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One must know that ever since Shang had found out the intentions of the Western Regions, he had been constantly searching for hidden stakes in the Western Regions. This way, he would be able to find a lot of them in Shang's capital city, and thus Shang had pulled them out one by one.

Xiang Luan and the rest from the Western Regions had also withdrawn from Shang State upon being discovered by Han Xuanhao. Shang had no interest in investigating the whereabouts of the people from the Western Regions. Shang was not anxious at all, knowing that some things could get out of hand if they went on for too long.

Just as Shang Wuxin walked out of the study room, she saw Han Xuanhao and Leng Yufeng standing there. The two of them had been extremely busy in the past few days, Han Xuanhao had even used all the powers in the Cold Star Pavilion. Many of the dark stakes in the Western Regions had been found by Han Xuanhao, while Leng Yufeng had led the Blood Shang Army to destroy them. There was another person who was very busy, and that person was Illusory Mo Che. For the past few days, Shang Wuxin only saw him when he was eating dinner, and normally, he didn't even see his shadow. After all, the things that happened after removing so many Dark Stones needed to be taken care of were things that Shang Wuxin didn't want to leave to Illusory Mo Che.

"Why are you all standing here and not going in?" After all, these people in his study could still go in. It was not that Shang didn't trust these two people, it was just that they were used to Shang's strong territorial awareness.

The two men smiled. It was not that they did not want to enter, but they knew Shang Wuxin had been busy with matters of the Western Regions for the past few days. They did not wish to disturb Shang.

The three of them were preparing to take a seat in the courtyard, but at this time, fearless, they hastily walked to Shang Wuxin's side. "Crown Prince, something has happened to Madam Ye!" If it was any other person who was fearless, they wouldn't be nervous. However, since Madam Ye had been living in the Crown Prince's residence for the past few days, the Crown Prince had clearly seen how fearless Madam Ye was.

With a stern look in his eyes, Leng Yufeng and Han Xuanhao glanced at each other before following Shang Wuxin out of the crown prince's residence.

At this moment, in a shop within the capital, the shop sold the best cloth and clothing of the capital. Many of the clothes were custom-made for officials and nobles. Yinyin thought that Shang's clothes were all prepared by someone else, so she was prepared to come here today to buy some clothes for Shang. This shop belonged to the Ye family. Although the shopkeeper didn't know Yi Yin, the token she took out made him want to castrate her. She told him not to panic and just to look at the clothes and cloth in the hall.

Today, another person had come to the Ye Clan's clothing store. It was Qing Fei, who had come from the palace. Although Imperial Concubine Qing was an imperial concubine, she was usually indifferent to her concubines. It was normal for her to use her own family to leave the palace. The reason why the women left the palace was because of the makeup and makeup. Qing Fei was no exception, so as soon as she came out, she went to the largest clothing shop in the capital and wanted to buy some clothes before going back to the palace to show off.

Although Qing Fei didn't reveal her identity, every time she came to the Ye family's clothing store, the shopkeeper would know that this person was the wife of a senior official. If she came today, the shopkeeper would have already gone to serve her. However, if Madam was still here tonight, the shopkeeper wouldn't be able to see her. Anyone who could sit in the position of shopkeeper in the Ye estate was a smart and loyal person, and anyone who worked in the Ye estate would know that their master was the Ye Clan.

"Manager!" She had been at the clothing store for a long time, but she hadn't seen the shopkeeper greeting her. The shopkeeper was usually the waiter, so she was a bit dissatisfied. She was usually very attentive to him.

The manservant next to her was also extremely shrewd and quickly smiled apologetically, "I wonder what this madam needs? "I've just bought some good fabrics and they can be worn to melt. Why don't you take a look, Madam?" Although it was just a clothing store, it was very big. Even if it was a hall, because cloth and clothing were everywhere on it, Qing Fei didn't notice the shopkeeper not far away.

"Let the shopkeeper have a look!" Qing Fei pointed at a piece of cloth and said.

Although he did not know who the lady the shopkeeper served today was, the attendant could tell from a glance that although the lady before him appeared to be very wealthy, her appearance and temperament were incomparable to the lady from before.

"Madam, let me show you that piece of cloth!" The servant was quite shrewd. He hurriedly prepared to take out the new cloth, but without any hesitation, Qing Fei immediately lifted the curtains one by one and saw the shopkeeper of the Ye family's clothing shop.

