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Chapter 793: Xu Que Is About To Shoot A Film!

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Madame Ya and everyone else were confused about what Xu Que had said. They had no idea about the world of film and actors, etc. Regardless, Xu Que started to make preparations to begin shooting the film. And that night, shooting began.

A magnificent banquet was held right outside the palace. The stars were shining brightly in the sky and, on the square outside the palace, there were countless large tables that had been set up, magnificently appointed with silver and gold and flowers.

Countless officials and generals were swarming around. Xu Que, in white, was standing in front of two coal stoves, with a kitchen knife in one hand and a kitchen scraper in the other. Everyone was staring at him, and the floating camera that had ultrhd pixels was shooting at the same time.

“Ha, ha, ha!” A piercing laugh echoed in the air. The next moment, Buttface appeared, with a red carpet on his back and a white diaper. He stood proudly, with the moonlight shining upon his head. Buttface pointed at Xu Que and shouted, “God of Cookery of the Exploding Heavens Faction, today either you or I will be the winner!”

Hearing this, all the people present were confused.

Xu Que laughed and answered, “Fine! How do you want to have this contest, then?!”

“My cooking skill is the best in this world, and the Stinky Tofu I make has received a great reputation across the world. If you can beat me with whatever you are going to cook today, I will admire you forever!” Buttface said.

“Very good, I see!” Xu Que replied and walked to the coal stove.

Buttface also changed into a black figure and quickly moved forward.


Each of them made an ancient Chinese blast furnace and put it right on top of the coal stove. Seeing this, no one had any idea what was going to happen.

My, my, what is going on?!

They told us that there was a banquet tonight!

Why did they take out an ancient Chinese blast furnace? By the way, who has better cooking skills? Who is going to win? And what does it have to do with an ancient Chinese blast furnace?!

Madame Ya and all the rest of the guests were smiling at Xu Que, and they all looked very curious.

“I really have no idea what he is doing, but it’s all very funny!” Su Ling’er said gently.

Su Yunlan nodded. “Today he said he was going to shoot a film or something, and we had done some rehearsals earlier. He also said he is about to become a superstar. Gosh, I really don’t know what he is thinking!”

“But it is exactly because of his being mysterious that he enchants us, right? What do you think?” Madame Ya gently blinked her eyes and smiled.

Hearing this, Su Ling’er and Su Yunlan blushed. The three of them had been living in the Imperial Palace all these years, and they all knew they loved Xu Que very deeply, but they just never spoke about it openly. That was why Madame Ya’s words gave them quite a shock.

Luckily, Xu Que was busy shooting his film with Buttface. If he had ever seen or heard this scene, he would have gone around boasting, and saying he wanted a big bed that was fit for four people.


Xu Que waved his hand, and, in the blink of an eye, a huge wave of fire erupted from his palm and changed into an enormous dragon. The dragon flew straight up into the sky and circled around and suddenly dashed into the coal stove that was on Xu Que’s side.


At the same time, Buttface also waved his paws and activated a Fire Dragon Talisman. All of a sudden, a blue fire dragon appeared and lighted the coal stove.

The scene was really dazzling. But all the people present were cultivators, and they knew the tricks very well.

There is really no need to make such a show of it.…

What is the point of using a Fire Dragon Talisman when they can easily light the coal stove by using their Fire True Core Strength?

At the same time, Xu Que hit the coal stove heavily.


The lid of the stove jumped up and opened. Xu Que began to quickly move his hands, cutting up all the different raw foods and putting them into the stove. Looking from far away, people felt like Xu Que had countless hands, and they were all greatly shocked by Xu Que.

“What on earth is he trying to do?!”

“He used 13 sword incantations and knife incantations!”

“My goodness! I knew it, people of the Exploding Heavens Faction are not ordinary!” People exclaimed.

Buttface shouted aloud suddenly and took out a bag of Stinky Tofu and poured it into the ancient Chinese blast furnace. Then he took out a pair of long chopsticks and began to stir it. It looked like the two were not competing with each other to see who had better cooking skills, but that they were doing acrobatics.

After a short while, Xu Que waved his hand and a huge amount of True Core Strength erupted from his hand.


