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The surrounding land got arider, and the creatures in the forest also became less active.

After passing over several high mountains, they came to a hilly area.

Standing on the top of a small hill, Shao Xuan could see the houses scattered around the land and vast areas of farmland in the distance. However, the crops on the farmland seemed not to grow well because of the water shortage. Not only did lack of water result in the slow growth of crops, but also a high death rate.

As for the farther distance, it was hard to see clearly, as if there was shrouded with layers of gauze because of too much dust in the air, which blocked our sights. In the drought area, when the wind blew, it would bring the sand high.

As they kept going along that direction, more and more cracks were embedded on the ground. Although there were also some sparse grass, the cracked ground occupied almost all of our field of vision.

“Over there, it is the Rain tribe.” Huang Ye told the young warriors who came here for the first time.

During the journey to the Rain tribe, the elders would teach the young warriors something about various tribes. Now when they saw the Rain tribe, the elders would definitely tell them the customs and practices of the Rain tribe.

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Although Shao Xuan knew Yang Sui of the Rain tribe, he had only limited information about the tribe. Therefore, when that middle-aged man explained the local customs to the young warriors of his tribe, Shao Xuan also picked up his ears to learn it. It was better to know more information.

“The totem of the Rain tribe is ‘rain’ and the Rain people worship water. Their belief in the rainwater is far beyond your imagination. If some people of the Rain tribe die from being drowned or eaten by the beast in the water, most of the time, other people of the tribe would not mourn the dead, instead, they believe that the dead must have the mysterious power that others don’t have. Depending on the power, they could send themselves to the place where Gods live in…”

Shao Xuan and others, “…” WTF!

If it’s really the case, the crocodiles of the Drumming tribe were simply the spokespersons of God.

It sounded ridiculous, but it could be understood. Each tribe had their own beliefs and worship. Many things that seemed extremely foolish to others were the unyielding conviction of some. For this, you couldn't change their thoughts even if you opened their brain.

“It’s said that the Rain tribe’s shamans who cannot pray for rain would be burned to death?” asked someone.

“Not exactly. I heard that some shamans were burned to death at the beginning, but afterward, no one could bring the rain, and they couldn’t kill all shamans, so they changed the rule. But the result was that, in the Rain tribe, the status of shamans was gradually degraded. It’s said that the candidate of the Rain tribe shamans must peregrinate outside, hoping to find a solution.”

“Did they find the solution later?” A young soldier of the Feather tribe couldn’t help but ask.

The other guys looked at the douchebag-like warrior who asked the question, “It must be unreal, how could one bring rain whenever he prays for it? At least it's impossible for shamans of our tribe, not to mention the Rain tribe’s shamans. The people of those small tribes just love messing about!”

“That’s for sure.” Others nodded, feeling that those small tribes couldn’t make it if their own tribes couldn’t. What’s more, praying for rain must be just a lie.

“How could God be related to ‘rain’? However, one thing is true, that is, God must be able to fly. Well, it’s for sure,” said some of the Feather tribe.

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“Bosh! How could God have wings? He must have eight hands!” said someone from the Eight Limbs.

“Bullshit! God couldn’t be like that!”

When it comes to the appearance of God, tribes with different faiths would quarrel because of different opinions.

The people of the Tian Shan tribe thought that God lived on the mountain, while the Mang tribe people vetoed who strongly believed that God should live in the woods, especially with the bamboo forest.

The people of Thousand Masks tribe didn’t speak, but the dissatisfaction on their faces had told everyone what they thought.

Shao Xuan thought about the Flaming Horn tribe. As being brainwashed by the Shaman since childhood, or being taught by the Shaman since childhood, they only believed in three things — fire, totem and ancestor. What was God? Was it fire? Was it the incarnation of the totem? Or the passed ancestor? Or all of the three things?

Listening to the opinions of the people around them, Lei and Tuo touched their head at the same time, and they began to outline the appearance of God in their mind. If there was a God, should he have… a long horn on the head? Anyway, God would certainly not have those long wings or play spiders or be an incarnation of rain either.

Well, God must have long horns on the head, and must be very powerful! Lei and Tuo discussed and nodded, thinking that other people's opinions were nonsense.

Noticing that they were about to fight, the older people who were irritated by each other had to calm down and pull the excited young soldiers away.

“Eh? Who are they?” Asked Lei, pointing to a group of people who passed by not far away.

Hearing these words, the crowd stopped quarreling and looked over there.

There was a team of nine people. The leading person was in green vine grass and yellow hay-woven clothes, with some wooden and bone ornaments. Each person held a pottery bowl in hand. Taking a few steps, they dipped the other hand in the pottery bowl, then shook the dipped hand toward the side of the road and repeated the action constantly. There must be water in the pottery bowl.

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