little fox went to the Hades' Canyon?"

At that same moment, in a private room within the Fragrance Court, the violet eyes of a man glinted as he asked.

In front of him, Bai Zhi Yan nodded his head. "That's right. I just came to know about it. It seems like they set off yesterday before dawn and they went there for rigorous training to enable them to be admitted into the Faint Mist Sect."

"Is that right?" Lou Jun Yao curled up the ends of his lips. He then continued to ask: "What's the situation like in Cloud Heaven recently?"

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