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Chen Xiang could also communicate with Lightning lion s now

"Little Lightning, do you know the place where the six realms meet? I heard that it's a treasure trove filled with divine medicines …" Chen Xiang sat on Little Lightning's back.

"Master, I know where the place is, but it's a bit dangerous because all the human teams are stationed there. These small teams are very strong, so I have to avoid them if I meet them. They occupy many places there and specially steal the divine medicine found by others." Little Lightning said, "Master, are you sure you want to go now?"

"Of course I'm not afraid of them! How long would it take for you to reach there?" This was also the reason why Chen Xiang subdued the Lightning lion. It was because his speed was very fast. It could save him a lot of energy along the way.

"We'll be there in four days," Little Lightning said. It was much faster than Chen Xiang had guessed. From the information that the old man had given him, most people would need at least seven to eight days to get there.

If he were to use the spatial energy himself, it would probably take two to three days. However, it would consume a lot of Six Realms' Power, but it did not seem to put much pressure on the Lightning lion.

"Let's go," Chen Xiang shouted.

The Lightning lion immediately ran up to become someone's mount. He could only concede that being alive was already pretty bad. The Special god beast took the initiative to attack the humans. If they didn't kill the humans, they would be killed.

At least he didn't lose his life now that he was tamed

The Lightning lion's strength was not weak as well. Furthermore, their speed was so fast that they did not encounter any sneak attacks from other Special god beast along the way.

"It's right in front." Four days later, Little Lightning carried Chen Xiang on her back and stood on top of a mountain peak, overlooking the short mountain range below.

It was a mountain range filled with countless short mountains. These mountains were filled with verdant trees that seemed to be filled with life force …

From this peak, Chen Xiang could clearly feel the surge of life energy coming towards him, giving him a very comfortable feeling. This place was indeed a land filled with divine medicines …

"Let's go in!" Chen Xiang said to Little Lightning. Because Yue'er had yet to sense anything, she needed to walk a few more rounds inside the cave …

'In a place like this outside, there definitely isn't any divine medicine … '

"It looks like it's not only the disciples of Supreme Divine Palace and Six Realms Divine Palace who are here to gather medicinal herbs, but also the disciples of other powers. I feel that the auras of many humans remaining here are all from different powers, and there are even some from our Beast Divine Palace s." Yue'er said, "I can only sense us entering deep into the cave at night, so we should know a lot more about that place."

Yue'er was a Star and crescent beast. She could communicate with Xingyue. When she couldn't sense the divine medicine, she would wait until night before asking Xingyue.

The little lightning carried Chen Xiang and rushed deeper inside until the stars came out at night before he stopped and slowly walked …

Although the Lightning lion's speed was not as fast as his full strength when he used the spatial shuttle, Chen Xiang was satisfied that he was able to reach such a speed even without using his own strength.

"Found it! It's on a nearby mountain! There's divine medicine there!" Yue'er happily exclaimed. "Hurry up and go! I'll tell you where it's located! Have Little Lightning get there quickly!"

After Chen Xiang obtained the exact location, he immediately commanded Little Lightning to rush over madly.

Yue'er and Chen Xiang originally thought that they would be able to obtain the divine medicine very soon. Who knew that after they got closer, they would hear the sounds of fighting?

To Chen Xiang, other people fighting was a good thing for him so he could take this opportunity to leave.

"Purple Smoke Divine Mountain, you still want face?! This divine medicine was clearly discovered by me first! Why are you saying it was yours with just a few words?!" A cold and furious voice caused Chen Xiang to be inwardly shocked.

Because that voice belonged to none other than that Xie Ao.

"It's actually this guy! I need to continue watching!" Chen Xiang stepped down from Little Lightning's back and used his Heaven tour method to observe the scene.

The fight had happened on top of a hill. The trees on top of the hill had already been levelled and it made it easier for Chen Xiang to see the large amount of Divine Medicines.

Those divine medicines were all of the same kind. There were at least fifty to sixty of them planted there like vegetables, shocking Chen Xiang. The divine medicines here were indeed just like mushrooms …

Currently, there were four people standing in front of the divine medicine. They were dressed in purple clothes, and from the Qi that they released, they seemed to be from Upper Heavenly God.

It could be seen that they had already occupied the divine medicine. And when Xie Ao saw the furious expression on his face, she knew that he had been the one to discover the divine medicine first …

"We discovered it three years ago! It's just that we really have something to take care of!" A man in purple sneered, "You're a Boxing Hall right? Don't think that just because you're a Supreme Divine Palace we're afraid of you! You … don't go too far!"

Xie Ao said angrily, "This divine medicine has already matured over ten years ago. If you discovered it three years ago, you would have long ago taken it and used it. Wait until now?

"These despicable fellows don't have any other abilities, but they are very powerful. You guys followed me like dogs for so long, and when I found this divine medicine, you guys just jumped out and said it was you guys! You even bit back at the famous disciples of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain, and you actually did such a despicable thing?"

Xie Ao himself would definitely not be able to defeat the other party because the other party had four Upper Heavenly God s. If he could defeat them, he would not spout so much nonsense …

"Then how are we going to kill you? Who would know about this?" A purple-clothed man laughed loudly. Killing intent surged …

Chen Xiang, who had been observing this entire time, secretly rejoiced in his heart. He immediately used his spatial sensing to lock onto those divine medicines, then used his teleportation spell to instantly pull those dozens of blue flowers out of the ground.

"Who?" The disciples of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain immediately discovered it, but they did not see anyone use such a method. It was the first time they saw such a method, but they were all Upper Heavenly God s, so they knew immediately that this was someone who grasped the laws of space.

"Supreme Divine Palace, Dan Hall, Chen Xiang!" Chen Xiang had already left on his little lightning horse, but his voice still reverberated in the mountains.

"Chase" were the disciples of several tens of rare Zhongpin medicine s and Purple Smoke Divine Mountain s. How could they let others take them away?

Although Xie Ao was shocked, he naturally knew who Chen Xiang was, but he did not feel angry at the moment. At least, these divine medicines had yet to fall into the hands of the disciples of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain.

A few disciples of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain chased after Chen Xiang, but Xie Ao also followed after him. The other party messed up his good fortune, even if he could not defeat those disciples of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain, he could not just let things go like that.

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