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Chapter 1205: The Luo God

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Mu Chen stared at Mandela in the Grand Hall, his slightly trembling palm revealing his unstable emotions. He would never forget the powerlessness and weakness he felt when the old and stalwart figure took Luo Li away from him.

Yet, there was nothing he could do but watch her leave. He knew it would be years before they could finally reunite.

“Next time, I won’t let anyone take you away from me, ever!” The teen’s firm voice was still crystal clear in his memory, even after all these years.

The boy had since then left the ivory tower-like Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy to come all the way to the true Great Thousand World. Over the span of several years, the once young boy had gradually matured. Every test of life and death had chipped away the tenderness of the young figure, yet the pair of dark eyes were as tough and passionate as always.

Today, Mu Chen was no longer the weak and scared young boy that he once was so long ago. Fear no longer affected him, even when he once again stood in front of Luo Tianshen. The Mu Chen of this moment could make even the Upper Earthly Sovereigns tremble if he brought out all of his trump cards!

Years of training had, at long last, allowed the young man to gain the power to stand in front of the old man who had once made him feel incomprehensible. His aim was to show that old man that his granddaughter had chosen no ordinary rock, but a dazzling diamond! Mu Chen had worked hard to be ready for that day.

Mu Chen took a deep breath, then gradually calmed down. Mandela looked at Mu Chen, who was surrounded by a sharp aura, and raised her slender brow.

She then smiled and said, “It seems like your little lover is really important to you.”

Even though she had known Mu Chen for many years, this was the first time that she had ever seen him get emotional over a girl. After hearing what she said, Mu Chen replied only with a slightly embarrassed smile.

Mandela then asked, “How much do you know about the Luo God Clan?”

Mu Chen was startled, then immediately shook his head. In the past, the Luo God Clan was unattainable and unmatched, at least from Mu Chen’s point of view. Nowadays, Mu Chen vision had been wider than ever before, so according to his present estimation, the strength of the current Luo God Clan was only at the same level as many other top factions on the Tianluo Continent.

“The Luo God Clan may have declined today, but they were once far superior than you can ever imagine,” said Mandela. “In fact, a peerless individual was once born in the ancient past, during the glorious days of the Luo God Clan. In reputation and in strength, even the Heavenly Emperor could not match up against her.”

Mu Chen’s face showed a sign of shock when he heard this fact. There was such an individual in the Luo God Clan, one so powerful that even the Heavenly Emperor could not match up against her?

Mandela then said with a praising voice, “This individual was called the Luo God in the ancient times. She was not only ranked among the top invincible masters of the great thousand world, but she was also the most beautiful one.”

She then added, “The Luo God Clan has an unusually long history. It could have become one of the ancient clans, had it not been for the catastrophe that was caused by the Extraterritorial Race.”

Mu Chen was startled for a while, as only the oldest clans could be called ancient. It was unexpected that the Luo God Clan would have such a strong foundation.

“Has the Luo God fallen?” Mu Chen whispered.

Mandela nodded lightly, then said with her dignified face, “It is said that, during the final decisive battle, the Luo God held off two Heaven Demon Emperors of the Extraterritorial World all by herself. Not only that, but the two Heaven Demon Emperors were both ranked the eighth and ninth in the Extraterritorial Race.”

Mu Chen’s gaze sharpened. This was extraordinary. After all, he had witnessed the power of the Nine Corpses Heaven Demon Emperor in the ancient Heavenly Palace, so he had a clear idea of how terrific the power of these Heaven Demon Emperors really was.

Yet, the Luo God was able to put up a fight against two of the Heaven Demon Emperors! It was astonishing.

“The Luo God was ultimately lost in that massive battle. As the Luo God fell, she turned into an endless river, the Luo River, and the Luo God Clan became the guardians of this sacred place. It is rumored that the Luo God passed down a legacy, of which includes the Luo God Celestial Body that is famous across the Great Thousand World,” she said.

“The Luo God Celestial Body that ranked eleventh on the list of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies?” Mu Chen was amazed, as he never would have thought that this unusually mysterious and rare sovereign celestial body would in the hands of the Luo God Clan!

“However…” She shook her head and continued, “No one in the Luo God Clan was able to master the Luo God Celestial Body, even after all these years, much less attain the legacy that the Luo God had passed down. This is the reason why the Luo God Clan has been declining ever since.”

Mu Chen was once again amazed. It seemed like it was not easy to master the Luo God Celestial Body.

“The clan was declining, even while they were holding such a great treasure in their hands.” Mandela said. “Yet, they somehow managed to maintain their position as the head of the four tribes in their same race. As the other three tribes slowly arose, the prestige of the Luo God was still gradually declining. Nowadays, the Blood God Clan has taken over the title of the strongest faction in the Small Western Kingdom,” she explained.

She then added, “There were great grievances between the Blood God Clan and the Luo God Clan. The friction between the two factions eventually became a great feud. The Blood God Clan started pressuring the Luo God Clan from time to time, which was an utter embarrassment.”

Mandela smiled and looked at Mu Chen as she spoke. “On the other hand, your little lover sure has what it takes. She has managed to stabilize the clan with her own strength and power. On top of that, the Luo God Clan had been able to survive and somehow slightly extend their lifespan thanks to her, even under continuous pressure from the Blood God Clan.”

No joy flowed out from Mu Chen, even after hearing her complimentary words. Instead, he couldn’t help but tighten his palm and give out a cold and sharp expression. This was because he understood and could feel the amount of grievances that she had suffered.

“How is she? You mentioned that she is currently in a bad situation?” Mu Chen asked.

Mandela’s expression turned grave, then she nodded gently and said, “According to the intel that I gathered, Luo Tianshen recently planned to carry out the Luo God Ritual for her in an attempt to activate the legacy of the Luo God.”

She then added, “If Luo Li activates the legacy of the Luo God and masters the Luo God Celestial Body, it could mean the birth of the second Luo God in the near future. Such an event isn’t something the other three tribes of the small Western Kingdom are willing to let happen. Hence, this Luo God Ritual is sure to be filled with many hardships and troubles.”

She took a deep breath, then concluded, “Furthermore, I heard that there are a lot of troubles within the Luo God Clan. Apparently, not everyone supports your little lover. After all, her family has weakened over the years, so if anything happens to Luo Tianshen…I’m afraid that this Luo God Ritual won’t be an easy undertaking…”


A cold and sharp gaze was emotion was surging in Mu Chen’s eyes. He immediately took a deep breath, suppressed the emotions in his mind, and asked in a low tone, “When does the Luo Shen Ritual begin?”

“One month from now,” she replied.

Mu Chen looked at the Mandela and asked, “Can I use the power of the Mu Estate?”

Mandela smiled and stood up as she heard Mu Chen’s words. She then replied, “You are the master of Mu Estate, so what do you think?”

Mu Chen faintly replied, “Thanks.”

Mandela nodded, then spoke, a domineering aura pulsing through her words, “You are my fellow brother, after all… I’ll wreck whoever dares to bully my brother’s wife!”

Mu Chen smiled, yet the murderous gaze leaked through his dark eyes.

Wait for me, Luo Li!

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