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The dark region was extremely dangerous, only the Vermillion Bird had ever entered here, so she was the most against Chen Xiang entering.

"I'll go with you. I believe you'll be fine." Dongfang Xinyue clenched her teeth, she really wanted to go with Chen Xiang, she felt that this would give him some mental support.

The Vermillion Bird sighed, "Alright, you must bring the Warm Moon back. I hope that when you come out, you will have the strength to shake off the Arrogant Wolf God, and we will work harder to see if we can increase our strength quickly. At that time, we might be able to help you a little."

"Then I will leave now. If I stay here for too long, it will bring you trouble." Chen Xiang would be located by the Hell Devil Emperor at any time. As long as he stayed in one place for too long, a large group of experts would catch up to him very quickly.

Long Xueyi and Dongfang Xinyue entered the ring. After Chen Xiang and Qi Shi bid farewell to him, they left the Vermillion Bird's cave and went outside into the world of flames.

Although the fire beasts in the Divine Fire Forest were strong, they were not as terrifying as the ones in the Arrogant Wolf God. found it easier to deal with the domain that could seal off his surroundings.

In order to not stray from the direction, he ran for a distance and traveled through space. This way, he would be able to travel far away from the Vermillion Bird at an extremely fast speed, and he had stayed at the Vermillion Bird's location for too long. If the Arrogant Wolf God wanted to catch up, the distance between them might be very close.

"Time is really too tight, who would have known that a Arrogant Wolf God would suddenly appeared, if not we could get him to use his Space black iron to refine a ship that can cut off space, we could have avoided the Tracing mantra of the Hell Devil Emperor." Long Xueyi was a little helpless as he sighed.

Dongfang Xinyue laughed: "Sister Xue Yi, are you underestimating me? I can refine here too, it's just that I'm not as proficient and fast as Senior Jiang."

Chen Xiang said: "Warm Moon, will that type of ship really be able to get rid of the Tracing mantra, and just hide inside?"

"It should be possible, if it is all made by Space black iron, adding a few spatial array Spirit grain s, it can make the boat inside a space for reading. It is not connected to Endless Heaven Realm and Nine Heaven World, but it can move between Endless Heaven Realm and Nine Heaven World, and maybe the Tracing mantra can know where you are inside the boat, but it doesn't know where your boat is." Dongfang Xinyue said.

To get the Space black iron, you need to refine it out of so many stones. This is a huge project, if it is the Old Jiang, he would use the flames here to refine it quickly. But right now, you are the only one who is refining the Space black iron in the ring. Long Xueyi muttered: "Seems like I have to help too, refine the Space black iron out."

Chen Xiang suddenly stopped and said: "How about I call Xianxian and the others over, I can open a spatial tunnel and send a sound transmission to them, telling them to come over by themselves, that way I won't have to go back."

He did not return to the Nine Heaven World because he did not want to lead this trouble to the Nine Heaven World, where a stable development was needed right now.

"Then let's hurry, they should be inside the Hundreds of Flowers Palace." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang first opened up a small spatial passageway, allowing his own divine power to enter, entering the Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

"Who is it?"

Not long after, Chen Xiang felt his divine power being almost shattered by a voice. This was Lv Qilian's divine power, yet it had actually become so strong, which surprised him greatly.

"Sister Qilian, didn't your father say that you were in closed door cultivation?" Chen Xiang anxiously replied, to prevent himself from being shaken by Lv Qilian.

I am currently in closed-door training, but I have to constantly pay attention to the situation outside. I heard that Hell Devil Emperor is using his Divine Deity to place a bounty on you. Lv Qilian suddenly asked a bunch of questions.

"It's a long story, Hell Devil Emperor has already offered three Divine Deity rewards to me, and for Life Forest who is in Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, I met your father here, and it was all thanks to his sudden appearance that I was able to escape this calamity. Meng'er and Xianxian are with you, I need them to come over and help me." Chen Xiang said anxiously, "There's also You Lan, Jing'er, Lingling. Are they in Hundreds of Flowers Palace?"

"Meng'er, Xianxian, Jing'er and You Lan are all here. Hui Shan brought Lingling back to the Ice Dragon Clan. Lv Qilian could tell from Chen Xiang's tone that he was extremely anxious, so he did not say much. "I'll get Little Lizhi to find them, how are you doing now, and whether or not you need my help, I can immediately come out and help you."

Chen Xiang had not been in contact with Lv Qilian for a period of time, and the situation on Chen Xiang's side was not looking good. Lv Qilian had always been worried in her heart, but she realized that her feelings for Chen Xiang had sunk deeper and deeper, and it was difficult for her to break away from them. After all, she had once trained with Chen Xiang on the Gods join method for a period of time.

