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In this Sea of Annihilation, Forefather Ba Di of the Earth Ghoul Tribe was infamous. He was the current Chief of the Earth Ghoul Tribe. He had made his tribe thrive from a small tribe to a second-class one.

Ba Di had used his personal power to grow an entire Earth Ghoul Tribe. He was mighty and treacherous.

Long, long time ago, he was just an ordinary warrior of the Earth Ghoul Tribe with a pathetically low realm. However, he had encountered an expert of the Soul Clan who was traveling around. He had tried his best to serve him and become his dog for thousands of years. Eventually, that man reached the Territory Ancestor Realm and he was like a boat rising with the rising tide.

Ba Di had used his loyalty to gain approval from the Soul Clan. After Serene Prison, the one he had served, had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, he had imparted Ba Di the power Upanishad of the Soul Clan.

No one had thought that Ba Di could cultivate decently.

Anyway, Ba Di had used the low-level power Upanishad of the Soul Clan bestowed by Serene Prison to thrive quickly.

He had suddenly accelerated and he had made progress much faster than many experts of the Soul Clan. However, after he had reached the Peak of Immortal Realm, he got stuck.

The Soul Clan also appreciated Ba Di. They were surprised at his outstanding performance. Under Serene Prison's protection, Forefather Earth Ghoul had imparted the power Upanishad to the other members of Earth Ghoul Tribe. He had strengthened his fellows and made his clan strong enough to rival the Dragon Lizard Clan.

After many years, Serene Prison had become the high-echelon expert of the Soul Clan, one of ten Great Territory Ancestors in the Sea Domain of Nihility. His subordinate, Forefather Earth Ghoul, also had a high position. As the chief of Earth Ghoul Tribe, he had made his clan outstanding among the other vassals of the Soul Clan.

Today, Ba Di was hiding in the Sea of Annihilation's seabed like a ghost. Also, he had responded to Neptune's call.

Ba Di was short and ugly like a dwarf. After Neptune had called him, he swayed several times to reach Ming Hao.

"Muahaha! Interesting! Come and possess my soul, will you?" He screamed. Wisps of ghostly mist that emitted from his back were carrying resentful souls and becoming a stinky tongue. The tongue moved, coiling and drawing one of Ming Hao's clones.

An extreme, resentful aura shot out from that tongue, which froze Ming Hao's clone.

Each of Ming Hao's clones was frightened as if they were also coiled by the tongue. They turned to face Forefather Earth Ghoul.

"This freak is getting stronger. Even if my true body comes, I'm not sure if I can catch him," Dragon Lizard observed, his face stern. "I can't deny that this Ba Di is really good at cultivating evil techniques. He's such a rare talent who can cultivate a low-level power Upanishad of the Soul Clan to this level."

"He has followed a good master. Serene Prison is one of the great ten Territory Ancestors. His echelon is higher than Neptune's in the Soul Clan. Serene Prison has the right to read all the records of profound techniques and power Upanishads of the Soul Clan. He has cared about Ba Di enough to teach him the meaning of power." Tu Shi Qi also wore a heavy countenance. "If Ba Di hadn't helped Singh, how could he have wounded us? From some aspect, Ba Di is tougher than Singh. He has served Serene Prison for many years. He had the chance to contact many experts. Singh can't compare to him in terms of knowledge and vision."

"Old man, what should we do?" Ya Yun gritted her teeth.

"Wait. We should wait for a while. When Neptune is busy, we'll attack Ba Di! This midget used to ambush us near Dragon Lizard Star. We must repay his favor!" said Tu Shi Qi resolutely.

Ya Yun's eyes brightened.

Boom! Boom!

Thunder continued to boom. The burning flame swarmed toward Emperor Sea Shark. Three majestic brutal souls with many limbs were roaring, howling, and tearing Emperor Sea Shark's water curtain.

Emperor Sea Shark looked exhausted, but his eyes were still fearfully red. He was about to fall into insanity.

"You should never lose your mind! We must try our best to get out of here!" Shen Ren calmly reminded him outside his Water Territory. He had to prevent Emperor Sea Shark from falling into frantic bewilderment.

—— It was the reason why he persistently stayed.

Many years ago, when Bloodthirsty taught Emperor Sea Shark the Rampage technique, he had advised that this power was going to be very harmful to him since he didn't cultivate one of the eight great, evil power Upanishads. Emperor Sea Shark had to only use it to save his life at a critical moment.

Bloodthirsty also said that this power required life energy to activate, which would make the user fall into bedevilment easily. If his mind wasn't firm enough, he was going to turn into a killing machine that only stopped after it used the last beam of God power.

And when it stopped, death was going to come.

Shen Ren was there. He had listened to Bloodthirsty clearly. Emperor Sea Shark had used this power to defeat many experts. Shen Ren had observed and he understood the advantages and disadvantages of this power deeply.

"Emperor Sea Shark! You can't escape!" shouted Ferrell crazily.

