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When the Evil Snake King's clone was destroyed, the original body was also affected greatly. At this moment, his face was extremely ugly, causing Lv Qinlian to be secretly happy, because she had the chance to get out of this predicament, but suddenly, she caught a glimpse of the sinister look that flashed past Evil Snake King's eyes, causing her heart to immediately tremble.

"Hahaha …" Evil Snake King's handsome face suddenly contorted, and he laughed sinisterly: "Don't expect to knock me down like this."

"Go to hell, bitch."

Both of Evil Snake King's eyes were suddenly filled with blood red light waves. He looked extremely terrifying as he laughed crazily and maliciously, his slender arm suddenly becoming obese, with his sleeves swollen to the point where it revealed a black arm full of scales.

When Lv Qinlian saw the look in Evil Snake King's eyes earlier, he had already known that Evil Snake King intended to perish together with her.


A loud explosion sounded suddenly, the intense sound wave split the ground and the layer of smoke that was shrouding the entire area should not be blown away, the red light shot out, and then and Evil Snake King slowly descended onto the ground. They did not die, but blood leaked out of their mouths, their faces were pale white, it was obvious that they suffered heavy internal injuries.

Chen Xiang used the power of the spatial laws to the limit, traveled a large distance, and arrived at the place where the Evil Snake King and Lv Qinlian had landed.

The moment Evil Snake King touched the ground, Chen Xiang suddenly appeared. The Holy Devil-suppressing seal and the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword had fused together, and the Devil-suppressing holy power was being used to the extreme by Chen Xiang, so the moment he appeared, he fiercely slashed down at the Evil Snake King with his blade. The blade glow was thirty thousand meters long, and the killing intent was intermittent, even Lv Qinlian, who was at the side, felt the incomparably powerful strength concealed within Chen Xiang, making her feel as if she was facing the mysterious Great Elder of the Dragon Subduing School.

Chen Xiang's sudden arrival and sudden attack were completely unexpected to Evil Snake King. He predicted that Chen Xiang would definitely rush over, but he never expected that Chen Xiang would actually be so fast.

Although Evil Snake King was heavily injured, a skinny camel was still bigger than a horse. His body instinctively moved to dodge, which was a type of instinctive power that he accumulated through his years of fighting.

"Ahh …" Evil Snake King cried out in pain. Even though he dodged, his shoulder was still cut by Chen Xiang's blade, and half of his body, along with his entire arm, had been cut off by Chen Xiang.

"Just you wait, Evil Snake Mountain will not let you off." The Evil Snake King's sinister and resentful voice echoed in the horizon layer by layer, and when Chen Xiang made his second slash, his body had already turned into a layer of black mist, which then seeped into the ground and disappeared.

"What a shame. Such a good chance for him to run away."

At this moment, her face was completely pale. However, there was a Holy Lotus Seed in her body, which allowed her to recover her injuries by absorbing the power inside the Holy Lotus Seed. However, when Chen Xiang helped her up now, he could feel that her body was extremely cold.

"I've been poisoned." Lv Qinlian, who had just stood up, immediately fell into Chen Xiang's embrace after saying that. Chen Xiang held her tightly and immediately released a warm fire Qi to help Lv Qinlian expel the poison.

At this time, Chen Xiang felt more and more that the delicate body that was being embraced by her was releasing an oppressive cold aura. He looked at Lv Qinlian who had an ugly expression and hastily asked: "Sister Lian, what poison are you infected with? Why are you so powerful that even you cannot withstand it?"

"I've been severely injured, and I don't have the power to expel the poison …" Lv Qinlian tightly hugged Chen Xiang's warm and sturdy body, and slowly closed his eyes, as though he could not hold on much longer.

Chen Xiang was extremely anxious, he immediately cut open his wrist and let out a bit of blood, which entered into Lv Qinlian's mouth. Although his blood could not be detoxified by Wang Quan, but he could still resist the poison's invasion.

He carried Lv Qinlian and left the Sparite vein s who were full of scars, arriving in a quiet mountain forest. Lv Qinlian's complexion had improved a lot, but the cold poison in her body was still wreaking havoc in her body.

