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Devil-killing Heavenly God had already been informed that this time they were not heading towards the giant arena from before, but to another place, still above all divine palaces.

Each level of the all divine palaces was not simple at all, the most famous being the eighteen levels of Purgatory, which were all prepared for the god of heaven. Furthermore, the War God's Trial was also in there, which contained all sorts of scenes, all of them used to test one's strength.

The second round of the competition was a collaboration between teams. Devil-killing Heavenly God guessed that they might use it for either Purgatory or the training grounds of the War God.

The divine gods and their disciples had gathered at the first level of all divine palaces. After arriving, they would follow the Penalty Heavenly God into a stone room, where they could be teleported to.

Not long after, Chen Xiang and the others arrived at a barren land. Devil-killing Heavenly God said: "This is still inside all divine palaces, this should be a training ground."

It was only the first time that Chen Xiang and the others had been to this place, and they couldn't help but be surprised. This was only the first floor of the all divine palaces, but the inside was so wide that they couldn't see the end of it.

An old man dressed in a white robe suddenly appeared in the sky, he said loudly: "I am the hall master of all divine palaces, the second round of the competition will begin here."

This old man was the Zhong Gao Shan who had a good relationship with Wealth Divine Palace, looking at his kind eyes, he did not seem like a bad guy.

"Isn't this the War God's training field? Although it's just a part of the War God's training field, it's still quite taxing for a true god." He had already decided that he did not want the True Gods to continue joining in the fun here.

Zhong Gaoshen chuckled, "If you're worried that a true god will die here, you can choose not to. I have yet to announce the details. You just wait patiently."

"This is the training ground of the second phase of the War God. As long as one is able to complete the mission, the minimum score will be two points, while the True God, profound God and the God of Heaven can all stay at this training field. This mission is not too difficult, only with the strength of a True God, with the help of a profound God, it will not be difficult to complete it."

"This level has a limit of five spots. You should carefully consider which combination you want to send into this level."

Devil-killing Heavenly God thought for a moment, then said: "Old Ten, you, the little baldy and Tai Qiang are here. The rest will go to the other levels.

There were only three True Gods from the Devil-killing Divine Palace and there was still one more from the profound God on this floor. Clearly, this was to reduce the number of points the Devil-killing Divine Palace received.

But Devil-killing Heavenly God had made this arrangement. In other words, he was going to send Chen Xiang to another floor.

"Next up is the War God Stage 4 trial. There are five slots and the lowest four can be obtained if you complete the corresponding mission on this level."

"Little Shi, go with Chen Xiang." The Devil-killing Heavenly God said.

Chen Xiang was only a True God, but he was actually going to train at the place where the Level Four Martial Immortal assessment was held.

"I know what I'm doing. You guys will definitely score." The reason why Devil-killing Heavenly God arranged things like this was to let Ren Tianyong, Yuan Baibing, and the fat fifth brother to go to a higher place to get more points.

"Next is the wargod level 6 exam. If you can get six points, you'll get five spots"

The sixth phase of the War God's trial, this was something else entirely different from the Sky God level.

"Fatty, Fifth, Little Soldier, Tian Yong, you three go. Don't die."

Ren Tianyong and the other two had very serious expressions, because this floor was very dangerous.

"Finally, the wargod level 9 training field, the lowest score is 9 and the number of spots is 5."

"Zu Chao, the four of them are going to this place."

Only, who was a god, could make it to Stage Nine of the War God's training field. Now, he actually told Zu Chao and the others to go, all for the sake of getting a higher score.

Right now, the various shrines were discussing about what to do, and the Devil-killing Divine Palace had long planned it all out.

"You did not go to that place to pass the assessment, so the difficulty is not as high as you imagined. When you go in, you will obtain a map, and as long as you complete the mission together, you might be able to get a higher score."

When you guys go in, we will have the divine gods of the divine halls drip their blood onto the divine beads and dye them with the blood, this way, they won't be able to copy it. When you come out, the divine gods will be able to discern your own blood energy, so there will be no cheating.

As long as it was Penalty Heavenly God who released them, everyone was at ease, because Penalty Heavenly God had never been partial to any side.

If you find these pearls, you can come back. The corresponding training field will give you the corresponding points, and if you find one pearl, you will be able to come back. Each hall can only calculate a maximum of five pearls.

Each shrine had five spots at different levels of the training field. Even if a few of them entered, they would be able to get a lot of points if they found the same amount of pearls.

"Although there are many pearls in there, if I go alone to look for them, it will definitely be difficult. This way, we will need to work together." Zhong Gushan said.

The rules weren't too harsh, it was just that the disciples that came from the Devil-killing Divine Palace were few and far between. If it wasn't for the matters with the Devil Yang Valley, there was no lack of low-level disciples in the Devil-killing Divine Palace.

"Tenth, keep an eye on them. Try your best to find the five pearls and bring them back."

The Tenth Elder didn't normally talk much. With a simple and honest smile, he nodded his head, then patted Xiao Chou's bald head and walked into the Transmission array with Xiao Chou.

The other halls were also arranged by the profound God and the True God to enter the War God Stage Two training field.

"Xiao Shi, Chen Xiang, it's just the two of you, so I don't need you to find all the pearls, it's enough to get two of them."

"Tian Yong, the three of you have to get three as well."

The Devil-killing Heavenly God's expression was extremely serious as he said to Zu Chao and the other two: "This War God's Stage Nine Trial Field is very dangerous. You all must obtain at least two of them before you can leave.

They could only calculate the score of five beads at most. Now, the Devil-killing Heavenly God did not need them to get all of the beads, as long as they could get more or less, they could leave the training grounds, because this War God Stadium was not a playground.

Chen Xiang and Wang Jinshi's group also had relatively weaker overall strength, because Wang Jinshi was a woman and Chen Xiang wasn't even a profound God.

"The time limit is one month. We just have to wait patiently here." Zhong Gaoyan smiled: "Don't worry, Penalty Heavenly God has already brought his disciple in to supervise. If there's any crime in killing and stealing, Penalty Heavenly God will definitely throw them in Divine Prison."

The disciples of the various halls all entered the training field, and the nine stages of the training field were filled with experts. The four disciples of the God of Fortune all entered the training field, and the God of Fortune's requirements for them were very strict.

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