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Chen Xiang originally planned to go, but he had the Ice dragon sword and was waiting to open the three Treasure Chests.

But now, Long Xueyi said: "I can't open it, it requires a lot of energy. I just tried it a little, and I nearly used up all of my energy. If you open it, the sword sheath's power will also be lost and it will take a very long time to finish condensing. "

"So troublesome!" Chen Xiang cursed in his heart.

"I think there must have been thirty keys then, and there's only one now, so it will be a while before we open one." Long Xueyi said: "If you want to promise this little girl that you will go with her to the Dragon Cave, you can just eat and drink for free with her."

"Young master, can you come with me to Dragon Cave for an adventure?" Long Huishan asked again.

"Of course not, I was just worried before …" Because I have your Long family's treasured sword. " Chen Xiang laughed awkwardly: "I am a little scared."

"Don't worry, I guarantee that no one in the Long family will take back this sword. This sword was given to me by my grandfather, I can give it to whoever I want." Long Huishan smiled lightly and let a maid bring Chen Xiang to the store's backyard.

Chen Xiang followed the servant through the birdsong and fragrant garden, and arrived at a small hut. At this time, he could no longer sense the expert inside, he guessed that he had already left and was returning to the Long family.

The servant girl told Chen Xiang to stay here and not to wander around, otherwise there would be dangers and the like.

Chen Xiang felt that this Long Huishan was not simple. There was clearly a reason to go to the Dragon Cave, and he definitely would not go explore it.

Chen Xiang entered the room and casually set up a few enchantments. Then, he took out the Yanlong furnace and took out the skill that Bai Ziqian had given him, the skill used to refine Drunk god powder.

The refining process was very simple. It was to use the suitable flames to burn the Drunk god flower to form a white powder, but the poison mist from the Drunk god flower would not dissipate.

Chen Xiang did not have many Drunk god powder, only about ten or so. But it was enough for him to refine quite a few of them!

This Drunk god powder was definitely easier to use than Magical corruption gas s, Magical corruption gas could make people get poisoned, but after being poisoned to death, it was very easy to be seen by others, and when entering the body, it was very easy to be detected by others, it was not safe to deal with those who are very strong.

However, this Drunk god powder could quietly spread out inside the human body, if it wasn't for the Immortal King or the Dragon King, it would normally be able to quietly numb the opponent's strength, and by the time the other party discovered it, their power would have already been anesthetized and killed by then.

Refining Drunk god powder was extremely easy. Chen Xiang had the basics of refining pills, and adding on Bai Ziqian's experience, he succeeded in one attempt. After that, he even continued to refine a few of them.

Chen Xiang stayed in the small house for three days. On the third night, Long Huishan suddenly knocked on the door.

In these past three days, Long Huishan would occasionally come to find him. She only told her a few things about him under an assumed name.

"Young Master Yun, we'll be leaving tonight. The road might not be peaceful, so you have to be prepared!" Long Huishan said in a low voice, her beautiful eyes filled with seriousness.

Travelling through the night, this made Chen Xiang feel like he was escaping.

"Mn, I understand. After this is done, you just need to fulfill your promise and pay me the Spiritual crystal." Chen Xiang said very casually.

Long Huishan did not believe that Chen Xiang needed Spiritual crystal. With a Holy level dragon medicine like Jade Dragon Flower, how could he lack Spiritual crystal? If not for the fact that she hid Chen Xiang here, many powers might have sent people to follow him and find a way to get his Jade Dragon Flower.

Long Huishan had only brought Chen Xiang and Mr. Wang along, which surprised Chen Xiang greatly. He had originally thought that Long Huishan would bring a large group of people and majestically rush towards the Dragon Cave.

"This woman is not simple!" Only now did Chen Xiang realize that this gentle and beautiful Long Huishan actually had a belly full of schemes.

This was because they didn't leave the Sacred City by walking out, but through a secret Transmission array. This Transmission array was also in the backyard.

Just as they left the Sacred City, the sky above the Sacred City was already lit up by the light of the fire. Chen Xiang estimated that the place where the fire took place would be the backyard of the shop.

"Rest assured, as long as you two follow me to the Dragon Cave, I guarantee that you two can safely enter the depths of the Dragon Cave. There will be some treasures inside that you can retrieve on your own! My situation right now isn't too good, so I can't trust the people of the Long family. I have no other choice, which is why I hired people to travel with me, since the two of you aren't lacking Spiritual crystal s. I believe that you can come with me to explore the Dragon Cave. " Long Huishan hurriedly said: "Let's hurry up and go. As for the others, I hope the two of you can understand, I can't say too much!"

Chen Xiang immediately guessed that there was a change in Long Huishan's family. Otherwise, she would not so casually give the Ice dragon sword to him.

Chen Xiang and the old man Wang did not ask too much and only followed Long Huishan for a night. Along the way, they passed through the Transmission array s arranged by Long Huishan and headed north, quickly leaving the Sacred City.

At dawn, they came to a river and rested there.

Long Huishan was by the river washing the silk, she gave the feeling of a weak, kind and delicate woman, but all the "escape" along the way, Chen Xiang and Old Man Wang had a whole new level of respect for her.

"Let's go. We should be able to reach the Dragon Cave in three days!"

Just as Long Huishan took a few steps, the Old Man Wang suddenly pounced towards Chen Xiang, his withered palm released a burst of extremely terrifying power, heavily smashing onto Chen Xiang's chest and causing Chen Xiang to fly backwards, his entire body slicing into the stone mountain.

"Mr. Wang, you …"

Although Long Huishan was surprised, he reacted quickly and immediately dodged to the side to avoid the attack from the old man Wang.

"I'm sorry, Miss Long." Old man Wang sneered. He, who looked kind and amiable, now had a face full of viciousness.

"I didn't expect you to be Uncle's man. It turns out that you and Uncle were pretending to have a falling out!" Long Huishan was slightly angered, and continued to dodge.

This old man Wang was originally a teacher in the Long family, but he had a falling out with the elder brother of the Long family and left the Long family!

"Your father is dead, and the current patriarch is your uncle's. Even if you managed to obtain the inheritance of the ancestor in the Dragon Cave, it would be useless. If he manages the Long family, he can definitely make the Long family even more glorious. " As Old Man Wang spoke, he continued to attack Long Huishan, every move extremely vicious.

Chen Xiang crawled out from within the stone mountain, looked at Elder Wang, and scolded: "This old bastard, actually plotted against me, just you wait!"

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