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Long Xueyi used the Spirit Traveling Technique and after about two hours, he found the location of the Hell Devil Envoy.

"That fellow is on a very large island." Long Xueyi said: "There are many Holy Lords trying to curry favor with the Hell Devil Envoy, wanting to find out your position through him. That's why they are serving him on the island, capturing some Holy Beasts so that he can absorb their beast souls."

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "This group of Sacred Masters truly dislike living long. To actually want to kill me, then Hell Devil Envoy would definitely not tell them that the baldy is already dead, and would not want to scare away this group of cheap servants."

From the image that Long Xueyi passed to him, he saw the snow white faced man sitting on top of a high platform. Below him were the Holy Monarchs, and many humanoid Holy Beasts were tied up and placed below the platform.

In the Northern Sea of the Nine Spirit Heavenly Sea, there were actually a few hundred Holy Monarchs gathered there. They had captured over a thousand Holy Beasts alive, although they had turned into human beings, Long Xueyi could tell that many of them were sea beasts.

"This is a good opportunity." Chen Xiang moved according to the position Long Xueyi provided and started to circulate his spatial energy, preparing to teleport over accurately.

… ….

On the island where the Hell Devil Envoy was, many of the Sacred Masters were gathered and having a feast. The Hell Devil Envoy was like an emperor sitting on a high platform, releasing a weird laughter, raising his cup to drink with everyone. In this atmosphere of joy, all of the Holy Beasts that were tied up, their bodies riddled with wounds, fell on the ground in a mess, their faces full of dejection, because they were about to be devoured by the beast spirit.

"Lord Demon Envoy, this Holy Beast is the famous Pearl King of the Nine Spirit Heavenly Sea. It is a huge pearl that is deep under the sea." An old man pinched the face of a beautiful young lady and laughed loudly: "Every drop of this woman's tears is worth millions of kilograms of Holy stone. Her tears not only can make a girl forever young, they can also quickly heal injuries.

"I only care about her soul." The Hell Devil Envoy asked with his sinister voice, because he could only become stronger by consuming the soul.

At this moment, the Pearl King's face was filled with despair. Her pair of beautiful eyes were lifeless and void of life. Her entire body was tied up with a special kind of rope, making it impossible for her to transform into her original body.

"Her soul is naturally very good. Lord Demon Envoys will definitely like her." The old man hurriedly said.

"Fine, bring her up here, I'll try it." Hell Devil Envoy rubbed his hands together and laughed.

That old man sent the beautiful pearl monarch up. Although she looked like a young girl, she had been cultivating in the deep sea for tens of thousands of years.

"If I'm satisfied, I will tell you where Chen Xiang is." Hell Devil Envoy laughed out loud, that eerie laughter made people's hair stand on end.

Hell Devil Envoy laughed out loud, and then used his pale and skinny claws to stab at the Pearl King's head, but his wrist was suddenly grabbed by a powerful big hand, which was shining with a holy light.

Upon seeing this hand, the originally despairing Pearl Emperor felt as though he had seen the dawn of hope.

"You don't need to tell him. I'm already here." Chen Xiang laughed heartily, then used the Demon Suppressing Pagoda that had turned into a rod and smashed towards Hell Devil Envoy's head, causing Hell Devil Envoy to let out a sharp scream as black blood and qi surged out from his head.

"Chen Xiang." Hell Devil Envoy wanted to struggle free from Chen Xiang's grasp, but Chen Xiang's hands, which were covered with Devil-suppressing magic power s, seemed to have been specially used to handcuffs the demons, locking him in place.

"I didn't think I would come." Chen Xiang smiled, then pointed the larger Demon God Suppressing Pagoda in his hand towards Hell Devil Envoy's head.

A golden whirlpool appeared at the bottom of the tower, sucking in all of the evil energy that had formed into the Hell Devil Envoy into the tower.

"Xue Yi, don't let these bastards escape, arrest them all."