The rolling lightning strikes connected earth and heaven. They grumblingly descended and made the entire place a field of lighting bolts, stringing and breaking around.

Emperor Sea Shark was shaken. So many bubbles and water curtains in his Water Territory shattered. He couldn't stop blood from churning in his throat. At this moment, dark blood appeared on his abdomen.

When he saw blood, Emperor Sea Shark became wilder. It had triggered his brutal nature and made his aura more frantic.

He couldn't hear Shen Ren's voice anymore…

Shen Ren watched him, his face grimaced and his heart sinking. He knew what he worried the most about had happened. He couldn't stop it.

—— Emperor Sea Shark has fallen into bedevilment!


"The energy fluctuations from the battle are fierce and powerful. Although we're very far from them, the water current has become turbulent. I'm sure the battle is very furious."

Mei Ji's beautiful eyes were full of surprise. She began to worry because of Shi Yan's decision. She guessed that Emperor Sea Shark's battle over there was really chaotic.

Inside the starlight cage, Shi Yan was still calm. "Audrey and the others are there too."

"How do you know that?"

"Audrey and the God Lord have fused with the clone souls of Desolate. They all have a subtle connection with my co-soul. As long as they aren't too far from me, we can detect each other. They are… over there!"

"Really marvelous!"

Shi Yan and Mei Ji were talking while the starlight cage zoomed over like a fast meteor. It flashed and disappeared on the seabed.


A red-orange jet of light shot over and hit their starlight protection.

The starlight cage bloomed with beautiful light.

Shi Yan's eyes brightened. "The aura of Immortal Realm experts. Oh, yeah, all of them are at Immortal Realm! Interesting. If more die, my God power will be filled abundantly."

"With the premise that we can leave alive. You must pay attention," Mei Ji smiled and reminded him.

"Don't worry. If I dare to come back, of course, I can leave safely." Shi Yan guffawed, his large hand slapping Mei Ji's beautiful, ample bosom. "We can only seek for wealth in danger! I've created miracles lately because I always wander around chaotic areas. Wherever I go, even if it's calm and peaceful, I will stir it up and start a bloody rain! Only blood and death creates me, a miracle! Haha, the Sea of Annihilation is a good place to train me. We're going there to earn more energy to fill our God power!"

Mei Ji was charmed by his hand that was rubbing her rear end and his powerful voice. She lewdly shook her beautiful buttocks. She proactively pressed her voluptuous breasts against his arm and smiled charmingly. "I'm waiting for you to give me more energy."

"You little slut," Shi Yan was aroused. He couldn't help but curse smilingly. "I'll feed you well."

"With you, I'm willing to die," Mei Ji raised her succulent lips to meet his passionately. She hated that she couldn't merge her body with his body.

"Don't worry. I'm going to let you "die" several times. But it's not the "death" that you mentioned!" Shi Yan said through his gritted teeth.

"I'm yearning desperately!" smiled Mei Ji.


Sizzle! Sizzle!

Ming Hao's clones turned into many gray jets of airs. Another clone was destroyed.

"Muahaha! Not bad! Not bad! The Devouring Clan's Soul Control power Upanishad is really subtle. But you're not dealing with only me. You can't run away!" Forefather Earth Ghoul Ba Di grinned.

"Chaotic magnetic field! Qi Mo shouted coldly. Dozens of clones of Ming Hao suddenly twisted as if someone had grabbed them and forcefully deformed them. They flickered as if they were about to vanish.

The members of the Devouring Clan under his command also attacked Ming Hao's clones fiercely.

After Ming Hao had forced many warriors to self-detonate to attack Neptune's brutal souls, the other weak warriors ran away to prevent Ming Hao from using them.

Thus, Ming Hao could only use his clones to fight. However, the clones were just clones. He couldn't gain the upper hand in a fight against an expert at the same realm.

Soul Control Chief Ming Hao looked weak under the besiege of Neptune's brutal souls, Forefather Earth Ghoul Ba Di, and Qi Mo's team.

However, his performance had surprised the warriors of the Sea of Annihilation. Ming Hao was at Third Sky of Immortal Realm and he hadn't reached the Peak level yet. However, he had wounded two brutal souls and forcefully resisted Ba Di at the Peak of Immortal Realm and Qi Mo's team. This man's intimidation was unimaginable, indeed.

"How could warriors from Desolate Territory be so fierce?"

"Desolate Territory is just a territory. How do they have such a formidable expert?"

"It's the territory that Desolate had created. It's really archaic. It should be magical, anyway."

"It's incredible! If we can find Desolate Territory and refine Desolate's detached body parts, we will enter the Territory Ancestor Realm instantly. We will even become one of the ten great Territory Ancestors!"

"I think so."

The onlookers discussed boisterously. They were frightened when they saw Ming Hao's performance. They recognized that the warriors from Desolate Territory were very fierce and not weaker than experts in their Sea of Annihilation.

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