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He knew nothing about the people from the Divine Devil Cult at all. The fellow he killed before died too quickly, and he did not get much useful information from it. Now, the only thing he knew was that the disciples of Divine Devil Cult all cultivated the divine way and all had divine soul.

After Pan Yunlan stayed in the room for more than two hours, she opened the stone door and walked out.

"Are you alright?" Chen Xiang had been waiting impatiently outside, because he had many things to ask Pan Yunlan. It was about the Divine Devil Cult.

"It's much better now. If you have anything to say, just ask. I can tell you anything now." Pan Yunlan nodded and brought Chen Xiang into an elegant little hall.

Just now you said that the people from Divine Devil Cult are coming. What kind of strength did they have? Chen Xiang wanted to ask a lot of questions, but seeing how nervous Pan Yunlan was with these disciples of the Divine Devil Cult, he felt that he should first understand a few things about the Divine Devil Cult, so that it would be more convenient to start later.

"All of them are in the late stage of the Immortal Realm, but their divine soul is very strong, which isn't easy to deal with." All of them are in the late stage of the Immortal Realm, but all of their divine soul is very strong, which isn't easy to deal with. Pan Yunlan had already known that Chen Xiang was also a Spirit Cultivator, and was very strong. It was just that he did not know what level Chen Xiang's divine soul had reached, or else he wouldn't be able to help her remove the Imprint of the Divine Spirit.

However, in terms of the divine way, he felt that no one could beat Long Xueyi, and when that time came, if no one could, he would let Long Xueyi take action.

Chen Xiang was suddenly looking forward to the arrival of the Divine Devil Cult Rankers, because he had long wanted to fight with some of the experts that cultivated the divine way. This was a rare opportunity.

"What about the outstanding disciples of the Icy Wind Valley s? How did they get lost? " Chen Xiang asked, he had come here for a reason, to clarify this matter. Previously, he suspected that it was the Fire Divine Palace who did it, so he was worried that the Fire Divine Palace's power might infiltrate, this was something that couldn't be done to them.

Pan Yunlan said: "I sent people to assassinate him."

"What?" Chen Xiang frowned, as he thought of something. "Could it be that the disciples of these Icy Wind Valley have joined the Divine Devil Cult?"

"That's right." Pan Yunlan took out a longsword that looked like it was made of ice. It exuded a dense cold energy and she was carefully wiping it.

"Even though I have joined the Divine Devil Cult, I would definitely not do anything that would let down those two girls, but the other disciples might not necessarily be so, and you already know the reason for the existence of the Divine Devil Cult, and now that the Divine Devil Cult has infiltrated here, his target is Xianxian and You Lan. Those fellows, however, were most trusted by You Lan and Xianxian previously, and they are all people who have obtained their acknowledgement.

Pan Yunlan said with a cold face: "The reason I joined the Divine Devil Cult was because I was forced. At that time, they used those few disciples to threaten me, and they also promised me that they wouldn't restrict me too much, and that they wouldn't harm Xianxian and You Lan either. At that time, I didn't know that those few brats were colluding with the Divine Devil Cult, and I felt that my lifespan was about to run out, so it was worth it to be able to use my own life to save those few outstanding disciples."

Those few dead outstanding disciples had actually joined the Divine Devil Cult before Pan Yunlan, and Pan Yunlan's loyalty to the Icy Wind Valley had caused him to secretly praise them.

Initially, I had planned to join the Divine Devil Cult and save those few disciples, and when the time came, I planned to perish together with the fellow from Divine Devil Cult. But I found out later on that the disciple was also from Divine Devil Cult, so I sent people to assassinate him, and the Divine Devil Cult did not know that it was me, because if I personally made a move, it would be equivalent to betraying the Divine Devil Cult, and that the Demon God's Brand would make my life better than death, but if I send people to assassinate him, I would be fine.

"How did this happen? Your divine soul must have been cultivated for a period of time, otherwise it would have been impossible for you to reach this level." Chen Xiang asked.

"It's been nine years. At that time, you were just sealed not long ago, and those disciples were killed recently. I could already sense that they were preparing to take action."

Pan Yunlan was extremely grateful to Chen Xiang at the moment, if Chen Xiang had not suddenly appeared here, she would not know what to do, because even if she had died, the Divine Devil Cult would have still attacked Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan. But it was different now, she had experienced Chen Xiang's abilities, and understood him even more.

Chen Xiang's face became extremely cold, and his entire face was filled with killing intent. Divine Devil Cult was someone very close to him and he definitely could not forgive this Divine Devil Cult.

Of course, even if you were to explain it to You Lan and Xianxian, they would not blame you, but I think that such a thing would require you to explain it to them personally. Let's first get rid of the Divine Devil Cult, then talk about it.

"Exterminate the Divine Devil Cult here." The Divine Devil Cult is too strong, it is already not bad to be able to repel the experts they have brought here with them. If we are to completely eradicate the Divine Devil Cult, we will have to pay a huge price, and the Fire Divine Palace is also eyeing us covetously, we cannot afford to waste time. "

As long as the other party did not have any Immortal King level Rankers, Chen Xiang was confident that he would be able to get rid of Divine Devil Cult. In his opinion, Divine Devil Cult was not like the Fire Divine Palace, who could rope in many strong forces to join them.

Moreover, the disciples of the Divine Devil Cult were all cultivating in the Divine Spirit or Demon Sect, so they knew how to use some of their abilities. This increased the power of their individual combat, so right now, the Divine Devil Cult was not too big in the sky of the Emperor Realm, and there was no need for it, it would only be destroyed, because the Divine Devil Cult was a place that specializes in the killing of talents, and there were a few talents in every force, so they had to do it secretly.

"He's coming." Long Xueyi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Indeed, they are people with powerful divine soul. Although they are a bit weaker than you and me, but their cultivation in the devil way is actually very strong. They should have been Devil Cultivator s early on, and their power in the devil way can't be ignored later on when they cultivate in the divine way."

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