At this moment, the shopkeeper was introducing to Yinyin what kind of fabric a normal young man should wear. While Yinyin was listening intently, she heard a rude voice, "Shopkeeper, bring the new fabric here!"

The shopkeeper knew that this person was a regular customer of the shop and was very generous. Normally, the storekeeper would have stepped forward to serve him, but if Madam was here tonight, the storekeeper wouldn't have been able to leave.

"Madam, we have put on a lot of new fabric in the store. I will have my servant show you!" The shopkeeper was about to call the waiter over, but the shopkeeper's words made her unhappy. She was used to being aloof, and always curtsied in the palace to please others. Now that even ordinary citizens dared to treat her like this, she immediately became angry.

"I'm telling you to go get it!" Qing Fei said in dissatisfaction, deliberately making things difficult for the shopkeeper.

Although Yinyin was looking at the fabric, she was able to listen to every single word. She was originally a businessman who had travelled to the north and had seen a lot of people. Now, she didn't care too much and told the shopkeeper, "Let me see, you go and get busy!"

As soon as Yi Yin turned around, she immediately saw her face and felt a burst of jealousy in her heart. She had seen many beautiful women in the palace, but it was rare to see a woman as beautiful as Yiyin. Furthermore, Yiyin's beauty was not only her appearance, but also her temperament that could not be imitated.

The shopkeeper nodded and went to get the newly arrived goods for Qing Fei.

Yi Yin took a fancy to a piece of white cloth embroidered with bamboo patterns. She felt that if this piece of cloth was made for Shang Wuxin, it would definitely look good. Yinyin was indeed Ye Yi Zhe's mother. Like Ye Yi Zhe, she was very fond of white, and Yinyin also felt that it was very pretty for Shang to wear white.

However, just as Yi Yin was about to reach out to grab the cloth, she saw a hand reach out and grab the cloth. Yi Yin didn't care that she was too slow after all. She continued to look and saw a black embroidered robe. This was a set of clothing that very few people could afford. This time, she directly took it off.

"This piece of clothing is really quite good. Shopkeeper, I want this piece of clothing!" Qing Fei pointed at the clothes in Yi Yin's hand and was about to take them. Yi Yin slightly turned her body to avoid her hand, feeling dissatisfied.

The shopkeeper smiled coyly and said, "My lady, this piece of clothing is only made by several tens of embroidery ladies who spent a few days to embroider. There are also other clothes that are pretty good in the shop. How about this lady take a look?" The shopkeeper didn't dare ask Madam Ye to let him have the items. After all, all of the items belonged to Madam Ye, let alone a single piece of clothing.

"This is what I want. Wrap it up for me!" Then, she directly took out the money. However, the shopkeeper did not touch Yi Yin, nor did he do so. Qing Fei shouted at the guard in dissatisfaction, "Hurry up and hand that thing over to me … Madam, please bring it over! "

From the looks of it, the shopkeeper knew that it would be troublesome today and prepared to have the attendant come over. He did not expect that the girl in black beside Madam Ye would suddenly move when the guards approached.

"Madam Ye, are you shocked?" After all, when they came out, the crown prince had instructed them to protect Madam Ye, but he did not expect to meet with Imperial Consort Qing.

Qing Fei was surprised that a girl's martial arts were so good, but when she saw her fearless face, she was shocked. "You?" It's you? " The two of them were the crown prince's servants, and many people knew them. Qing Fei was no exception.

"How dare you!" She had always hated the fact that the crown prince was not around, with only a servant girl and a woman she had never seen before in the capital. She said to the servant girl beside her, "Have the officials come over. This concubine wants to see how bold these people are!"

When Imperial Concubine Qing revealed her identity, many citizens who came to buy things were a little afraid. At this moment, the maidservants bullied them, saying, "Imperial Concubine is the emperor's most beloved esteemed imperial concubine. Why don't you all hurry up and pay your respects when you see her!"

Other than Yi Yin and Wu Dai, everyone saluted. As for Qing Fei, her eyes were filled with anger when she saw the two people not bowing, "Servants! Why did you drag these two down and not even greet me?!"

At this moment, the capital's magistrate had already arrived. He knew of Imperial Concubine Qing's identity and hurriedly bowed. He then ordered the imperial guards, "Hurry up and capture these two civilians. How dare you be disrespectful to Imperial Concubine Qing!"

