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Mo Wen laughed awkwardly. Naturally, he wouldn't say that he would go and "have a chat" with the school administrators. Being thick-skinned, he sat down right next to Shen Jing, an arm intimately wrapped over her shoulder. He laughed as he said, "Haven't I returned? Did you miss me?"

"Only a fool would miss you. I was only considering whether or not to report your misbehaviour to the school and get you expelled."

Shen Jing fiercely slapped Mo Wen's hand away. She wasn't even that close to him.

"You didn't miss me? I originally wanted to give you something as a gift. Now I don't feel like giving it."

Mo Wen shook his head, sighed and said.

"What thing?" Shen Jing's eyes flashed past a glint of curiosity as she asked.

"Beauty ointment. An essential item for those who want to become fair, rich and beautiful girls. A treasure that can turn an Ugly Betty into a goddess."

Mo Wen said mysteriously.

"Ugly Betty?"

Shen Jing bit her lip and looked askance at Mo Wen, asking, "You see me as an Ugly Betty?"

Mo Wen's mouth twitched. What logic did women have? He had just used a metaphor; how did it become a verbal assault?

"Turn an Ugly Betty into a goddess, turn a goddess into a super goddess…"

Mo Wen laughed awkwardly and said, "You are definitely the latter."

"Stop your bootlicking. I don't like listening to it." Shen Jing gave Mo Wen a deathgaze.


Mo Wen very sensibly shut his mouth. When women were angry, shutting his mouth was the best choice, otherwise whatever you said would be wrong.

"Let me see." Towards the beauty ointment, Shen Jing was slightly curious about it.

Mo Wen withdrew a cylindrical canister made from bamboo. Inside was the beauty ointment. This had the effect of beautifying the face, clearing scars and removing acne. Back then the burn marks on Xiaoyou's face was cured using this.

After that, Xiaoyou had mentioned it multiple times that she wished that he could make more for her. She said that after using it, her skin was getting better and better and that she wished to continue using it.

Hence, Mo Wen had gathered quite a few medicinal herbs for concocting beauty ointment in the Changbai Mountain Range and concocted quite a few batches of the beauty ointment.

As for having prepared a present... he had thought it up just now. Since Xiaoyou liked it, then Shen Jing as a woman would like it too?

Since he had long listed Shen Jing as one of his women, but he still hadn't won her over...he naturally would not be stingy with this opportunity to win over Beauty Shen.

"Is this it?"

Shen Jing looked at the rustic bamboo canister. She did not know from where he had gotten his hands on this knockoff. She looked somewhat suspiciously at Mo Wen.

With just this, an Ugly Betty could be turned into a goddess? Then the world would have goddesses everywhere...

"Don't underestimate it. Remember the burn marks on Xiaoyou's face back then? This was what cured her." Mo Wen raised his eyebrows saying. She actually doubted his standard?

"Is it real or fake?"

Shen Jing's eyes opened wide upon hearing this. Back then, when Xiaoyou was disfigured and had her appearance restored after a few days, with her skin even better than before, she had felt that it was all too surreal. But the truth was right in front of her, so she couldn't not believe.

Back then, she had asked what had happened and what could have healed the burns on her face in a short few days, but Xiaoyou had not said anything, instead asking her not to spread word of it, asking her to say that her wounds were not as severe as the rumours claimed.

Luckily, very few people knew what had happened to Xiaoyou. At the time, the people in the school only knew a few rumours, so they could still patch things up. After she came out and cleared things up, everyone believed that the news of Qin Xiaoyou getting disfigured was fake.

Otherwise, if the news spread out and people know of such a miraculous incident, countless people would probably be looking for Qin Xiaoyou. Be it the media or pharmaceutical companies, even victims with conditions like Qin Xiaoyou would certainly swarm her and demand an explanation.

As Qin Xiaoyou's teacher, she only knew that it was the effects of a certain medicine that had cured her burns. However, she did not know what medicine it was, and Qin Xiaoyou wouldn't tell even when she asked, only saying that the thing could not be bought as it was not on the market.

She had always been very curious about it, but she never thought that today Mo Wen would place it right in front of her.

No wonder after Mo Wen found Qin Xiaoyou, her burns were all healed. It turned out that all the problems stemmed from Mo Wen.

She received the bamboo canister from Mo Wen's hands, popping open the cover on one end of the bamboo canister. Inside was filled with a milky-white colloid that looked like skin cream, also emanating an energizing fragrance.

Shen Jing looked suspiciously at the beauty ointment before her eyes. She felt that she was just being angry at Mo Wen and now if she received Mo Wen's gift, it didn't seem too good...also it made her look like she was too easy…

But in her mind, she really wanted the beauty ointment. After all, after Xiaoyou that lass used it, her skin was much better looking, so delicious that it made her want to take a bite of it. It could make skin become smoother and moisturized. This sort of temptation, as a woman, she couldn't resist at all...

"Looking at your good intentions, I'll reluctantly accept this. You can go now."

Shen Jing snorted quietly. She purposely put on an act and pretended to not care as she placed the beauty ointment on the coffee table. Her eyes didn't even look at Mo Wen.

