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Although Chen Xiang had long known of Wang Qiongjin's existence, it was still his first time seeing her with his own eyes, and she was even older than the image Long Xueyi gave him. Furthermore, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou didn't dare to release their soul consciousness to prevent Wang Qiongjin from finding out.

The location of the competition was in the open space in front of the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall. It was a place where low level Alchemist would usually sell low level pellets, and sometimes used to hold such competitions. There were many people standing around, and in order for the audience to see the competition, they were allowed to float in the air and watch.

The Alchemist sent out an old man. This time, they were the ones deciding what pill to concoct.

"What I want to refine is the Nine Death Flying Dan, do you have any medicinal ingredients?" The old man asked Li Baojun, who was the pavilion master of the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall and had an extremely high level of alchemy. He was already quite famous in Di Tian.

Just as Li Baojun was frowning, Chen Xiang said, "We do."

Chen Xiang had already gotten his Nine Deadly Flower, so he had a few of them out as well, but he did not plan to use Flying Dan s to help him ascend. He felt that if he did not use Nirvana Doom, it would be a loss to him, even faster than he had experienced before.

However, since Di Tian had been reborn, with the fusion of different realms, there had been a lot of high level pellets, which allowed the overall strength of the people here to increase by quite a bit, and the odds of winning when crossing Nirvana Doom had also increased by a lot. However, if there were Flying Dan s, there were still a lot of strong people who wanted them.

Chen Xiang took out two small black flowers and handed it over to Li Baojun, which immediately attracted the attention of the experts in the Fire Divine Palace. The people from the Fire Divine Palace had already guessed that it was very likely that he would be the one to participate in the second round.

"Elder Li, have you refined a Flying Dan before?" Chen Xiang secretly transmitted to Li Baojun, the Nine Death Soaring Flower was very rare, and Flying Dan rarely appeared, so Chen Xiang suddenly started to worry about Li Baojun.

"I've never refined one before, but you don't have to worry. I'm confident that I can do it better than the other party." Li Baojun received the Nine Death Soaring Flower, and there was even a Storage bag. Chen Xiang had given him the supplementary ingredients, and these supplementary ingredients were all top-notch, having been stored and nurtured by the creation divine liquid.

The Fire Divine Palace's old man's expression was calm, and from between his brows, he revealed a sense of confidence, as though he was certain that he would win. He took out a jade pill furnace.

"Formidable." Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, back then I really wanted this pill furnace, but my master still couldn't find it after searching for a long time. It actually fell into the hands of the Fire Divine Palace. No wonder, this is a top-grade immortal equipment." Su Meiyao said.

"Then I'll think of a way to get it and give it to you." Chen Xiang laughed.

"No need, you just need to help me find my original pill furnace. Although my master didn't help me find this jade furnace, I did make a pretty good one myself. It's a pity that it was taken away from me that time." Su Meiyao sighed.

It was when Chen Xiang met this peerless beauty at the bottom of the cliff that the two of them were robbed clean.

"The Jade Immortal Furnace. I never thought that I would be able to see this pill furnace in my lifetime. I heard that this is the pill furnace of the Bi Xia Dan Immortal." Li Baojun was also someone who knew what was good for him, but he said that the most powerful pill furnace would be Chen Xiang's Yanlong furnace, that was what was good for him, just that Chen Xiang's current level was still insufficient to reveal the might of the Yanlong furnace.

"That's right, Bi Xia Dan Immortal is the head Dan Immortal of my Fire Divine Palace. She gave me this pill furnace." The old man said.

Everyone heard and exclaimed in their hearts, they had never heard of Bi Xia Dan Immortal before, but they knew that it was a guy from Dan Immortal who could refine immortal pills, and was even the head Dan Immortal. How powerful was he?

"Bi Xia Dan Immortal, this slut really did go to Fire Divine Palace. Consider her lucky, otherwise we would have stripped her clean." Su Meiyao scoffed.

Chen Xiang and Bai Youyou were done in by them, but their enemies should all be girls, he never thought that even Heaven Realm would have so many strong female warriors.

"Who is the guy that robbed you?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Don't ask." Su Meiyao avoided the question.

When the old man from the Fire Divine Palace saw that everyone was looking at his Heavenly Jade Treasure Furnace with burning gazes, he couldn't help but feel proud of himself.

In comparison, the pill furnace Li Baojun had taken out could not compare to his opponent, and from this point, the Dragon Subduing School had lost by one level. However, the pill refining competition was not about pill furnaces, but rather, people.

Wang Qiongjin sneered: "Li Baojun, you should be Li Tianjun's disciple."

"That's right." Although there were some rumors about him, they were never sure. They never thought that Li Baojun was really the disciple of the Dan King who dominated Mortal Realm back then.

Wang Qiongjin laughed contemptuously: "Do you know that your master was severely defeated by his master on top of the Heaven Realm, and lost everything when he competed with him? And this person you are sparring with right now, is the disciple of your master?"

Just a moment ago, everyone was still shocked that Li Baojun was Li Tianjun's disciple, but after hearing that Li Tianjun had lost miserably at Heaven Realm, they all started to sigh in their hearts.

Li Baojun was not affected by it much, he only said lightly, "This is a good thing for my master, he needs this kind of training, as long as he doesn't die, he can still concoct pills, so what if he loses? Won or lost, isn't it normal?

As he spoke, Li Baojun had already processed a large pile of medicinal ingredients, and then closed his eyes, throwing the medicinal ingredients into the furnace. That Wang Qiongjin's words did not affect him in any way, which made Wang Qiongjin clench his teeth in his heart, and Li Baojun's extremely strong state of mind also made everyone secretly admire him.

Chen Xiang suddenly laughed: "Bi Xia Dan Immortal is the woman who once lost and ran naked in Heaven Realm, hehe, I remember that time when she fought with him, competing continuously with him, refining pills, taking off a piece of clothing every time he lost, and finally losing not a single piece of clothes, and walking around on the streets of a big city."

Hearing that, everyone started to imagine, but Chen Xiang's following words, made them feel as if they had eaten a fly.

"Everyone, don't think too much. Bi Xia Dan Immortal is already old. As for what he looks like, haha …" Chen Xiang chuckled as he looked at Wang Qiongjin.

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