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Chapter 1652: Acting Against Yin Qiu

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"Commander Di Tian must be joking. What crime am I guilty of?" Yin Qiu's expression was awkward. He sinisterly glanced at the experts of the He Clan. The atmosphere of the banquet instantly quietened down. How could they fail to understand what was happening now?

Commander Di Tian might have hosted a banquet, but the wine drinkers heart wasn't in drinking the wine.

Before this, Di Tian was still chatting and laughing with the various major powers. But in the blink of an eye, he directly invited Yin Qiu here and immediately called him into account. It gave everyone the feeling that this banquet was simply a scheming plot. The He Clan fell for the trap and made a blunder. Naturally, there were also people who were gloating over their misfortune. They had long expected something like this to happen here. Who is to blame for the fact that the He Clan couldn't see things clearly?

"Earlier, the people of the He Clan personally told me that they have the strength and assets of first-tier powers but was classified as a third-tier. In addition, they also told me that Governor Yin Qiu would often visit their clan and have a very good relationship with them. I believe everyone here can be my witnesses, right?" Di Tian glanced at everyone before turning back to Yin Qiu.

"I must have misspoken. It's all nonsense. Grandmaster Di Tian, please don't take it that my words are real." The elder from the He Clan stood up and inclined his wine cup in a toast. "Grandmaster Di Tian, I spoke nonsense earlier due to me drinking too much. Please forgive me."

As he spoke, he drained the contents of his cup. Di Tian coldly looked at him, "After you told me about all of that, I've already sent my men to investigate. The investigation report was as what you have stated. I believe that the palace lord would definitely want to investigate this matter and he would be able to do so easily. It won't do you any good if you continue to lie."

The elder of the He Clan broke out in cold sweat. Di Tian slowly stood up and glanced at Yin Qiu, "Governor Yin Qiu, anything you want to say?"

"Commander Di, even if there's truly such a matter, that's only because I must have failed in supervising my subordinates. I'll investigate this and give you a clear response as soon as possible." Yin Qiu replied.

"Governor Yin Qiu already frequents the He Clan. What's there to investigate?" Di Tian coldly laughed. "As the western governor of the Lifire Palace, Yin Qiu, you ignored the palace's rules and exempted the He Clan from paying first-tier taxes because of your personal relations with them. The difference between the amount of tax paid by a first-tier and third-tier power is extremely great. By doing this, how would the other powers in the west be willing to submit to you? The Realmlord trusts me and held me in high regards, giving me the position of the supervisory commander. Since I learned of this, I naturally won't sit back to do nothing."

"Bastard!" Yin Qiu cursed in his heart. This bastard has now finally revealed his true colors, even bringing the Realmlord's name out. He actually was really planning to move against him.

"Commander Di, there was just a minor conflict between us in the past. There's no need for you to make use of your official position to get revenge on me, right?" Yin Qiu's tone turned sinister. What he did was considered extremely minor, all other governors would have definitely done so as well. If Di Tian really wants to investigate, all the governors of Lifire City would definitely have problems.

This Di Tian was clearly here for revenge because he objected back then about acting against Xia Hou.

Yin Qiu naturally didn't expect that Di Tian wanted to move against him today, wasn't it because of that small conflict back then. It was because when the Lifire Empyrean gathered the governors for a meeting with regards to Qin Wentian, this Yin Qiu clearly wanted Qin Wentian to die. At that time, he supported Zhuge Xiong's words wholeheartedly. Since this is the case, there was naturally no need for Di Tian to show any mercy to Yin Qiu. It's about time to touch the governors of the Lifire Palace.

Let Yin Qiu be the first governor then.

"When this seat does things, I always do it with fairness. This is my responsibility as the supervisory commander. You actually dare to insult this seat? Men, come in and capture Governor Yin Qiu, he ignored the rules of our Lifire Palace." Di Tian coldly spoke. As the sound of his voice faded, two immortal emperors stepped out and moved towards Yin Qiu.

"Impudent!" There were also people stepping out behind Yin Qiu. It was none other than the vice governors of his governor's manor, his subordinates.

"Those who dare to obstruct me from carrying out my duties will be seen as defying the Realmlord, disrespecting his eminence. I will kill them all without mercy." Di Tian coldly spoke. After that, the two vice governors froze as they perspired cold sweat. This Di Tian clearly wanted to deal with Yin Qiu today. He kept bringing up the Realmlord's name and added the words 'no mercy.' If they were really killed by Di Tian because of this, how stupid would that be?

What a bastard.

"Di Tian, you can just say it outright that you want to move against me. There's no need to keep bringing the Realmlord's name up. If the Realmlord knows that you kept making use of his esteemed name, he would definitely be unhappy." Yin Qiu coldly glanced at the two immortal emperors moving forward. "I'm the western governor of the Lifire Palace. Someone personally conferred by the Palace Lord. You guys dare to touch me?"

"Capture him. If he dares to resist, that would be a crime of defying my orders and I will act personally." Di Tian lifted his wine cup and drank a mouthful of wine. Instantly, the atmosphere here grew tenser than ever. There was too much pressure.

Everyone was staring with trepidation at Di Tian and Yin Qiu. The two of them had shredded all pretense of cordiality and was falling out.

The two immortal emperors continued walking towards Yin Qiu. Light from their laws flashed as they acted.

"How impudent can the two of you be?" Yin Qiu's expression turned extremely cold. His law energy erupted forth as a gloomy aura permeated the atmosphere. Instantly, the two immortal emperors shivered as their bodies started to freeze.

It was impossible for Yin Qiu to sit here and wait for death. He didn't dare to imagine what his fate would be if he allowed Di Tian to capture him. Hence, he had to resist no matter what. There was no choice at all.

