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Chapter 805 - Family Meetings

Without the three keys, the Boundary on top of the sarcophagus would not be able to open it.

Long Fei had to enter the Huang Ling Manor.

… ….

The night passed in silence.

In the morning of the next day, Long Fei woke up early.

However …

He suddenly realized that he was missing a person.

Long Fei asked: "Where's Black Knife Uncle?"

The Black Knife is gone!

Dao Ba said, "He was here last night, how come he disappeared in the morning?"

The Black Knife had been unconscious the entire time, and they did not know when he would wake up either.

It was just that …

They did not know that the reason the Black Knife woke up early was because of Long Fei's ghastly howls last night.

The power that was filled with excitement woke him up. Seeing Long Fei and the others return to his room, he also pretended to be unconscious, and only got up to leave after they had slept soundly.

Hei Shan ran up from downstairs and said, "We didn't find anything, so we should be going."

"This is bad!"

When Long Fei thought about the Black Knife's daughter in Wild Mountain City, his heart immediately tightened, "He must have gone to the Huang Ling Manor."

"We should hurry up."

Long Fei was a little worried.

Black Knife were indeed strong.

But his fatal weakness was his daughter, and the reason his willpower was so tenacious was because of his daughter.

Furthermore, he was heavily injured, so he definitely wasn't a match for the other party.

Long Fei said: "Bring the ancient gold corpse with you to the Huang Ling Manor."

… ….

At this moment.

The Desolate Spirit Manor was bustling with noise and excitement.

Today was a family meeting.

All the elders and important disciples of the Wild's Family must participate.

"Great Clan Elder, hahaha … Today is your good day. "

"Big brother, after today, you will be the one in charge of Desolate Spirit House."

"Grand Elder, I will fully support you."

… ….

On the way to the Ancestral Hall, Zhang Qitian met many elders, all of them expressing their good will to him, all of them were his people.

After today, he would become the boss of the Desolate Spirit House.

He will lead the Wild's Family to rise up once again.

Zhang Qitian's face was filled with a smile, a smile of satisfaction on his face, he had everything in his hands, as long as he chased Zhang Xinyue out of the Desolate Spirit Clan, the entire clan would follow his lead.

Thinking of this, he could not help but feel an urge in his heart.

The opposite of Zhang Qitian.

As Zhang Xinyue walked on the road, not a single person greeted her. They even sent her looks of disdain, along with all kinds of ridicule and laughter.

"A good dog doesn't even block the way. You're a member of the Desolate Spirit Family, yet you want to snatch the position of the patriarch from the Great Elder. What qualifications do you have?"

"You shouldn't be a nice young miss, but you still have to come out and find discomfort."

"Hmph, how can a woman control our Wild's Family?"

"I don't know what she thinks."

… ….

On the way, he heard all sorts of mocking discussions.

Zhang Xinyue turned a deaf ear and his expression became very calm. This kind of ridicule and scorn had been going on ever since she had become Patriarch of the Desolate Spirit Clan, and had never stopped.

She was used to it.

No matter what.

For her father's last wish, for the entire Wild's Family, no matter how much mockery she faced, she would endure the pressure.

In the ancestral hall.

The nine Elders of the Pavilion of Elders were seated.

The surrounding area was filled with the elite disciples of the clan.

At this time.

Zhang Qitian walked into the Ancestral Hall.

All the clan elders in the Ancestral Hall all stood up, to welcome him, it was obvious, Zhang Qitian had everything under his control.

On the other hand, as the Patriarch, Zhang Xinyue looked at him with cold contempt.

No elder stood up for her.

Half an hour later.

The head of the Elder Pavilion, Zhang Chengtian, stood up and said: "Almost all of us are here, you can begin."

"This family meeting is about the new family head, Zhang Xinyue's recent contribution to the family assessment. If anyone has any objections, please state it."

As soon as he finished.

An elder stood up and said: "There is nothing much to announce, our Wild's Family is an aristocratic family with millions of years of heritage, we should not let a woman decide our fate. I suggest that we revoke her position as Patriarch."

"I second that!"

"Me too!"

"I second that!"

The few Elders immediately stood up.

Zhang Xinyue was calm. The purpose of this clan meeting was to discuss the future of the clan, but it was actually aimed at her, to attack her.

However …

Her position of clan leader was acknowledged by the nine Elders. If they wanted to remove her from the position of clan leader, these few Elders wouldn't have enough support.

Thus …

She did not speak.

One of the clan elders from the pavilion said: "It is indeed the first time a woman becomes the clan leader in our Wild's Family, but her position of clan leader was recognized in the Ancestral Hall, yet you say that she has to be removed?"

At this time.

Zhang Dadi stood up and said: "Sixth Elder is right, to remove the Patriarch is a huge matter, we cannot remove them just because a few people disagreed, then do we, the Wild's Family, still have family rules?"

Everyone was taken aback.

Several clan elders thought: "Isn't Zhang Dadi one of Zhang Qitian's men? Why did you speak up for Zhang Xinyue? "

Following that …

Zhang Dadi looked at Zhang Xinyue and said: "Our Clan Master had obtained the approval of the elders, if you want to remove him, then you must at least come up with a substantial excuse."

As soon as he finished.

Zhang Dadi took a step forward and said, "Zhang Xinyue, let me ask you this. A month ago, you promised to transport the ancient gold corpse back to the Desolate Spirit Palace."

"Now, let me ask you, where is the ancient gold corpse?"

"We, the Wild's Family, have spent three generations of our resources to excavate the ancient gold corpse from the Ancient Tomb. Our resources, manpower and financial resources have all been exhausted."

"Now, let me ask you, where is the ancient gold corpse?"

He asked forcefully.

Zhang Xinyue raised his eyes slightly, glanced at Zhang Dadi, then shifted his gaze to Zhang Chengtian and said, "Great Pavilion Master, if you address the patriarch's name in the ancestral hall, how should you punish such a heinous crime?"

Zhang Chengtian was startled.

Everyone in the ancestral hall was slightly shocked.

Zhang Xinyue immediately looked at Zhang Qitian and said: "Uncle Qi Tian, you are the person in charge of the Desolate Spirit Family's law, you should be clear that I want to know how you are going to punish such a heinous crime."

Zhang Qitian's eyes turned sinister, he slowly stood up and walked to Zhang Dadi's side, and fiercely slapped him, and shouted: "Hurry and apologize to the patriarch!"


A resounding slap across the face.

Zhang Dadi's face burned with an incomparable amount of pain. Staring at Zhang Qitian's fierce eyes, his heart turned cold, and he immediately apologized to Zhang Xinyue: "Patriarch, I'm sorry."

Although Zhang Qitian had hit him, he only hated Zhang Xinyue.

Zhang Qitian slightly asked: "Patriarch, although he is guilty of disrespect, he is also from the Desolate Spirit Family. I would also like to know, where is the ancient gold corpse now?"

"You promised before that today is the deadline. If you can't take out the ancient gold corpse, I'm afraid you won't be able to explain yourself today."

As soon as he finished speaking.

The other elders immediately asked, "Where is it?"

"Where did you get the ancient gold corpse?"

"Do you know how much energy we spent in the Wild's Family to get this ancient gold corpse? You don't take the Huang Ling Family seriously at all."

"What else can a woman do but have children?"

… ….

The sounds of punishment came from the ancestral hall.

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