When she saw the person, she wasn't afraid at all. This Prefecture Lord was her father's man. Qing Fei came to Yi Yin's side. The closer she got to her, the more jealous she became. When a woman reached a certain age, no matter how well she was maintained, she would appear old. However, this woman was simply too beautiful.

With one hand on the clothes in Yi Yin's hand, she was prepared to slap Yi Yin. Looking at her long nails, he knew that she wanted to ruin Yi Yin's looks. Yi Yin backed off a few steps; her kung fu was not bad, but now that she knew Shang Wuxin was the crown prince, she didn't want to cause any trouble with him.

Yiyin's evasion caused Qing Fei to be even more bold and directly pulled on the black silk dress. The moment she tore it, the sound of fabric breaking could be heard, and at this moment, Yiyin suddenly let go of Qing Fei's hand. She was still pulling on the clothes, but now she let go and fell to the ground.

"Empress!" The servant girl immediately stepped forward to help Qing Fei up.

"Arrest them! Kill them!" At this time, the head storekeeper also hurried forward. If anything happened to Madam Ye in the shop, then he would not be able to bear the consequences, and no one would notice that he had just said something to a person in the crowd without fear. That person then left for the Crown Prince's Palace.

Because of what had happened here, the entire shop had been surrounded by soldiers, and the surrounding commoners had been surrounded by even more layers. Wu Yi stood in front of Yi Yin, looking at these soldiers with unfriendly eyes.

Just as the soldiers were about to attack Yi Yin and Wu Dai, a carriage approached the shop. At this moment, a carriage stopped in front of the shop. The soldiers held their weapons and scolded, "The Empress is here, hurry up and f * ck off!"

However, just as the soldier finished speaking, he fell to the ground. At this moment, a person wearing red clothes and a veil walked out from the carriage. His long black hair draped over his shoulders, hiding his figure behind a red robe.

After she got off the carriage, the woman in red actually stretched out her hand, and then she saw a fair and transparent hand on the woman's hand, and from the carriage, a man dressed in purple walked out. She seemed to be a person that had been sleeping in an ice bed for a thousand years, and her entire body was suffused with a sense of desolation.

As the youth got off the carriage, he saw a man dressed in black get off. Just by standing there, the man gave people a sense of security.

"Murder!" A commoner who recovered from the three's appearance saw the dead soldier. At this moment, all the soldiers who were ready to capture Shang didn't fear him at all, but they heard the fearless voice, "Crown Prince!"

The word "Crown Prince" made everyone's mouth wide open in shock. Although everyone knew the reputation of the Crown Prince, very few people had seen him in the capital. In the eyes of the people, the Crown Prince was someone who lived in heaven.

Shang Wuxin walked in front while Leng Yufeng and Han Xuanhao followed right behind him. As soon as he entered the store, he immediately took a chair to wipe it clean before setting it aside. Instead of sitting down, he turned to look at Yinyin.

"I'm fine!" Yi Yin felt her heart warm up. It was as if she was being cared for by her own child.

Shang Wuxin nodded and sat down, with Leng Yufeng and Han Xuanhao behind him. At this time, the opposite Qing Fei was already scared. Even the Prefect was scared to the point where his legs were weak. He had only heard rumors about the crown prince before, but now, he only knew how terrifying the crown prince was.

"Crown Prince, these two have the guts to make trouble for the people!" The maidservant by Qing Fei's side immediately opened her mouth to complain.

"Pah!" He fearlessly slapped the servant girl. The fearless palm was not like a woman's strength, he slapped the servant girl to the ground, then fearlessly returned to the side of the Crown Prince, "Who dares to steal the words in front of the Crown Prince!"

Shang Wuxin was not afraid of Shang Bin's actions. He took a sip of the tea brought over by Han Xuanhao and passed the teacup to Han Xuanhao. Han Xuanhao then continued to drink his tea.

"Bullied?" Shang asked absent-mindedly.

These words made Yinyin smile bitterly. She was clearly an elder, okay? But now she had become a child. This Shang Wuxin seemed to have become an elder.

"Crown Prince, I'm your elder. How can you make things difficult for this concubine's servant girl for a troublesome civilian?" This servant girl had been one of her own for so many years, and when had she ever been beaten like this by anyone? Furthermore, there were so many commoners watching her.

Shang Wuxin did not even raise his eyes.

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