"No need for now, use the Divine Deity that Senior Lu gave you properly. I'm doing fine here." Chen Xiang said: "Let Little Lizhi take them to a quiet and spacious place, I'll bring them over."

"Alright, I heard that Xiang Yue and Qianqian found traces of Dan Emperor. In order to learn more profound alchemy, they got up and went to search for Dan Emperor, they aren't here." Lv Qilian said.

"Yes." Chen Xiang had already seen Liu Meng'er and the other girls bringing Little Lizhi to a deserted place in the forbidden grounds.

He immediately increased the power of space and opened a slightly larger Space Gate.

"I have a very strong flame on my side. Be careful when you come over, it might be a little hotter."

Liu Meng'er and the others heard Chen Xiang's voice coming from the spatial gate and nodded, then stepped into the spatial gate.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang saw a few beautiful female figures appear in the blazing world. Seeing these beautiful women, he felt extremely happy in his heart.

"What is this place? It's so hot." Leng Youlan shouted, her face full of smiles, because Chen Xiang had finally brought her out for an adventure.

"I won't say much. I'm being hunted down right now. You should know that to a safe place first." As Chen Xiang said this, he brought the few girls into the ring, allowing Long Xueyi and Dongfang Xinyue to properly tell them about his experiences during this period of time.

"Chen Xiang, do you need any more helpers?" Little Lizhi asked Chen Xiang through the dimensional door. She knew that Chen Xiang had introduced many strong female rankers, and she even had a kind of indescribable emotion towards Chen Xiang. Even she herself had some unspeakable feelings for Chen Xiang.

"No need for now. If you need me, I'll look for you guys again." Chen Xiang replied.

"Mm, then be careful." Little Lizhi already knew about the Hell Devil Emperor's bounty on Chen Xiang, and this matter had long spread like wildfire.

Chen Xiang closed his spatial door and rushed towards the darkness. If not for the fact that he was worried about the Arrogant Wolf God chasing him, he would have had a good chat with the girls.

"Xue Yi, was the Vermillion Bird Divine Art taught to me by you?" Back then, when Chen Xiang was in danger, a mysterious woman passed down her powers to her.

"It's not me..." Long Xueyi laughed heartily: "It's the other big sister. She knew about Little Scoundrel before me, it was them who brought Little Scoundrel onto the streets."

"Them." Xue Xianxian slightly furrowed his brows.

"Yes, they are very powerful, but they are injured …" It's a long story, I'll tell it slowly. " Long Xueyi said. Now, there was no need to hide the matter between Su Meiyao and himself.

After hearing everything, Leng Youlan and the other girls sighed endlessly, because Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao and his wife had all accompanied him through so many things, and had witnessed all kinds of things that had happened between them and Chen Xiang.

Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er's faces were a little red because they were already Chen Xiang's people. Especially Liu Meng'er, who would often get lustfully teased by Chen Xiang, and there were three other women watching from the sidelines.

"I never thought that Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, who have been missing for so many years, would always be together with Little Scoundrel. If they could recover their strength, they would definitely be very strong, right?" Xue Xianxian sighed with emotion: "They helped Little Scoundrel so much. Fortunately, Little Scoundrel didn't disappoint them."

Leng Youlan laughed: "I really want to see them, they have witnessed the way I know them, and they have definitely helped me a lot, I need to thank them properly, I heard that Bai Youyou is difficult to fight, and it's a woman with a heavy Killing heart, I want to fight with her."

"You Lan, I promise you that you won't be disappointed when the time comes. Although elder sister You You is usually cold, she is very aggressive." Long Xueyi laughed, as he stroked her long hair: "You still look so domineering when you're white-haired, but this is also good, you look more like a woman."

Dongfang Jing said: "Sisters, shouldn't we start refining Space black iron s and help brother refine a boat? That way, we can be together with brother, I can't even see him right now."

Dongfang Xinyue patted Dongfang Xinyue's head and laughed: "Jingjing, did you learn a lot of skills from Meng'er and the rest? Your hands are itchy, and you want to try your hand at them, right?"

When Kong Bailing and Pearl finally finished cultivating, they saw that there were still two women left. Both Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er harrumphed in their hearts, under Long Xueyi's introductions, they quickly found out how powerful Kong Bailing and Pearl were.

Especially Leng Youlan, who clamored to taste a pearl's tears …

"If Scorpion Sis was here, she would definitely be very happy. She really likes this kind of strange poison." Xue Xianxian looked at the beautiful white feathers on Kong Bailing's head and laughed.

"That Scorpion Sis, didn't she have a long braid that hung down her chest? There was a hook at the end of the braid. Her eyes were purple and she looked extremely cold." Long Xueyi asked.

Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian shook their heads.

"We only know that her name is Zi Scorpion. Usually, she covers her face and leads the way by covering it. She's so scary that I don't even dare to fight with her. However, she is very polite to us." Leng Youlan said.

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