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Feng Yujie was naturally clear that these pellets had been concocted by Chen Xiang, but the Purple Qi Holy Pellet that Chen Xiang produced this time was simply too shocking. She only thought that it would stimulate Chen Xiang, allowing him to study the pill formulas to create this pellet.

He never thought that Chen Xiang would actually be able to do it.

"Cai Xia, Qin'er, be careful when you sell the Soul Recovery Pill. Those of unknown origins should not be sold." Dan God Ye was a genuine Pill God, he could already tell from the Wild Dragon Saint Dan from their improvements.

Now that the Heaven holy Dan and its formula had been improved, he was already suspecting that there was someone who could directly see the pill formula from the sacred pill. After improving and obtaining his own, he would then be able to reasonably sell it.

It would have been fine if the improved pills were weak, but they were very good. The effects were much stronger than before, so they would be able to replace the previous pills.

At daybreak, the entrance to the shop was already filled with people who had come to buy Wild Dragon Saint Dan.

Chen Xiang blended in with the crowd and had already squeezed into the shop.

"There are only five hundred Wild Dragon Saint Dan. I wonder if we can steal them." An old man sighed and said, "I helped a lot when I bought one last time."

"I don't know how many Bati Dan are sold, but they are very suitable for me to eat. I am a Upper True God and need this kind of pill. Chongprofound Dan cannot be bought, and it is also relatively expensive."

"Bati Dan are indeed Heaven holy Dan, and they are even more effective than Heaven holy Dan. I wonder what the Divine Han Shop will think."

Chen Xiang used his divine soul to look at the crowd, and suddenly discovered that there was a lady with a white veil covering her face, and from her eyes, he could tell that she was Feng Yujie.

"Sister Feng, why are you here?" Chen Xiang anxiously transmitted to Feng Yujie.

"Even the Dan God Ye is here, it's not good for you to cause such a big commotion. Just a few Pill Gods are here to infiltrate." Feng Yujie said: "Is that Purple profound Dan real?"

"Of course it's true. I also didn't expect my luck to be so good that I could refine it." Chen Xiang laughed: "This time, I will only sell you two hundred Purple profound Dan. If you can't buy them, I can give them to you in private."

"The pills you're selling right now are all made by you." When she was with Dan God Ye and the rest, the Dan God Ye released a wave of coercion, causing the surrounding people to have no choice but to avoid him, afraid that they would anger this great god of unknown origins.

"No, Xiang Yue and Qianqian have a part in it as well. They can only be refined using Heavenly Alchemy. Do you want to learn it? I can teach you anytime." Chen Xiang said.

"Not now." Although Feng Yujie said this, his heart was already shaken, because the reason Chen Xiang refined pills so easily was all because of the Heavenly Alchemy.

Since Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian could learn it, she could as well.

There were a lot of people, so Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi had no choice but to open up all of the pavilions, so that the streets would not be flooded with people.

Chen Xiang shouted loudly: "How much are you selling these Wild Dragon Saint Dan for? How much is one pellet? When can you start selling them? I have been in the Goddess City for a long time."

Seeing Chen Xiang supporting them, Feng Yujie snickered in his heart. If it wasn't for Dan God Ye and the rest, Feng Yujie would have helped them from the shadows.

Lv Qilian replied: "Three hundred thousand divine money per pellet, because of the limited amount of ingredients, so the price will be higher than before. The Bati Dan s will cost one hundred and fifty thousand divine money, as for the Purple profound Dan … "This is our Holy Elixir; it costs two million gold coins for one pellet. If it's anyone who knows what's good for them, they wouldn't think it's too expensive."

Previously, the Wild Dragon Saint Dan only had 200,000 spirit coins, but now it had increased by 100,000 spirit coins, causing many people to give up on the idea of buying it.

This was within Lv Qilian's expectations, but if he really wanted it, he wouldn't mind spending one hundred thousand spirit coins.