"Insolence!" Di Tian spoke. He stood up and stepped forward, his eyes gleaming with sealing light. In an instant, resplendent light from his laws covered Yin Qiu, wanting to seal away Yin Qiu's laws.

"SCRAM!" Yin Qiu coldly roared, punching out with his fist. A cracking sound rang out as the seals broke apart. Di Tian's gaze turned even more terrifying. The sealing light flowed without end, seeping into Yin Qiu's body unceasingly. Yin Qiu actually could do nothing to restrict the sealing energy.

Di Tian stretched his hand out and grabbed. In an instant, boundless law energy enveloped Yin Qiu, sealing him from his laws. Yin Qiu groaned in misery, he only felt that the flow of the law energy in his body wasn't smooth. He stared at Qin Wentian with a venomous look as he spoke, "You've actually already reached the peak-stage of the immortal emperor realm."

Di Tian ignored Yin Qiu. The law energy of sealing from his eyes continued to flow out. He grabbed with his hand again as the formless sealing energy continued to seep into Yin Qiu. Di Tian slowly walked towards him and spoke, "Western Governor Yin Qiu has betrayed the Lifire Palace's laws, using his official power to gain benefits privately and he even dared to resist me who is acting in the capacity of the supervisory commander. These crimes are unpardonable."

As Di Tian spoke, his palm directly slammed onto Yin Qiu, causing Yin Qiu to scream in agony. A terrifying change appeared in his body. Yin Qiu shivered. His countenance was already extremely pale before this. Right now, he stared with terror at Di Tian as he cursed out loud. Di Tian actually acted so ruthlessly against him.

"By acting so arrogantly, the Palace Lord will never spare you." Yin Qiu's voice was hoarse, the people in the surroundings felt their hearts trembling. How crazy, after Di Tian became the supervisory commander, he had eliminated two of the Lifire Palace's governors. Back then, it was understandable because of the deep grudge between him and Xia Hou. But now, he was preparing to cripple Yin Qiu.

One must know that these two are governors the Lifire Empyrean personally appointed. The Lifire Empyrean didn't say anything when Xia Hou was removed. But now that he wished to cripple Yin Qiu's cultivation, would the Lifire Empyrean really still remain silent?

What did this Di Tian want to do exactly?

The expression of that elder of the He Clan had long turned pale. His body trembled. This time, they were in trouble, in great trouble.

"I've terribly sorry that such a thing happened in my banquet today. I won't keep you all back, everyone, please feel free to leave." Di Tian clasped his hands and spoke. The crowd naturally knew that this was a sign for them to go. All of them respectively left, but the states of their hearts were unable to regain calmness for a long time.

This incident swiftly spread throughout Lifire City. Yin Qiu's two vice governors had already left. They were not stupid, they naturally knew what they should do now at this moment.

However, Di Tian also sent his men to the Lifire Palace to make a report about this.

When Zhuge Xiong heard of this incident, he instantly felt a sense of unease. His expression grew unsightly as he coldly spoke to the person reporting this, "Commander Di Tian is simply behaving nonsensically and creating trouble."

After he spoke, he took out his messaging crystal and send a strand of his immortal sense in, transmitting his voice to Di Tian, "Commander Di, how did Yin Qiu offend you?"

"Grand Governor, Yin Qiu didn't offend me. However, he actually made use of his position for personal gain and purposely messed up the classification tiers for the powers in the west. This made many powers in the west complain, they reported this to me hence I went ahead and did an investigation. Who would have known that the rumors were true? Hence, I had no choice but to act. In any case, don't worry about it, I've already sent someone to report this to palace lord." Di Tian transmitted his voice back, his tone was like he was acting for justice.

Zhuge Xiong coldly laughed in his heart. If he wanted to make a report, did he even need to send his subordinates? Why can't he simply use the messaging crystal. This Di Tian was clearly trying to play tricks with him. He was doing this precisely because he wanted to deal with Yin Qiu.

"Commander Di Tian, Yin Qiu is still someone that belongs to the palace lord after all. Can you listen to my suggestion? Why don't you check the facts again, your investigation might be wrong." Zhuge Xiong was pleading for mercy for Yin Qiu.

"Grand Governor. Don't worry about it, I've investigated clearly. It's impossible for there to be any mistakes." Di Tian replied, he was clearly determined that he wanted to move against Yin Qiu. Zhuge Xiong even used the palace lord's name but Di Tian still didn't give face.

"Commander Di, it's tough to explain to you clearly here. Wait for me, I'll go look for you." Zhuge Xiong kept his messaging crystal. He turned and entered the depths of the Lifire Palace, coming to the place where the Lifire Empyrean resided. He then stopped after he arrived outside a supreme great formation.

"What did he say?" The Lifire Empyrean sat in there cultivating as he asked.

"Palace lord, I'm preparing to look for him personally." Zhuge Xiong spoke. Upon hearing this, a terrifying fire flickered in the Lifire Empyrean's eyes, causing Zhuge Xiong to feel a sense of being stifled. It was terrifying to the extreme. He understood that the palace lord was angered.

"Okay, go and make a trip there personally and help me probe Di Tian. What does he want to do exactly? Is he planning to take my position? He wants to be the Lifire Palace Lord?" The Lifire Empyrean sinisterly spoke. Making a move against two of his governors, this was not only not giving him face but was smacking it instead. In fact, it was a provocation to his authority.

Could it be that Di Tian's ambition was to take over his position?

Maybe, it might be true. When he thought until here, the Lifire Empyrean's gaze turned even more fearsome than before!

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