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"The strongest people, come out and block them. Elder Hua, bring them to a safe place, quickly!" The one who spoke was Super Yuan Sect Leader who was battling against the huge white wolves from afar.

The crowd instantly turned into chaos, many of the powerhouses did not want to face that terrifying rhinoceros, but there was nothing they could do, the weaker members of the younger generation followed the Super Yuan Mountain Elder Hua and ran in the same direction.

"little maid, it's me!" Chen Xiang suddenly transmitted his voice to Ji Meixian, causing Ji Meixian to be extremely surprised, but she did not know where Chen Xiang was.

"I didn't expect that you would still come!" Before, Ji Meixian did not think that Chen Xiang would come, but she did not think that he would actually follow secretly, until now, she did not suspect that Chen Xiang had mixed into the crowd, she only believed that Chen Xiang had followed secretly.

"What's your next plan? I have observed you and found out that many of the homelands seem to have secretly given you youngsters some orders. " Chen Xiang asked.

It's said that there is a big door that will let us kill Dongfang Lingyun once the gate is opened. First, it's us juniors making a move, if Dongfang Lingyun attacks again, the old guys will attack him together. "" Alright! Ji Meixian said: "Because Dongfang Lingyun is here on behalf of the Purple Moon Imperial Land, they do not want Dongfang Lingyun to take away the things that the Purple Moon Imperial Land should have, but only Dongfang Lingyun is able to activate the stone pieces on the Purple Moon Imperial Land."

Chen Xiang secretly scolded the group of fellows. Fortunately, he had been careful enough to stay out of this mess, this was just as he had guessed. These people really wanted to kill him in the end.

Ji Meixian did not know that her master was Dongfang Lingyun.

A fierce battle had already broken out behind them, causing the whole forest to rumble. The earthquake never stopped, the beasts roared continuously, it was all because of Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang.

Amongst the hundred or so people, the strongest were probably the Prince Imperial Dragon and the few dragons beside him, followed by the Elder Hua from the Super Yuan Mountain. This made Chen Xiang's killing intent rise, and his target was the grandson of the Super Yuan Sect Leader, but he did not have absolute confidence.

The intense battle lasted for more than an hour, before Three horns Dragon King and the big shots of the ancient forces were the first to return. Other than Three horns Dragon King, they were all out of breath, and after that, Super Yuan Sect Leader also returned, allowing them to heave a sigh of relief.

"These beasts are very difficult to kill, they are invulnerable to swords and spears, and their impenetrable s can only exhaust their power, allowing them to escape on their own." If the arrogant Three horns Dragon King said that, then it could be seen how scary those beasts were. If not for these strong warriors, they would have died a long time ago.

"We need to leave this place as soon as possible. The beasts here are abnormal, and the path we're taking usually doesn't have any beasts. I've been here many times, but this time, there are so many of them."

She was worried that Chen Xiang would be found out by the Super Yuan Sect Leader, but in her heart, she admired Chen Xiang a lot. He had actually followed them to this place in secret, and had not been discovered yet.

Before, when Super Yuan Sect Leader thought that this road was absolutely safe, he decided to not worry about bringing these juniors over. But now, he regretted it a little, if some powerful things were to appear at the back, it would be very troublesome, he really wanted to send these juniors back immediately. But, if he went back, he might encounter even more chaos beasts.

The Super Yuan Sect Leader and the Three horns Dragon King should be the strongest ones here. When the Three horns Dragon King and the Prince Imperial Dragon are together, the Prince Imperial Dragon will also have a share of the treasures here, and he will definitely take action!

"It seems that I need to concentrate. If I see anyone attacking me, I should use Form Displacement Transposition to counter them!" Chen Xiang felt that this was the best way, because the speed of the Shadowshape Transformation was very fast. If he succeeded, he could even kill one more person.

Chen Xiang had also become more well-behaved. Both he and Long Xueyi had noticed that there were a lot of beasts in the vicinity of this place, so if they were to attract a single beast, then a large group of beasts would definitely charge in from all directions. At that time, even he would be in trouble.

"If this fellow did not lead the way, no matter how strong I am, it would be very difficult for me to pass through this area. This Chaotic Mountain is truly terrifying." Long Xueyi said.

This was also the reason why Super Yuan Sect Leader did not fly in the sky. Furthermore, if one was in the air, it was very likely that they would be discovered by the beasts on the ground and be attacked from all sides. This was also the reason why Super Yuan Sect Leader was not flying in the air.

They had been traveling quietly for more than ten days, but they had not finished even half of the journey. They were only able to travel a little bit, and were still quite a distance away from their destination.

"The trees around us have changed! They're different now!" Long Xueyi suddenly said.

"How is it different?" Chen Xiang asked. All the trees on the way were tall and dense, and the trees here were the same. He did not see any difference.

"You are still too tender after all. The roots of all the trees here are very long, and the ones that enter underground are emitting a very rich essence of nature. Didn't you fuse with Caomu heavenly Dan before?" Feel it and take a look! " Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang released his God Power and penetrated deep into the ground. As expected, he could clearly feel the rich wood energy slowly flowing towards a certain direction, as if something was absorbing the wood energy.

"Good stuff!" Chen Xiang was immediately sure that there were usually some very high grade medicinal ingredients in this kind of situation.

Chen Xiang continued to use his divine power to track the direction of the essence, searching for the end of it.

"Found it!" Chen Xiang immediately locked onto a stalk of green grass under a big tree. It looked like this grass was not anything special, but the vitality and vitality of the surrounding trees were all devoured by this grass at an extremely fast speed.

"It should be something similar to the Caomu heavenly Dan!" Chen Xiang could see that this was not a pill that could be refined, so he immediately went forward and ran towards the tree, and everyone stared at him.

Someone wanted to shout at him to follow the group obediently, but he suddenly bent down to pick a small blade of grass. At this moment, a shocking scene appeared.

Seeing this spiritual herb, everyone's first reaction was, this was definitely not an ordinary thing!

Even though the bead grass was running really fast, Chen Xiang chased after it, grabbed it, and stuffed it into his mouth!

Seeing this, everyone cursed in their hearts. Such a good thing was actually eaten by him just like that. Many of the big heads wished that they could cut open Chen Xiang's stomach and take out the mysterious grass!

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