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Chapter 764: Want to Become a Mortal

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Zhao Guang helped Premier Xia up with shaking hands.

As an old official from Zhao Haoran’s reign, he was loyal to Zhao Haoran and the East Ocean Dragon Palace. He had seen Zi’s birth and her growth. Although Zi didn’t come back to the East Ocean Dragon Palace very often, he was like an old man who was guarding the old house, hoping that she would come back so that he could take good care of her.

Living with Zhao Guang, Zhao Yanzi couldn’t understand Premier Xia’s loving care, and even Zhao Guang had sometimes neglected this diligent old official.

Premier Xia could unleash the strength of the Heavenly Dragon Realm, but he was not a Heavenly Dragon cultivator after all.

The moment that he opened the seal, he had known the result. After Zhao Haoran left the East Ocean Dragon Palace, Premier Xia’s purpose in life was to block a catastrophe for the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

Although he could unleash the strength of the Heavenly Dragon Realm, he couldn’t use it until the moment when the East Ocean Dragon Palace was on the verge of destruction, and the forbidden place was about to be broken.

Even during the fierce battle between the East Ocean Dragon Clan and the West Ocean Dragon Clan where Zhao Haoran had fought in person, Premier Xia had to hide his true strength.

Premier Xia, the loyal official of Zhao Haoran, had abided by the agreement which he and Zhao Haoran made. He had waited for this day ever since he was a handsome and tall man. Now, he had become a weak old man.

Bearing the solitude for hundreds of years, he had waited until today. The only bright light in his grey life was watching the vivacious Zhao Yanzi growing up little by little. She was like a granddaughter to him, and she got taller and prettier each time she came back to the dragon palace.

Premier Xia’s happiest moment was the days when he stayed in East Ocean City. It was his first time leaving the East Ocean Dragon Palace to see the land and the prosperous life in the city.

After that, even though Zhao Guang and Hao Ren asked him to go to the city often and get some relaxation, he didn’t dare to leave the dragon palace.

He was satisfied after seeing what the current mortal world looked like. He had to stay in the East Ocean Dragon Palace to guard it against the powerful potential enemy who could destroy the dragon palace, just like today.

“Well…” Looking at Premier Xia, Zhao Hongyu sighed heavily in sadness.

She remembered that on her wedding day, Premier Xia who had been busy tending to the internal affair of the dragon palace was both the organizer and a kind senior.

However, Premier Xia’s meridians were all broken, and he was dying.

“Premier Xia!”

Hao Ren’s crisp voice suddenly came from the high sky.

Zhao Hongyu looked up and saw Hao Ren hurrying over with Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi.

“Grandpa Xia…” Seeing Premier Xia’s blackened face and the absence of his hunched back, Zhao Yanzi froze for half a second and then landed immediately by his side.

Hao Ren had steadied Su Han’s injuries with his nature essence in the Dragon God Palace while the three elixir pills began to work. Then, the nine Deputy Shrien Masters had immediately taken her into the shrine to heal.

Although Su Han was still unconscious, she was no longer in the danger of dying. Worried about the situation in the East Ocean Dragon Palace, Hao Ren immediately flew back with Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia.

When they came to the back mountain, it was too late, and the devil essence containing Xu Ke’s fragment soul had fled.

“Princess… Zi…” Seeing Zhao Yanzi, Premier Xia’s dim face brightened a bit with satisfaction.

“Grandpa Xia…” Zhao Yanzi’s tears rolled down her face.

She didn’t have a deep attachment to Premier Xia, but Premier Xia had taken good care of her each time she came back to the dragon palace and had been a very kind senior. Despite her outward willfulness, Zhao Yanzi was soft-hearted and couldn’t hold back her tears when she saw that Premier Xia was dying.

Seeing the dark faces of the elders around Zhao Guang, Xie Yujia knew that they had all been poisoned by the devil essence. Immediately, she handed them some Detox Pills.

Now that she could make level 6 pills, she had stored many level 5 pills in her bracelet.

The elders had been sustaining themselves with nature essence. When they saw the level 5 Detox Pills, they immediately swallowed them. Gradually, the devil essence in their bodies began to recede.

The level 5 pills were precious in this world and could be called celestial pills which even could bring the dead back to life.

Seeing Premier Xia’s weak state, Xie Yujia wanted to help, but she had given her level 6 pills to Su Han, and the level 5 pills probably would have no effect on him.

“Gongzi Hao… Take care of… Princess Zi…” Premier Xia looked at Hao Ren and said slowly.

Hao Ren took his hands and tried to inject nature essence into his body, but he found that the latter’s meridians were all broken.

Premier Xia was a peak Qian-level cultivator, and he had suppressed his strength for hundreds of years with the Vital Yang Sword in his back. Today, he released all his strength abruptly and obtained the power of the Heavenly Dragon Realm for a short time, but he had broken all the meridians in his body by doing so.