"It's the profoundhan poison … I never thought that this Evil Snake King would have this kind of poison, and that they would even completely infuse it into my body at the last moment. It signaled that the profoundhan poison is the weakest kind of Super Old poison, otherwise I would have died a long time ago. "

Lv Qinlian was able to speak now and she was still lying in Chen Xiang's embrace. Because the anger Chen Xiang had released made her feel very comfortable and she didn't want to leave.

Seeing that Lv Qinlian had woken up, Chen Xiang could still speak. He let out a light breath and said, "Sister Lian, you scared me to death. How are your injuries?"

Lv Qinlian stuck her face on Chen Xiang's chest, it was her first time being in such close contact with a man, moreover it was when she was at her weakest and when she needed help the most, she, who was cold all over, did not want to leave Chen Xiang's embrace at all, and only wanted to be hugged by him forever.

My internal injuries are very serious. My beast core is damaged, but I have the holy lotus seed in my body. I can absorb the power of the holy lotus seed and quickly stabilize my injuries.

Although Lv Qinlian was heavily injured and poisoned, lying in Chen Xiang's embrace, his heart throbbed inexplicably, giving him a strange feeling that was hard to describe.

"Then take a good rest, Sister Lian. Why did that Evil Snake King suddenly appear?" Chen Xiang felt that Lv Qinlian was hugging him tightly, and was even rubbing against his body from time to time. This made him feel a strange feeling in his heart.

Lv Qinlian felt that Chen Xiang's hand was gently stroking her hair and was stunned for a moment. Then, he said quietly: "I think it's the people from Demon Realm and Devil Realm who are trying to provoke him to come out to weaken my strength, although he is a Snake Demon, he is still using power from the Heaven Demon World. Currently, he is at Di Tian's side, he definitely has a good relationship with the Devil Realm, because the Demon Charming Association is the best at fighting against the Evil Snake Mountain, they are not afraid of our poison."

"Sister Lian, he used the profoundbing's evil poison, since it's one of the Super Old poison, if we were to spread the word, will his situation be very dangerous?" Chen Xiang touched Lv Qinlian's beautiful face, it was not as cold as before.

Lv Qinlian nodded and said: "I will definitely reveal this matter. As long as this matter gets out, regardless of whether others believe it or not, I will still be wary of the Evil Snake King. Of course, if it's the Heaven Realm, as long as I appear and let others see the profoundbing's evil poison that I speak of, the Evil Snake King will definitely be hunted."

"Sister Lian, that Xiao Yao over there, he's that little demon." Chen Xiang looked at the flower on Lv Qinlian's hairpin, and did not sense the aura of the spirit demon at all.

"She's in me. Inside my Spirit Demon Core is a lotus flower, Xiao Yao is sleeping inside. " Lv Qinlian chuckled, "I was already like this, but I still wasn't able to wake the little girl up."

Speaking of Xiao Yao, the little demon, Chen Xiang thought of those Primordial profoundbing s. He had just obtained a large number of profoundbing from a warehouse set up by the Fire Divine Palace in profound Cold Ancient Realm, and he even knew about the dirty deeds that the Fire Divine Palace had done in the profound Cold Ancient Realm.

Chen Xiang told this to Lv Qinlian, causing him to frown: "No wonder when my Demon Charming Association's spirit demon goes to profound Cold Ancient Realm, he would meet some fellows from Fire Divine Palace. However, our spirit demon wasn't attacked, could it be that Fire Divine Palace is afraid of the poison of those spirit demons?"

"Anyways, this matter must definitely be spread. We cannot let Fire Divine Palace continue like this … That's right, the reason why Fire Divine Palace does this seems to be to revive a guy called Ice Emperor … "

Just as Chen Xiang spoke of Ice Emperor, the frail beauty in his arms suddenly trembled. Lv Qinlian widened his beautiful, soul-stirring eyes and looked at Chen Xiang with a face full of shock.

"You are talking about the Ice Emperor, I have heard of him before, he is a very impressive person, I never thought that he could be revived, please do not let him come back to life." Lv Qinlian looked at the sky and fell into deep thought.

The Ice Emperor was a very amazing person, but why couldn't he revive them? With Di Tian in this kind of terrible situation, he needed a strong capable person to intimidate the entire Di Tian and maintain order in the Di Tian.

Chen Xiang caressed his face that was as beautiful as jade with Lv Qinlian, and asked softly: "Sister Lian, what kind of background does Ice Emperor have, can you tell me?"

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