After Chen Xiang stored the Hell Devil Envoy in the Demon God Slaying Pagoda, he sat on the throne that the Hell Devil Envoy had just been sitting on and casually waved his hand, releasing the tied up Pearl King.

When the Holy Beasts that thought they were going to die saw Chen Xiang release the Pearl King, they were overjoyed. This was because they wouldn't be sucked into the Hell Devil Envoy.

Becoming a Holy Beast was not easy, no one wanted to die. At this moment, they were extremely grateful to Chen Xiang, wishing to kneel down and kowtow to him.

Long Xueyi flew out from Chen Xiang's body and floated in the air. The elegant and beautiful her suddenly let out a dragon's roar that caused all the Holy Beasts present to tremble in fear.

Hearing Long Xueyi's Heavenly Dragon's roar, the Holy Beasts were now no less afraid than when they were facing death.

Even the Holy Monarchs didn't expect that this beautiful lady in white dress would actually be an extremely terrifying Heavenly Dragon.

After the Hell Devil Envoy was grabbed by Chen Xiang, his black dragon mount hurried over, but following Long Xueyi's roar, the black bone dragon was immediately shaken into dust.

Those Sacred Monarchs were all dumbstruck. Hell Devil Envoy had been captured in a few moves, and that black bone dragon mount that looked extremely terrifying had been instantly destroyed, and only now did they realize just how foolish they were. They actually wanted to find out where Chen Xiang was, and wanted to kill him to get the Divine Deity.

Long Xueyi swept a glance at the several hundred Sacred Monarchs and let out a cold snort. Her white dress fluttered in the wind, releasing a burst of white, gentle, and holy multicolored light, which shone upon the bodies of the Sacred Masters. Instantly, the light turned into tiny white dragons, and like a rope, tied up all the Sacred Monarchs.

Long Xueyi was a Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord who possessed a Emperor soul. Although he didn't have the power he had back then, he was more than enough to deal with these Sacred Masters.

After the Holy Lords were restrained, they all begged for forgiveness, but Chen Xiang didn't care and threw out the Demon God Slaying Pagoda in his hand, floating above the Holy Monarchs and kept all of them inside the pagoda.

After that, Long Xueyi untied the Holy Beasts.

"Thank you, Sir Shen, for saving me." The Pearl Sovereign King immediately thanked Chen Xiang, and the other Holy Beasts quickly thanked him as well, as they shouted out to repay Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang said with an ashamed face: "Since everyone has been captured, it has something to do with me, so I can't really be considered as saving all of you."

"Even if it wasn't because of Mister Shen, these fellows would have caught us. I am willing to follow you in the future." A burly man shouted, "I hope I can help you."

These Holy Beasts were not stupid, they had obviously heard of Chen Xiang's name before. To be chased down by so many Holy Rulers and even dare to challenge the Eagle Emperor, accompanied by an incomparably strong Heavenly Dragon, being able to follow Chen Xiang was a good thing. Although Chen Xiang's current situation was not very good, but …

The Pearl King said softly, "Lord Shen, I am willing to follow you as well."

Chen Xiang looked at the group of Holy Beasts. Although there were thousands of them, but there were only four women, all of them were extremely beautiful.

"Look at her. She might need some companions." Chen Xiang looked at Long Xueyi beside him.

Long Xueyi stuck his tongue out at the Pearl King, then laughed: "If you don't mind, you can follow me."

After all, dragons were the emperors of beasts, not to mention Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord like Long Xueyi, who would naturally be more willing to have pearls. Seeing Long Xueyi taking them in, she, three female holy beasts all walked up to him.

Long Xueyi accepted all of them. Since there were not many of them, the other Holy Beasts all hated themselves for not being women.

"Everyone, I have a request. I am looking for medicinal ingredients of the seventh grade of Immortal Grade or above, do you have any clues related to them in the Northern Sea, or if you all have these immortal medicines in your hands, can you lend them to me? I will be able to return them very soon." This was the reason why Chen Xiang was able to save the thousands of Holy Beasts.

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