“Grandpa Xia, don’t die! Don’t die…” Zhao Yanzi finally realized how much Premier Xia loved her, and she clutched his hand while her tears kept pouring down her face.

“Let me have a try!”

Seeing everyone’s sadness, Xie Yujia walked over and placed her hand on Premier Xia’s forehead, injecting about a dozen Life-Death Notes into his body.

Life-Death Notes had an impressive name since it could control people’s life and death.

Life Notes drew out the life energy from nature while the Death Notes borrowed the killing intent of nature.

The silver Death Notes kicked out the black devil essence from Premier Xia’s body while the golden Life Notes sucked in the life energy from nature continuously.

Breathing shallowly, Premier Xia suddenly found that the meridians in his body begin to heal themselves slowly!

While his face turned pink, Xie Yujia’s face turned pale.

Xie Yujia had never tried to inject Life-Death Notes into a cultivator’s body before.

It was a very powerful technique, and only Qingfeng Hermit could use it at will. It was due to this power that the Soul Formation Realm cultivators didn’t dare to mess with her.


Seeing her pale face, Hao Ren immediately took her left hand and injected five-elemental nature essence into her body continuous.

Zhao Guang, Zhao Hongyu, and the elders were amazed when they saw Premier Xia recovering little by little.


Xie Yujia’s right hand was suddenly bounced off from Premier Xia’s forehead, and it was the limit that her Life-Death Notes could achieve.

“Gongzi Hao, Ms. Xie, thank you for saving my life…” Premier Xia cupped his hands and was about to kneel.

With one hand supporting the weak Xie Yujia, Hao Ren reached out in a hurry and stopped Premier Xia from kneeling.

Seeing that Xie Yujia was shaking slightly, Zhao Yanzi immediately caught her shoulders to support her.

“Premier Xia, it’s great that you are ok…” Zhao Guang heaved a sigh of relief. “You must go into the dragon palace to rest.”

“Dragon King, now that I’ve come back from death, I have a request,” Premier Xia struggled to stand up and said.

“Premier, please go ahead.” Zhao Guang looked at Premier Xia earnestly.

Premier Xia hesitated for a few seconds and said, “My dragon core had been shattered. Even though I’m still alive, I can only be a mortal and thus can’t take the role as premier. I… want to live like a mortal.”

Zhao Guang nodded. “Elder Lu and Elder Sun have identities in East Ocean City, and…”

“I… just want to be an ordinary mortal,” Premier Xia said immediately.

Zhao Guang looked at him and understood what he meant.

After being busy for about 800 years in the East Ocean Dragon Palace, Premier Xia was tired. Now that Zhao Haoran had passed away, and Premier Xia had finished his mission, he didn’t want to manage the dragon clan’s business anymore.

“Elder Lu, please take Premier Xia to land,” Zhao Guang said with a slight sigh.

“Thank you, Dragon King!” Premier Xia cupped his hands at Zhao Guang and then turned to look at Hao Ren and Xie Yujia. “Thank you, Gongzi Hao and Ms. Xie!”

He finally could go onto land as a real mortal, and he would never return to the East Ocean Dragon Palace. Of course, he would never speak to anyone about the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

With the elixirs in East Ocean, he could go back to his thirties and probably would have his own children and grandchildren. However, his grandchildren would never know that their grandpa had once been the Premier of the East Ocean Dragon Palace and a master who had possessed the strength of the Heavenly Dragon Realm.

Watching Premier Xia walking into the depth of the dragon palace with Elder Lu, Hao Ren felt as if an old man who was tired both physically and mentally was leaving the company in which he had worked for dozens of years.

Suddenly, Hao Ren shivered when he thought of his grandma.

Taiyi Cave Master could get any information. Since the metal-elemental dragon cultivators could find his home, Taiyi Cave Master naturally knew the whereabouts of his family!

Hao Ren had rushed to the bottom of the ocean immediately when he saw the surging ocean waves around the East Ocean Dragon Palace, but he hadn’t thought that Taiyi Cave Master might go to his home!


Stepping on the sword energy, Hao Ren flew up instantly.

Taiyi Cave Master had attacked suddenly while Su Han was going through the Heavenly Tribulation, disturbed the East Ocean Dragon Palace, and then almost destroyed the East Ocean Dragon Clan.

Hao Ren had busied himself with saving Su Han and then the elders in the East Ocean Dragon Palace, but he had neglected his grandma and his parents who had nothing to do with cultivators!

An ordinary dragon cultivator would never make a move against mortals no matter how fierce the battle was. However, Taiyi Cave Master wasn’t under the rules of the Dragon Tribe anymore!

In Hao Ren’s mind, his parents and grandma were mortals and outside of this circle, which was why he hadn’t thought of them right away!

Hua… Hao Ren rushed out from the ocean and flew toward his home immediately.

In his home, the window on the first floor had been shattered!

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