"I want a Purple profound Dan." A middle-aged man suddenly shouted from the crowd.

The middle aged man who shouted was none other than Dan God Ye.

Feng Yujie anxiously transmitted to Chen Xiang: "This guy is a Dan God Ye, I don't know what he is doing, but he is not a bad guy, so you don't need to worry that he will mess things up."

Chen Xiang quickly told Lv Qilian, telling her to be careful.

"You are the first customer who opened the store today, so we are giving you a Tyrant Body Pill." Lv Qilian smiled slightly and chased the purple shining Purple profound Dan away from a jade bottle. Although the dense profound energy only flashed for a moment, it made many Upper True God's eyes light up.

Chongprofound Dan required five hundred thousand divine coins, while Purple profound Dan required two million. However, the effects were indeed five times that of Chongprofound Dan and five pellets of Chongprofound Dan, so it was very cost-effective.

Dan God Ye walked over and took the delicate jade box. He opened the only thing in his possession was the Purple profound Dan's pill fragrance, but that was only for a moment because the Purple profound Dan had already been eaten by the Dan God Ye. A faint layer of purple aura appeared on his body.

However, it only lasted for a moment before disappearing.

Lv Qilian pretended to be surprised and said: "Senior, you should be in the Heavenly God Realm right … Even stronger because the higher one's realm is, the shorter the amount of purple energy one would be able to maintain. If it was profound God who consumed it, it would be maintained for a short period of time.

Dan God Ye did not immediately reply to her words. Instead, he furrowed his brows and felt the purple profound energy that was pouring into his Divine Sense Sea. Although he had a stern expression, his heart was like an ocean rippling.

Purple Qi Shen Dan were rarely seen and Dan God Ye himself had never seen one, but he knew who was able to refine one, so he did know a bit about the specifics.

The Purple Qi Holy Pellet was only a theoretical existence. Not only did he see it today, he could also eat it, as the Purple profound Dan did not have much use for him as a god, but he knew very well what the Purple Qi Holy Pellet meant. Its effects were indeed five times stronger than the Chongprofound Dan.

Seeing their father not saying a word, Ye Qin and the Rosy clouds Dan Saint also bought one and ate it, each falling into silence one after another. They were all Alchemist s with extremely deep attainments in the field of alchemy, so they were very clear on the strength of the Purple profound Dan.

"Great pill." Dan God Ye let out a long sigh, "Can you tell me which senior refined it? It can be called the king among the sacred pills."

At this time, Chen Xiang shouted: "The Bati Dan are not bad either, its effect is two times that of the Heaven holy Dan and it can also strengthen the body. It's only selling for one hundred and fifty thousand gold, it's too cheap, and if you buy it, you might even be able to make a profit."

Just now, Chen Xiang had pretended to buy a Bati Dan and shouted loudly after eating it.

"I want ten Bati Dan." Another old man shouted, because he had also just eaten the Bati Dan.

After all, they had the reputation of being Wild Dragon Saint Dan before, so everyone had already accepted that this shop with unknown origins was not for sale. Although they could not afford to buy the Holy Elixir King, it was still not bad to be able to buy Wild Dragon Saint Dan and Bati Dan. If their reputation grew, maybe their prices would even increase, and at that time, they could still sell it for a profit.

Just like this, the Dan God Ye speechlessly watched as the pack of wolves crazily shouted for more than a dozen, and even sold more than a dozen Purple profound Dan.

Feng Yujie suddenly said to Chen Xiang: "Li Zhonghan is here, and he even brought two of his Dan Saint Title s with him.

Someone outside of the door was already shouting excitedly: "The Bati Dan is really worth more than I thought. We can easily beat that Heaven holy Dan by a few streets."

The Heaven holy Dan was the treasure of Li Zhonghan's Divine Han store, and now that it was completely destroyed, Li Zhonghan could not sit still anymore and quickly brought two Dan Saint Title over to take a look.

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