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"Pride of the World Pill God 1116 _ Pride of the World Pill God!"

Long Huishan looked at the ice crystal powder on the ground and was a little taken aback.

Chen Xiang said with fear still lingering in his heart, "We were almost frozen to death in there. It is possible that countless years later, someone found us and broke the ice to discover us … "13,800,100."

If they were caught in the ice, the bottom of the tunnel would roll down, and if they were rolling to the end, no one would be able to get them out.

"Then how do we get there?" Long Huishan already felt the terror of blocking the transparent wall in front of him.

"Haha …" Within the cave, an extremely sinister laughter resounded.

Long Huishan suddenly squeezed Chen Xiang's hand, and even in the dim light, he could still see the unsightly expression on her face.

"It's Long Song!" Long Huishan said as he grinded his teeth.

"Is that your uncle the bastard?" Chen Xiang never thought that this fellow would catch up to him here, and even so fast. According to Long Xueyi's judgement, this Long Song fellow was an Immortal King level expert. If he did not have this kind of strength, he probably would not be able to usurp the throne.

"It's him. What should we do?" Although Long Huishan wanted to kill Long Song now, he was not strong enough. If he was killed here, he would not have the chance to turn the tables in the future.

"If you have the guts, then step over! I've come to Dragon Cave before, with your current strength, it's impossible for you to pass through the profoundbing wall! " When Long Song's loud laughter came through, Chen Xiang and Long Huishan had already seen a tall and big figure.

Chen Xiang sneered in his heart as he pulled Long Huishan, activated the power of the spatial laws, and then traveled through space to pass through the so-called profoundbing wall!

"Let's go, he won't be able to come here for the time being!" Chen Xiang immediately sprinted forward. Reacting to his shock, he quickly followed behind Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang controlled the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to float in front of him, which was equivalent to exploring the way, in case he encountered something similar to the profoundbing wall.

"Did you teleport through space? Even an immortal king would find it hard to achieve such a power, especially in such a high-grade realm with such a sturdy space. How did you do it? " Long Huishan's heart was filled with curiosity. She had already been wondering how Chen Xiang could do so many things, but now she understood, because Chen Xiang's abilities could not be judged using common sense.

"I'll tell you a small secret later!" Chen Xiang didn't want others to know that he had mastered the power of the spatial laws.

They had run for more than an hour, but did not discover that Long Song had caught up.

"That fellow left, he did not go over the profoundbing wall!" Long Xueyi said as she used her Divine Vision to look at the situation.

Even so, Chen Xiang did not let down his guard and watched the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword flying in front.

"Something's wrong!" Chen Xiang hurriedly switched back the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s. On the ground in front of him, there were quite a few ice cubes of different shapes and colors. This made Chen Xiang think of those profoundbing s.

He guessed that there were some of people who came to explore the Dragon Cave being frozen inside!

"It's best if you don't go over. Although my blade didn't detect anything out of the ordinary, for these ice cubes to suddenly appear here, it must not be a simple task!"

Chen Xiang's eyes shone with a gold light as he used the Chaos Divine Eye to look at the dark cave to see if there were any hidden traps.

had many times experience with this kind of exploration, so she could not compare to him in this area. Originally, she planned to lead the way, but she did not expect Chen Xiang to take her as the host.

"Is there anyone in the ice?" If there is an ancestor of our Long family, they might help me! " Long Huishan's eyes lit up as he said.

"Hard to say, but even if there were, I'm afraid they're already dead! This ice has a very strong freezing ability. If a small piece of ice is placed in your room, it will be able to freeze your room after a period of time. " Chen Xiang understood these profoundbing very well.

Chen Xiang didn't see anything, but he didn't dare continue walking forward. Previously, he had seen how powerful the profoundbing wall was, and because he understood the profoundbing, he had no choice but to treat them with caution. Especially right now, there were a few large profoundbing s lying on the ground, and these profoundbing s were all connected to the ground, not rolling down from above.

"The Ice Dragon's Ancestral Founder built this place and left behind his legacy, but why did he set up so many traps on the road and cause the deaths of many of the Long family's heroes over the years?!" Long Huishan started to complain to the Ice Dragon Grandmaster.

"These traps weren't created by him, they were called the profoundbing and they were extremely strange. There's a place called the profound Cold Ancient Realm in Di Tian and all the profoundbing we dug out were like that, and we don't know the reason why. At that time, the profound Cold Ancient Realm was an extremely dangerous place called Di Tian, and it was a place that didn't dare to go into for ten days.

Chen Xiang did not think that this kind of power could be controlled by the ice dragon. He felt that the ice dragon must have obtained this kind of profoundbing and gained intelligence, that was why it laid these traps.

"I feel that the trap should be under these profoundbing. I'll move these profoundbing away!" Chen Xiang immediately used his Shadow Shifting Technique and pulled all the profoundbing over. There were a total of six or seven of them, and all of them were linked together.

After moving over, Chen Xiang used the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s to chop them into pieces. These profoundbing s were very solid, and it took a lot of effort for him and Long Huishan to break them all.

There was no one inside the profoundbing, but Chen Xiang noticed the auras of some people. In other words, the people who were initially sealed in the ice had all turned into profoundbing, unless they were some genius or rare flower or herb that was able to suppress the ice seal on the profoundbing.

"As expected!" After Chen Xiang removed the profoundbing, the Red Chaos Divine Eye could clearly see that there was a very powerful formation at the bottom of that place. It seemed to be formed naturally, and the power was a type of Icy cold power.

"Sister Long, break that place. There is a basin-sized dark array there, but its power can cover a large distance ahead. If we had taken a few more steps forward, we might have been frozen!" Chen Xiang pointed to the ground where the profoundbing was.

Long Huishan did not hesitate at all. Her jade palms danced as she released waves after waves of Qi that divided into berserk, plowing the entire path in front of her. The ground was also covered with ice crystals that were scattered everywhere.

Chen Xiang used the Chaos Divine Eye to observe the hidden array. Under Long Huishan's fierce attacks, the hidden array was seriously damaged and was gradually disappearing.

"It should be fine, I'll go take a look first!" Sister Long, you stay here! "

Chen Xiang strode across it in a single step, took another long walk, and then carefully examined it with the Chaos Divine Eye. After confirming that there was no danger, he asked Long Huishan to come over.

Long Huishan couldn't help but sigh. If not for Chen Xiang, she also didn't know if she could make it here. Chen Xiang was just like her protective talisman, considerately protecting her.

"It's safe!" Chen Xiang laughed, but at the same time, the ground suddenly trembled.

The passage was actually moving, causing them to fall down at a very fast speed.

"Pride of the World Pill God 1116 _ Pride of the World Pill God!"

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