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Right now, Chen Xiang had not only refined these kinds of soldier pills with normal compressed energy. He had also used the fastest time to condense these pills and engraved s that were even more stimulating inside and out. This was the most difficult part.

"You don't have to fly that fast. It's best for you to fly slower. As long as I refine this thing, if you use it well, your overall strength will increase a lot."

Chen Xiang suddenly took out a big book, and started to look through it. This Divine Book was a good thing left behind by the Nine Divine Kings, it contained many powerful divine formations and Spirit grain s, and the women of Liu Meng'er's group also had great breakthroughs in refining because they had grasped so many powerful divine formations and Spirit grain s.

"You refined this kind of soldier pill the same way you refined the divine talismans. Do you need to inscribe something on it?" Wang Jinshi saw that Chen Xiang was studying some complicated Spirit grain and asked.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "The Spirit grain s are very useful, you should be clear that after the transformation of the Spirit grain s, normal energy can have all kinds of different powers, and become even more powerful. The Spirit grain s are like a human's brain and soul, controlling the flow of their energy, if not, with just a body of brute force, it would be useless for them to not know how to use it."

Wang Jinshi raised her eyebrows: "Little junior brother, you aren't starting to study these Spirit grain right now are you?"

"I've seen it before, but I want to learn a few more powerful Spirit grain. After all, this is the Gods Realm, and they are much stronger than us."

Chen Xiang knew what Wang Jinshi was worried about, and laughed: "Don't worry, my learning ability is very strong, I won't take too long."

Regarding this point, Wang Jinshi did not doubt that it would take them a lot of time to learn the Seven devil-slain kungfu, not to mention their group of disciples, even the previous two batches of disciples from Devil-killing Heavenly God s had all failed to learn the Seven devil-slain kungfu, but Chen Xiang had learnt it with just a few moves.

In order to allow Chen Xiang to refine such a powerful soldier pellet, Wang Jinshi flew very slowly, and even though he was still in the stone forest, he did not encounter any danger.

After Chen Xiang read the Spirit grain s for an entire day and night, he finally closed the book. He found a few sets of Spirit grain s from above and felt that they were all suitable to be used on the soldier pellet.

Before, when he refined the Annihilating Ice seal Dan and the God Fire Destruction Pill, their attack range was very wide. Without concentration of power, the effect of dealing with a single target was very weak, and many divine talismans were the same.

But now, if he were to forge a Battle Pill, the explosive power would have to be concentrated in a very small area, creating a very strong destructive force. The prowess would be even greater, and unlike the previous times, when he had to dodge at close range, he would still have to avoid the attack.

"Explosive Flame Pill." Chen Xiang already had a general idea of what it was, and immediately put a pot of fiery-red liquid into the pill furnace. It was a type of demonic liquid that belonged to the fire element.

"The combination of the Spirit grain in the Explosive Great Formation should be able to help me refine the Explosive Flaming Pill that I'm satisfied with." Chen Xiang was also looking forward to see how the refinement process would turn out.

After Chen Xiang purified the basin of liquid, it was reduced by half. The remaining liquid contained pure Flame power s and had turned into liquid.

The liquid inside the furnace started to bubble, and was already boiling. Under Chen Xiang's constant compression, it gradually shrank and became solid.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang divided it into three parts, and then used the method of refining Lingguang Dan, and let the three clumps of fiery-red mud violently collide.

A rumbling sound suddenly came out, causing Wang Jinshi to scream in shock, her flying discs also started to tremble violently, she reacted quickly and stabilized her flying discs.

Chen Xiang never thought that there would be such a strong reaction when he clashed with the beast. Although it was the same for the Lingguang Dan he was refining previously, he was using a low-grade pill furnace and the pill furnace he was using now was a mid-grade divine furnace that was worth several million gold coins.

It could only be said that this was because the strength generated from refining a soldier pill was even greater.

"This method consumes a lot of pill furnaces. It seems that I need to find a better pill furnace to refine this kind of weapon pill." When Chen Xiang saw that a sun like little pill had been formed inside the furnace, he knew that it was a success.

Right now, what he needed to do was to quickly engrave some of the Spirit grain s, stabilize the berserk energy inside the pellet and seal it. At the same time, he would allow the Spirit grain s to fuse with that ball of energy, making that ball of energy become even more powerful.

"Youngest junior brother, is your pill furnace alright? No matter what, it is a medium-grade divine furnace and can be considered very good. For it to have such a commotion, it seems the soldier pills you refined are very powerful." Wang Jinshi became even more excited: "You haven't even been an hour and you're already about to condense a pill, the refining speed is much faster than I imagined. It will take at least a few days for Second Brother to refine a divine talisman."

Chen Xiang had already understood before that if he were to become proficient in it in the future, this kind of military pill would be refined much faster than the divine talisman.

The technique of carving the array on the pellet was not difficult for Chen Xiang, he had often refined this kind of pellet before, but now that he wanted to inscribe the Spirit grain s, it took a lot of effort and energy, and he needed to condense his Spirit Power into visible threads, connecting the inside and outside of the pellet that had not solidified into a pattern.

A powerful divine formation required many sets of profound Spirit grain s to form, so it required a large amount of energy and time.

Chen Xiang took a full six hours to complete it, and at this time, he also felt a bit dizzy, so he quickly consumed a few pills to recover.

"Success." Wang Jinshi wiped Chen Xiang's perspiration and asked.

"Yes, I should have succeeded. I can start the furnace now." Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "I'm not familiar with it yet, so I took quite a bit of time. It's still very tiring."

Wang Jinshi opened the pill furnace and did not feel any strong Qi. She took out a bead that was emitting red light and looked at it carefully.

The Explosive Flame Pill was like the red day when he went down the mountain. On the surface, however, there were many very small Spirit grain s. Although these Spirit grain were very complicated, they did not look messy at all.

"This is called Explosive Flame Pill." Chen Xiang took it from Wang Jinshi's hands and started to carefully look at his work.

"How powerful is it?" Wang Jinshi really wanted to try.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I don't know either, this thing is not like the ones I refined before, I made it before, it was placed in a certain place with a very large covering area, the power is not concentrated in that place, this thing will be concentrated in a very small area, its power is very strong."

"As for the specifics, I'll have to give it a try. After I rest up, I'll fly out of this stone forest and try to find something."

Wang Jinshi nodded, and also took out a few low rank Holy Fruits for Chen Xiang to eat, so he could quickly recover, and then, he could test the power of the Explosive Flaming Pill.

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