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The outside world agreed that the Dragon Subduing School was very powerful. Zuo Zhenxuan was worried that the city would be destroyed or something like that.

"Hehe, I promise you, Dragon Subduing School of the Dragon Subduing School will definitely not do such heinous things at that time. We are only planning to suggest some ideas that are more useful to the three realms.

Chen Xiang asked in confusion: "Elder Zuo, with that order badge, you can participate, do you not need anything else?"

"No need, this is the recommendation badge, you can take it and enter the auction, although the location is not very good, but it will be enough for you guys to cause trouble," Zuo Zhenxuan laughed.

Zuo Zhenxuan said: "Chen Xiang, I would like to ask you about the Devil Subduing Method."

Chen Xiang nodded: "Excuse me."

"The tenth level, the realm of great perfection!"

Next, Chen Xiang told Zuo Zhenxuan about the relationship between the tenth floor and the Devil-suppressing holy power, and also shared some of his experiences in comprehending the tenth floor, allowing Zuo Zhenxuan to benefit greatly. It had to be known that even the experts above Devil-suppressing Divine Palace did not have achievements like Chen Xiang when training the Devil Subduing Method, so Zuo Zhenxuan also thought that it was natural for Chen Xiang to have acquired the Holy Devil-suppressing seal.

After leaving the Devil-subduing College, Chen Xiang came to Pill City. Li Baojun had already spread the news that the Dragon Subduing City had been established, and there were still many small and medium-sized shops that had already started packing up, preparing to leave the Pill City.

Duan Sanchang was also in Pill City, and he had secretly encouraged many people to leave the city. Right now, the large pill shops in the city covered the entire sky, and the prices of the pills could not even be decided by themselves, there was no meaning in staying.

"Intestine, there's something I need to tell you. I hope you are mentally prepared."

Seeing that Chen Xiang's face was so serious, Duan Sanchang brought Chen Xiang to his living quarters.

"I found your grandfather," Chen Xiang said.

Duan Sanchang immediately became excited. He obviously knew of the things that Chen Xiang had done in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, so he had always been eagerly awaiting Chen Xiang's return. Now that the Heaven Thunder Purgatory had disappeared, the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord had also been killed by Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang had also returned, but his grandfather still had not returned.

"Your grandpa, he …" Chen Xiang told Duan Sanchang what had happened, "Elder Duan won't die. He's so strong, so he will definitely be able to return in the future."

Duan Sanchang let out a long sigh: "I hope so. You don't have to worry about me, everyone in my Duan Clan is like this.

Chen Xiang patted Chen Xiang's shoulders and laughed: "Dragon Subduing City will soon crush this Pill City. Let's wait and see."

When the time comes, they might even find a reason to attack the Dragon Subduing City. I do want to see how powerful that Elder Tie's array is, "Duan Sanchang was not worried at all that the Dragon Subduing City would be attacked. He knew Chen Xiang was powerful, even a existence like the White Tiger could hook up with him.

A new city was bathed in the sunlight. It was grand and grand, filled with vitality, many people saw it from afar and couldn't wait to enter the city to take a look, especially the rogue cultivators who wanted to buy pills, they had had enough of the expensive pills in Pill City.

Currently, many small and medium-sized shops had already stayed in and started to establish their own shops, there were more than a thousand of them. These were all things that Li Baojun had tried to recruit over the past few days, moreover, their foundations were very clean, and he did not collude with any of the ancient powers.

If one wanted to open a pill shop in the Dragon Subduing City, they must obtain Li Baojun's permission to do so, so in this way, the ancient powers would be rejected. After all, the Dragon Subduing School was the one who built this city, they could do whatever they wanted.

Li Baojun had secretly spoken with the owners of the shops, telling them to lower the price as much as possible to attract more people. As long as they could do this, they would be exempt from paying taxes for a year, since the Dragon Subduing School did not lack Spar s right now.

Because the Dan Fragrance Pure Land had always been cooperating with the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, the Dan Fragrance Pure Land could also stay here right now, becoming one of the few big shops. This did not affect the small and medium-sized shops, and the high level pills sold by the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall did not affect the small and medium-sized shops at all.

In just a few days, all the small and medium-sized shops that had been suppressed by the Dan Alliance left and moved to the Dragon Subduing City.

Although no one knew who the Leader of the Evil Dragon Graveyard was and no one knew of the specific situation in the Evil Dragon Graveyard, they all agreed that the Dragon Subduing School was very strong, and also very kind. At the very least, they would not be as powerful and deceitful as the Dan Alliance.

The Dan Alliance was currently controlled by the ancient factions, while the majority of the people who bought the pills hated the ancient factions, while the Dragon Subduing School was opposed to the ancient factions. The reason why the Dragon Subduing City was established was obviously to go against the Dan Alliance, so it was very popular with the people, many rogue cultivators came over to support them, causing the Pill City to become empty.

Most of the pills sold by the ancient powers were high level pills, and these Dragon Subduing Dan Hall s had them too. When the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall was in the Pill City, they could also use their own strength to fight against the large pill shops of the entire Dan Alliance. Therefore, right now, none of the large pill shops in the Pill City had any interest in them, and the pills in the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall were a little cheaper than those in the Pill City.

The sudden appearance of the Dragon Subduing City caught the big shots of the ancient forces off guard. They all went through the Transmission array and arrived at the Pill City, seeing an empty huge city, the big heads were furious. Someone actually dared to provoke them.

Chen Xiang and Duan Sanchang were at the top of a tall building in the Dragon Subduing City, looking at the bustling streets below.

"Now that many of the leaders have left the Dan Alliance, their prestige in the Human Realm will definitely plummet. After a period of time, we will be able to recruit disciples from the Dragon Subduing City, but it must be very strict," Chen Xiang said.

Duan Sanchang looked towards the direction of the city gate, and suddenly exclaimed: "There's a group of people over there, could it be the old fellows of the Dan Alliance, I wonder what the Elder Li will do with them?"

"Hehe, why don't we let them change the location of the Three Realms Talk to here. With so many people here," Chen Xiang laughed.

Li Baojun immediately received the news, he who was in the City Lord's Mansion, suddenly shouted: "Dragon Subduing City prohibits flight, if you want to forcibly fly in, you have to bear the consequences."

Hearing Li Baojun's words, many people self-consciously landed on the ground. Of course, these self-aware people came to watch the show, and the people who planned to continue flying in were all here to cause trouble. This group of people's faces were all written: I'm going to fly in, let's see what you can do to me.

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