"Just leave? We haven't eaten yet…"

Mo Wen looked pitifully at Shen Jing. He had just arrived and she wanted him to leave. He wasn't an idiot; he should at least have a meal before doing so.

"The dishes have all been disposed of." Shen Jing said unmoved.

"Then make some more."

"The house is out of groceries."

"I'll just eat rice then."

"There is no more rice as well."

"Then, I'll eat you."

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, and like a tiger pounced upon Shen Jing, the two of them rolling on the couch.

"Don't… I'll call other people over…" Shen Jing looked apprehensive, sharply pushing Mo Wen's chest.

"Call out… even if you call till your throat breaks, no one would bother…"

Mo Wen grinned evilly. A finger of his lifted Shen Jing's fair chin, letting her see the evil in his eyes.

"Don't, I'll go cook for you…"

Shen Jing shrunk her neck. That gaze was too aggressive, causing her to shiver and feel uneasy. Would he actually do such a thing? That bastard Mo Wen…

"That's a good girl."

The corner of Mo Wen's mouth curled, and with a tug he pulled Shen Jing up off the couch. He calmly sat on the couch saying, "Go cook, your lord husband is waiting to eat."

Shen Jing indignantly glared at Mo Wen. Lord husband, he had watched too many dramas; was he looking for trouble? She opened her mouth to scold Mo Wen, but did not dare to utter the words. She could only disgruntledly cook.

"Didn't you say we were out of groceries?"

Mo Wen sat at the dining table, stuffing food into his mouth while looking at the table full of dishes, saying.

"After you are done eating, you better quickly scram."

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. She had no energy to deal with him.

"That being said, you are living alone, are you scared at night?" Mo Wen found time to ask as he gobbled down the food.

"What for?"

Shen Jing looked cautiously at Mo Wen. This bastard wasn't planning of moving in to live with her, was he?

"Tonight I can stay the night with you, then you won't be afraid." Mo Wen said chuckling.

"What about tomorrow night?"

After subconsciously asking this question, Shen Jing herself was shocked. Why would she ask such a question?

"Tomorrow night? Can't say for sure, maybe some other place will take me in…"

Mo Wen scratched his head, saying awkwardly.

"After you are done eating, you better quickly scram. In the future, don't show your face in front of me again." Shen Jing clenched her small fist, suppressing an urge to punch Mo Wen to death.

After he finished eating, Shen Jing nearly had to chase Mo Wen out of the door with a broom to get him to leave…

Coming out of Shen Jing's house, night had descended. The air was draped with a cool breeze and the stars were twinkling in the sky. The night sky was quiet. On the field, there were many people out walking at night. There were also students gathered on the football field having activities. Many couples were also hiding in the woods and corners, quietly dating…

On the field, Qin Xiaoyou and Wang Xiaofei were both lying on the sports equipment to the side of the field, talking out of boredom.

"Xiaoyou, that Mo Wen is really too much, disappearing again. It has been so many days already, where has he run off to?"

Wang Xiaofei had a milk tea in her hands as she softly snorted and said.

She felt that Xiaoyou going out with Mo Wen was too unfair for her. Especially a gentle, infatuated girl like Xiaoyou, going out with that flirtatious radish, wasn't she at a disadvantage?

That Mo Wen. Although he was excellent in many areas and had earned her respect, she couldn't stand him looking busy all the time, not caring for the girl by his side.

Today was Xiaoyou's birthday and he wasn't by her side. She had never seen a boyfriend like this before.

"Before he left, he told me that he had something very important to do. Xiaofei, don't always nag at him."

Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at her confidante.

"Not even letting me nag at him…Sure enough, a girl in love will have her IQ drop to zero. How are you just zero, it's practically negative…"

Wang Xiaofei rolled her eyes saying.

"It has been more than ten days. No matter how important the matter is, he should be done with it by now. Today is your birthday."

Wang Xiaofei let out a soft humph. If her boyfriend was like this, she would have ditched him long ago.

"He doesn't know my birthday. I didn't tell him either." Qin Xiaoyou explained. Mo Wen didn't know her birthday; it was normal for him to not be back.

"Do you still need to tell him? Isn't he supposed to take the initiative to ask you about it? Or he could find out from other means. He doesn't care about you at all."

The corner of Wang Xiaofei's mouth twitched. This Qin Xiaoyou, when it comes to matters regarding Mo Wen, she is so…

"He really cares about me."

Qin Xiaoyou pulled a long face. The reason why Xiaofei said so was because she didn't understand Mo Wen. Xiaoyou didn't like what she said.


Staring at Qin Xiaoyou who was slightly upset, Wang Xiaofei said helplessly.

"Aiya. After rushing with great urgency, finally I am back."

An unexpected voice suddenly rang from behind them, followed by a person walking towards them with a broad smile. The person was none other than Mo Wen.

He was about to go back to the dormitory and sleep. When he passed by the field, he accidentally overheard Qin Xiaoyou and Wang Xiaofei's conversation. Immediately, he changed his direction and walked towards the field.

"Mo Wen."

Qin Xiaoyou turned her head swiftly. Staring at the figure approaching, a glint of surprise flashed past her eyes.

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