The entire sky was covered by his True Core Strength, and the dark sky became all lit up. The True Core Strength changed into nine roaring dragons.

“Down!” Xu Que shouted and reached his hands forward with great strength. The nine dragons immediately fell into the ancient Chinese blast furnace from the sky.


The ancient Chinese blast furnace exploded, and the dish inside began to shine. It was too bright, so people had to close their eyes a bit, even though they were trying their best to see the dish. When they saw the dish, they were all shocked and no one made any sound.

At the same time, Xu Que’s phone took a photo of that shining dish.

It was steam-minced pork. Each slice of meat was as thin as a cicada’s wings. The meat slices curled up like a dragon and were covered with white shining dots. Each slice of meat looked like a dragon’s scale.

All the people present were completely stunned. Even the most knowledgeable cultivator among all these people had never seen such a delicate dish.

Seeing this, Buttface was also terribly surprised, and his facial expression became really exaggerated.

“This is impossible! What is this dish?!”

Xu Que replied seriously, “Ao Jiutian, the Ultra Dragon of the Exploding Heavens Faction!”

“What an Ao Jiutian, the Ultra Dragon of the Exploding Heavens Faction! I have to admit that you have the better cooking skills!” Buttface murmured and spit out some blood, looking very upset and sad. He walked back to the coal stove, took out all the Stinky Tofu, and made a bow to Xu Que.

“Indeed, the Food Deity of the Exploding Heavens Faction is really worthy of his title! I shall say goodbye!” Then he jumped into the sky and disappeared.

“I am sorry to tell you all that I am not in the mood for cooking any more dishes today! You shall all leave!” Xu Que said, with his hands behind his back. He slowly walked up into the sky and disappeared. The floating phone also finished shooting and left with Xu Que.

Everyone present was shocked, and they looked at each other in surprise, without knowing what had just happened. After a while, people could hear Buttface’s screaming in the air, “I have done everything you asked me to do, and I think I have given a good performance, what do you want?!”

Buttface was running, with a pot of Stinky Tofu in his hands, and Xu Que was chasing after him. “Screw you! You call that a good performance?! You forgot what I told you this afternoon, haven’t you?! You need to be picky with your performance and use your heart when performing!”

“You even spit blood, what was that for?! Who asked you to do that?!”

That night, the banquet ended without even really having a proper starting. All the officials and generals left with great disappointment. Xu Que only cared about shooting the film and did not care about those guests’ feelings at all.

The next day, Xu Que forced Buttface to perform better and finished the last part of his film. Madame Ya, Su Ling’er, Su Yunlan, and Su Xiao Qi all participated in the shooting, and their beautiful looks were all recorded.

For the last part of the film, roughly speaking: Xu Que made an amazingly delicious dish, which upset Buttface a lot. So Buttface came back to take his revenge and killed Madame Ya and the rest of them. Then, Xu Que lost in the fight against Buttface and fell off a cliff. Luckily, he found a lost book of powerful incantations and has been cultivating himself ever since. Many years later, he came back.

On the last day of Xu Que’s shooting, His Royal Highness came back to the Imperial Palace, so Xu Que changed a bit of the storyline and made His Royal Highness the man behind the curtain, the man who asked Buttface to do all the bad things. Then Xu Que killed His Royal Highness with all sorts of incantations.

It took almost three days for Xu Que to finish the shooting. On the third day, Xu Que was very satisfied with the work he had just finished and took Buttface to the roof of the inn. He wanted to set up the Signal Booster to see if Lao Cai had topped up his phone or not.

“What?! Again?! No, no, no! I won’t do that again!” Buttface refused to be his Signal Booster with great determination.

“Well, I am not the type of person who would force people to do things they don’t want to do.” Xu Que said, shaking his head. Then he took out a long, thick, black stick and quickly sneaked up behind Buttface.


He hit Buttface on his head, and Buttface fainted instantly. Then Xu Que dragged Buttface up to the roof of the inn. Just like he did last time, he set up four Signal Boosters, put a pile of pop cans up, and settled Buttface on top of the pop cans.

After a short while, Xu Que found his phone had received the signal. He excitedly logged into his WeChat and sent the film that he had shot to Lao Cai.

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