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Floating in the air, Yang Jiutao was forced back several tens of meters by Chen Xiang's punch. He was shocked because he did not feel any of the Innate Qi's power that Chen Xiang had released just now, and he did not know what kind of power his opponent was using, to actually be so strong.

"My blade is a middle-grade immortal equipment, but it actually can't leave any wounds on a meat fist." Yang Jiutao had already felt that the situation was tricky, because not only was the opponent someone who only knew how to use Sound Kill Magic Power, he was also equipped with an unfathomable amount of power.

"Come and help me." Yang Jiutao anxiously transmitted to the few elders, it was impossible for him to escape, he could only ask the other elders for help.

There were many old fellows who came from the Alliance, and most of them were very strong. Fortunately, the rankers from the Chen Martial Continent s were all of good quality.

A few hot energies surged over from all directions and in the blink of an eye, they struck Chen Xiang's body. Violent explosion of flames rumbled like ten thousand thunderclaps, Yang Jiutao and the few elders all used Sacred Fire School's Flaming Thunder Fist to attack Chen Xiang from afar, they did not believe that this kind of berserk attack was useless.

"A bunch of idiots."

Chen Xiang suddenly appeared behind an elder of Sacred Fire School. When he finished speaking, his hand blade had already fiercely slashed at the old man's neck, the blade in his hand was covered with a strong Qi, causing his hand to look like an unstoppable sharp blade, cutting the old man's neck off at an angle as though he was cutting tofu.

He was obviously killed by the extremely strong Fiery Thunder Fist, but he actually ran out without making a sound. This made them think that this person had come out through space, which was why they didn't discover him.

If he wanted to control space steadily and undergo spatial travel, he could only do so by relying on the power of the great formation. If it was a person who wanted to do so, then it would require a lot of strength, which was difficult even for Immortal Monarch.

The battle below was in a state of chaos. Less than half of the million people that the Alliance had brought with them had been killed, and their blood had already turned into rivers.

"You are all too ambitious. This is the reason why you all died so quickly." Chen Xiang's cold voice came out, his fist suddenly appearing in front of an old man.

Bang! With a loud sound, Chen Xiang's violent power caused the elder's body to explode and die. These early stage Worldly Immortals, in front of his Body of Heavenly Sage, could not even take a single blow.

The Body of Heavenly Sage was as strong as an immortal weapon and was an extremely powerful human-shaped weapon. Even if Chen Xiang did not use his divine weapon, he would still possess extremely savage strength.

A purple hill suddenly appeared in Yang Jiutao's palm. He threw the purple hill into the air, and saw that purple hill suddenly turn into a purple mountain, releasing a terrifying pressure that shocked everyone.

"Purple profound Holy Mountain, isn't this the Sacred Fire School's ultimate treasure? It's said that it's a holy weapon, I wonder if that's true or not." An old man said in surprise. He was an elder of one of the powers in the alliance.

When the purple colored gigantic mountain pressed down, it even released a wave of energy that wrapped around Chen Xiang, and after trapping him, it fiercely pressed down.

"Take out the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, or else you will definitely be suppressed. I never thought that the Fire Divine Palace would actually be handed over to this Leader who is so powerful." Bai Youyou suddenly shouted.

Chen Xiang immediately released his Heaven-suppressed immortal monument. The Heaven-suppressed immortal monument was blank, it did not have a single word on it, and it looked extremely ancient, but the stone tablet was extremely huge, giving off a strong feeling. It was just that this kind of huge stone tablet, could actually withstand the force that the purple mountain pressed down, and was able to support the Purple profound Holy Mountain.

Although the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument was also very big, the Purple profound Holy Mountain was even bigger.

"Pour more power into the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument." Bai Youyou shouted, "This will require Xue Yi's power."

At this time, Yang Jiutao had already controlled the Purple profound Holy Mountain to float in the air, and was prepared to suppress Chen Xiang one more time, but the other three elders were still using their Flaming Thunder Fist to attack Chen Xiang from afar. What surprised them was that the power of their fists had indeed exploded on Chen Xiang's body.

When their fists landed on Chen Xiang's body, they felt as if they were being blown by the wind.

"I'm ready." Long Xueyi said, and immediately, Chen Xiang released the Innate Qi from his body, and together with Long Xueyi's Dragon Power, he poured it into the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument.

"It should be that way." Bai Youyou was not sure either, but she was relieved after that, because the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument suddenly released a wave of extremely strong Icy cold power, and a white energy pillar appeared from the top of the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, shooting towards the bottom of the Purple profound Holy Mountain which was floating in the air.

At this moment, many experts were paying close attention to this area. This was because the cold Qi was too astonishing, causing them to feel as though they would be frozen if they were to even get close to it.

Chen Xiang also felt that it was unbelievable, but what surprised him the most was Long Xueyi's power. This big breasted dragon girl who loved to eat and sleep the most, had an extremely good Inherent Skill.

Yang Jiutao's expression became heavy, because he wanted to make the Purple profound Holy Mountain smaller, but at this moment, the Purple profound Holy Mountain was infiltrated by a burst of energy, some of the formation patterns inside had already suffered serious damage. What made him anxious was, the purple mountain had already started to gradually turn white, the entire mountain seemed to be turning into ice.

All of this was caused by the mysterious stone tablet below.

Here, only a few people knew that the one who used the stone tablet was Chen Xiang, they never thought that after being sealed for a long time, Chen Xiang would still be able to obtain such a powerful item, and his strength was even stronger than before. Even without revealing his own aura, Chen Xiang was still extremely powerful, this kind of progress made those who were familiar with him feel extremely shocked.

"What kind of crappy holy mountain is this, let's get rid of it. This is the power of my Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, I'll let you have a taste of my power." Long Xueyi's power crazily flowed away, but she was still incomparably spirited.

Very quickly, the entire huge Purple profound Holy Mountain turned white, and became an ice mountain.

Yang Jiutao had been trying his best to control the Purple profound Holy Mountain to expel the cold energy, but it was now impossible to reverse it.

"Die for me." Yang Jiutao knew that his strength was no match for Chen Xiang, but he still fought with the few elders, using all of his strength.

The moment Chen Xiang sensed that he was being besieged by a few experts, he immediately withdrew his Heaven-suppressed immortal monument and left the legendary space. However, when the Purple profound Holy Mountain didn't have the support of a few Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, he immediately fell down.

A loud noise pierced through the clouds as the frozen Purple profound Holy Mountain was smashed into pieces by Yang Jiutao and the rest.

The Purple profound Holy Mountain was still destroyed by them in the end, which made Yang Jiutao even more furious.

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